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Are You a Show-Off? Signs That You Are a Brag

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Are you a show-off? Your annoying habit of constantly talking about yourself is just one thing that could make you look like one of those people who keep bragging about themselves. Know the typical signs and personality traits of a person who is a total show off. Do a little introspection to see if you are a show off too.

1) You divert every conversation to yourself

Do you have the inherent tendency of diverting every conversation to yourself? For example, if your friend tells you that he bought a new car, you are expected to listen as he talks about its features. You shouldn't be instantly turning the conversation around to your car and how you got a great deal for it.

Not every conversation is supposed to be about you and if you find yourself guilty of making it so, you may passively be a big show-off. If you don't listen to what other people say and are only interested in what you have to say in return, you could turn into a type of person that people stay away from.

2) You do things that you don't like just because they are cool

Are you one of those people who will do things that they don't like doing just because it is the cool thing to do?

If you buy M.A.C's latest shade of rouge even if you wear no makeup at all, if you buy a tablet PC just because everyone is carrying one or if you learn an exotic hobby even if you have absolutely no interest in it, chances are that you are strategically doing all these things to show off.

Stop doing things that you are not interested in. Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean that you will look cool doing it too.

3) All you do on your social networking profiles is brag

It may become very easy for others to label you as a complete show-off if all you do is brag, brag, and brag on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Leave the bragging to the celebrities and stop sounding like a narcissist.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are meant to be places where people can meet and catch up with the latest happenings with friends. It is one thing to have an attractive profile but if your profile is jam-packed with a list of your achievements, your talents, and your model-like pictures, you may be pushing it a bit too far.

Did you just go shopping? Bought new clothes? Or a new gadget maybe? That's great. But you don't need to brag about it to online or to anyone and everyone you meet.

Did you just go shopping? Bought new clothes? Or a new gadget maybe? That's great. But you don't need to brag about it to online or to anyone and everyone you meet.

4) You constantly brag about your latest purchases

It may be exciting to share your new purchases with friends and family or talk about it on Facebook and Twitter as you are walking home from the shops. But doing this for every single thing you buy may make you look like a total show-off.

Other people may not want to know about everything you have been buying. Your annoying Facebook updates could make may also make others feel deprived of all the cool things that you may own. So whether it is a new camera, a new pair of jeans, a set of sophisticated wine glasses, or a new makeup kit, bragging about every single thing as soon as you buy it may clearly make you come across as a show-off.

5) You constantly fish for compliments

A person who drives a conversation in a way that forces someone else to give a compliment unwillingly is likely to be a show-off. Braggarts are known to enjoy being the center of attention all the time and they like their egos puffing up with praise and compliments.

Stop asking your friends questions that force them to respond with a compliment. Everyone feels good when they are appreciated but it can be very annoying to others if you dig down deep for compliments all the time.

6) You look down on people who don't have something that you have

Do you passively look down upon people who don't have the things that you have? Introspect and think about whether you consider everyone who does own the same laptop as you technologically backward or does not wear the same brand of jeans as you wear cheap and frugal.

Pointing out to someone on every occasion that what you have is better than what they have is very insulting. Learn to respect everyone and everything that other people do in their own right.

Do other people need to stop you from talking constantly?

Do other people need to stop you from talking constantly?

7) You keep talking until someone stops you

People who like to brag about themselves tend to love the sound of their own voice to the extent that they may completely lose focus of what is happening around them. They may not even bother if they are being heard or not.

Sharing an interesting thing you recently did, praising your own hairstyle or your latest achievement at work may be fun for others to listen to. But if you keep talking about it until someone actually has to stop you, a show-off is what you are likely to be branded as.

8) You flaunt insignificant things

So you have a fancy cover for your iPhone. So you have a sheer designer outfit like Kristen Stewart. So you have courtside tickets to the Friday night game. So what? If you keep telling flaunting insignificant things in front of friends and family, you could be on your way to being branded as a total show-off.

People who like to brag are known to love talking about every single detail of their lives. It is one thing to flaunt a new Ferrari and another thing to flaunt a new accessory for your laptop.

9) You show off your girlfriend or boyfriend

No matter how good-looking your girlfriend or boyfriend is, he or she is not a trophy that you should be parading around. There may be close friends or family you would want your partner to meet, but that does not mean you parade them around town with a haughty smile on your face.

If you sing praises of your girlfriend or boyfriend on untimely occasions, if you take him or her uninvited to a party or if you keep comparing him or her to celebrities, you could come across as an insecure, shallow show off.

10) You feel humiliated when other people show off

What is the first thing you feel when a guy keeps bragging about his new laptop all day long or when a girl keeps flaunting her new shoes for weeks together? Would you make fun of them and ridicule them for being a complete show-off? Or would you feel humiliated because that guy or girl apparently has something that you don't? If you chose the latter, you are possibly a show off yourself.

People who keep bragging about themselves unnecessarily are generally mocked and ridiculed. Their show-off behavior is not to be taken seriously nor is it meant to be embraced.