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Editorial Policy

Welcome to PairedLife, a community of people who come together to share experience and knowledge about relationships and living life together. From the heartache of breakups to fun date ideas to advice on how to catch the eye of that special someone, this is the place to write about real-life relationships from beginning to end. This can include friendships, or even just how to live as a single in a world of couples. Most importantly, PairedLife is for sharing the heartfelt joy and love (or sorrow and anger) that can come from living life with other people.

Some of our relationship writers are paired with professional editors to help produce the best possible content. While we welcome enthusiastic writers on PairedLife, we only approve high-quality articles—authors must comply with the HubPages Editorial Policy. In addition to these requirements, we have listed below some recommendations and tips on how to craft high-quality articles for this particular site.

What We Like to See:

  • Write From Experience: Articles should be written from the perspective of someone who has actually experienced the situation they are writing about and followed the advice that they’re giving. Your article will be much more interesting if you share a little bit of yourself and why the topic is important to you. We want our authors to be writing from a place of knowledge, and it is optimal when this is apparent to readers so that they can trust the information and recommendations that you share.
  • Specificity and Details: Though you might not want to share all your personal dating history on PairedLife, it is important to include details and specificity so that your articles come across as heartfelt and meaningful, not generic. There is a lot of content on the Internet on love and romance. How is your article different? Why should readers listen to you?
  • About the Author Bio, Real Name, Author Photo: Trust is also built by seeing a real name, bio, and face as your avatar. We recommend adding all three to your article. You can add your name and avatar image under My Account > Profile and the About the Author Bio under My Account > About the Author. Please note that the About the Author bio is different than your Profile bio. The About the Author bio will be seen by your readers ON your article. Your profile is shown on your profile page on HubPages.
  • Answer the Question of Your Title Quickly, Then Build: Readers want to be given the answer to their query quickly. If they don’t think they are going to get it, they often hit the back button to continue their search. The best articles answer the reader’s question quickly and then go into more detail further down the page. If possible, use formatting like bullets or numbering to make your article even easier to read.
  • Original Photos: It’s wonderful when articles contain high-quality images, preferably taken by the author. If not taken by the author, photos should at least be accurately sourced and of high quality. Though some articles might not necessarily need photos, adding images improves the readability of your article and makes it more likely to be shared on social media. Sharing your own photos helps readers know who you are! They’ve already seen stock photos on the Internet.
  • Numbered Lists: If an article lists a number in the title (i.e.: “Top 10 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup”), it will be much more readable if the items on the list are numbered throughout the text. This improves readability and increases the likelihood that readers will finish reading the article.

What to Avoid:

  • Generic Advice: Put your own spin on the topic! There are many articles on the Internet about relationships. If your article does not have anything personal in it or only contains information easily found on other sites, it will not be selected for PairedLife.
  • Unfounded Claims: Avoid guaranteeing any particular relationship outcome as the result of someone taking the advice in your article. In reality, every relationship is different and it’s impossible to guarantee any particular result.
  • Rants: Relationships can hurt, but PairedLife is a place where people come to share their advice and help other people have better relationships. Rants or personal messages are best left for personal blogs. A rant might have the following characteristics: be directed at one person in particular, use highly-charged language (I hate you, I can’t believe you, I hope you’re happy), offer little or no advice regarding how to get through the particular situation, be written either as a journaling exercise or only for the author’s benefit, or be written to hurt or expose someone.


  • Do I have to be a relationship expert to write for PairedLife? Absolutely not! We are a community of everyday experts. Be sure to include your own experience in the article, as that will help your readers trust you. However, if you do have expert credentials, be sure to include them in your author bio.
  • Can I use my own photos? Yes. Be sure they are clear, high-resolution, and displayed at full-column width.
  • What can I do to let readers know that I know what I’m talking about? Good question! When it comes to relationships, readers want advice that is trustworthy, credible, and heartfelt. Include any personal experience relevant to your topic that you think could help readers understand why you are writing about it.
  • Can I promote my business or book on PairedLife? No. You can include links to your business on your profile page, but not in articles. We encourage professionals to mention their credentials in their author bio.
  • How can I include products in my articles? Most articles on PairedLife are not a good fit for including products, since most people searching for relationship advice are not looking to purchase anything. If you do include a product, make sure that it is directly relevant to the content of the article and that it is something that you have purchased or used. If this is the case, please include your personal recommendation for the product in the product capsule.
  • Is there anything I cannot write about? PairedLife does not accept sexually explicit content. Although you can talk about physical intimacy, please refrain from using sexually explicit language or photos that violate the Google AdSense Program Policy on Adult Content. You can read more about it in our FAQ.

Here are some examples of articles on PairedLife that we would like to showcase. These articles exhibit the type of high-quality work we wish to see on the site:


A quick note: All of our Network Sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for PairedLife, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, are moved to one of our Network Sites like PairedLife.