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Welcome to PairedLife, a community of people who come together to share experience and knowledge about relationships and living life together. From the heartache of breakups to fun date ideas to advice on how to catch the eye of that special someone, this is the place to write about real-life relationships from beginning to end. This can include friendships, or even just how to live as a single in a world of couples. Most importantly, PairedLife is for sharing the heartfelt joy and love (or sorrow and anger) that can come from living life with other people.

Some of our relationship writers are paired with professional editors to help produce the best possible content. While we welcome enthusiastic writers on PairedLife and its parent company HubPages, we only approve high-quality articles—authors must comply with HubPages’s Editorial Policy. In addition to these requirements, we have listed below some recommendations and tips on how to craft high-quality articles for this particular site.

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A quick note: All of the HubPages network sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for PairedLife, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, moved to one of our network sites like PairedLife.