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Why Do Guys Like Short Girls?

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Why are guys attracted to short women?

Why are guys attracted to short women?

Do Guys Like Short Girls?

As you know, people come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. No matter what we look like on the outside, there are people out there who would appreciate it and feel a physical attraction so strong that they seemingly gravitate towards us.

With so much emphasis placed on physical attraction, it’s no wonder why so many people are self-conscious about their appearance for a multitude of reasons!

When it comes to women, they tend to be self-conscious about everything appearance! From things that they cannot change such as height to things they can change such as blemishes, they quickly find their way into a self-loathing state! While we’re on the topic of height, there’s been some debate on this question: Why do guys like short girls?

You’ll often hear this question come from the mouths of the self-conscious tall girl, but before I go into some answers, I want to point out why being a tall girl is a great thing! If you are a tall girl, always remember that there is a taller guy out there for you, if that’s what you prefer. You were made just as you should have been.

Sure, strangers in a grocery store may ask you for help from time to time, but being helpful is a good thing and nothing to be ashamed about! Heck, even models tend to be tall! That should say a lot in itself. You’re beautiful.

Reasons Guys Like Shorter Girls

Of course, every guy is different, and their reasons for seeking out a significant other who's on the shorter side may very well be different as well, but it seems like there's one reason that stands out more than the others.


The most common reason why guys might prefer short girls is that it boosts their self-esteem. Some guys, themselves, aren't as tall as they wish they were, and finding themselves a cute, a short girl does wonders for their ego.

In other words, they like short girls because they're short themselves. It even goes the other way sometimes, short girls going for shorter guys! But this doesn't explain why a tall guy would like a short girl, does it?

Another reason that comes up when asking "why do guys like short girls" is because many guys like a girl that they can kinda toss around. It makes them feel stronger, giving them a sense of dominance. Although this holds true in bed as well, it's also good fun when at a park or out in public somewhere.

There's just something about being able to pick your girl up and tossing her in the air to hear her squeal that gives him a thrill. Oh, and piggyback rides, short girls are easier to carry around!

Here are a few other reasons why guys like short girls:

He Feels Protective

This is another thing that may just feed the ego, but guys like to feel like they can protect their mates, and perhaps having a smaller mate means their protection will be needed more!

He Feels Dominant

When you are bigger than something or someone, you automatically assume power over it, whether it's consciously or subconsciously. Even if it's a false sense of power, like the smaller person is stronger or quicker, height is seen as an advantage, more so over competition rather than mates.

She Seems Feminine

It is thought that shorter girls have more estrogen than taller women, but you can't exactly see estrogen, so what does it mean? It means that shorter girls tend to be more feminine and some really prefer having a girl who's dainty and delicate rather than an Amazon who can take care of herself.

"It's Like Cuddling a Teddy Bear"

I asked a guy who has always dated short girls, like really short girls, and his response actually surprised me: He said it's like cuddling a teddy bear when cuddling a short girl! It does make sense, I suppose.

Love Has No Height Requirements

While it’s easy to assume why a guy is with a certain girl, we should put our assumptions on height aside. Maybe that perfect couple you see over there is not bound together by a strong physical attraction; maybe the girl is one of the coolest girls he’s ever met and just happens to be on the shorter side.

While we all naturally have our preferences when it comes to appearance on our mates, sometimes height doesn’t matter at all! We tend to go after the ones that we would want to procreate with, the ones with the physical traits that are appealing to us, and no matter how tall or short a girl is, she can be the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen, inside and out!