120+ Tinder Bios to Get More Quality Matches

Updated on July 19, 2020
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Tinder Bios Can Make or Break Your Dating Game

If you're not new to using Tinder, then you know that a well-crafted bio can be the difference maker in your dating profile. It isn't farfetched to say that Tinder bios are just as crucial as your photos. In fact, you'll hear many people say that bios are even more important than photos because they tell a lot about their potential matches.

The thing about making Tinder bios is that you can't afford to be mediocre. Keep in mind that millions of people swipe left and right on this popular dating app every day, so you need a bio that will make you stand out.

A winning bio is one that can serve as a conversation starter. Take it as an opportunity to connect with a potential match at a deeper level right away. There's no one-size-fits-all formula for writing Tinder bios, but make sure that yours evokes some kind of emotion. You'd want the other person to laugh, smile, or wonder.

And it doesn't matter if you don't get it right the first time. You always have the option of changing your Tinder bio. Remember that any bio is better than not having any at all. To help you get started, here are examples of simple but catchy Tinder bios.

  1. Savage, never average

  2. Half heaven, half hell

  3. I do very bad things and I do them very well.

  4. Just a little bit imperfect.

  5. A beautiful distraction.

  6. Rise and slay.

  7. Music is my sanity.

  8. Sugar & Spice

  9. Don’t just exist, live.

  10. She has thunderstorms, battle scars and laughter.

  11. Body type: Strong as hell.

  12. Just a girl growing wings.

  13. Netflix, YouTube, food, my bed - perfection!

  14. Lost in a world that doesn’t exist.

  15. Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed.

  16. Having the time of my life.

  17. Smile, sparkle and shine.

  18. Be the exception.

  19. She flies by her own wings.

  20. Living a good story.

  21. She created a life she loved.

  22. High tides, good vibes.

  23. Sassy and classy

  24. Sunshine on my mind.

  25. Her wings unfolded

  26. Cutie with a booty

  27. Don’t study me, you won’t graduate.

  28. Keepin’ it real since 1996.

  29. Less talking, more action.

  30. Always be kind.

  31. Just growing with the flow.

  32. Be humble.

  33. Rain drop, drop top. All I do is eat non-stop.

  34. Let me distract you.

  35. She wore moonlight like lingerie.

  36. She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.

  37. Breaking rules since 1990.

  38. Sparkling like my water.

  39. Happy life, happy vibes.

  40. Hard to get, harder to forget.

  41. Just another dreamer.

  42. Try me.

  43. That nineties sitcom kind of love

  44. Not like the rest of them.

  45. One of a kind

  46. Be lowkey and let ‘em wonder.

  47. Wild eyed soft heart.

  48. A mess but a masterpiece.

  49. Focusing on the good.

  50. Escape the ordinary.

  51. God, Goals, Growing and Glowing

  52. Keep it simple.

  53. Sugar? No thanks. I am sweet enough.

  54. Just a little bit imperfect.

  55. Be anything but predictable.

  56. Blessed with the best.

  57. Life may not be perfect but my photos are.

  58. Classy not trashy

  59. I like my coffee how I like myself. Strong, sweet and too hot.

  60. Silent but deadly

  61. Whatever will be, will be.

  62. Confidence level: selfie with no filter.

  63. Fifty shades of tired.

  64. Own who you are.

  65. I can and I will. Watch me.

  66. Simple is beautiful.

  67. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

  68. Just a sweetheart with a sassy attitude.

  69. Sweeter than honey

  70. Sunflower and sunset lover

  71. I only roll with goddesses.

  72. Strong women don’t have attitudes, they have standards.

  73. Angel face, devil thoughts.

  74. Get you a me.

  75. Lips of honey, eyes of fire.

  76. Blessed mess

  77. She had that whiskey sipping skinny dipping smile.

  78. Fiercely feminine

  79. If “love is in the air”, why is the air so polluted?

  80. I am in a relationsleep.

  81. Let it be.

  82. Perfectly imperfect

  83. Just a girl boss building her empire.

  84. Waking up with a purpose.

  85. Keeping my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground.

  86. It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.

  87. Stronger than yesterday

  88. She wore a smile like a loaded gun.

  89. She was not fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb.

  90. A type of flower that can still grow after a forest fire.

  91. She’s whiskey in a teacup.

  92. I’m a sweet disaster.

  93. It was her chaos that made her beautiful.

  94. Different doesn’t mean wrong.

  95. A curious girl, a wanderer.

  96. Life is short, talk fast.

  97. I exist as I am, that is enough.

  98. Just so we’re clear, I’m fatter in person.

  99. Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

  100. If you make me laugh I’m already 89% in love with you.

  101. Are you a cold? Because I would like to catch you sometime.

  102. I would like a large order of attention please.

  103. Losing everything but weight

  104. Just a general life update: Hungry again

  105. I always carry a knife in my purse. You know, in case of cheesecake or something.

  106. If pooh bear can wear a crop top so can I.

  107. My thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day.

  108. Want: cuddles. Receives: struggles

  109. Body type: not terrible but definitely enjoys pasta.

  110. Ways to my heart: buy me food, make me food, and be food.

  111. Sassy since birth

  112. Fifty shades of can’t stop eating.

  113. I’m so broke, I can’t even pay attention.

  114. My mood depends on how good my hair looks.

  115. Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

  116. I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure.

  117. Current relationship status: made dinner for two then ate both.

  118. Not all angels have wings.

  119. Shuffle the deck, I'm the queen of the pack.

  120. If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.


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    • profile image


      4 days ago

      Women don't need more matches! It's not shoe shopping these are people. I get flooded,in fact it's so bad that the big problem is that there are so many to choose from you start to get picky and arrogant and forget these are real people with real emotions.

      They could be depressed, they could be lonely or lost a spouse to cancer, then they get treated like an unnecessary commodity.

      The results are clear, thousands of rejected men getting more and more depressed and angry by the day and Thousands of women who now have unrealistic expectations, being used by the same few players who know how to work the system, pricing themselves out of the market holding out for the tall, milionaire built like a pro athlete that they had sex with one night he got drunk and horny.

      It's why I won't do online dating.


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