9 Signs Your Crush Likes You


When you have a crush on someone it’s easy to over-read everything they do for significance. “She looked at me and smiled twice in five minutes - she must really like me!” Or “He’s yawning and looks bored. He must hate me!” Trying to figure out whether your crush reciprocates your feelings can totally make you crazy. So, if you are wondering whether your crush likes you back, this article will cut through the confusion and give you some concrete signs you can look for. If your crush does any of the following things, it’s likely s/he does like you back.

#1: Your Crush Knows About You

If your crush likes you, he or she might have asked friends about you or just noticed some of the activities you’re involved in. If, when you do finally talk to your crush, he or she brings up some of these things or asks you questions about things you’re doing that you haven’t told him or her about, then that is a definite sign that your crush is interested in you back.

#2: You Catch Your Crush Looking at You

Do you notice him or her looking at you when you’re in a group together or does your crush look directly in your eyes when talking to you? It could be a sign your crush is thinking about you A LOT. If you notice your crush staring at you and, when you make eye contact, he or she quickly looks away or pretends to be looking at something else, that’s an even better indication. It also might mean that your crush is shy and you'll have to make the first move!

#3: Your Crush Is Nervous Around You

Sometimes being around someone you like does weird things to you - you can't talk right anymore, your brain doesn't work, your heart starts pounding, you fall all over yourself. If your crush seems nervous around you, it may mean he or she likes you and really wants to impress you. Oftentimes we’re so nervous around the people we have crushes on we’re too focused on ourselves to even pay attention to our crush’s behavior or body language.

#4: Your Crush's Friends Act Weird

Sometimes your crush will tell his or her friends about you. So when they see you, they may start acting a little weird, giggling, or whispering back and forth to each other. One of them might say "Why don't you sit next to so-and-so?" or "I'll let you two be alone" or other strange things that might give some clues that your crush said something about you

#5: Open Body Language

Your crush might pat you on the back or accidentally bump into you. Another good sign is if your crush has open body language: arms and legs are uncrossed; his or her body is turned toward you; or his or her body is mirroring yours. If however your crush is sitting with arms or legs crossed or not facing towards you while you're talking with them, it could mean they're not interested.

#6: Your Crush Makes an Extra Effort to Talk or Be with You

Do you notice yourself accidentally running into your crush in strange places? Maybe your crush is showing up to some your usual hangouts. Does your crush stop a conversation with someone else to start one with you? It could be a sign that your crush likes you!

#7: Your Crush Wants to Spend Time with You

Many people start hanging out together before it's officially a "date" - maybe you go out to lunch regularly or out some evenings with friends. If you start hanging out a lot and on a regular basis, it could mean a friendship and possibly something more is developing.

#9: Your Crush Finds Excuses to Call

Is your crush calling you with lame excuses like "Hey, what's the name of that book you were telling me about?" or "Do you know how to get past level 37 in this video game?” If you’re getting questions like this, it's a good chance your crush is really just looking for a reason to talk to you. This is especially true if the answer to the question can easily be found with a quick Google search or by asking someone else. If your crush stays on the phone longer than it takes to answer the question then you’re golden!

#9: Your Crush Agrees To Go Out With You

This is, of course, the strongest sign of all. Sometimes your crush needs an extra push - particularly if he or she is shy. While many people are afraid of rejection, rejection may be a lot less painful in the long run than constantly obsessing over your crush and if he or she likes you or not. What have you got to lose? Go ahead and ask.

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This video has some great questions to answer to help you decide if your crush might like you back or not.

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Do you have any thoughts on the signs your crush likes you? Any advice to give to someone who has a crush on somebody? Share it in the comments below!

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baileyhilton 7 years ago

Hey girls if you think a guy likes you here's some ways to tell that worked for me

1.if he ever leans toward you and you look at him and he blushes

2.if he ever stares at you but then looks away quickly that could mean he doesn't want you to know he likes you

3.if he ever says "if your not happy then i'm not happy" these all worked for me he did all three of these things to me and i asked him out and he said he** yes

99WaysVox 7 years ago

well my crush and i hung out with one of his friends about 3 or four times last year. we sed to talk a lot. text a lot. to keep a long story short- i know hes been busy since he moved back to va after moving to NJ last winter, and ive given him a ton of space. he promises that he would let me know when hes free, etc. but i get no update from him anymore. also he changed his number. im worried because it is due to me somehow. (email me to fill in some blanks) but when he is finally free, i ask him (via facebook) if hed like to come hang out. no response. we talk on facebook chat, but not as often as we used to. if i even say "hi" on fbchat to him, he signs off 5 min later. what gives? did i scare him off?

KoreanMina 6 years ago

@99WaysVox: It might be hard to swallow, but yeah. He's gotten bored of you.

He probably did like you when you used to hang out, but chances are, he found a new crush wherever he is. You don't necessarily disgust him or anything, but he's no longer interested in pursuing a relationship, friendship, or even a conversation with you.

My advice? You probably don't need or want it, but I suggest you drop him. He's got the attention span of a prepubescent boy, honestly. Find another guy closer to home if you can. It's easier (safer) than trying to pursue a relationship with a guy who is persistently avoiding you.

Good luck,


anonymous 6 years ago

The best thing to do is to be yourself but it's no guarantee to make a crush likes you back. You may also need to give yourself more time crushing for him or get to know him. For all you know, you might discover something a turn-off about the person. So, relish the joy of secretly admiring your crush and to enjoy the feeling doesn't necessarily need him to like you back.

lasertek lm profile image

lasertek lm 6 years ago

This is such a cute lens! The signs you mentioned made me recall some things I did way way back just to get noticed.

orebro profile image

orebro 6 years ago

Cute lens, and timeless. I would have been just as interested as a teen as I am in my 40's.

anonymous 6 years ago

Good Idea for a lens. When I have a crush I try to be so nonchalant and that never works.

kt_glasses 6 years ago

Interesting lens! When I have a crush on someone, I do try to talk to him or hang out with him.

lilmuchang1 profile image

lilmuchang1 6 years ago

i hate having crushes :( makes me all clumsy

maxnic11 5 years ago

good stuff!

joanv334 profile image

joanv334 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

ktrainer1 5 years ago

Usually I just start with being friends and let my personality do the "selling" lol. I never mention anything about being interested in something more. I find this builds a little curiosity about me when other women are being direct and blunt. For me, this works. My experience has been, the woman that appears to be the most challenging to get, gets the most attention! Fun lens. Thanks for sharing!

How do I know if He Loves Me

Klondike5 5 years ago

How about 2 out 10. She has a boyfriend but I notice she's really nervous around me. She's a bit dorky & goofy around other people (co-workers) but is afraid to be herself around me. I just wanted to be her friend, not date her. I think she's afraid I'm going to ask her out or something.

alexander1234 5 years ago

well i have a crush and i know he knows that i like him wat do i do .

alexander1234 5 years ago

@ktrainer1: ha funny umm do i know u from somewhere just sayin.????????

matchmaker429 5 years ago

@alexander1234: Well, if your crush knows you like him, try talking to him. If you want to be this guy's girlfriend, maybe you should start with being his friend first. Let him get to know a little more about you, then see what he thinks. Don't fool yourself, but if you think there's a chance he likes you back, I'd wait a while. Let him get to know you then ask him out. But if you know, either most likely or for a FACT, that he dosnt like you, I'd just stop. I mean if the guy obviously dosnt like you, there's no sense in you trying. But try what I said FIRST. Maybe he'll notice you if he hasn't already.

matchmaker429 5 years ago

I have a huge crush on I guy who I'm friends with I think about him all the time most times without even wanting to but I reeeeeally like him only one person knows what do I do? HELP!!!

matchmaker429 5 years ago

@lilmuchang1: clumsy is ok the guy might find it flattering & even cute b sides you can't fight your feelings for someone it just tires you out.

matchmaker429 5 years ago

@99WaysVox: Maybe "giving him a ton of space" has him feeling the same way you do you shoulda kept I touch he probably thinks you don't care about him anymore try telling him how you feel next time u chat. He probably just needs to know you still care and that he isn't bothering you.

Dbreezy101 5 years ago

Hey,well this is kind of oppisite but im a guy and this girl i like, well we met 2 weeks ago, amd i got her number and we txt, but she doesn't reply and i don't know why she starts the convo ( she doesn't give me time to start it if that makes sense ) but i see her at lunch and that's about i think she likes me i just wanna know what to do because i wont mine goin out with her

slurpee-11 5 years ago

i Have a crush on a really cute guy i see him looking at me in class but i don't know if he likes me for sure what do you think?????

David Dove profile image

David Dove 5 years ago


tinaanne profile image

tinaanne 5 years ago

Nice lens.

tinaanne profile image

tinaanne 5 years ago

Nice lens.

alexandradouglas profile image

alexandradouglas 5 years ago from Florida

Great lens!

alexandradouglas profile image

alexandradouglas 5 years ago from Florida

Great lens!

anonymous 4 years ago

good lens.....

anonymous 4 years ago

good lens.....

TopCoffeeLover 4 years ago

really enjoyed this! thanks

nataliecawood 4 years ago

if you like somebody just go a head and tell them its ok i felt scared when i did it but when i did it it helped and he says i love u now every day

david-bannerman 4 years ago

For those of you who are afraid of rejection try

atsikar 4 years ago

hmm..some of my friends says that my crush is a gay..

i really don't know if its true or not..

..but he is still my crush so i don't know how to approach him because of this speculations

guitarlover27 4 years ago

I have this guy i was really close to since preschool days and he moved away to a new school in 5th grade. We were inseparable until then. Then this year (my freshman year in highschool) i moved to a different school. And i met him all over again. I didn't know he had moved to that school but my first day i walked into a class and saw him and he recognized me too and came and said hi. Well now were good friends again, but I was the new kid and i met another guy. Who i dated for a while but we broke up and he ended up being a jerk who only cared about my looks and only wanted to makeout and show me off. Well my guy friend i found again is who i like now. And i know hes a good guy cause ive known him for forever. But he happens to be friends with my jerk of an ex (through church and sports). I want to pursue things with my friend and i think he likes me too, but i don't know if i can. What if he doesn't want to date me because i dated his friend? What i love about him most is that when i talk to him hes 100% himself and tells me anything. I use to worry about being myself around him but then he talks...haha =)and since its so easy for him to be open with me i find it SO easy to be myself with him. I wish it could turn into something more. But am i wasting my time on someone who will never be a possibility?

guitarlover27 4 years ago

@atsikar: if you are close to him then use your best judgement. These days a lot of people accuse people of being gay for random reasons when they really arent. If he is then you'll find out by talking to him more. But id say you have every right to like him and id treat it like a normal crush. Best of luck!

lenny-stein-14 4 years ago

I have had a huge crush on my nieghbor for about a year. she lives in the apts. next door. originaly i had met her being locked out of my apts. she was overly nice to me. she also waves and blushes at me when i go by and i caught her looking up like she had a crush on me onetime as i walked on the balcony. so christmastime i sent her a card and small gifts asking if she'd like to be friends, nothing romantic. aparantly it was the wrong apts. and she never got the gift so i assume she isn't interested. she continued to be overly friendly, blush at me and wave when she went by, i would often run into her when she jogged. so 8 months later she's locked out, she comes over (knows where i live and is obviously friendly with me and cool with me) for help. I have the flue and am surprised so i don't get a chance to talk to her as her roommate helps her out. so i leave another note on her door. I get a weird call from her roommate that's all muffled saying she has a boyfriend and he doesn't understand who i am and never to leave a note again. (it almost sounds like he's high), really rude,

she doesn't even bother to find out who i am.

so i hear her with her boyfriend as she walks by acting like she might have a possible stalker. she has no clue i am the person who sent her the note asking her to be friends. i gave no romantic anything whatsoever

in the note other than inviting her and her roommate to a movie if she'd

like to be friends, nothing creepy or overboard and left my name and

number so nothing anonymous other than i forgot to give my apt.

it sounds like she doesn't realize its me thinks she has a random note sticker

but she was so overly rude to me and obviously doesn't even consider me

anything that leaves me not to care. It weirds me out that someone would

be that over emotional yet not have any clue you exist when someone is

waving at you, blushing, etc. esp surprise she's apparently anti social.

Don't overproject your emotions onto someone until they reciprocate.

If someone doesn't value friendship they are a waste of an aquaintence and

time. For all you know someone you crush on has serious drug problems and other issues and the problem isn't you. Bodylanguage is utter B.S. Never approach anyone you work with or live near is my alma matter. now i personally take steps to avoid her.

sunnee100 4 years ago

So I'm at this new school and I'm in the seventh grade. So I met this guy at first i really didn't like him but now in class a couple of days he's been rocking my desk back and forth kicking me. Smiling and laughing at me. So now i kind of like him but I'm not sure if this is flirting or just a friendly funny sort of way. Please help! thankyou =)

Starcross 4 years ago

@sunnee100: Lol what country your in.

sans88 4 years ago

heyyy i neeed hellpp!! i hv a huge crush on a guy at universty,n i know he like me too or.. i don't know smtimes he acts like he like me n smtimes he doenst even look at day he was around me with his friends making eye contact n all n i was sure he was gona come n talk but he didn't!we hvnt spoken a WORD!! how do i make him come n talk to me?or how do i know he really likes me?.. i really want to know him, is he afraid? or his really arrogant ?

irha-delgado 4 years ago

i have a crush on this guy and he's really making my heart beats faster!!

i don't know if he also he has a crush on me but he's showing the 2nd sign. when we see each other in the school lobby, he stares at me!! i don't know if only that's because i also stare at him .. i don't know. it is just a glimpse.. tell me what does it mean??

MissyTJ 4 years ago

I have a crush on this guy that I've known for a year and he's so silly. He's super funny. And sinc were in the same class in tutoring, I see him every Monday and Wednesday! He plays around with me so idk if he likes me

maverick31811 4 years ago

well he might like me but im not sure. hes so cute im mean hottt. my friend thinks that too.

jayzel-rama 4 years ago

i have a crush on 1 guy in my class and he is really funny. I know over 2 years now. And every time i talk to me he close to me...but still...idk if he likes me cause there are rumors in my class that he like some other girl in another class...i really need help...

jayzel-rama 4 years ago

@jayzel-rama: actually this guy is my crush since i was in 4th grade. When i first met him...i kinda think his annoying. after a few weeks he had doubt and went to ask me and i was like "...okay i will help you out! :)" and he was like come here and his friends was acting weird all of the sudden and left. It went on until now. I am a 6th grade student and i still like him...but yeah...i am still not sure if he like me or not or otherwisethe rumors were real. But still i just can't bare hearing the rumors...>.

jayzel-rama 4 years ago

@baileyhilton: thing...when he leans forward at me and i look at him...together we blush and its kinda embarrassing...>///////<

and i caught him like 5 times already for staring at me during class time and my friends would giggle a lot!

shygirl123456703 4 years ago

@irha-delgado: i h-have a crush on this b-boy in m-y class and were friends ...but i want to be h-his mate help me

shygirl123456703 4 years ago

help im in love and well tomarrow is the party here's my chans ill do a lot of reserch

sabrina-styles-33 4 years ago

what do you do when your crush likes you and you like him but he dose not want commitment

imagelist lm profile image

imagelist lm 3 years ago

Great info thanks...

mary-limlingan 3 years ago

thank you!!!

SuicideSilence 3 years ago

I'm positive my crush has a crush on my best friend3 no guy has ever had a crush on me #forevaalone XD

jadibear 3 years ago

What if ur bff is dating him?what would you do then?

IlikeHim 3 years ago

Me and my crush didn't have a nice conversation even once!! because he is only teasing me every time!!

steven-luo-399 3 years ago

This serious crush on Erica Lee ambushed me like crazy. Yikes. I am in 8th grade and President of Ninja Alliance. So far we are good friends. Thanks for the idea of starting to be friends and working from there. I do have some evidence that she does like me back however.

Wolf 5 months ago

my crush said im weird. does that mean he likes me?

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