9 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Updated on November 21, 2016

When you have a crush on someone it’s easy to over-read everything they do for significance. “She looked at me and smiled twice in five minutes - she must really like me!” Or “He’s yawning and looks bored. He must hate me!” Trying to figure out whether your crush reciprocates your feelings can totally make you crazy. So, if you are wondering whether your crush likes you back, this article will cut through the confusion and give you some concrete signs you can look for. If your crush does any of the following things, it’s likely s/he does like you back.

#1: Your Crush Knows About You

If your crush likes you, he or she might have asked friends about you or just noticed some of the activities you’re involved in. If, when you do finally talk to your crush, he or she brings up some of these things or asks you questions about things you’re doing that you haven’t told him or her about, then that is a definite sign that your crush is interested in you back.

#2: You Catch Your Crush Looking at You

Do you notice him or her looking at you when you’re in a group together or does your crush look directly in your eyes when talking to you? It could be a sign your crush is thinking about you A LOT. If you notice your crush staring at you and, when you make eye contact, he or she quickly looks away or pretends to be looking at something else, that’s an even better indication. It also might mean that your crush is shy and you'll have to make the first move!

#3: Your Crush Is Nervous Around You

Sometimes being around someone you like does weird things to you - you can't talk right anymore, your brain doesn't work, your heart starts pounding, you fall all over yourself. If your crush seems nervous around you, it may mean he or she likes you and really wants to impress you. Oftentimes we’re so nervous around the people we have crushes on we’re too focused on ourselves to even pay attention to our crush’s behavior or body language.

#4: Your Crush's Friends Act Weird

Sometimes your crush will tell his or her friends about you. So when they see you, they may start acting a little weird, giggling, or whispering back and forth to each other. One of them might say "Why don't you sit next to so-and-so?" or "I'll let you two be alone" or other strange things that might give some clues that your crush said something about you

#5: Open Body Language

Your crush might pat you on the back or accidentally bump into you. Another good sign is if your crush has open body language: arms and legs are uncrossed; his or her body is turned toward you; or his or her body is mirroring yours. If however your crush is sitting with arms or legs crossed or not facing towards you while you're talking with them, it could mean they're not interested.

#6: Your Crush Makes an Extra Effort to Talk or Be with You

Do you notice yourself accidentally running into your crush in strange places? Maybe your crush is showing up to some your usual hangouts. Does your crush stop a conversation with someone else to start one with you? It could be a sign that your crush likes you!

#7: Your Crush Wants to Spend Time with You

Many people start hanging out together before it's officially a "date" - maybe you go out to lunch regularly or out some evenings with friends. If you start hanging out a lot and on a regular basis, it could mean a friendship and possibly something more is developing.

#9: Your Crush Finds Excuses to Call

Is your crush calling you with lame excuses like "Hey, what's the name of that book you were telling me about?" or "Do you know how to get past level 37 in this video game?” If you’re getting questions like this, it's a good chance your crush is really just looking for a reason to talk to you. This is especially true if the answer to the question can easily be found with a quick Google search or by asking someone else. If your crush stays on the phone longer than it takes to answer the question then you’re golden!

#9: Your Crush Agrees To Go Out With You

This is, of course, the strongest sign of all. Sometimes your crush needs an extra push - particularly if he or she is shy. While many people are afraid of rejection, rejection may be a lot less painful in the long run than constantly obsessing over your crush and if he or she likes you or not. What have you got to lose? Go ahead and ask.

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Do you have any thoughts on the signs your crush likes you? Any advice to give to someone who has a crush on somebody? Share it in the comments below!

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    • profile image

      Potato 33 hours ago

      i had a crush but he is bi he had a boyfriend so im gonna dig his boyfriend grave now

    • profile image

      Olga 2 days ago

      I have a crush in a boy and he do almost everything in this list. Am like AHHHH. THANK YOU SO MUCH. But am too ugly. Lol

    • profile image

      k.c cooper 3 weeks ago

      my crush and used to be best friends but now he started avoiding me.i went to his house and he dosent even talk to me why

    • profile image

      Kate 3 weeks ago

      Every time the teacher wants us to work in partners or groups they usually let us choose who we work with. But recently my crush has been asking the teachers if they can choose the people we work with while looking right at me. Also, I catch him looking at me but im really ugly and fat. Do you think he likes me

    • profile image

      Kayla 5 weeks ago

      So me and my crush have the same classes and the professor made sure that we sit far away from each other, because we like to talk alot when we are together. So now since we are separated I try not to look at him but when I do he always makes jokes to try and make me laugh (I always do) and when I do laugh or giggle he always smiles and its like the best thing in the world to me. My friends (that also are friends with him) always say "he likes you, you can clearly see it" but I don't want to take a chance and ask him out. I also asked him out last year and I got rejected, he also knows that I still like him. I don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      weirdo 5 weeks ago

      I like this guy who is funny, flirty, and has a smile that makes my day better. I like him for his personality and how he isnt... scared or shy to talk about himself. I don't know why, but Lets say im playing a game or something, and i've asked for the universe to send me a sign he likes me back. His name is seen in ANY game I play at least... 3-4 times a day? EVEN on an advertisement as im writing this.. I've been told he likes me, and he does/did. Im not sure if its still there though? say im going for a handshake, he'll hug me. if im paying attention to something he'll ask for 'affection/attention' and Im just sad I cant just hug him and not let go? hhhhhhhhhhh

    • profile image

      Emily 6 weeks ago

      I really like this guy, and he seems to like me but I'm not sure. He treats me differently than his friends and I catch him staring at me A LOT. He smiles at the sight of me smiling. I'm just worried because my best friend likes him but she doesn't know I like him too. I just really hope he

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 weeks ago

      There’s this guy I really like but he always seems to like me sometimes I’ll catch him looking at me, and he always makes me laugh and he calls me and we text each other nearly everyday but he talks about other girls sometimes and he hangs out with older girls too and sometimes when the day is over I turn around and he pretends like he took a long time to pack his stuff but really he just wanted to wait and walk with me till class is over

    • profile image

      CJ 8 weeks ago

      Man how i got her attention she so beautiful man i dont know what to do huh... i give him a chocolate and she bit a little shy

    • profile image

      Caylin 8 weeks ago

      Well I stare at my crush and when he sees me he just smiles and starts staring back. How do I get him to talk to me or at least hold my hand?

    • profile image

      Zayne 2 months ago

      im a girl and I know this boy at school who stares at me and then when I catch him he looks away and this happens ALOT . what do I do

    • profile image

      Lacie 2 months ago

      I have a huge crush on this boy in my class. We snapchat every day and always say goodnight. Never once has he let me open nor have I left him. He just left me open. Does that mean I did something to make him mad?

    • profile image

      piper 2 months ago

      I have a huge crush on one of my team mates at soccer just when I thought he was way to cute to like me I always ketch him looking at me during after and before our games then he texts me and comments on how good I did at the game that night so I'm not 100% positive if he likes me or not???? WHAT DO I DO I RLY LIKE THIS GUY!!!!!

    • profile image

      NotMyProblem 2 months ago

      Soo, I crush on this girl last year on July. At October 2017, I asked her and she give me a damn NO. So I move on.. Now.. March 2018, she seem like looking at me with a big adorable smile, she blushes everytime I look back. I was thinking wtf she wants from me? Any clue? First a damn NO that broke my heart now the big smile??? Anyone, an explaination please??

    • profile image

      Heidi 2 months ago

      i told my crush i like them and they game me a thumbs up and an "ok." Today he sat next to me and talked to me and yesterday he also talked to me. He usually doesn't talk to me very often. I also saw him looking at me.

    • profile image

      ella 2 months ago

      well for me he has been giving me the I want you looks and he biscally likes making fun of me infront his friends

    • profile image

      DreDre 2 months ago

      Two days ago, my crush and I stared at eachother for that moment. I had mixed feelings and got shocked when we stared like 20 seconds he was like sitting right by me and yeaaa he also looked shocked too. I'm not sure if he likes me or not.. but maybe he doesn't...

    • profile image

      Freedom 2 months ago

      I met my crush 2 years ago. We got into the same class and we had almost every lesson together. But during the first year i met him, we werent really that close but we still played the same game together. We would spend time after school playing the same game where sometimes we would sit at the table facing each other. Soon i developed feelings for my crush but i pretended not to. Around march last year, i finally had the courage to confess to him, but when i told him i liked him, he told me that he would give me his answer the next day but he didnt speak to me for one whole day. I noticed something was wrong and went to ask him and told him its ok if he doesnt like me back. He finally replied but he told me that he didnt talk to me as he didnt want to hurt my feelings. I really didnt want it to end that way so i asked him to treat me as a friend and nothing happened between us, he said he needed time. I got really depressed after that but due to studies, i had to put aside those negative feelings. From then on until around 4 months later, we didnt really talk unless its for school work. Eventually, he thought it through and we started to talk more often but still not as close as we were before. But due to school stuff, we started talking more and it didnt seem awkward anymore..this was when i realised that i actually still like him alot. But im confused whether should i confess to him again some other day or should i just remain friends with him from now on.. i dont want to get friendzoned by him for the second time as it was a long wait before finally spoke to me again. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    • profile image

      Lacey 2 months ago

      I told my crush I like him and he said its all puberty and fake feelings and we should wait till highschool I don't get it? he seems interested in me but says these are fake feelings

    • profile image

      Delanei 2 months ago

      Me and my crush are constantly staring at each other and i have no clue if he likes me back or not! His friends make jokes about me and him doing some dirty stuff and they say that he said it himself! I dont know what any of this means and i need help! PLZ HELP MEH!!

    • profile image

      Jade Berrybuckle 2 months ago

      My crush does 3 of these things. He always asks about my day, and how my band class was. We have all of our classes together and he always tries to sit next to me. He stares at me alot, looking away whenever I notice. He blushes alot. My question is: what does it mean when...

      We had this thing in science where we all fist bumped and then held hands for about 2 minutes to conduct electricity. But he knew we were going to when we all thought we would just fist bump. I watched him just come in and slide next to me in the circle. It was awkward for the 2 minutes we held hands. We just both wouldn't talk like everyone else was, and he was blushing like crazy. So was I, but I just was kinda broken. I want to ask him but I'm not quite sure. I could do a cute showy thing where I give him a drawing and it has a pickup line on the back (because I'm an artist and at my school people pay $10 for all of my art.) Or I could do the cliche note-in-locker thing....i think about this guy too much... :P

    • profile image

      Varsha 2 months ago

      My crush is very much known to me..I have suddenly got a feeling that my friend for yrs has become my crush. we're good friends.I have caught him staring... sometimes we both stare at each other endlessly...I try to get closer to him...he is two yrs older and in my overprotective school,it's impossible to eventually to boys... I wish I can get married to him in the future...

    • profile image

      Liv 2 months ago

      Ok. So I thought this guy and I liked each other, we both say awkward and dumb things, he moves quickly to get to talk to me and we both smile and turn red, but today my bodybuilder older brother who has talked to him a few times at the shop down the road at which my crush works came up to the counter and straight up asked, so how'd you meet my sister? and my crush says "she kept talking to me" like what....it sounds like I've been pestering him....what do y'all think?

    • profile image

      Luna the artist 2 months ago

      HELP. Today I got an award at my school today, and my crush (who sat next to me) said congrats. Later, one of hid friends kicked off my shoe, and i had to go back to get it and he laughed at me.

    • profile image

      Eddie Sancen 2 months ago

      My crush (girl) keeps looking at my lips

    • profile image

      Helpful love 2 months ago

      You know your crush likes you when....

      1. he stares at you

      2. He blushes at you all the times

      3. He tells you that he/she doesnt like you but he/she is turning red

      4. He doesnt really talk to you

      5. He smiles at you

      6. He tries to make you happy.

      Im not really sure of the rest, but thats how i noticed my crush likes me :)

    • profile image

      Confused 2 months ago

      Help! So me and my friend were playing truth or dare on the bus and I asked if she had a crush she said yes and she asked me the same thing. I said yes and then she asked me who. And my crush is right there on the bus and I said I can't tell u who and she said she would admit hers if I admitted mine and I said later cuz I had to get off and I don't know what to do cuz he is there on the bus and I can't tell her in front of him! Help!

    • profile image

      Daisy 3 months ago

      This didn’t work my crush just cheated on me after our date.

    • profile image

      Mellisa 3 months ago

      So I always see him looking at me and when I look at him he quickly turn away and I stand up and he called me thick and he’s friends and I turn around and looked at him and I smiled and he smiled and also when we where hitting class I was waiting at the wall and he came with his friends and their where whispering and try to push him and he smiled and I did too and he stopped and I left and I told my friend to ask him if he likes me and he said who the ones that were the green sweater and he said everyone wears a green sweater. And she told me and I said what about the time he was looking at me every day and also he was with his friends when my friend asked him so yeah☹️

    • profile image

      Cathy21 3 months ago

      So my crush texts me. We have established over the phone that we are friends now. He has texted me with a few questions and a few question marks after the text. He has even used my full name before. Does this mean he likes me back?

    • profile image

      zoonie 3 months ago

      ok I really like a boy my friend told him that he was shocked but my bff told that I don't like him I wanted to be friends with him he agreed I am so happy to talk to him now I will talk to him next week

    • profile image

      Arianna 3 months ago

      OMG my crush is so confusing he glances at me then smiles then during P.E we kinda race each other then he says hi to me and my friend omg WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!

    • profile image

      Bri 3 months ago

      My crush stares at me, then said "Hi" once. That guy is playing mind games! He hates me on Monday, and likes me on the other days!!! Help me out!!!

    • profile image

      Trinity 3 months ago

      So, I have a crush on this boy in my science class for like 4 months now, and he's sending me mixed signals. He's really hot and cold and it's confusing the heck out of me. A few months ago I was staring at him, and he caught me staring, and for some odd reason I kept on staring at him, and he stared at me for a few seconds then looked away at 'something else.' We kept staring at each other for a while after that. (We still do) Then a couple weeks later he walked up to me and said "excuse me," and took the sissors out of the drawer I was standing next to, and left. He looked really nervous when he talked to me though, (and he's a extrovert.) He was also looking down the whole time, and didn't look me in the eye. (Not to mention we were shoulders touching close and he didn't flinch.) Which I thought was kinda weird. Then a few days ago I saw him in the hallway, and was about to say "hi" to him, when he looked down and started walking faster. He acted as if he didn't know me. I'm so confused. Does he like me or no? I think he's just shy around new people. Please reply.

    • profile image

      Allyson 4 months ago

      My crush asked my friend out even though he knows that I like him. I started to cry when I heard the news. What would you do in this situation. He acts like he likes me but he claims that he doesn't. HELP!

    • profile image

      Layla Smith 4 months ago

      My crush claims he likes another girl, but he obviously likes me. He stares at me, texts me, invited me to the movies. But he wants to get to know me more? He even said that. I'm very confused.

    • profile image

      Alyssa 4 months ago

      My crush disturb me everyday non stop but i still dont understand the meaning of if he likes me or not

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 months ago

      My best guy friend asked me out a few months ago and I kinda friendzoned him because I have a lot of guy friends (I'm a girl) and I was worried I wouldn't be able to hang out with the other ones if I dated him. But now, he says he still likes me. Last time I rejected him, I felt bad. Also, I have noticed other guy friends who seem like they might be interested in me. So I'm a bit confused as to whether or not I should date him. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Bareera 5 months ago

      Hi ,my crush send me request on snap chat 4 time then I add him then we was looking at me again and again and on snap chat he send me streak with red hard so he like me or not

    • profile image

      Gabrielle 5 months ago

      My best guy friend Zuri is always super nice to me like we take the same gym class and he and now he sometimes puts his arm around me and he's kissed my cheek so I think he really likes me and now at lunch instead of sitting next to our friend Alex he sits next to me he's also offered to help me carry my books and stuff and I think I like him too and we've been friends since seventh grade and now we're all in eighth grade.

    • profile image

      dani 5 months ago

      So, I came to this new school recently. I met this guy but i didn't really know so I didn't really like him. The second time we met we started talking a lot more. We were talking about random stuff and then he asks me have I found any cute guys and I said nope. He said "what about me?" I said he was cute though. He told me I was too. We got each others snapchat and I was dumb enough to text him and tell him I liked him. He told me he liked me as a friend but he gave me mixed signals everybody said we were flirting and we should date. So homecoming comes along and he knows and doesn't mind we talk all night and he told me he didn't date. So I was upset about this cause he told me he didn't date till 9th grade???!! A whole year I would have to wait but that night we were both sitting in the benches together and there was not really much space. I told him and he wraps his arm around me and pulls me closer. I was blushing hardcore but I was upset. He is such a great guy. Anyways I feel like it gets awkward between us and I decide to tell him that I "apparently" don't like him anymore so it wouldn't be awkward between us. Fast forward a couple months past I still have a crush on him. His best friend has been wanting me and my crush to get together for a while but he didn't know I still had a crush which he was always suspicious about it. I decide to tell him finally and he was so excited he knew it this whole time. So, he decides to tell my crush I have been having a crush on him since homecoming and just wanted to tell him that I didn't so he wouldn't be awkward between him and I. I'm pretty mad at him about it. The next day, we have first period together he started acting differently he smiled at me and talked to me me more more. I just don't know is he worth waiting for?

    • profile image

      mari byron 5 months ago

      if he gives an excuse like he is going to give u his snap-chat account, and really gives u his phone number.

    • profile image

      Giada 5 months ago

      Ughhhhh I have this crush and I feel like he likes me back buttt sometimes I'm really confuzled. He draws me alot of things, he bought me a necklace from Hawaii! That I didn't even ask for!, and he wrote me this small little song on a sticky note. Today was moved desks in class and I start laughing and saying "Oml I still have it XD" so we both start laughing and he takes it back to his desk and read it over. He came to me and my desk and went LITERALLY INCHES FROM MY FACE and said "why did you give this back to me? I made this for YOU" then he walks away. And I start blushing like a tomato! He talks to me a lot and my friends heard him talking about me. Does he like me? *blushes*

    • profile image

      Emma 5 months ago

      I have a crush on a 9th grader ( I'm 7th grade) and my friend sent him an email saying, I think you and Emma would be a cute couple... And well, he wants to talk to me about it but he's just to shy (I'm also shy). And today he said, Hey Emma I'm not meaning to ignore you but I have a lot on my mind. And my friend Elsie was whispering to me and I was blushing like heck. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY COURAGE!

    • profile image

      Raven 5 months ago

      there is a guy I reallllyyy like and my friend blurted it out and it became a rumor and he looks at me all the time at lunch,(he and I have never talked to each other ever) and then there was another rumor that day after the rumor about me that he liked me, what does that mean?.


    • profile image

      Michelle 5 months ago

      A boy in my class keeps on looking at me and if do something annoying to him, he just smiles.What does that mean?

    • profile image

      Sophia parker 6 months ago

      The first thing to make your crush start to like you is be his or her 's friend. Then you could get to know them a lot better. I did this and it worked

    • profile image

      CoffeeAddict 6 months ago

      I told my crush I like him. I’ve been getting mixed responses. He likes me. He doesn’t. And I’m completely confused. But the other day my friend who has more classes with him than I do asked him if he knows me and he said I was cute. What the heck does this mean?

    • profile image

      Starrywhite 6 months ago

      I'm 14 years old and my dads girlfriend's nephew (15) i think has a crush on me. He looks at me when he thinks i'm not looking and when i do look back he keeps staring at me. He sometimes bumps into me and when i go upstairs to play with him and the kids he likes to show off how strong he is by lifting weights or throwing the little ones on the bed. But even if he did like me it would be weird dating my dads girlfriend's nephew. Plus i think he likes a girl at his school. When his aunt asked questions about her he answered but he was looking straight at me while he was answering them. The thing is i don't go to his school, so it can't be , me. Right? Please someone help, i don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      LoverInDisguise 6 months ago

      I keep noticing my crush looking at me. I'll look at him and then he looks away at the same time I do, but it's getting a lot less frequent and I'm scared he doesn't like me. What do I do? I know a few girls have a crush on him and one of his friends ship us, but whenever I hear him talk about dating he acts like it's the stupidest thing. I'm just scared and shy and I don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      Destiny Prior 6 months ago

      I'm shy my crush is not shy he talks to me I have most of my classes with himy friend knows him because they were in school together in elementary she is telling my why and why not to have a crush on him I don't know what to do how do I flirt with him im shy so please help me Im in sixth grade and he doesn't have a phone and he doesn't go over to peoples houses.

      During reading I looked up at him and he was staring at me I glanced quickly at the clock I looked back down to him and he was still staring at me

      Help me please

    • profile image

      DaBabyZebra 6 months ago

      My crush is messing with me. First she asks me if I want to date her and hold hands and stuff, then I say i want to date her but I don't hold hands with her because it's to awkward for me. Then right After that she says we shoudn't date, then it snowballs. Now she is glaring at me, pushing me away, and Not even talking to me or anything unless I start talking to her. And also at my school's haloween dance, me and my crush were about to dance but then she walked away, called her dad saying she wanted to go home, and said she didn't like me behind my back! And everyday she keeps pushing me away more and more! But sometimes I catch her looking me in the face, then i look at her. For 2 or 3 seconds, we look each other in the eyes, then she looks away. I also find myself looking at her a lot too. I really have no idea whats going on! please give me some advice.

    • profile image

      Dominic 6 months ago

      My crush let me read her book in library 'cause I didn't have one what does this mean?

    • profile image

      Jannatul 6 months ago

      My most embarrassing moments started like this: First of all it was the first day of school and my first lesson was maths so I had to sit with one of my crush's friends and I did not know him before so he was just a classmate so my maths teacher assigned us a task and I was the first one to finish it so I walked to the teacher and she corrected it and I got them all right then my crush's friend finished right after me and got all of them correct as well so because last year eve for my good grades so my crush blurted out jokingly that his friend copied me and I started to blush as my crush stared at me. The next lesson was english and my crush stared at me all the time and made excuses on talking to his friends and at hometime he would help me collect the books and make a brief contact with my hands and walking away. The next day in science he would stare at my every move and try to be in my group in practicals. Until one day when I had to move seats with his best friends and sit beside him at first he acted all shy and we did not talk much except him him wanting to borrow my stuff, then the next few days he started acting more friendly and looking at me and thinking all the time and his best friends would stare at me and exchange smiles between each other, in other lessons though and he would make excuses to come to my table and compliment me over something and would stare from a corner really deeply. The next few days I also started to make conversation and one day there was a supply teacher in maths so him and his friends moved over to our table and the whole class sorrounded it and we all were doing our work when he started to talk about his past relationships and how he is single now and about his family then he started to lean over me and asked me what I like my birthday and personal stuff and some of them I started to answer saarcastically even though I did not mean it then he started to sing love songs to me : such as shape of you and despacito and kept saying some anime romance songs so I told him to stop and sing them to his future girlfriend but then he would deeply look into my eyes and say I don't have a girlfriend and the next day because I made a mistake in one question he started singing don't worry everyone makes a mistake and kept saying my name over and over again which I blushed. In another lesson though he told me a something and complimented me and he murmured baby and darling twice and his best friends would make the love sign for us two and my crush would tell me what happened when he actually knows what happened. But another day me and my friends were laughing and talking about our crushes and our life and I told them about so they started forcing me on going to him and confess to him because he was hanging out with them and his friends seemed like they were forcing him to talk with me. Instantly the bell rang and we had to go to our lessons and when I went there we were allowed to sit anywhere so I sat at the back with my friends and my crush and some of his other friends sat in our table because I was sitting right in the middle h could stare at me easily and he would sing a love song and watch my reaction while my friends and his friends would giggle but because the back table was too noisy our teacher gave us all a a detention which was humiliating because it was my firstt and it was in front of my crush and after detention when we were heading home I was walking to the bus stop but then for some reason he started to avoid me well before that he jumped in my way because he was messing round with his friends so I don't know how to fix this and I am also questioning myself if he likes me or not? And the next day he started to act the same way and in a lesson the teachers told everyone to help each other and I asked a guy to help me and he started to tell me he is gonna help me in a jealous way... And in another lesson my english teacher paired me up with another guy and everyone started oooing and other boys were telling that guy he liked me and my crush started acting really jealous. Also tried to grab my attention a lot of times.

    • profile image

      anita 6 months ago

      If this is true.

      my crush loves me!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Joseph 6 months ago

      I understand those signs but I’m really confused at my crush. We just have met last year and i actually became friends with her (this is friend zone ‘til this time ;-;). Things are getting more embarrassing and but a lot better than usual cuz this 2017 i was talking to her EVERYDAY and ‘sending’ lots of questions or random things from a 1/4 sheet of paper. The confusing part starts here—i dont know what to do, does she like me or not. I always flirt to her and she also flirts but she does it not obvious. At one time we were at the lobby with lots of people, she just stared at me (idk if she really did, maybe its just a glance) and looked away. She seldom strike a conversation with me but when we talk she does look VERY DEEP into my eyes like she was staring and pretend like something’s special at me. But it looks like she DOESN’T like me. We’re best friends today and is becoming best friends w/ ur crush still count as a friend zone? She also told me that she like me as a friend—what does that mean? if you could reply please give me advice to let her like me back legit, please!!

      PS: Im a male and we arent shy to show to our feelings to our crushes :)

    • profile image

      Dess 6 months ago

      Okay, so this guy that I REALLY like is confusing the heck out of me, we're 2 years apart in age, not that that matters at all. But he keeps like acting different towards me! One day he's super flirty and everything and then another day he's completely distant but still texts me...he's kissed me before and stuff and said he wishes we could be together and I just don't get it!!! We CONSTANTLY text and last week I gave him my number and told him to call if he wanted to, and he did! thn on Saturday we vc all day and he was calling me babe and baby, then he fell asleep it was adorable and now today...he was acting weird. I asked him if we were still talking and he sent me these emojis: "

    • profile image

      lily 6 months ago

      I rly like this guy in my school but its too hard to talk to him.Every time i try t go up to him i start shaking and my heart starts pounding and its FREAKING impossible to go up and talk to him

      but recently my friend made it obvious that i like him plus she said in front of one of his friend and that dude was messing around with me since the day he heard it EX. lily what up with you and Andre ... Lily he asked u out so would u say yes or no .And yeah and now its annoying than just yesterday literally everyone were FREAKING asking me if we were going out and stuff.But. I'm just wondering how does everyone know and now i'm to embarrassed to do anything

    • profile image

      Max 7 months ago

      When I go to class she keeps on talking to someone and falling in love with him and I feel sad and try to hangout with her it's just I don't know what's she's thinking

    • profile image

      Veronica 7 months ago

      When we were at art class our teacher made us play “heads up seven up” and I was one of the person that is supposed to pick someone. So I chose one of my friends. And when it was time to pick “my crush” was standing up and he said my name. Wow I was red and our class was like “oooooo” so I told him no that it was not me. Then after class we went back to a different class and I go to my seat then I see his friend pushing him to my seat and telling him to “tell her”

    • profile image

      Kailey 7 months ago

      I have a crush and I am not sure if he likes me. My friend gave him a note for me telling him that I like him. She said as soon as she said my name, he blushed really red. Does this mean he might have a crush on me? I am trying to talk to him some more but every time I get the chance he is with some if his friends. What should i do?

    • profile image

      Maddie 7 months ago

      I have crush and me and a few of my friends have noticed that he looks at me a lot in classes, and when I se him looking at me and he knows I’ve caught him, he just smiles at me then turns away. Also, when people mention me he blushes, looks at me and smiles. My friend asked him out for me and he said no I don’t like her in that way but that was before school this morning ( Friday 13th October) and the while day felt really awkward and another boy in my history class asked my crush jf he would go it with me and my crush said No, but then looked at me and smiled with a little blushed cheeks. His friend was talking to me today after school and he said I should ask my crush out, I thought he would have known as his other friends know that I like him, if my crush didn’t like me as he said I’m pretty sure one of his closest friends wouldn’t have said ask him out!!? Me and my friends went to the party thing at a free church near my house and my crush goes aswell, my friends kept going near him and it was just a bit awkward as when we walked past eachother we both looked and eachother and I could see him grin ( I probably did the same) !! When I first got in his friend saw me and went to tell my crush I was there, i looked up and I saw my crush peeking Through one if the door frames but I didn’t see his face as he moved quickly before I could see his face. There is a bit in the free church where there’s a stage and he went in a different bit to get a drink ( where I was before I went out to talk to my friends privately) I went back in but then turned around as he was there so I went into the stage area and when I was coming out I was pushing the door and he was pulling the same door, so we stopped and looked at eachother and then we both went a little red, I went through the door and I said thank you and he smiled at me. I got my drink and walked back int eh stage area with my friends for my crush to be coming out again the same direction.. Because there was Karaoke I sat with my friends where he normally sits, beachse he wasn’t in the room then, however, he came in the room and sat in the middle row near me ( I was on the right row but in the outer seats) and he sat in the middle row on the outer seats. My friends sang Steal My Girl and Little Things by One Direction and throughout the dogs he kept looking. At me and turning away. When we got back to my house I text him saying sorry about my fitness and he said “no offence but I don’t like you and you won’t change that”

      I said “I know, I’m just sorry about my friends tonight”. So I don’t know if he likes me and I don’t know if he really knows himself yet to be honest.

      At school everyone says that we would be cute together,EVEN ONE OF HIS BESTFRIENDS SAID THAT AND THAT I SHOULD ASK HIM OUT !?!? I think I should just leave it a couple of days and see what happens xx

    • profile image

      Jess 7 months ago

      He looks at me, smiles at me and waves, he also SUPER OPENLY flirts with me(HEY JEESSSSSS) (YOUR PRESENTATION WAS SUPER SEXY) and I have a MAJOR CRUSH ON HIM, but i CANT FLIRT. My friend also pushed me into his friendship group and closed the circle so it was just me and him in the middle of the circle, and one of his friends pushed him into me and said KISSY KISSY!! Could he like me if his friend said that?(p.s.my friend asked him if he liked me and apparently he hooded and blushed a bit) but I'm STILL DOUBTING MYSELF.

    • profile image

      Ppw 7 months ago

      they's a guy that I think is into me,i had accidentally locked eyes with him from across the room and had the 'what was that? effect ever since my life revolves thinking of him,I kind of think he sensed it too cos one time he came up when I was with friends greeted them all when it was my turn he mentioned my name...the thing that is bothering me is that he does not act am tired of waiting can someone please tell me if am taking things out of proportion?

    • profile image

      Ria. 7 months ago

      My crush is my best friend that I always hang out with. We have no classes together and I asked him to the dance he said yes, and we had so much fun.

    • profile image

      lc 7 months ago

      Just today my crushes friends told me that he likes me but before I could ask my crush he ran away what does this mean?

    • profile image

      bm 7 months ago

      basically he stares at me all the time and when i look at him he gets embarrassed and looks away pretending he didn't notice me

    • profile image

      Mie 7 months ago

      My crush is my guy friend..he asked me out on a date...i agreed but couldn't make it...he calls m for no valid reason...he is super cool and calls m baby girl sometimes..he thinks i'm smart and creative...he is not an open person so he doesn't express much

      Does he like me back ?

    • profile image

      Jeff Bernard 8 months ago

      I think my crush only considers me as a friend.

      I have been waiting for for 5 months and 5 days...nothing has happened yet

    • profile image

      LovelyCandy0536 8 months ago

      OMG l think my crush likes me because he is always smiling at me

    • profile image

      SSS 8 months ago

      I am a girl. I have a crush on my family friend. We used to go outings with our family. In middle we will go for long walks and all. He is nice sweet guy. My mother likes him a lot. He just acts like he has a crush on me. But some times he acts like the exact opposite. I have caught him staring at me and he gets jealous when i toke to other boys. Last month my friend told him that i love him and she asked him whether he feels the same. But he never gave reply to that. What does he mean by this????? Plz reply

    • profile image

      Izzy 8 months ago

      What do I do if my crush is friends is always talking about me and I don't like it is it a sign that my crushes friend like me not my crush how do I get my cry to follow me on Instagram and how do I get my crush to actually want to answer my messages

    • profile image

      Rebecca 9 months ago

      Idk. I like this boy, but it's very confusing. I asked him out and got rejected. But when he tells jokes, he look at me first, I caught him staring at me for a whole day, but everytime I caught him looking at me, he'd look away fast, only to look back soon again. The day after I asked him out, he said "Becky?"

      I said "Yeah?"

      He said: "Ne-ne-never mind."

      I don't understand him...

      Yesterday I sent him a picture of a fox, and said

      "Do you think foxes are beautiful?"

      He said: "Do you think I'm beautiful

    • profile image

      Xoxo 11 months ago

      Me and my crush are head leaders together at my school. So if I confront him and he rejects me, I have to face him every day. I think he likes me, but I'm not sure. For example, he treats me different from other girls(gives me high fives ,talks to me more)and sometimes I see him looking at me(or I just like him so much I imagine it) He isn't really shy,so if he likes me why wouldn't he make a move? At school he talks to me a lot, but he won't return my texts. How can I get his attention and find out if he likes me or not?

    • profile image

      asdfghjkl 11 months ago

      I really like this guy, but I am just too scared to talk to him about it. I sometimes catch him looking at me and every time I look and catch him he quickly looks away. And again we don't talk at all and I have no idea what to do!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tyler 11 months ago

      Hi my name is Tyler I like Alex he's a boy in my class and he is so cute but he always gets his friend tell me that it doesn't I mean well that he likes me but I don't know if it's true I can't get my crush Alex to tell me that he likes me he self why won't he just tell me he likes me or doesn't instead of his friends are my friends

    • profile image

      michelle 12 months ago

      I'm really surprised my crush basically did almost all of these thanks for this information! P.S you should make a list of what your crush does!!!!

    • profile image

      Madison 13 months ago

      Ok so my crush acts weird around me one time him and his friend were whispering to each other and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. And I stepped back and he bumped into me I said sorry and he kept walking he asked my friend how much I like him if I have a diary and if I write about him she said yes and he said ok every time I laugh he always smiles at me and when he stares at me and he quickly looked away he tried to impress me and when a kid bumped into me he said really he aks so shy I need answers if you see this please respond to me

    • profile image

      Madison Lewis 13 months ago

      My crush is super shy around me he's all ways looking at me and when I laugh he smiles his friends are nice to me he asked my Friend how much I like him if I have a diary and if I write about him we he talked to his friend they were laughing and they both looked at me and when I was talking to a bother boy he looked uncomfortable I think he was yes he always turns up where I am I need help if you read this comment tell me if you think he likes me

    • profile image

      Alyiah Aldridge 13 months ago

      Okay so i'm a girl and when I have a crush on a boy I tell my best friend only if she tells me hers so I know its safe but when i'm around him I usually blush and smile and I get embarrassed when I catch him staring I feel like there is something wrong with me cause he has to be staring for something and its not cause i'm beautiful cause I know i'm not everyone knows there you go boys that's a couple signs that a girl likes you but be aware not all girls are like that.

    • profile image

      Chong 14 months ago

      Where's nunber 8?..

    • profile image

      Asia 14 months ago

      This boy i go to school with is always hanging out with my crush i don't know why and i feel like this boy is trying to make me jealous what does it mean and sadly there friends just because he is lonely in school dosen't mean he has to hang out with my crush like he is jealous or something and he sometimes cares about me and my crush which he super strange

    • profile image

      xoxogirl 15 months ago

      can someone help me figure out my problem with my crush? he was a great guy but he thinks of me as a sister and today at lunch i asked him if i was going to move schools would u be okay with it . he said no he not okay with it but i don't know what that means when he said it to me

    • profile image

      Getrwasr 15 months ago

      IM a Boy, My crush always acting like ME and always protecting ME

    • profile image

      FunnyGirl101 16 months ago

      So, there is this boy I really, really like. He is always nervous around me. Every time I would look behind me, he would look down. I would catch him staring at me. When (at class) I leave to go get something, he notices I'm not there and when I come back, he looks at me in relief. When with my friends, he would always stare at me. He even tried to talk to me, but then he needed to go do "something." Please help me. I am really new at this type of stuff.

    • profile image

      AL6 16 months ago

      Lol did anyone else realize that it goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,9? I was like, wait did they do 10 of these lol.

    • profile image

      Wolf 23 months ago

      my crush said im weird. does that mean he likes me?

    • profile image

      steven-luo-399 5 years ago

      This serious crush on Erica Lee ambushed me like crazy. Yikes. I am in 8th grade and President of Ninja Alliance. So far we are good friends. Thanks for the idea of starting to be friends and working from there. I do have some evidence that she does like me back however.

    • profile image

      IlikeHim 5 years ago

      Me and my crush didn't have a nice conversation even once!! because he is only teasing me every time!!

    • profile image

      jadibear 5 years ago

      What if ur bff is dating him?what would you do then?

    • profile image

      SuicideSilence 5 years ago

      I'm positive my crush has a crush on my best friend3 no guy has ever had a crush on me #forevaalone XD

    • profile image

      mary-limlingan 5 years ago

      thank you!!!

    • imagelist lm profile image

      imagelist lm 5 years ago

      Great info thanks...

    • profile image

      sabrina-styles-33 5 years ago

      what do you do when your crush likes you and you like him but he dose not want commitment

    • profile image

      shygirl123456703 5 years ago

      help im in love and well tomarrow is the party here's my chans ill do a lot of reserch

    • profile image

      shygirl123456703 5 years ago

      @irha-delgado: i h-have a crush on this b-boy in m-y class and were friends ...but i want to be h-his mate help me

    • profile image

      jayzel-rama 5 years ago

      @baileyhilton: um...one thing...when he leans forward at me and i look at him...together we blush and its kinda embarrassing...>///////<

      and i caught him like 5 times already for staring at me during class time and my friends would giggle a lot!

    • profile image

      jayzel-rama 5 years ago

      @jayzel-rama: actually this guy is my crush since i was in 4th grade. When i first met him...i kinda think his annoying. after a few weeks he had doubt and went to ask me and i was like "...okay i will help you out! :)" and he was like come here and his friends was acting weird all of the sudden and left. It went on until now. I am a 6th grade student and i still like him...but yeah...i am still not sure if he like me or not or otherwisethe rumors were real. But still i just can't bare hearing the rumors...>.

    • profile image

      jayzel-rama 5 years ago

      i have a crush on 1 guy in my class and he is really funny. I know over 2 years now. And every time i talk to me he always...like...get close to me...but still...idk if he likes me cause there are rumors in my class that he like some other girl in another class...i really need help...

    • profile image

      maverick31811 5 years ago

      well he might like me but im not sure. hes so cute im mean hottt. my friend thinks that too.


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