How to Deal With Relationship Problems With Your Girlfriend

Updated on December 28, 2016

No One Wants Problems in a Relationship

Suffice it to say, there is no doubt that people enter into their relationships with the best of intentions. No one really imagines that the next relationship that they are going to be in is going to end up filled with problems. Yet, we all know that this tends to happen. Sometimes we can work through those problems and make the relationship stronger in the end, and sometimes we can't and that is when they come to an end.

Just because you might be having problems with your girlfriend, it does not mean that you have to hang your head in despair. There are ways to constructively work through any issues that you might have. And just think to yourself, when you DO work through those problems, you will know that your relationship is that much stronger, which is a good thing for YOU.

Relationships Don't Have to End

Of Course, If They are Bad... They Should!

One of the things that people seem to forget, is that just because you are having problems in a relationship... that alone is not a sign that it has to end. If everyone that came together were to break up just because of a few problems in the relationship, well, you probably would not be here today. Still, there are some situations where the only course that a relationship can really take IS for it to end, so you need to weight out which decision is going to be right for You.

Here are some common situations where relationships can easily survive:

1. You are having a hard time coming together on certain issues.

No two people are going to agree on everything. Yet, many couples try to do this, and when it does not happen... they think that it means that they are not compatible. For example, you might have a completely different take on what is fun for you than your girlfriend does, and that can cause some friction. However, that does not mean that you have to end the relationship. It may mean that you have to learn how to compromise on certain things and be open to trying new things.

2. You are finding that you don't have enough time to spend together.

We all go through different waves in our lives, sometimes we have a lot of free time and sometimes it seems like we have none. This can affect the relationships that we are. On the other hand, if you truly love being with someone and it is a situation that can and will get better, than this is certainly not the biggest issue that you have to deal with. You can find a way to schedule in some good one on one time and make sure that the two of you do not grow apart.

A Strategy That Works

3 Steps to Patch Things Up

You need to have a strategy in place if you are going to be SERIOUS about working out any relationship issues that you may have. To think that they will just magically go away is not just wishful thinking at it's worst, it is a recipe for disaster. Yet, so many people do take on the lazy and passive approach of just sitting back and hoping that they will somehow be able to solve their relationship problems.

Here is a 3 step strategy that works to solve your relationship issues:

Step One - Identify What the Issue Really Is

Sometimes you might have a symptom of a much larger issue that is nagging at you. For example, an argument over her going out with her friends on a Friday night might really have an underlying cause of you being worried that she will end up cheating on you. To solve the problem, you need to identify what the issue really is. Look as deep as you can.

Step Two - Talk Things Out With Your Girlfriend

So many relationships come to a spectacularly pathetic finish because the two people just do not know how to talk things out. If you are not willing to see your relationship dissolve... then you need to sit your girlfriend down and talk to her. That way, you know what she is feeling and she knows what you are feeling and the two of you can come to a mutual understanding of what each other really wants.

Step Three - Work on Spicing Things Up in the Relationship

This is important, because when a relationship becomes boring and mechanical, most people are not really willing to put in the work that they have to in order to keep themselves together. You have to work on making your girlfriend feel REALLY attracted to you, so that she feels like she always wants to work things out instead of ending the relationship.

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Trust Issues With My Girlfriend - How Can I Make Her Feel Like She Can Trust Me?

Trust issues can literally make or break relationships, so the fact that you want to be able to get things figured out and you want to know how to make your girlfriend feel like she can trust you is a good thing. If more men figured out that this is something that they should work on, there would be far fewer guys wondering why their girlfriend broke up with them. So, it is a very good thing that you want to be able to find a way to make your girlfriend feel like she definitely can place her trust in you.

However, there is one thing that you should know and that is, you really can't "make" your girlfriend trust you. Trust is not something that you can force upon someone else, it is something that you earn.

So here are some tips for earning your girlfriend's trust:

1. It takes time.

As simple as this tip is, it is one that you need to take to heart. You might feel like it would be nice if you could wake up tomorrow and find that your girlfriend trusts you 100 percent, but that isn't going to happen. It takes time. You need to keep this in mind so that you don't end up feeling like it isn't happening "fast enough." Feeling that way usually only leads to relationship problems that you don't need or want to deal with.

2. It takes proof.

In most "generic" relationship advice, the expert will always say something along the lines of, the other person should just trust you based on faith. Well, let's look at it from a realistic perspective. Do YOU trust everyone you meet based on faith? Probably not and if you do right now, all it takes is one bad experience for that to change. Women usually need proof a little bit more because let's be real... most women have had at least one ex boyfriend break their trust in the past. So, give her the proof that she needs that she can trust you.

3. It takes two.

You can't be the guy who shows that he obviously doesn't trust his girlfriend but expect her to just blindly trust you. It is a two way street. If you want to make her feel like she can totally trust you, you are going to have to extend her the same courtesy. Otherwise, you are going to find that it probably isn't going to happen.


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