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How to Attract Men With Body Language


Using Body Language to Attract Men

Ladies! If you want to know how to move past words and get that guy you've had your eye on, then you're in the right place. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, conducted several studies on nonverbal communication, and found that 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal elements like facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc. So you can see why this is an important topic!

There are a few simple techniques that will help you make the right man fall in love with you on your first date or from across the room. Let's dive in.

Nine Ways to Catch His Eye Without Saying a Word


1. Make Purposeful Eye Contact

The most important signals that you send to your crush or the man you are dating are those that you send through your eyes. Eye contact can work wonders for you to attract your Mr. Perfect. Once you have established eye contact with the man of your dreams, offer a sweet smile.

However, you should not stare for more than a second. The key at this point is to simply make eye contact, smile, and look away. Repeat it a few more times to confirm your interest, and no man will be able to resist you.

2. Use Your Hands

A very effective body language technique that you can use to attract men is "enacting." In simpler words, it is about hinting at romantic activities through hand actions. This could include caressing yourself, like touching your chest, face, arms, or leg. Doing this conveys two distinct messages:

  • I'd like you to do this to me.
  • I'd like to do this to you.

Objects can also be used to convey the same message. These objects can include wine glasses, cigarettes, silverware, etc. Gentle fidgeting or touching will certainly send strong signals to the man you have your eye on.


3. Flirt With Your Lips, Not With Your Words

After the first successful move, it's time to let your lips take control. Start a conversation with the man you are dating or want to attract. While talking, you can gently and subtly lick or bite your lips. Women often do this subconsciously while they are talking to a man they are interested in.

If you're eating, you can eat intentionally and slowly. Your date or crush will not be able to resist your lips and will start sending some romantic signals back your way.


4. Play With Your Hair

Hair is often one of the parts of the body that men find most attractive, and it can be a powerful tool in flirting.You can do a number of things, from twirling a strand of hair, to brushing the hair away from your neck, to running your fingers through your hair and flipping your hair lightly.

5. Use Your Posture to Display Your Best Attributes

Another very effective body language to attract men is by displaying the attractive parts of your body, which include (but are not limited to), your breasts, legs, bottom, and neck.

Sitting up straight or leaning back slightly will both make you seem more confident and show off your most attractive parts. When standing, arching your back and throwing back your shoulders will help make your butt look awesome — if you wear heels, they automatically shape your body in that direction.


6. Let Him Know You're Interested With Facial Expressions

Most of the time, we think we have very little control over our facial expressions. But consider people who have a lot of charisma, the kind of people that you enjoy talking to. Oftentimes these people have dramatic and engaging facial expressions that let you know they are listening to you.

When talking to that special man, arching your eyebrows, making sustained eye contact, and mirroring his facial expressions will all help him be more attracted to you subconsciously.


7. Touch Him

Touch can be a powerful way to send flirty messages. A light touch on the shoulders or top of the back is a great way to start. If you’re in a bar or other crowded place, you could break the personal bubble by stepping into his space a little bit, in order to let someone else pass by.

A touch on the lower back, on the chest, or on the hand is an even more intimate move that will let you know you're digging him. If he's on the same page, he will reciprocate with some touching on his end.


8. Lean In

Try to get closer to him. If you're sitting down and it's not too awkward, sit next to him and let your legs touch underneath the table.

If you're sitting across from him, you could start a game of footsie (if you're being daring), or lay your arms across the table and "accidentally" touch his hand.


9. Smile

Though it seems almost too simple, smiling is one of the biggest things you can do to attract a man. It makes you seem happy, confident, and fun, all qualities that many men are looking for in a woman.

A smile is like an open door. It's an invitation to conversation. Paired with some gentle, flirty eye contact, this will have men crossing the room for you in no time.

What Are Your Body Langauge Techniques To Attract Men? - Let Me Know You Were Here!

Ashley on June 02, 2020:

What type of body does a guy normally like?

Gentle on May 14, 2020:

Girls, if you really want to attract a guy, ask him if you two could do something for a day, he'll probably wonder if you like him. And will probably make an attempt to get you or chase you. Be accomadating tho.

If you dont know the guy or its the first time you see him, i would suggest going up to him, compliment he's shoes and then start a conversation, and once you feel trust in him then probably leave the venue to get a hamburger or something

Slartybartfast on March 04, 2019:

I prefer semaphor translated into old Irish then encoded in 256 bit AES encryption to body language and hints.

But I'm a guy so that is normal.

saniya on December 23, 2014:

Is this possible to attract a boy nhi hua to kya karna zarror batana please ha

u r my helper ok easy steps batana

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Your recommendations are a really good!

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It is easier to get a guy with body language then actually talking. This lens will definitely help any girl attract a guy with her body

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