White Men that Love Black Women: Their Reasons Why

Updated on September 25, 2016

Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

White men and black women dating is nothing new, but it isn't a topic that gets delved into often. In this hub we talk to two white men that love black women they are in committed relationships with.

They give us the reasons why they love their women so much and why they went black. We also talk to the ladies and find out why they chose their white men.

As if we really needed reasons -- but let's dive in!

Steve and Tasha

Steve is a 38-year-old account executive in Manhattan and Tasha is a 37-year-old social worker. They met at a party with mutual friends in SoHo. Steve said that he felt a spark with Tasha early on -- something that appealed to his manhood.

"There was something in Tasha that I really liked -- a gentleness, something that quietly said 'I've been through a lot and I need your help. I like the fact that she leans on me, that she needs me."

Steve wanted to make a special note of stating that black women are too often unfairly stereotyped about being aggressive or loud. "I don't think it is fair to them. Personally, I've never experienced it. Even when we argue, Tasha doesn't curse or get excited. She's about as soft as a woman can be made."

Tasha said that Steve had her figured out without her saying a word. "When I met him last year I had been through the wringer in many ways with men and I couldn't take it anymore. But, you know, you keep that stuff hidden."

"And as much as some women say that they are independent, I was like, no, I think I need a hero about now. And there he was. And at that point, at 36, with all the players around in New York, I had never thought it would happen for me, but it did. He was the good, solid man that I needed"

When asked about the racial factor, Steve says that he has dated black women before but only this relationship became long-term. Tasha said this was her first relationship with a white man.

They both said that seeing each other's opposite skin color in bed heightens their excitement. Tasha said, "Somehow, when I see him laying against my dark skin, it feels like we're doing something naughty or taboo, and we are definitely into it."

"And Steve is dominant (in a good way) and I'm submissive, so it just works."

Steve ended with, "Marriage is definitely in our future."

Steve and Tasha are headed in the right direction because marriages between black women and white men work.

Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Robert DeNiro and Wife Grace Hightower

Robert DeNiro loves black women. Robert DeNiro and His Beautiful Black Wife Grace Hightower. White Men that Love Black Women
Robert DeNiro loves black women. Robert DeNiro and His Beautiful Black Wife Grace Hightower. White Men that Love Black Women | Source

Get Your Own Swirly Love

Peter and Belinda

Peter 31, and Belinda, 29 are both teachers and met at a teacher's conference. Peter says he was always attracted to black women. "I love everything about black women -- their dark skin, their full lips, and when they wear those little braids in their hair. "

"I have also always noticed that black women are friendlier to me than white women -- more open to conversation without writing me off." Belinda says she has always "been attracted to white guys. I like their features, especially if they have blue eyes, and the lightness of their skin."

Peter says that he and Belinda were assigned to a project at the teacher's conference and they slowly got to know each other. "We were a little flirtacious from the beginning but we gave it time, especially since we are professionals in the same field. We were playing it safe because we wanted to maintain that respect first and foremost.

"Then one day when she was handing me some papers, I put my hand over hers and then looked in her eyes. She was a bit shy but I got the go-ahead vibe and went in for a kiss. That was the beginning of the beginning."

Peter says, "When it came to hitting on a black woman, I had found I had to be especially careful. You really don't know how seriously she will take you, whether she will accept you in that way. "

"But as a man, you know, you always have to play it safe in general and not assume anything. All you can do is wait for the right moment and see how the woman feels about it. In my case, it worked out well." Peter noted, "I found the right woman, and she's it for me. She's become the light of my life. I just really love her."

Peter said that he was attracted to Belinda because she was "black, sweet, shapely, and had a cute laugh." It was cute -- her whole body wiggled when she giggled. Funny how small things lead to big things."

Belinda said she liked Peter because he was "professional, gentlemanly, looked good in a shirt and tie, and had nice light brown hair and blue eyes. He was kind and he was cute!"

Tamara Mowry and Husband

Other White Men Speak

What do you love about black women?

  • "They return my friendliness."
  • "To be honest, their lips are to die for."
  • "Everything."
  • "I see more unspoken vulnerability in black women, and as a guy it appeals to my manhood."
  • "I think they're beautiful."
  • "I don't know. I've just always had a chocolate tooth."
  • "I love one black woman -- my wife. A kind and sweet lady who is easy to love."

Are you ...

See results

Questions & Answers

  • Is lovemaking different with a black woman?

    Lovemaking is a little different from woman to woman, regardless of their ethnic background. You'll have to find out what she likes.

  • I am looking for that one white man, and I am a black lady. Is it hard for interracial couples to meet?

    While it is easy to meet a lot of people, meeting the one right man can take more time.

  • As a single white male, I find it easier to engage in conversation with black women and have a meaningful dialogue. This seems more difficult when approaching white women. Is it my imagination, or are black women more open and accepting of someone who shows a sincere interest in them or their thoughts?

    I have heard this impression from other white men as well. It could be a combination of your comfort level as well as the women you choose to talk to. Sometimes you will just click with people without knowing exactly why.

  • Would you say a white "alpha" male would be more or less likely to be attracted to a black woman?

    I think all kinds of white men like black women, some alphas, and some not, so there is no definite answer to your question.

  • Is there a specific age group of white men (i.e.millenials or baby boomers) who are more likely to seek out a black woman? Are these white men attracted to the essence of the black woman or the stereotypes?

    No, I don't think there is a specific age group, but I think white men more exposed to black culture are more likely to go for black women. Only immature men would intentionally seek out stereotypes, but yes, it does happen.


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