7 Places to Avoid Going on a First Date

Updated on March 15, 2017

The dating place creates the mood

There's no better way to kill the potential for romance on a first date than by taking a woman to the wrong kind of place. Knowing where to go and where not to go on a date will dramatically increase your potential for success. There are definitely good date locations and bad date locations. Knowing which is which could be the difference between a long-term romance and a brief, painful, uncomfortable dating experience.

Most first dates need to be relaxed, inspiring, and short in length (preferably about one hour and not more than two). You want to be in a place where you can talk, laugh, and get to know one another. You want to be in a place where it's easy to end the date if things go wrong. You want your first date location to give the impression that you are thoughtful and know what you are doing and have good intentions behind your actions.

Here are a few places you should avoid on a first date.

  • Movie Theater - The idea of dinner and a movie is old-fashioned and, well, lazy. Aside from the fact that it shows virtually no creativity whatsoever, it combines two places that should not be frequented on a first date. I'll explain why you should not go to restaurant on a first date in point #2. A movie is worse. And if you just suggest a movie for your date, you're kind of dumb. If you're going to a movie on a date, you're not going for the date, you're going for the movie. That's the whole point of a movie. The point of a date is to get to know somebody, to talk, to make a connection. You simply can't do that while you're watching a movie unless you're talking and bothering everyone around you, which is rude.
  • Restaurant - As a woman, I can tell you that some of my worst dating experiences have been in restaurants. It's not because I don't like to eat, it's because my potential suitors don't seem to know when to shut up, when to call it quits. In other words, most men seemingly do not have any idea what the appropriate length of a date should be. And restaurants are places where a man's inability to control himself gets the best of him. No woman wants to go on a date with a man she has never met and be trapped with him for two or three hours. No man should think that he's interesting enough to keep a woman seated at a table for two or three hours. Trust me when I tell you, avoid a restaurant as a first date location at all costs. Besides, it's cheaper that way.

Sure, everyone does it, but a restaurant is still a bad place for a first date. (CC-BY 2.0)
Sure, everyone does it, but a restaurant is still a bad place for a first date. (CC-BY 2.0) | Source
  • Bar - You don't take a woman to a bar on a first date. You might meet a woman at a bar and arrange a first date, but you don't take a woman to a bar unless you're an alcoholic. Look, it's fine to stop for a drink before some other event, but bars are loud and annoying and they don't encourage talking. They encourage drinking. Taking a woman to a bar will make her think you're trying to get her drunk.
  • Mall - What am I, 12? Unless it's a really interesting mall, that's not a date, that's a shopping trip. Malls are so 1988 too.
  • Car - Trapping a woman in a restaurant is almost as bad as trapping her in your car. It also signals that you are quite likely really cheap. "Hey, babe, why don't we drive around in my car for a few hours and get to know each other." That's just not an impressive thing to say.
  • Your House - Worse than being trapped inside your car is being trapped inside your house. By inviting a woman over to your house on a first date you are sending the message that you are possibly a serial killer because no man in their right mind invites a woman he has never met over to his house. Are you going to show me your basement? Pretty much when you invite a woman over to your house on a first date, every scene from every bad horror movie starts playing in her head and merely by asking, your chances at romance are destroyed.

  • Your Pants - I hear this in bars all the time. "Hey, babe! There's a party in my pants. Want to come?" Actually, I hear that at work sometimes too. I just want to emphasize what a terrible pick-up line this is and what a poor choice of location your pants is for a date. First of all, can both of us actually fit in your pants? And what are we going to do there once we do fit in? And if you're suggesting that maybe we could have sex on our first date, you're jumping ahead in the relationship game way too fast. Dial it back, jack.

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