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What Do High School Girls Look for in Guys?


What do high school girls look for in guys? A quick query in a popular search engine reveals messed up words of so-called wisdom. Someone even posted "Car, money, 6 inches of pain, and lots of weed" Let's put such nonsensical advice aside and take a practical peak into the psyche of a high school girl and what guys can do to attract and impress her.

Is he popular?

Popularity is definitely one of the first things that high school girls look for in guys. When a guy is popular among his peers it speaks volumes of his personality. It also shows that he has a good following of friends who like to be with him all the time. Being popular is definitely a top asset to have for a guy in high school.

Is he hot?

High school is all about having fun and without doubt, a guy with good looks will seldom go unnoticed. Of course there are many other factors that determine whether girls like him or not, but being attractive surely helps. Excuse Princesswithapen for the loose reference, but a 'Hot Guy in high school' will typically have a decent height, athletic body and could very well be a slightly hot blooded.

One Direction performing in Sydney. Back l-r Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Front l-r Zayn Malik and Liam Payne

One Direction performing in Sydney. Back l-r Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Front l-r Zayn Malik and Liam Payne

Does he have a special talent?

Guys with a special talent become instantly popular and likeable, even if they may score low in the other departments. For example if a guy can play the guitar and woo an audience with his melodious voice, girls will definitely drool. If a guy can play the violin like a superstar, he will definitely have a following of girls who are into music. Special talent is always hard to find and is bound to draw a following. Think of the guys from One Direction. You get the point, don't you?

Is he a wimp?

Any woman expects her man to stand up for his beliefs and for her too. While that may not literally translate to how a high school guy/girl may think, the fundamental remains the same. Mind you, this is not the same as the uber popular yet false notions that girls like tough guys or girls don't like skinny guys. That's wrong. This simply means that girls are attracted to guys who believe in themselves and display confidence.

Is he dependable?

Dependable in this context is quite different than the mature definition of dependable. From a high school girl's perspective, being dependable is probably the guy's ability to help her out in times of need, back her up in an argument, speak to her on the phone whenever she wants and hang out with her when she's bored. He is the guy who can be there, no matter what. Mr. Dependable is always in demand and dependability is a trait that even mature women like their man to have.

A guy who can bring a smile on the faces of a lot of girls in class will definitely be hot property.

A guy who can bring a smile on the faces of a lot of girls in class will definitely be hot property.

Do other girls in the class find him attractive?

Have you heard the saying 'Owner's pride, neighbor's envy'? If you haven't, you better know it now because psychologically it is an immense ego boost for anyone, let alone a high school girl, to have something that others want too. When girls gossip about how attractive a guy is, it makes him craved for. When other girls talk about wishing to date him, it makes him even more likeable.

Does everyone hate him for a particular reason?

No girl wants to be in the company of someone who is loathed by everyone. Whether it is a peculiar habit or an obnoxious personality, guys who have managed to generate hateful vengeance against themselves may land up in a girl's bad books. One of the things that high school girls look for in guys is popularity, as we talked about earlier. This is the exact opposite of that.

How will he be in bed?

Note the use of the word HOW WILL HE BE in bed as opposed to IS HE GOOD in bed. Why? The reason is quite simple. Whether everyone accepts it or not, sexual discovery of one's own and the opposite sex's body and needs is virtually never-ending. Guys and girls find themselves in an ever-evolving journey when it comes to sexuality which makes it impractical to set a benchmark for a guy so soon in life. It may even be his/her first sexual encounter. If gossip has led everyone to believe that a guy is fun to be with in bed, well, that's a plus. On the contrary, if popular rumor in high school says otherwise, girls may have a preconceived negative notion about him.

Are you a fun guy to hang out with?

Are you a fun guy to hang out with?

Is he fun to hang out with and does he have the means to have fun?

Forget high school girls, every woman wants to have a little fun every now and then, doesn't she? So, what do high school girls look for in guys from a fun perspective? Every girl will have a different perspective of fun, but if a guy can do things that can keep her entertained and help her be the diva she wants, that's generally good enough. Does he get invited to the cool parties? Does he have a car he can drive me around in? Can he take me out for dates? Can he crack a joke or two? Does he have a fun personality or does he take things too seriously? Does he have the money to take me out every now and then? These are some of the things that may decide whether a girl likes a guy or not. While all this may be labeled as 'chivalry' in mature lingo, it has nearly the same psychological effect. After all, keeping a girl happy has never gone out of vogue, has it?

Is he in the high school team?

Stars of the high school team, whether it is basketball, baseball or football, always catch a girl's eye. Why? Simply because team sports are all about competition and achievement. If a guy can knock over 5 other guys and score a touchdown at the other end of a field, he can definitely hold up on his own in any situation. Get it?


A Name on December 31, 2019:

This is not at all true. The number one thing a boy in Highschool needs to get any girl he wants, is maturity. If you want to have a fling with your casual side chick, you just need to be hot and good in bed. If you want a long lasting relationship, be mature. In my experience, the number one turn on for any female who wants a long lasting relationship, is a man who's mature. As a female currently in Highschool, who ever said that being an old soul was a bad thing.

james haimowitz on September 30, 2019:

no comments at all , yet .

Jake Riley on October 05, 2018:

Im lean, nerdy, and i play sport. I can talk to girls easily....only problem is i have never gone to one of those parties with drinks....my parents are strict and i respect that...but i feel like i could get the girls and im currently single. Plus i have a sixpack

Hailey on September 12, 2018:

I find this to be all about the same type of girl. A “sassy, intimacy-craving, popular, beautiful, tough-guy seeking diva”. And that’s not what I am. And I’m female. And I like boys.

I prefer a “nerdy, self-conscious, quirky, good listening geek of a person”. I’m not all about wanting the popular, sports fanatic men. I understand that many people do want what I don’t want, but this article makes it seem like all girls want popular boys. It’s simply untrue.

Nerdy, geeky, mentally challenged, quirky, self-conscious, LGBTQ+, ugly/not-very-attractive, enthusiast, video gaming, quiet, laid back, different, unpopular boys, just know that there are girls just like you who like you and find your personality attractive.

You don’t have to be popular. You just have to be yourself.

Find love soon, dudes.

Darren on September 07, 2018:

What if your skinny, but also very strong?

Mc kenzie on September 01, 2018:

I in grade 7...i fought with a girls...now she is in different school i mean high skull now and oh! God am crazy about her....wish i could apologize though it was her fault...but dont have her contacts or anything

Highschoolgal on January 28, 2018:

Okay I don’t know what type of girls who are like this, maybe only the popular or stuck up ones. But in my experience, most girls don’t care about your popularity, if other girls like you, or if you’re in a sports team. Here’s the top things that personally I look for.

1. Physical Attractiveness (pretty sure most people look for this) (you don’t have to be like super fit, just be healthy)

2. Grooming: so basically shaved, smells nice, nice hair

3. Intelligence: you don’t have to be Einstein but please don’t be an idiot. I used to like this guy but after I found out he ditches class and doesn’t try in school, I didn’t like him as much anymore

4. Share same interests: I love sports so I would someone who also does, they don’t have to be on a team though

5. A great listener

6. NO SMOKERS: I care for your health and mine too so.....

7. Humor

You don’t have to have all of these, but just don’t be a basic human being and be interesting.

+ style is a bonus (don’t sag, that’s ugly af. Don’t care about your shoes like it’s your top priority either, like I get it, you don’t want your white shoes to turn black, but don’t act like it’s the end of the world)

Michael on February 28, 2017:

Same with boys. If you're a hot, attractive, cute girl with a sexy body, you should expect A LOT of attention from boys. I actually found that boys are more interested in looks than girls are. All of the hot girls in my school were privileged. I feel bad for average looking girls.

RavenBiker from Pittsburgh, PA. on March 03, 2013:

Wow! Nice hub! It confirmed my belief that when I was in high school, the girls where a lot shallower than the guys. And it's still like that today?

So much for the advancement of women's issues placed on girl-hood.

Nana on January 12, 2013:

Not in high school yet bout to be

zulumuscle on September 13, 2012:

I was clueless in high school never understood girls, Not that I understand them now. Looking back I was well known but I was more interested in academics than girls, so I missed a lot of lil signals, or I did not go out with those who approached me because I was not attracted to them. I always believed meeting the right person (beautiful, chemistry between the two of you) happens naturally (it always does for me anyway, how ever long it may take) as long as you present yourself in a manner that makes the opposite sex attracted to you.

tom hellert from home on July 03, 2012:


Let me say not bad here I work with High School girls at my job- as such I have access to a bevy of information associated with sophmore to senior girls in HS

it seems cute/body is #1,

good future #2

who their friends are #3

good car /things/clothes#4

funny #5

what their old Gf said about them #6

don't smoke #7


Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on June 09, 2012:

Those high school days! When I was a girl, I was very sheltered and had to assume adult responsibilities early because Dad died and Mom needed my help. I wanted to please her, so I did all she asked and grew up too soon. I did not like most of the high school and junior college boys in my school and community because they were so immature. I was too young for any others, so I had friends but no boyfriends. When I turned 20, I dated and married my first boyfriend. Later, I ran across old school mates, and a couple of the guys told me that they were afraid of me because I acted like a grownup and they did not know how to approach me. I felt better because I thought that something was wrong with me. I could not help my behavior. My sisters would not play with me when we were children. As adults, they gave me the same explanation as the guys. I concluded that it is not good for a kid to grow up too fast.

I did not have the average experience of most high school girls, but I choose not to regret my life.

Stacie L on May 16, 2012:

Peer pressure is so strong in high school that a girl has so much to worry about when dating. A jock is always popular and the nerds aren't.


Ishwaryaa Dhandapani from Chennai, India on May 11, 2012:

An engaging hub! You presented your views very well. You tackled the concept of 'Mr. High School Popular' in an intelligent way. This interesting subject reminded me of some films such as 'She's all that', '10 things I hate about you', 'Not another teen movie', etc. Well-done!

Thanks for SHARING. Interesting. Voted up.

Kebennett1 from San Bernardino County, California on May 11, 2012:

Great Hub! I don't think much has changed since I was in High School. These are the same things we looked for then. Of coarse I wasn't popular and didn't care if the guy I chose wasn't popular but after years of dating and 25 years of marriage I know I picked the right one :) I Voted Up, useful and interesting!

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