What I Think About Filipino Girls

Updated on January 4, 2017

I've Known Some Filipino Girls

I am an white American guy who lives in America, but I have had occasion to know several Filipino girls during my adult life so far. I though it would be interesting for me to share my experiences with these darling creatues with you, especially to those of you who've never encountered or been intimate with a FIlipino girl. I know that many guys are curious about them, as was I before I got to know a few, so hopefully you'll find the following tidbits interesting.

Are They Great in Bed?

Now, the number one thing Filipino girls are famous for is that they are "great in bed." Or rather, this is the number one stereotype that goes around. Of course, intellectually you can reason that there are many Filipino girls of all shapes and sizes and personalities, and some are better than others, etc. etc. blah blah. But, I've come to the belief that yes, there is something to that stereotype! They have this connection to sensuality and are very grounded in nature and the earth; it's this earthiness I believe that really makes them sexy.

What are they like?

The Filipino girls I've known, they are sweeties. Very sweet girls. They are sweet on the outside, but the do have an inner core, too. I am not going to judge it as good or bad, but I would call it strength. Because you meet a girl and see she is shy, sweet and somewhat submissive on the outside, doesn't usually tell what lies beneath. You should actually expect a core of strength,of knowing what she wants, and even a capacity to reject you if she doesn't get what she wants or needs.

Treat 'em right

For example, when you first meet a Filipino girl, you start to joke around, and perhaps you get sarcastic and a little playfully insulting. Many Filipino girls will start turning off at this point. The main thing they look for when they first meet someone is respect, or respectfulness. Someone who is funny is off to a great start, but if you start with little jabs of disrespect, she will slowly wriggle away from you. The American girls I have known often have been raised on sarcasm and, while I don't think they like it deep down, accept it from the men that flirt with them. Filipino girls are more honest to their inner values, and will just be turned off.

How Do I Start?

I'm certainly not going to advocate a Filipino girl for every guy. They are not everyone's type. This is not meant to be an insult; nobody on Earth is everybody's type. But if you're interested, there are some guides and whatnot on the Internet. They are of limited value as a step-by-step on how to get a Filipino girl, in my opinion, but you can get a flavor of what they are like, and then come up with a dating ritual that fits both her preferences and your personality.


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    • profile image

      DJ Mack 5 weeks ago

      I dated a piny and before i knew it i perchessed a house for her and two kids. I loved her but as soon as we were settled in that's when trouble started. I found myself being a live in babysitter while she ran around with a slug of men. I found myself confused hurt jeleus and just plane pissed off .... I found myself stalking her. I perchessed a gps and planted it in her car. For my own sanity i had to catch her in the act because the kids would be affected in a terrible way if i just walked out. The kids are great kids and they depended on me even though they were not mine...I did catch her and it was nasty. Of cource it was all my fault.. I did leave. That was many years ago and when kids turned adult they came for me and made me realize what a positive impact i had on there lifes. I continue my fatherly figure to them. There great boys came out of a messed up mother...

    • profile image

      Ian Buchan 2 months ago

      I have a Filipino partner we have Been together for 3 years now she is Brilliant not a Gold digger and is very protective of me kind loving and caring not all Filipinos are bad

    • profile image

      Trolling 2 months ago

      I don't deny that many Filipinas are gold diggers but not all are. I am a Filipina with an American boyfriend and i don't want to live in America. I have a stable job i love my boyfriend because i LOVE him. Hell, he doesn't even have a job but i still love him. Don't generalize us because u don't want to hear me generalize YOU starting from your beloved president.

    • profile image

      Balabala 2 months ago

      I am done with filipina women in general. Don't be fooled by the innocent ones too. I was seeing a filipina girl here. She's born in the US. She was nice, sweet and caring at first, but later we got into this petty argument that wasn't even such a big deal, and could have been easily solved with a bit of compromise. She stonewalls me through text and would not even give a hint as to why she was mad. She tampo'd me when she didn't get her way instead of dealing with an argument in a mature manner and would try to prove herself right. She was also seeing another guy on the side behind my back, then broke it off completely with me without letting me know a clue as to what happened between us when she was the one who was texting me every single day. I was confused, frustrated, and upset. I'm glad she's out of my life now. Pinays are immature and complete headaches!! Would never try to get with one ever again. My new girlfriend is 10x better, and she is not a filipina.

    • profile image

      fedupguy 3 months ago

      I married a filippino from a rich family out of Manila. She is a narcissistic piece of trash. Very violent towards me and our son,total scum of the earth..

    • profile image

      gundol 4 months ago

      ahahaha for me i dont have faith on em , money is everything , liar and dramas , out of 10 000 maybe one girl can be real deal ahahha

    • profile image

      Ronnie 6 months ago

      They are sweet. Very sweet. They need your love and attention. And also show some space. They like different assortments. Don't be to annoying. They will contact u to see u again. Go have fun with another one. They will do everything not to hurt your feeling. They are super sweet. I love them.

    • profile image

      Cam 6 months ago

      I lived in the pi for 2 1/2 years. I am a white American. If you treat a Filipina right they will treat you like shit. I believe if in rome do as the Romans but really. They are just plain dumbasses. Can't learn new good things and continue to have no faith in a good responsible husband. You tell me what is wrong with this simple mindedness? I have kids and both girls are smarter than their mother. One is a young Hollywood actor. She is only 12. Way smarter than mother. The youngest is also showing sign of being more talented than her older sister. At least there is that going for the family. I have a great job that makes 1 years worth of money in 3 months. Then I am devoted and ready for what ever it takes for the kids. But I suffer knowing there is no hoping for this stupid Filipina.

    • profile image

      Mise 8 months ago

      For most of pinay women r easy ,most of them can be slept with a meal from Mc,then next time if u wanna text them again, they will disappear , at least change a meal from KFC...just heard from others , not sure if it s true ...

    • profile image

      madhatter 9 months ago

      It's so funny how people are easy to generalize. There are bad and good in every race, not all Filipinas are gold-digging crazy ass bitches. But I won't deny that those types really exists. There's a lot of them actually. But there are also a lot of good Filipinas out there and if you just keep meeting the crazy ones, chances are you're looking at the wrong places. Let me guess, it's either you met them on online dating sites or clubs. Let me tell you something, if you want to meet a good filipina girlfriend, don't ever look for them in the internet, 85% of them are liars, I tell you. 10% of them are trustworthy and the other 5% are traditional filipinas who won't go flirting with a stranger.

      Secondly, do you really think you can meet a decent filipinas on clubs or bars? Let me laugh at you. Traditional filipinas doesn't go to the clubs/bars. 80% you'll meet in the clubs are either fuckgirls or gold diggers. The other 20% are working girls who just want to have fun. You're lucky if you picked up the working girls since they are more independent and mature. But if you kept meeting the bad ones, then the joke's on you. It means as long as the girls are easy and ready to suck up to you, you easily fall for it. Once the girl asks how much you earn in a year and starts gaining symphaty by telling you stories about how "poor" they are, you should've run away really, really far. A good filipina will never, I mean EVER, beg for money, will insists on paying the bill, and has a decent job. One piece of advice, look for a Filipina who has a stable job and can support herself. And also, a good filipina is not EASY. If you get your girl easily, start praying now that she doesn't belong to the 80%.

    • profile image

      pilipinaluver 9 months ago

      Not to forget they are racist in the ugliest sense of the word. They are shameless and oblivious. They lack some of the basic courtesy. They lack appreciation of other people if they are not white.

      Filipinas at every layer of society think and believe to be white or to be associated with a white man gives them better status in life. At the same time money supersedes all of their concerns in their choice of partners. I think that is why it is not surprising to read about the painful stories in this forum, and in many other sites, which seemingly happen to mostly white men of certain characteristics or economic groups who seek love and passion in the Philippines.

      It is true they can be good servants and slutty at the same time cheating you on your own bed while you are away.

      For those who think filipinas are sweet and sexy, I advise you to think why you want to spend on anyone who does not appreciate you. For me I pay for only what I get when I have to pay for a service and no more than what I have to pay.

    • profile image

      Jarred Reinstaddt 11 months ago

      I've lost count of the bad stories involving Filipinos.

      The first one I met was over the internet as was all the rest.

      She was pretty and as usual they sell sympathy.

      Eventually after knowing her ... I started (I know, I know, I know - you know how it is guys lol ) sending money. One night as usual I opened Skype and instead of seeing my girl I saw her tattoed boyfriend and he threated to kill me if I ever tried to make contact with her again.

      I was unable to contact her after that time and ended up meeting another Pinay who was older and just as pretty.

      After a few years I met a guy through FB who also new of her (the first girl i met)and he told me that he was also her boyfriend and he was also giving her money and that he'd also been threatened by the same boyfriend.

      We compared notes and we bothed discovered she lied to all three of us.

      While receiving money from all three of us.

      The last I heard was that the tattoed boyfriend left my first girl because the mother was more ruthless than the daughter.

      Apparently the tattoed boyfreind got engaged to her and he bought her a plot of land and money to buy a house to put on it.

      Who knows what really happened because they're pathological liars, manipulators, ruthless, and cunning.

      Anyway next thing I heard was that she was crying because he'd turned nasty and distributed all her private pics to all his mates back home.

      Like I said b4 the mother was money hungry and very demanding.

      Unknown to me the other guy that was giving money to her as well and he also got threatened - loaned her quite a lot of money.

      Which in hindsight seemed very foolish.

      Well obviously he'll never see that money again.

      Ok back to my second girl from Mindanao.

      This second girl same thing, but less money over two and half years.

      I eventually met her in Manila and we spent two weeks together.

      These girls are emotionally cold, hard, almost emotionless and yeah its always about money, money, money.

      As soon as you arrive at Nino Aquino Airport your getting gouged.

      Taxi wanted twice what the locals pay and that was when I new exactly what to expect.

      I didnt care too much because it wasn't that much to me, still they mske you pay much more than locals.

      The poverty was pretty shocking compared to what I'm used to back home.

      Pinays dont have manners like we do in the West.

      The always say your 'handsome' even if your incredibly ugly.

      They have 2 or three phones and maybe a laptop.

      They have mutiple sims Globe and Smart and maybe an additional SIM.

      Its part of the clever scheme to defraud you of your hard earned cash.

      You might be on the phone to them while they're chatting to their other boyfreind/s.

      When you say to the next girl that there are many gold diggers in Philipines their worn out phrase is 'but not all sir! !' Lol

      Pinays seem to have evolved to flirt, steal and scam men of their money.

      They start very young with the flirting and the smiling and all the right poses on camera to fill their fb profies with alluring photos to draw the men in.

      And draw the men in they do.

      Their well rehearsed lines and well groomed bodies and the superficial persona are all designed to trick you into parting with your money and if possible marry or get pregnant so they can get even more money out of you.

      My second girl allowed me into her FB profile and she screwed up when I found another guys conversation with her she met and had sex with.

      The sad thing for me is she lied to my face when I saw her getting groomed and as the old saying goes 'a man doesn't put a condom on if hes not going to fick' well she was away seeing this guy in Cebu. I know, I know. ..

      Anyway about three weeks later she got very sick and had to be rushed to hospital.

      She got an infection which got into her kidneys. UTI

      I offered her money and months later discovered that again I was one of three guys that gave her money for the hospital bills etc.

      Over the next twelve months I noticed a string of guys thats she was going to see.

      I guess she was desperately trying to find somebody to marry her.

      To cut a long story short she met a Japanese guy but again he must have realized she was bad news.

      Then the last guy she met was considerably older and super obese.

      The last guy said he'd marry her and last i heard she was engaged to him.

      Moral of the story is we believe what we want to believe.

      Denial is formost in our minds when we're with these girls.

      Your thinking mind is saying one thing yet your lust is saying another.

      Lust wins unless your strong and wise enough to pull the pin on a relationship based on lust and maybe even genuine love.

      If you fall for these girls your going to get very, very hurt and after the money runs out its good bye.

      They are psycho-paths without empathy or any kind of emotional attachment to you.

      I remember so many stories of Philipino brides.

      One I new married a guy and fed him fatty foods till it killed him.

      On the day he died she ran out to meet the brothers with the will in her greedy fat fingers like she'd one a jackpot.

      There was no grief or remorse not the slightest sign of any kind of feeling towards her deceased husband.

      I like to think not in terms of generalities but on this occasion its seems that this stereotype is very close to being the truth.

      Its been a very painful journey for me and yet its been quite an intersting and good lesson in hindsight has taught me that not everybody thinks and behaves like average hardworking Americans or like we do in the West.

      Caveat Emptor!!

    • profile image

      11 months ago

      Filipino women where do I start...They are selfish in relationships & easily upset by small things. When they get upset its nothing nice. They are loyal and sweet for sure if you treat them right. They claim to be simple women, but they are anything but that. I never fought with someone as much as I fought with a filipino girl. They think they are good in bed, but its just meh... maybe a 7/10 for me. Finally, I will say this they are good women, but prepare to deal with her BS arguments and always wanting to be right. Would I date another Filipino woman again?.......The answer is: HELL NO!

    • profile image

      MD 15 months ago

      I think it's a little funny that a lot of people on here are making general assumptions that ALL Filipino girls are precious, sweet, blah blah, but growing up in a Filipino household and being around a lot of Filipinos in my earlier years, allows me to conclude that most of them are judgmental and status hungry, especially the ones who were raised in the Philippines. But many of the ones that were raised in the US can be just as worse. The women, especially, are horrendous to try and be around because they have dry personalities and can't take a joke. Filipinos tend to stick together and are very family oriented, and as cute as that is, I taught myself to be self sufficient and independent and not rely on family, because at the end of the day, I am responsible for my future, well being, and the family that I will eventually raise. I've dated a couple of Filipino guys (I'm Filipina), and I have had nothing but bad experiences with them and their families, until I found my current boyfriend who I have been with for almost a year. In my experience, members of the usual Filipino family are always in competition with who has the most expensive this and that and who has the most money. I just don't agree with a lot of their values, so I try my best to not be surrounded by Filipinos. My boyfriend's family although, is a diamond in a rough Filipino family. They are kind, accepting, not flashy with materialistic objects, not in competition with each other, and not at all judgmental. My type of people most definitely! So, my advice for guys trying to get serious with a Filipino girl, be careful! Because unless you're used to dating Filipino girls, or you find a Filipino girl that isn't close to her family, or you ARE Filipino, you might find that they aren't everyone's cup of tea.

    • profile image

      A Pinoy 15 months ago

      Beware of gold diggers, she and her family will bleed you dry. There are many of that sort, this coming from a pinoy OFW.

    • profile image

      unfaithful philipina 2 years ago

      Husband catches wife, lover inside motel

      "Mika," not her real name covers her face in shame after police caught her in a motel in Pasig having sex with a man.

      No less than Mika's husband, "Abraham" led the operation with authorities.

      Abraham said he has long suspected his wife of cheating, which is why he hired a private detective.

      In jail, Abraham could not contain his anger toward his wife and her lover. He, however, said he is open to forgiving his wife if the latter will change and repent for her mistake.

      Mika faces charges of adultery, while her lover will be charged with concubinage.


    • profile image

      ONe moe philipina cheater 2 years ago

    • profile image

      At 40 3 years ago

      May 11, 2015

      A Pakistani Husband Attacks his Filipina Wife because of “Jealousy”

      A 61 years old Pakistani man attacked his 40 years old Filipina wife using a cleaver because of jealousy. The attack took place this afternoon in Capital Mall at Zayed City in Abu Dhabi. The attacker hit the victim a few times, which almost killed her if it wasn’t for the swift intervention of the security guards, and transferring the victim quickly by the police ambulance to the hospital in a critical condition.

      In details, Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the report came at 3:30 in the afternoon, stating that the victim (J.D.) was injured after (Q.Shah) attacked her, who later turned out to be her husband. The victim works as a salesperson for a cosmetics products company at the Capital Mall. The suspect was apprehended immediately on the crime scene, and the used weapon was seized.

      The mall security footage showed the suspect following the victim prior to the crime. Witnesses also testified that the suspect came to the victim’s work place and asked about her but could not find her. He tried reaching her by phone but she did not pick-up. He left the place and returned later to check where she was, so she confirmed that she was in the washroom. The husband left the place to come back again with a cleaver he stole from a store and hid behind his back. He grabbed the victim by her hair and hit her multiple times before she could escape his grip at the last minute.

      During the interrogations, the husband claimed that his wife was having an affair with an Asian security guard at the mall, and saw pictures on her phone confirming this affair. Hence, he stalked her and stole the crime weapon from a store at the mall to surprise her at her work place and almost kill her.

      The police arrested the security guard suspected in having the alleged affair with the victim, according to the suspect, and the investigations are still ongoing to uncover more details.

      Colonel Dr. Borshid advised the public to be logical and solve such marital problems in a civilized manner, by using the family, psychological and social support specialized institutions, and avoid violence that results in bigger problems.

    • profile image

      lane 3 years ago

      In every country there are good and bad women, i am a filipina and im proud of my race I'm not a scam , not a prostitute and i'm not into other's money. Lot of filipina are working hard so that we can buy what we want. Yes i know there are scams and prostitutes here in my country but they're few compared to decent ones. Please don't judge them coz we don't know what's the story behind why they are doing those things.

    • profile image

      steve 3 years ago

      Western men do arise much curiosity when you arrive in the Phillipines, the women want to know you, but also want to know your cash as well. Due to the fact they don't have any and you do, and they want a share. My counsel is play it coy, don't be telling a soul what resources you have, tell them your partly there as a volunteer, so they figure out early that all you have is living expenses, that way expectations will be lower, and crying out loud don't take any expensive jewellery with you, leave it at home. And when you do want to give a gift to a good girl then make it moderate, but when they start asking for phones, gadgets Tec...walk away, there's 500 more files that won't ask for anything and would be grateful for a McDonalds happy meal, and a quart of pick n mix from the sweet shop. Good luck men, and remember Jimmy agents words (don't be taken for a sap)

    • profile image

      ritzstar 3 years ago

      :D just love me and you will never regret lol! :D :D :D if you have so many complaints against us filipinas then you have the freedom to avoid us lol!

    • profile image

      HonestSEAsianguy 3 years ago

      Hi everyone, I think there are good and bad pinays, one cannot generalise them. They do share the same culture as us. Be warned! some do find opportunity to get somethg out of you by any mean. I don't blamed them, it maybe because of the society they come from or live in, or are less educated, maybe, irrespective of their faith. For that reason, maybe, they are also many, many good pinays who decided to settle in my peaceful country for life. In terms of love relationship, please don't spoilt pinays or any other women, for that matter, it will lead you to stressful.

    • profile image

      Cont 3 years ago

      What can I say? Have drafted the comment well and it explains exact characteristics . I must say if she really loved me she wouldn't go around with other guys . Few signs to know if she is manipulating . Not answering calls in between. Demanding adhoc things . Best part was after I caught her having contact with other guy she asked me to buy her ring ,I pad , telling me that she wanted to know how much I can do for her . I was simply smiling as o could see the bigger picture of the drama

    • profile image

      Jogi 3 years ago

      they can change BF before we even change pair of jeans for washing. I read that someone wrote that they have strength of leaving you if she did not get what she want from you, basically they keep close touch with 3 -4 guys and do their drama of demands and expected behaviors from you . and they show themselves as well esteemed person but inner core is all material. they lie for every smallest thing . my GF (philipina) asked me to buy her a phone where she can block other callers and promised me that she will not keep in touch with other guys , so being in so called love with her got her brand new iphone 5c .. after 3 years I found her in close contact with one of the same guy who was suppose to be on block list. she was with me for 3 years, while she was in touch with many others too .. when I caught her red-handed she told me I don't need your phone as new guy had purchased newer version .. so basically new apple product line decides their relationship shift, there is nothing called Love though when they are with you , you might encounter deep sense of love but I must say it all fake...

    • profile image

      MJ 3 years ago

      blah blah blah, all this talk about Filipino women. These men who said bad things about us I'm sure are good men (eyes rolling). Most of these men who are complaining about how crazy Filipino women are expect a submissive wife that would give them their every whim and if a girl can't fit into that box, they are disappointed. Expect to get 100% if you've given your 100%. Otherwise, it's called karma. You get what you give. There are good and rotten ones and stop categorizing us as if we are a fruit group.

    • profile image

      babygirl 3 years ago

      I agree with what can I say.. These girls are weirdos. I'm a girl I had been with a guy & we'd been away. He asked me to go on another trip to the orient but I didn't & he must've met this chick there..basically the girl was harassing me on Fb commenting at me on his posts while he was asleep then deleting it constantly despereatw for my attention. So I took a look at her profile & omg the crazy bitch had copied everything about me from my pics to my nickname given by my friends to my own. Personally about me.. I sounded crazy when I told my friends but then when when I blocked her she had people stalking my profile she hacked my email address when questioned she would try lie lie lie for the guy who was my friend. She created a fake profile of herself trying to claim it was one I'd invented.. Anyway in the end she slipt up & got cocky in a load of messages and unintentionally admitted a few things.. & I showed my friend the messages I believed me then.. I've blocked her & any friends I could see she had but she still can't stop her obsession with me & its been a year!!! Then today I was just talking with someone & mentioned it to a guy who's part hawaiin &Japanese & he said FILIPINO GIRLS ARE CRAZY, so had a Google to see if this is something known & there's just tons of different forum & web pages even videos saying it.. They seriously need to get a life & stop trying to be other people or races.. Full of drama fake ass people

    • profile image

      soldier 3 years ago

      I had a second generation, half american one. Super slut which was nice at first but she fell in love within a week, weird but the sex was decent so I allowed it to continue. After a couple months some big red flags were shooting up so I broke it off. She stalked me called me all the time practically begged for me to take her back (felt good i'm not going to lie) so eventually I gave it another chance and it started going bad again within months and i was about to break it off again but found out she was pregnant. Long story short spent 4 years trying to make this woman happy to have it end with me moving out of my house and her moving a kid in 7 years younger than her. I managed to stay out of jail although they did call the cops on me while they were shacked up in the house I had been paying for. Deployed when the papers were signed so technically it was in her name. Anyway she came back begging again to get back together after I had started a divorce (laughed in her face). She ran back to her boy and I never mentioned it to him because I knew his life was going to be a living hell. Funny thing, they split and got back together and soon after she was pregnant, seemed all to familiar. Fast forward she now has 4 kids none with the same father. Her mother came over from the Island and I heard from her fathers side of the family that she got pregnant and shamed her into marrying him. He did brought her back and what a surprise it didn't work out not long after she got here. She found a nice marine and married him (7 years younger than her) and they have now been married 30 years, seem like a love story? Its not, the guy is miserable and I can see how much he hates her, but at this point if he divorced her he can kiss half his pension goodbye and everything he spent his life building, the pension is the real kicker and I know that's why he hasn't left her. He is also supporting her family and has been for almost 30 years. My ex wife is very similar to her mother on certain things except for finding a chump she could manipulate to the extent her mother did. I know both genders can be faithful and cheat and there are good and bad people in all cultures but from my first hand experience, and I have a few friends that have married fillipino's it's been filled with misery so I would say stay away. But most young men and even some older ones half to learn the hard way, if it seems to good to be true it usually is, a real woman is not going to fall in love with you over the internet, seriously. If she is such a catch then she won't have leave everything she knows behind to trot half the globe to marry a man she barely knows. Its a joke but there are always a ton of guys that actually think they are special and bring that trash over here. If they would focus half the energy they expend trying to suck there way off the island into working to actually make it better then they may have a very different home. They are ruining there country with that crap, it's funny my ex wife's mother actually gets offended being called a phillipino. She is ashamed of that place but I think the ones that are over there working and struggling are 10 times the woman she is, they just can't strut around with expensive handbags. I bet its like a slap in the face to her family to see her living like that for prostituting herself while they work hard and have a much worse lifestyle and have to accept money from her while she struts around like she is something special, just a dime store whore in a nice coat courtesy of your american chump.

    • profile image

      S_lav 3 years ago

      Guys don't get too offended by What Can I Say lady had to say she's probably just mad nobody wanted her ass. Hahhaha it's okay hun keep talking because at the end of the day you're the one that's been left TWICE because of Filipina ladies and let's face it if those women were Russians, Indian, Americans, blacks, Latinas etc you'll be as pissed. So don't even try to find someone to else to blame. You probably suck in bed. Sorry not sorry.

      P.s. I'm not Filipino I'm black :)

    • profile image

      mhai 3 years ago

      Im a filipina, and I have a fiancé from america, were getting married nxt year. We truly love and respect each other. Im so inlove with him, and he feel the same way too. Some of foreigners think that filipina r gold diggers, but no.. yes there are some maybe 2% but u better know us first before u judge us.. well, im gonna marry my man cuz i love him and i don't care about money just to be happy.. all I want is him cuz he is my happiness..

      I respect, I'll always be loyal to him no matter what...

      I love you baby ko!

      ~ cupcake

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Well the best way not be fooled by them is just find a filipina in your country, not online. Filipinas often work abroad, and a proof that she is a hardworking woman that is willing to sacrifice, other filipinas just go abroad for a vacation and a chance to find a handsome and loving foreigner. They need a lovelife too you know.

    • profile image

      Al 3 years ago

      I'm a filipina, and I don't believe all filipinas are gold diggers, attention seekers, etc. Stop judging, okay? Not all of my kind are like those of what you think. Mostly of filipinas are actually educated, successful. Some don't want to steal your money, sometimes they think that americans are surprisingly sweet and can love you endlessly, in fact, they go crazy over americans because they are extremely "pogi or gwapo" meaning handsome, regardless of their money. My mom is dating an american, and i am happy for her, and not thinking of it in a bad way, because my mom is an educated woman and has an impressive work experience and speaks english fluently (umm, majority of my family is fluent) so don't think of filipinas as domestic helpers, peasants, or gold diggers. Not to be bragging, just explaining how you shouldn't be racist.

    • profile image

      Jtoulet214&icloud.com 3 years ago

      I think I love to be there but I still marided realy room mate asked for divorce but no answer do you think I can meet a person in my problem I just want to be happy and finish my life beside a nice lady i am 65years old do don't want a young girl but some want to love for what I am been maride for 42 years

    • profile image

      Mareniel 3 years ago

      People have different characteristics, attitude,views and etc. about women, It may be filipina, american women, latina whatsoever... the best way to know a person is to make friends with her...and don't forget the word ''respect''

      I like being filipina''

    • profile image

      nyx 3 years ago

      That's just mean. Not all filipinas are either bitches, whores, attention seeker, gold diggers, loving, caring, or whatever the hell you all say.. i admit, some has financial problems, but some work hard to be free from it. Some made sacrifices, like marry richer guys, old or young, ugly or handsome just so their family can live. You don't know what your saying so shut up. You don't know how much we suffered that we wanted freedom even from our own family but we didn't leave. We didn't abandoned them, because you know why? Because our parents helped up, feed us, raised up, look after us. That's why. That's why some are greatfull to have parents.

      You treat us good, we treat you better.

      Just like another person said here; don't judge but race but by personality.

      I have friends from around the world, i give them advices, i support them for what they believe,

      hate your heart out, we don't care. You probably toke the wrong girl instead of the right ones. Our lives here are worst than you think, all we want is our freedom. If it wasn't for all the wars from the past, we won't be as poor. I'm not trying to insult those countries, believe me, I want to visit Japan, America and Spain. Even just for alittle while with MY OWN money. Not from the other. As you can say. We may be soft, caring, loving, loyal (not all) and friendly but we are fighters. It's in our blood to fight for what we believe. So you probably don't know filipinas cuz you never been in the Philippines.

      Btw. I'm a filipino. I've been through worst than the rest. So does the rest.

    • profile image

      What Can I Say? 3 years ago

      I don't care if you are a Filipino, I don't care if you're married to one. If you are honestly defending yourself as being this great god sent bitch or your wife is a saint you're pathetic. Don't want to hear it. Filipinos just love to hear all these sweet bragging compliments considering coming from a pathetic, dirt poor, third world country. Sorry not going to sugar coat it but the world isn't always sweet. Message to Dave: I don't care about your wife neither do I care that she played you like a sucker for 7 years. Sucks to be you .

    • profile image

      Willed 3 years ago

      I just want to say, just because one Filipina does something doesn't mean that all Filipinas are (from the comments). They might be all Filipinas but they are all different. Some are gold diggers(as you might labeled them), attention seekers, some are just looking a way out from financial crisis...and etc.

      But I say, Maybe you got a wrong Filipina. Well, just saying.

      and, Yes I'm a Filipina by the way.

      Nice blog, though.

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      I agree with what can I say?: women in philippines are looking for way out. meaning they want financial freedom and fun with somone elses money. Ok If a guy can accept that fine, but later on comes her parents and siblings, they to have to be looked after. So in long run you could be finacially commited to her family. One thing is they will never part from there family, and you could be only a sucker. There family will come first, generally.

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      I have been married to a Filipino woman for over 7 years. Of course there have been good times and bad times. Can't say that either were due to her being Filipino. Most times if your having trouble in relationships the first place to investigate is the mirror!

    • profile image

      What Can I Say? 3 years ago

      Biggest home wreckers ever! I lost two relationships due to those women two different people but from the same country. Their liars and selfish and expect to always have it their way. The two girls both expected me to be friends with them after running off ruining my relationships, they don't care if a man is married or involved with someone else. They just want to be first choice when the guy has to choose between you or her, in anyway to persuade with their legs spreads. Their sick in the head, some of them believe their actually Hispanic. Believe it or not you bitches aren't Latinas. So quit thinking you're fucking exotic and every guy is trying to get in your crotch. Majority wants to be nurses, marry either a guy with money or better yet a white guy, (even if they are taken). They somehow charm a guy with words and physical contact and who wouldn't a pair of tits and inviting them for a one night stand would get any guy up and ready. Even worst once you tie the knot expect her to expect gifts, you supporting her ass, fighting, arguing, bickering, you're wallet broke, and cheating after the well is dried out.

    • profile image

      ThisGurl 3 years ago

      Yep I agree. I as a Filipina, I agree that we have good qualities. But, I'm not saying we are the Best. We may be sweet, funny, loyal, caring and most of all Loving. And for the Haters of the Philippines especially for Filipina women, you better Shut Up. Not all Filipinas are Whores or Bitches. We are counted as a Normal Human Being who has rights to Live Normal on Earth. You don't have Rights to talk shitty things about us cuz you don't have a Damn Right to say. So that's all I'm not being Rude here but just being a Proud Filipina.. BTW, I love this article.. ×Peace Out×

    • profile image

      amy 3 years ago

      Im filipina, dated american guy for 3 years....well, all of the opinions are quite true...but one thing for sure...we are all women..just like others..so don't judge us like we were different from other races..u treat us well ,, we treat u better..

    • profile image

      Adam 3 years ago

      I like them tall and slender they are not my type!

      Good luck everyone !

    • profile image

      Filipina 4 years ago

      Finally, a guy's wonderful view of Filipina girls. Thank you. Im sure if people have any complaints about the quality of Filipina or girls they've been with. It's because you, yourself are low quality too like perhaps, you're a douche or just want sex.

    • profile image

      Your an idiot 4 years ago

      It's really stupid for you to categorize one race and go with it. In every race you'll find people that are sexy, good in bed, etc.

      You just had to settle down for the first race that gave you better attention. Good luck with your chubby filipino ass. People like you make me sick. They she really badly. And are very known as gold diggers.

    • profile image

      play3 4 years ago

      I'm a black male 41 years of age and looking to date a philippine woman but can't find any in my area.

    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      im about to start dateing a fillipino woman that lives in canada shes so beautiful just came on here to see what they are realy like thanx!!

    • profile image

      Matty 4 years ago

      My Fillipina, girl is the best, she is loyal, caring loving and great in bed, but if you upset her look out, you can call her over 100 times, send as many texts as you like and she won't reply, but hunt her down and corner her and she will forgive you instantly. They get angry, but they are also very forgiving. If you don't trust them, it won't work, they hate not being trusted.

    • profile image

      4 years ago


    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Filipino girls are all whore, all they care about is money and they self hate trying to wash out their culture by only dating whites. its really like dating a 5 year old, never again yuck

    • profile image

      Ado 4 years ago

      I have had a Filipino girlfriend for 18 months now and we have spent a lot of time together. One thing they are is very loyal but also can be the devil if you upset them as they will not discuss this easily and may have a mood for days.

      Be warned!!!!

    • profile image

      miringbabe 4 years ago

      I a filipina and I can only say, filipina are loyal and sweet.

    • profile image

      jenebhy valencia 4 years ago

      I am filipina.or filipino girl. You are right filipina is sweet and loving.but strong and courageous.sometimes naughty.but honest.that is only my opinion

    • profile image

      d bhowyer 4 years ago

      des have been married for 36yrs at first good then a REAL BITCH i would have left but two kids not their fault as to bed so so when you marry family comes as well big mistake bleed you dry marry well up the food chain that is o.k never ever marry down make sure they all work

    • profile image

      nani 4 years ago

      AM a black guy, i dated many girls before i met this phillipino girl, since then i never make any steps to leave her, i think they are the best,

    • profile image

      User name 4 years ago

      so if i have a shirt fuse a filipno gal might not be the right way to go either, man i just cant win for losing in that game of love.

    • profile image

      steve 5 years ago

      to Jerry, the best way to meet a Filipina is to go to the Philippines and it will just happen, there is no need to make contacts on the internet prior to going there

    • profile image

      jerry 5 years ago


    • profile image

      des 6 years ago

      i have been married for 33yrs for the first 15 good while i sent noey to her family then she had affair which i am sure of but no proof that would hold up in court after she b roke up the affair then hell came into my life because i stop supporting the family i have lived in hell since now i will go the final phase free free 2 of her brohers aged 47 44 never worked aday in their lives but be aware i could tell you many many stiories like me the best qadvice i can give is check the family out if they are stable (working) never farmers and tell them up front what you will and not do for them keep that money flow home in check and most of all most don't love you at first but it can grow

    • profile image

      jim 6 years ago

      i am dating a philippino girl and she is precious. but i will say she can be moody and if i offend her and it doesn't take much to do that then she wont talk to me for several days. its easy to find a willing philippina girl willing to get to know you but its easier to lose her than to keep her.

    • profile image

      ReeC 7 years ago

      I'm a Filipino-American gal and I think this is really nice of you to post your opinions of us Filipinas. It's fun hearing what you guys have to say about us.


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