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Traits of a Fascinating Woman

savvydating's mission is to help women attract positive relationships by establishing personal parameters and greater self-worth.

A unique and desirable woman.

A unique and desirable woman.

Intriguing Qualities About Women That Men Love

  • She is yin and yang
  • She moves beautifully
  • She is an enigma
  • She is light and dark
  • She charms and disturbs
  • She is driven
  • She is independent and loving
  • She is uncommon
  • She is strong and vulnerable
  • She is poised
  • She is a work in progress
  • She is mysterious
She carries herself with style and confidence!

She carries herself with style and confidence!

  • She feels beautiful
  • She is tough and gentle
  • She is passionate
  • She is calm
  • She is a femme fatale
  • She is the girl-next-door
  • She is curious and focused
  • She is a shooting star...
  • She takes care of her soul
  • She respects her body
  • She develops her mind
  • She intrigues and attracts
  • She lifts men upward
  • She brings a man to his knees
  • She is unique
  • She is impossible to resist

The fascinating woman is equipped with an interesting combination of yin and yang, the Chinese term for feminine and masculine energy. Therein lies her attraction—she is both light and dark. Men love her uniqueness and her positive-self image. The fascinating woman is refreshingly herself.

She is a compelling woman who is attractive because she is driven by self-worth, rather than a desire to manipulate. She is highly independent and therefore very selective about whom she chooses to love, yet she gives herself permission to love passionately. In romance, her set of personal guidelines enable her to attract the good lovers and weed out the bad.

A disarming woman

A disarming woman

In truth, the fascinating woman is every woman; however, she is never a commonplace woman. She may be your sister, your neighbor, your accountant, your grocery clerk, or your doctor. She is the woman with as many vulnerabilities as the next person, but she is also in a class of her own. She is a highly desirable woman because she believes in herself.

The fascinating woman is unique, intelligent, and focused on steering the course of her life in a positive direction. She is a work in progress. She has authentic charm and she fully understands the steady sex-appeal of her quiet confidence. Ultimately, her goal is to be fulfilled in work as well as in love. But more importantly, the fascinating woman likes herself. She forgives her flaws and does what she can to grow emotionally. She stretches herself while also guarding her integrity. She isn't your "average" girl.

A True Story

Some years ago, I worked in an office with an intriguing 60 year-old woman. Approximately one year after the death of her husband, she had begun dating again, at age 45. Over the ensuing years, she entertained three serious proposals of marriage. The mystifying thing about this woman was that she was not a beauty in the traditional sense, having no waist to speak of and....well, a really short neck. Yet every day she was beautifully coiffed. She almost always wore a dress to work, rather than pants, like the majority of us. She always applied her makeup with care. In fact, this charming woman was a bonafide male magnet.

A unique male magnet.

A unique male magnet.

One day, all of the girls in the office decided to get to the heart of this male-magnet phenomenon. Why did this "older woman" attract so much attention from men? We asked her. Her reply: "I am a good conversationalist and I have nice eyes. I also make a point of making eye contact and smiling sincerely."

We peered closer. Sure enough, her eyes were quite pretty. She had a nice way with eye-shadow and lipstick. Hmmm. And yes, she was an interesting conversationalist. We scratched our heads. She paused to give us gals a moment to process this information.

The Significance of the Genuine Smile...

There are over 18 different ways to smile. The most attractive smile is the genuine smile, which is the smile that creates lines, or “crow’s feet,” around the eyes.

— ~Random

Then... with a sly grin, she said, "I just believe I'm special." And so she was.

In truth, every woman has "beautiful" qualities. For example, most men are quick to notice a woman who carries herself well, who has that inner sparkle or "savoir faire", which he finds hard to define. Nevertheless, he feels it. That being said, our job is to discover our own unique beauty, acknowledge it, fine tune it, and begin enjoying it. Then he can enjoy your fascinating traits with you.

Just know that if you believe you are beautiful and amazing, so will he!

My best....Yves

Questions & Answers

Question: What makes a man leave you for another lady?

Answer: There could be any number of reasons why he left. It depends upon the man, the circumstances and the dynamic between the couple. We can ask ourselves questions such as: 1) Has the relationship been deteriorating for some time? 2) Am I too clingy? 3) Are either of us too jealous? 4) Am I financially responsible? 5) Am I clean; do I have good hygiene? 6) Do I try to be healthy? 7) Do I try to improve my life in small ways? 8) Am I a good listener? 9) Am I interesting to talk to?

On the other hand, maybe the guy isn't one to stay with anyone for very long. Maybe he is too demanding or has unrealistic expectations about how a woman should treat him or how she should look and dress. Or maybe you were never really the girl for him. Did he leave without an explanation? You might ask him why he left and to be honest "because you want to know why." However, be prepared to have your feelings hurt if you don't like the answer.

Your best bet, though, is to move on with your life. Try to improve yourself in small ways. I'm sure you can do better than someone who leaves without an explanation. Good luck to you.

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