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Top 5 Physical Signs of Attraction

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Is it Really Possible to Tell If Someone is Interested in You on the First Date?

Well, the simple answer is "yes," it is indeed possible to tell if someone is interested in you just by looking for certain physical signs or body language "tells."

If you have ever played poker, you know that a "tell" is an almost imperceptible sign that poker players unknowingly exhibit.

Poker players that pay very close attention can link certain playing tactics with certain "tells." For example, when a poker player has a great hand, he might blink excessively or look in a certain direction.

People also have "tells" or signs that they are attracted to another person.

Identifying Physical Signs of Attraction Is More Art Than Science

While it is true that science has come a long way in discovering certain signs and "tells" that signal attraction between two people, accurately reading and translating these subtle signals is far from perfect.

The fact is, you must really pay close attention to all signs and combine that information with other things like conversation, clothing, etc. People that are really good at getting a "read" on people they have just met will tell you it's almost like having a sixth sense.

So, a word of warning: While some or all of these signs typically indicate physical attraction, it's no guarantee. In my own experience, however, I have observed that if all five of these signs are present in one person, it may indicate that person is indeed attracted to you.

Here are the five physical signs that someone may be attracted to you…

Attraction Sign #1: Watch Your Date's Feet

Feet that are positioned inward one toward the other, otherwise known as pigeon toes, may indicate a definite romantic interest. This turned in position of the feet is technically referred to as "tibial torsion." Making the body appear smaller is a sign of a less threatening posture.

It indicates that the other person may be a bit smitten but also a bit intimidated. Think of pigeon toes as a smile for the feet. Both of these gestures indicate it's safe to approach without too much fear of rejection.

Attraction Sign #2: Watch Your Date's Hands

Now I don't mean watch their hands in the sense that their "hands are all over you!" If that's the case on a first date, you may have more serious problems than identifying signs of physical attraction.

No, what I mean here is to keep an eye on how your date positions their hands. Specifically, see if their palms are facing upward when they're at rest or when gesturing. The human brain is hard-wired to see open, upward facing palms as a sign of vulnerability and openness. This is a good sign that someone is open and signaling it is safe to approach.

Think of other hand gestures that are commonly used by people. When a person pleads for mercy, their hands are typically open and facing upward. They place themselves in a vulnerable, open position. When a teacher tries to calm or quiet a classroom of kids, she may position her hands palm down and move them in downward gestures. This communicates authority and commands attention.

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Attraction Sign #3: Watch Your Date's Shoulders

The shoulder shrug is one of the more obvious signs your date may be attracted to you. Experts who have studied this particular body language "tell" refer to this gesture as the "cute response."

Think of it in terms of a small child who appears to be shy, cute, soft, and compliant.

Take a look at the picture above. Do you think those two kids want to know one another better? Looks like they're getting along pretty well, right?

The cute response with the shoulders is an involuntary response and typically only made in the presence of those whom the shrugger likes.

Most all people do this when they pick up a puppy or kitten, move it in close and make all sorts of "cute" sounds, maybe even use baby-talk. You probably do it but you're totally unaware of it.

This cute response shoulder shrug is a strong sign that your date wants to be closer to you.

Attraction Sign #4: Watch Your Date's Forehead

Look at the picture below. Do you see how the foreheads are bowed down towards one another?

If you're familiar with the Disney film Lady and the Tramp, you might have noticed that the two dogs are in a similar head bowing position when they are sharing spaghetti in the back alley behind the Italian restaurant.

Do you think that was coincidence or did the animators know what this head bowing means? You know the answer.

If your date is bowing his or her forehead when facing you and looking up at you, it's a good sign there is definite attraction.

The opposite of this is the head slightly tilted upward and your date looking down at you. This is probably a sign that this is your first and only date.

Attraction Sign #5: Watch Your Date's Movements

Isopraxism is a term used to describe a very common behavior found in the animal kingdom. This term describes the behaviors of certain bird species preening one another or lizards that move their heads up and down again and again when facing one another.

This behavior establishes a connection between potential mates through the use of mimicry. It's sort of like a secret handshake that reassures each party of their similarities—that they are of the same species.

With people, the same thing is true. If your date is mimicking your movements—sipping a drink at the same time, crossing legs just as you do, leaning forward just when you lean forward—all are indications that your date wants you to know you're both on the same wavelength. Copying or mirroring behavior may serve as a strong indication of attraction.

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