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Top 10 Ways to Know If a Guy Likes You

Chris is a native Californian, bro. He wants to help the ladies find love fast. Here are his tips to do so.

Here are 10 signs that a guy might be interested in you!

Here are 10 signs that a guy might be interested in you!

A Man's Perspective

Let's face it, ladies, when you want to know if a guy likes you, you will either go to some crazy measures to find out or you'll crawl up into a little ball. These are all crazy signs that you might be interested in us; we get that. Now the real question is, how do you know that we're into you at all?

Ahh, I've got your attention now. Listen up. Men are actually quite simple creatures . . . we love sports, eating, drinking, hanging out with our friends, and having a good time. Whoever sang that song about how girls just wanna have fun—well, the same goes for us guys.

I've compiled a list below of the top 10 ways to know if a guy likes you. Some of them will bedazzle you, others you might already know. The point is, knowledge is power! As men, we're very blunt and straightforward. We can be very general and don't really beat around the bush. Here are the top 10 ways you'll know we like you.

The Top 10

1. We'll say, "I like you."

This is the easiest way to tell if a guy likes you. As I said before, men are very simple creatures, and when we want someone to know something we don't beat around the bush. It doesn't help to hold things in, so we say things aloud. When a guy comes out and says those three little words, take it seriously!

2. We laugh at anything you have to say and we defend you!

Many gals are funny, but even a funny lady makes a bad joke every now and again. Your crush is here for you! Have you ever noticed that when you make a bad joke around the guy you fancy, he laughs at your joke while no one else does? Or if someone gives you a hard time about that joke, he'll come out and say "well, hey, I thought it was funny." These are our little secret ways of telling you that we actually care about your feelings and don't want you to be embarrassed. We want you to be comfortable, especially around us!

3. We tease you.

Wait, but I just thought you said he would defend me? I did! However, this is one of those sneaky things I said would bedazzle you. Even though we defend you we will also tease you! We like to know that a girl can take a joke, and even hit us back with some sarcasm as well! It shows us that you have a fun side and we're really attracted to that. So next time he teases you, don't take it offensively. Instead, come back at him with a swift punch line!

4. We give you tons of compliments—especially about your hair.

We compliment you on the little things, and often! Compliments often walk a fine line: if we don't compliment you enough then you get mad, but if we do it too much then it's perceived as clingy or obsessive. Some advice for the ladies? Take our compliments for what they are.

Men often notice the little things (except when you cut your hair one inch, honestly, who notices that?) If a guy is telling you that "your hair looks very nice today," he's likely into you.

All in all, we compliment your nails, hair, new earrings, blouse, purse, anything we notice that's different about you so we can get in your good graces. We want to be on your radar, so next time a guy gives you a compliment, consider the man a possible candidate.

5. We're at your beck and call.

Our phone rings, we answer. You say you need a ride or you need help with something. We're there on a dime. A guy that's into you will literally blow off plans with guy friends just to be where you are (this won't happen forever, but at the beginning, it's a positive indicator. If he is always blowing off his guy friends for you, that is a red flag.) Men have lives, yes, but we want to capitalize on a moment to spend time with you. Appreciate it when we show up for you.

If we say "we have something else to do" already, it could mean that your chance has passed. Everyone in this life is replaceable, we don't care how beautiful you are. You're just another devil in a tight dress if you can't see the forest through the trees.

6. We ask you to hang out.

This can either be one-on-one or with a group of friends. If you're really lucky, we'll invite you out with our family. These are major indicators that we like you. The reason we'll want to hang out one-on-one is to see how comfortable you are around us. Around a group of friends, we want to see if you act the same as you did when hanging out during our solo sesh.

We invite you around our family to see how you interact and how you blend in. The older we get, the more men look at every woman as a potential wife. Might sound scary, but it's true. We actually prefer a woman who reminds us of our mothers—weird but true. We want that same comfort that you want in a man. If we can see that you blend well one-on-one, around friends, and especially around our family, then you might as well be a shoo-in!

7. We listen.

Forget about all of that men are from mars women are from venus crap. Mankind is from planet earth and we are all listeners. When you talk to us, if we show interest in what you have to say, and respond with long thought-out answers, it's a sure sign that we might have a thing for you. However, if we kind of nod, don't really respond, or reply with quick answers, then that's a troublesome sign that we aren't at all interested in what you have to say, and overall in you.

8. We give gifts.

When we hang out and are talking, we'll tell you about our troubles, how we can't pay this bill or that bill, but then we'll come out the next weekend with a gift for you. Flowers, a new shirt, some jewelry be it expensive or inexpensive. The main point is that you're on our minds and we thought enough of you to say "hey, she might like this." Then we go ahead and buy it knowing that we might not have enough money to pay our own bills or have enough money to do the things we like to do. Gifts are the second to none sign that we like you.

9. We smile at you.

We know that a nice smile drives girls crazy. If we like you, we'll make sure that you see us smiling at you. We want you to know that we're happy around you. We may even blush! We might put our head down or try to look away, knowing that you're right there in front of us. We'll try to act like you're not even right there but in reality you know that we know you're right there. When we blush or smile a lot, we like you or are definitely interested! We want to get to know you! Guys don't always make the first move even though that's how it should be, but don't be afraid to be a teensy weensy aggressive yourself and approach us.

10. We'll act silly and/or romantic.

We'll make kindergarten crush passes. We'll try and hold your hand, hug you as much as we can, run our fingers through your hair. We want to get intimate on a kindergarten crush level. We want to make you feel appreciated as you should be. You are our princess, so we'll show you with small signs of affection. As manly and macho as us guys are, we're affectionate creatures as well, just on a much lower level than women. When we do make those affectionate moves to have innocent physical touch with you, be it a hug, a touch of the hands, or a brush of the arm, we just may like your style and are definitely feeling you.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this article! I hope you've found this information valuable. Don't go on a crazy spree thinking every guy likes you, but trust me, like anyone else on this planet we all have instincts and a gut feeling. Use them and your good judgments and you'll be fine! Cheers!