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Tips on How to Determine That You Have a Crush on Someone

Not sure if you have a crush on someone? Check for these signs.

Not sure if you have a crush on someone? Check for these signs.

How to Tell if You Have a Crush on Someone

Finding that special someone will change your life. But love isn't just about holding hands and saying nice things to one another. The fact is that love is almost always the fruit of a crush. Love sometimes starts the first time you see someone when your heart beats wildly, saying, "This is it."

So what is a crush anyway? A crush is someone you think stands out from the crowd. You see him or her in a different light from others, and the crush is usually someone you admire. You might admire that person's physical appearance, personable attitude, academic performance, or unique talent.

Scientists say that seeing your crush helps your heart get stronger and healthier. So you know what to do if you want a healthy heart. If you have had a crush for almost three months and still like him or her, I believe it means you are in love.

But what if you aren't sure? Here's how you can tell if you have a crush on somebody.

Sometimes the signs are not clear on the surface. You need to look deeper to see the truth.

Sometimes the signs are not clear on the surface. You need to look deeper to see the truth.

1. When You See Your Special Someone, Your Heart Beats as Fast as It Can

Whenever he/she's around, passes by, or accidentally crosses paths with you, your heart turns to panic mode. In this state, your heart beats the fastest you can imagine. Imagine being chased by a dog growling with excitement at the prospect of tearing at your butt.

After running as fast as you could, your heart would beat quickly. But seeing your crush will make it beat even harder than being chased by a dog. The feeling is such that even your toes begin to shake. It's a nervous and sort of frustrated feeling that heats up your veins.

2. Whenever Your Crush Is Near or Is Talking Directly to You, Your Normal Facial Expressions and Gestures Are Hard to Control

Of course, your crush probably has no idea that you have a crush on him/her, so he or she interacts with you normally. And whenever those lucky times come, whatever you are doing stops completely. He or she speaks to you like a casual friend while you sit there with a dried throat and sweaty hands (this is also caused by the adrenaline), putting on your best poker face to hide your internal freakout.

When you smile, it is non-stop and from ear to ear, while a rush of sweat flows all over your body, especially in your underarms (even though you're in a fully air-conditioned room or cold weather).

Or, if you don't succumb to the out-of-control smile, you turn yourself into a human stone, literally not moving or even speaking.

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Some people even pee, but that happens to one out of 100.

3. You Want to Talk About This Person All the Time

You might not notice this, but your friends will begin saying, "You already told us about that," when you broach the topic of this person. In the course of normal conversations, you may bring him up 10 to 15 times a day. Some go over that range.

Most telling is when you want to bring up a point related to your crush, even though it's barely related to what you and your friends are talking about. And when you hear his or her name, you say, "What? What about him/her? Please tell me! I'll buy you some treats; come on!" Sounds a little bit exaggerated, right? But no, these are all things that actually happen.

4. When Asked Why You're Acting So Weird About Your Crush, You Don't Want to Admit Anything Is Unusual

When your friends observe the first three symptoms, they will definitely form conclusions or questions. And they'll especially think about it during those lulls in class when your teachers are teaching lullaby topics that are putting the class to sleep. They'll turn it over in their minds and then confront you about it. And when that time comes, you deny, deny, deny. Even when your friends jokingly blackmail you into admitting you have feelings, you still deny it.

You probably know you do (though you may not). Either way, I am sure you can't hide it from yourself forever. Am I right? And you will not be able to hide it from your friends forever either. There will be times when everybody's sharing secrets, or maybe you'll just tell your best friends.

Well, if I were you, I would tell my friends about it, because I am sure they would completely support you. Or at least, they would intend to. Because, in reality, when your crush is around, their idea of support may go something like shouting, "Oh my God, somebody is approaching!" and start to tease you—and the teasing is likely to persist for the whole day.

While you will be the only one trying to act like a sane person, standing like a stone and smiling in front of him/her. The one thing in your mind will be, "I'm going to kill you guys!" It's the sad reality, but that's the character of true friends (mostly). Experienced it? Devastating, right? That's okay. At least you have your supporters.

5. You Stare at Photographs of Your Crush All of the Time

When you finally accept that you have a crush on someone, you get that person's complete schedule (if possible), so you can wait in a strategic spot until he or she comes by. The rush you get means your day is complete. Girls do this more often than guys, but it is not gender-specific.

And, you are likely to find a picture—either on social media or by taking it when your crush's attention is occupied, and you will look at it all of the time. You may even make it your phone's wallpaper (as if you two were in a relationship). When no one's around, you find yourself looking at it. You may even say, "Hi, baby!"—don't you deny it!

So there you have it—the five ways to determine your real state of mind and heart when it comes to someone who turns you upside down. Just keep in mind to think twice whether you tell your friends because you don't know how crazy it was when everybody knows about it.

Remember This

All love starts with a crush. It came before your parents fell in love. It came before your grandparents fell in love. And it will come before your grandchildren have children. There is always a crush that comes first before anything else.

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