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Tips on How to Determine That You Have a Crush on Someone

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Not sure if you have a crush on someone? Check for these signs.

Not sure if you have a crush on someone? Check for these signs.

Finding that special someone will change your life. But love isn't just about holding hands and saying nice things to one another. The fact is that love is almost always the fruit of a crush. Love sometimes starts the first time you see someone when your heart beats wildly saying, "This is it."

So what is a crush anyway? A crush is someone you think stands out from the crowd. You see him or her in a different light from others, and the crush is usually someone you admire. You might admire that person’s physical appearance, personable attitude, academic performance, or unique talent. Scientists say that seeing your crush helps your heart get stronger and healthier. So you know what to do if you want a healthy heart. If you have a crush for almost three months and still like him or her, I believe it means you are in love.

But what if you aren't sure? Here's how you can tell if you have a crush on somebody.

Clear Signs You Like Someone

Sometimes the signs are not clear on the surface. You need to look deeper to see the truth.

Sometimes the signs are not clear on the surface. You need to look deeper to see the truth.

1. When You See Your Special Someone, Your Heart Beats as Fast as It Can

Whenever he/she’s around, passes by, or accidentally crosses paths with you, your heart turns to panic mode. In this state, your heart beats the fastest you can imagine. Imagine being chased by a dog growling with excitement at the prospect of tearing at your butt. After running as fast as you could, your heart would beat quickly. But seeing your crush will make it beat even harder than being chased by a dog. The feeling is such that even your toes begin to shake. It's a nervous and sort of frustrated feeling that heats up your veins.

2. Whenever Your Crush Is Near or Is Talking Directly to You, Your Normal Facial Expressions and Gestures Are Hard To Control

Of course, your crush probably has no idea that you have a crush on him/her, so he or she interacts with you normally. And whenever those lucky times come, whatever you are doing stops completely. He or she speaks to you like a casual friend while you sit there with a dried throat and sweaty hands (this is also caused by the adrenaline), putting on your best poker face to hide your internal freakout.

When you smile, it is non-stop and from ear to ear, while a rush of sweat flows all over your body, especially in your underarms (even though you’re in a fully air-conditioned room or cold weather).

Or, if you don't succumb to the out-of-control smile, you turn yourself into a human stone, literally not moving or even speaking.

Some people even pee, but that happens to one out of 100.

3. You Want to Talk about This Person all the Time

You might not notice this, but your friends will begin saying, “You already told us about that," when you broach the topic of this person. In the course of normal conversations, you may bring him up 10 to 15 times a day. Some go over that range.

Most telling is when you want to bring up a point related to your crush, even though it's barely related to what you and your friends are talking about. And when you hear his or her name, you say, “What? What about him/her? Please tell me! I’ll buy you some treats, come on!” Sounds a little bit exaggerated, right? But no, these are all things that actually happen.

4. When Your Friends Ask You Why You’re Acting So Weird About Your Crush, You Would Die Rather Than Admit Anything Is Unusual

When your friends observe the first three symptoms, they will definitely form conclusions or questions. And they'll especially think about it during those lulls in class when your teachers are teaching lullaby topics that are putting the class to sleep. They'll turn it over in their minds and then confront you about it. And when that time comes, you deny, deny, deny. Even when your friends jokingly blackmail you into admitting you have feelings, you still deny it.

You probably know you do (though you may not). Either way, I am sure you can't hide it from yourself forever. Am I right? And you will not be able to hide it from your friends forever either. There will be times when everybody’s sharing secrets, or maybe you'll just tell your best friends. Well, if I were you, I would tell my friends about it, because I am sure they would completely support you. Or at least, they would intend to. Because, in reality, when your crush is around, their idea of support may go something like shouting, “Oh my God, somebody is approaching!” and start to tease you—and the teasing is likely to persist for the whole day. While you will be the only trying to act like a sane person, standing like a stone and smiling in front of him/her. The one thing in your mind will be, “I’m going to kill you guys!” It's the sad reality, but that’s the character of true friends (mostly). Experienced it? Devastating, right? That’s okay. At least you have your supporters.

5. You Stare at Photographs of Your Crush All of the Time

When you finally accept that you have a crush on someone, you get that person's complete schedule (if possible), so you can wait in a strategic spot until he or she comes by. The rush you get means your day is complete. Girls do this more often than guys, but it is not gender specific.

And, you are likely to find a picture—either on social media or by taking it when your crush's attention is occupied, and you will look at it all of the time. You may even make it your phone’s wallpaper (as if you two were in a relationship). When no one's around, you find yourself looking at it. You may even say, “Hi, baby!”—don’t you deny it!

So there you have it—the five ways to determine your real state of mind and heart when it comes to someone who turns you upside down. Just keep in mind to think twice whether you tell your friends because you don’t know how crazy it was when everybody knows about it.

Remember This

All love starts with a crush. It came before your parents fell in love. It came before your grandparents fell in love. And it will come before your grandchildren have children. There is always a crush that comes first before anything else.

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oop on April 27, 2020:

update on Bob and Tom:

Tom has a two year girlfriend that I never knew of. Honestly I was kind of sad ngl. Bob even asked me if I liked Tom. I guess he knows me too well. Which is why I'm going to ask him about, if he responds.

So now, I'm going to back off of Tom because he has a two year relationship with this girl and she's probably really nice. But now that I know I can move on.

It's kinda weird because he hasn't told his parents about her. Unless its some kind of guy thing that I don't know of.

It's sad to say that i missed my chance :(

But all I want for him is to be happy. I should also really focus on myself.

oop on April 26, 2020:

So here's the stitch.

This was my freshman year of highschool that this happened. So I never really had many guys going for me back in middle school, mostly because I was in such a small school.

One of my best guy friend, who goes to an all boys school, made two guy friends, which he usually made girl friends so I was happy for him.

He decided it would be a good idea that we should meet them. So we did we went to laser tag and we all had a good time. it was fun. Now my guy friend had a crush on me in middle school so that was the only guy I really knew who had a crush on me. Of course he was my friend I didn't see him romantically.

The two guys, we'll name them Bob and Tom, were good friends. At first it was Bob that liked me. He took me to a dance. Was a gentleman really. I was really falling for him. Then there was Tom. Tom really liked me apparently and I wasn't sure if i was liking the idea of some guy liking me or the fact that I did liked him.

Eventually, both Bob and Tom started fighting over me. Which gave me a headache because I started liking the both of them. They were really nice guys.

But atlas, I chose one. It was Bob. We dated for about two months until I started feeling the spark fading.

Then things went downhill from there. My friend group went through a bad time. Everyone was against everyone. We were fighting half the time.

It was bad. I got backstabbed a few times. One of my friends even dated Bob after two weeks of us not together. I didn't hate the fact that Bob did that, I hated that my best friend would do that to me. It ended up really hurting me and some other stuff so I decided to leave that group for good.

Fast forwarding to the end of Sophomore year, this was just recently. One of my old friends from the group reached out to me on Snapchat saying how she will always care for me, because I did this thing were on my story saying "send x if you care for me", and she slid up on it.

Oh and she said happy birthday to me and she was the only one who did that. That was a couple of months ago.

So back to Snapchat. We start talking, and reminiscing the good old days. She tells me how the group was and how everything fell apart really after I left.

I will not mention what happened because you might not even believe this. It's such a crazy story that sometimes I don't know if I believe it.

So basically she tells me how the group misses me and everyone was going through a rough patch, some of our friends left the group honestly I don't mind them gone what they did was horrible. I couldn't believe with my own two eyes they'd ever do such things.

But now I'm back in the group, Bob and Tom are still there which surprised me, really.

Bob had a girlfriend which I was glad because I didn't want any old feelings to come back.

But Tom was different. He actually goes to my school now. Tom wasn't the same Tom I knew Freshman year. Somehow I liked it.

Bob broke up with his girlfriend for some unknown reason and recently I've been playing with Tom and Bob, such as minecraft and roblox, but I've noticed that Bob was starting to flirt with me.

I only saw him as a friend so it was a bit awkward.

Bob told Tom that he had to tell him something but I shouldn't know. I have no clue to this day what it is. But Tom seems protective of me like last time...

Tom told me that, during our freshman year, Bob had a girlfriend but he was still taking me out. Bob lied to me saying he had a girlfriend. Which I was definitely outraged.

But now ever since then Tom doesn't want me alone with Bob. I want to know why. I even asked him but he ignored me.

But my feelings for Tom have been increasing. I want it to go away, because of my past relationships and guys I don't really trust them anymore, so it's been hard for me.

I keep thinking about him and my heart races everytime. This wasn't how it used to be when I liked Tom in freshman year.

He does sweet things too, which I'm not going to say because it might seem stupid to you, and i keep thinking about it over and over.

But then he acts cold towards me, it's strange. So I can't really tell if he likes me or not. He's nice one second but then cold and mean the other.

I don't want really a relationship because I'm too scared of the outcome again. My heartbroken. I've had many guys like me over the years but I've said no to almost every single one. Except for two, who really made me not believe in love anymore.

So right now I'm contemplating my feelings. Trying to put those feelings away. Down deep where I can't feeling.

One on October 04, 2019:

This girl I think about her every day it doesn’t stop.when I wake up I’m thinking about her or at work when I’m alone she pops up in my head on the long drive she’s there and I’m not doing it on purpose in fact I don’t want to think about Her i want to stop. this girl she’s married she’s pregnant, it started a year ago we were going to a training school. and I seen her I knew she was attractive I also knew she had a boyfriend so I never pursued her when we met. I went for the other girls in the class and I say girls because it was one at a time One at a time I got to know these girls three girls that were part of my life last year the first girl I thought she was great but turned out she was a hoe second one same as the last one. the girl in the relationship I never even thought about having anything with her I just always talk to her and she always talk to me. eventually Those talks in class turned into phone calls after class every day. We would talk about everything and anything eventually start talking about what we feel for each other and we both agreed that it was a spark a small flame I would ask her do you love your boyfriend Or are you in love her response made me believe that they weren’t really In love so I decided to be real with her and I genuinely wanted her I didn’t want just sex because sex is just sex but we did we had sex and I think since she was doing a relationship she felt horrible guilty she stayed with him OK so this is a long story and I feel it hard to summarize what I really wanna say is what happened after all the happiness and that. the school was over I thought I was never going to see her or talk to her but I felt very strong about her and she did too I knew she was getting married it was a week before her birthday since it was her birthday I wanted to do something for her. I went to her apartment. With me I bought a cake some candles a flower and a balloon She liked it and I feel good because I wanted her to be happy and she’s getting married so I thought this was the last time I will see her nothing else happened and what I really wanted to happen was to see her anyways she got married I didn’t hear anything from her for two weeks she called me one day I was happy to hear her voice I would ask her if she was happy in her relationship and her marriage The time she said no she was venting to me about her problems saying things like you should be careful who you marry and choose wisely also she will tell me that she misses me and she would tell me that she loves. she said it before, anyways I believe her I know that even though we are apart I was thinking of her and missing her she was doing the same. after a while I just decided to stop answering her calls because well if she did really love me she wouldn’t be with her boyfriend and her husband. at the time I believe her I wanted to I wanted it to be true. I genuinely cared for this girl It didn’t matter to me if we were able to see each other physically touch each other . the time that we had the year that we had it’s been like nine months now 10 months and I can’t seem to say goodbye just yesterday she called me and the day before that I don’t even have her on social media she was liking my pictures and stuff. when that kind of stuff happens Everything that I felt for her from the past and I’ve tried to forget and push deep down inside me comes back rushing flooding my whole body I stop everything I’m doing because it hit me so hard that girl if I don’t keep my guard up I can feel her down to my bones down to my blood frankly I don’t want to feel that strong for someone who is already in a relationship in a family I deserve better and of course there have been other people but it doesn’t mean anything because I still see her but I know I have to move on and I think at this point I’m better off alone in time when I’m more mature and just improve my self overall I’ll find someone. I just wanna share some of the things she’s told me these are things that Pop up in my head she would say you like nobody else. there is no one like you. I try to look for you in other people when I’m with him in bed I think of you I think I will always love you I will take me a year to say goodbye to you When I talk to her I don’t say how I feel but I do say the truth and tell her I think about her all the time that I miss her I tell her when she calls me it’s good to hear from you it’s good to hear your voice And I give her advice I never told her leave your boyfriend I think that’s important because it was always her choice and it’s black and white she chose him I hope that she’s happy she keeps calling but I don’t want to answer deep down I do want to talk to her all day as long as I can I wanna tell her that I still think about herAnd I wish you the best in life that I know she will be a really good mother and I want to tell her that I lover and I really really just want to see herBut I have to push all that away Burry it inside my heart pretend that my feelings don’t exist Time does help put in an instance all those feelings can come back and I know it’s the same for her I just know it I want her to MoveOn and be loyal to him and be successful and the good person that I know she is and I want to be able to notThink about her and MoveOn I wish she could be in my life because she honestly made me a better personBut things happen for a reason and I strongly believe that I will meet somebody else one day but I know that this girl will always be in my heart as I will be in hers

Ahhhhhh on August 13, 2019:

So basically ive been crushing on this really nice guy for like 4 years now and I see him once every 1 or 2 weeks at church. He also has a sister who im good friends with so hes usually around me but i barely even talk to him. You see the weird thing is that lately ive been acting really strangely around this other guy. Idek him that well but hes in most of my classes at school and I never usually speak to him because were just kinda distant classmates. I don't know where my feelings came from but every time Im next to him or if hes answering a question in class, I get really fidgety and my face starts going red. You see the thing is that my friend has been crushing on this same guy for months now and im still confused about whether or not I even like him and why I would like him anyway. Im being honest saying this but hes not even that good looking and hes got an accent that I dont really like so im so confused why Im developing feelings for him. Up till now I thought that it was so weird to like 2 guys at the same but I guess its happening to me. What reasons do have to like this guy anyway? I mean my friend used to be friends with him back when we first started started school so its understandable why she may like him but ive never even been friends with him. I dont know why I like him or if I even do. At the start of this week we had to do presentations and he was presenting and my face started randomly burning up for no reason and my heart was beating so fast I thought that I was gonna die. This is when I first realised that I might have feelings for him. Also today when he was handing out sheets, my face suddenly went red and I was sitting next to my friend who likes him, and I just hope that neither of them noticed. I really dont wanna like this guy and I keep telling myself that I dont and I feel like I dont like him but every time im around him I panick even though I dont wanna like him. If anyone has any tips on how to stop liking someone please tell me or add a link to a website that might help me coz I really dont wanna like him and I want to get rid of these feelings so that they dont progress. Im fine liking liking the first guy i mentioned but i hate whatever is brewing with this guy from school.

줄리아 on May 02, 2019:

I think I can help Confused! I've been in a situation kind of similar to this. There was this girl I liked and she had a boyfriend. Also, I knew she was straight so she didn't like me in that way. The more friends I told about this, the more weight there was off my shoulders. Eventually I told her and got over my feelings for her about a month afterwards. You could maybe try that!

Confused on March 23, 2019:

I have a crush on a married man. I know it's wrong and I hate it but as hard as I try those things that you just explained happens to me all the time when I'm around him. That's why I'm googling all this questions cause I want, no, I really need to know what to do to stop these feelings. I hate myself sometimes that I wish these feelings were a piece of cloth that I can just rip away from me and burn it until it turns to ashes. Other than telling me it's wrong and you should find someone else, instead can you really help me get over this situation?

Sakura on March 09, 2019:

May be he is in love with you jana nassar

jana nassar on February 26, 2019:

well I have a CRUSH on a boy older that me (2years) BUT sometime i see him looking at me and being around me . He doesn't talk with me but he ask me about my grades . he tries to get close to my sister and

also some of my friends.and when i sit in front of him in the bus he look at the window or he put his head down . when i put my optic glasses he put his /


Gianna Hoeske on February 10, 2019:

This was very helpful thank you. I may have a crush on Oka in Yandere Simulator☺

jaybird on January 05, 2019:

you should have an all of the above option for the vote.

Ganngam on October 13, 2018:

when ever I meet her, I become mute

JOHNSON on October 11, 2018:

as if that my story about my crush is highly writing here , their was a shy girl who have crush on me he really love me until I notice this , but I was to shy to approach this girl , me and this are in the same department , I try all my best to get is full name , until exam day were I get to know is matric number , then I use it to search is name , after know her name I add her in my face book account , I chart her often and often but she only replied me once , until a day I can keep this any more , she showed me every sign she could give to drawn my attention but I felt guilty by not talk to her , and approach her , I finally summer courage by telling her I really love her on Facebook. and expressed my feeling to her. but she Really get hot to me , by abusing me bad and worst , but I beg her not to exposed me in our department , after all this , her body language never change to me , but am highly confused. should I summer courage to approach her face to face or leave her alone

Macarella on October 09, 2018:

So I like this guy. He’s really funny and dorky and sweet. We have texted a couple of times, and every time we text he ends up doing something or saying something that’s kinda flirty. But whenever we are in public or together in person, he almost avoids talking to me and refuses to meet my eye. Sometimes I catch him looking at me. I can’t tell if he like me or not! Help!

Baileyisnotalone on October 05, 2018:

Yea well I’m back and still the same guy. (Luke)

Today I was leaving the teacher desk after asking a question and he was sitting to the right of it. I saw that his legs were sticking out from the desk and started to tap his legs with mine, Somehow he managed to get a hold of my leg with both of his. I managed to pull my leg out from his and walked away too my desk. When I looked back he was smirking/smiling.

I sat down at my desk and I realized... my heart was beating fast.

I’m pretty sure I like him now.

But may he like me..?

Cornball on August 03, 2018:

I have a massive crush on this guy and it started almost 2 years ago, and I found out that my friend also had a crush on him. And it’s a lot more intense now because I feel like I may actually have a chance but I don’t know??

Bob on July 22, 2018:

I get the same feeling when I look at my cute dog

Ness on July 21, 2018:

I still have these symptoms. December 6, 2017 I met a guy in a dating app. We hit it off really well, he then went to NC to go visit his family and although he was far we still message each other and sometimes talk on the phone. Before he left, we met at the mall and my heart was beating wildly, my face was crazy red, I couldn't stop smiling, and my hands were non stop shaking. I was sitting on a bench waiting for him to come ,and then poof he was there. His smile, his eyes, and everything was so perfect. When he walked up I honestly felt time stop. We went Christmas shopping for his family, and during that time we had our first kiss. We had entered the store Spencer's, we went to explore the back part of the store and kept playing around, we decided to leave the store but before we left we stop by the shirts and the way he looked at me was just so amazing, he lean in and I lean in and we kissed. I felt fireworks explode I wasn't able to stop smiling. After Christmas, he came back we hanged out a bit and the new years came. I asked my dad if he could spend new years with us and he had said yes. We spent the new year together. A few days pass and I felt heavy like something was happening. I messaged him and told him that I felt like we were drifting apart and he told me that he felt the same way. We didn't text much after that until one day I received a message that broke me. he started off with saying that I was an amazing girl but that he didn't have time for a relationship(the message was along paragraph). (we weren't together). I honestly felt my heart break, I was in shocked, I've never felt so much pain. I honestly felt weird with his response and although he isn't admitting it, I new that he had met someone else. I wasn't mad because he met someone else because I cant stop him from either liking or loving someone else but I was upset because he tried to sugar code it. Me being me I sent him a long paragraph. I told him that no matter what I'll still be here, we got into a fight and told me that if I ever needed help or a friend that he will be there. During the pass days I texted him as friend because I had the hope that maybe he will realize that I was the one, until one day he told me that he will block me from social media. A few days later I see that he unfriended me from everything. February came and I found out that he got a gf. Months later I found out that they broke up. Another 2 months I get this feeling were I feel like something is either going to happen or it already happened. I decided to text him and he said that he was fine and that he thank me for checking up on him. The next day I get the same feeling but stronger so I texted him he took forever to response until he messaged me back, I told him about my feeling and he sent me a picture of his face. He had a bruise/scratch, we had stopped a group of guys from stealing from two ladies. After that he added me back to most social medias. My feeling for him haven't changed and yes I've tried talking to some guys but I never felt the same way I felt when I met him. Till today 7/22/18 I still feel my heart beat fast when I see a picture of him or if I hear his name. So I know for sure that I still have a crush on him, and I hope that one day he will give me another chance.

Hooman persin on July 13, 2018:

I have all of the symptoms. :P life stinks.

Gomez on May 22, 2018:

I had a thousand things to say to you, and a thousand reasons not to.

I never thought I'd fall in love with you. Its something that breaks my heart so badly. Why? Idk... Really. The moment I walked towards you was a day that changed my life forever. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. You were so shy... you blushed when I introduced myself. I honestly don't know when was the moment I fell for you. Its just that I would find myself thinking of you so much it drove me crazy. It was something I had never experienced before. I started to avoid you because I felt like I was going to die if you looked at me. My heart would beat so fast at the sound of your voice. Idk if you liked me but idk really care. Because it won't change what I feel every time I think of you. There are some days that I hate myself for liking you and then there are days that I would want to just talk. Idk why I feel this way. I pray that I may feel numb towards you. But its so hard to fight the feeling. I honestly don't wish to see you anymore. Its not like we had anything anyways. But I sincerely wish that you pursue your dreams and prosper in life. Make yourself and your family proud. As for me if I ever see you again I don't know what I might do...probably avoid you. Because this whole thing has caused my so much pain. I want to move on in my life but I feel like I can't. Its been about five years... I need closure. But I'm not sure how to get it. I never told you any of this and I probably never will. Some things are better left unsaid...

A girl who likes someone that's already in a relationship on May 18, 2018:

So yeah I have a crush on multiple different guys but there is this one guy that I can't get over and he's perfect he listens to ppl, he's in honors , he's like really fast, and he's cute, but he is already in a relationship with someone else and ever since I don't get butterflies anymore but I know for a fact that I still love him very much because I still get a little jump in my stomach when I think he's looking my direction other than that I Don't get too nervous around him and I would be really happy of we were just friends like really really really great friends because I don't want him to ruin the relationship he's already in , I want him to be happy too so I would definitely be fine with just being friends.

Gracious on May 01, 2018:

I hate the fact that am crushing worst off all to know that the crush has turn to love. I hate this feeling cus is for someone I hardly see. Worst of all he is not even a friend.

JustAGuy on April 29, 2018:

I've known this girl for over a year, we just got on really well with eachother, but thing is we both agree that we're too close to want to ruin it, but thing is I feel more than friendship, but shes now in a relationship, I know it won't last, but still, that hurts to be around...

Nobody Owens on April 27, 2018:

I’ve known this person for maybe a year and I had talked to him a lot but then one day he said hi and I said hi back and that was our thing, we would say hi every time we saw each other but then one day he said it and I did after but then he laughed high pitched and I couldn’t help but smile the biggest I could and my stomach got butterfly’s.

just a girl that likes a girl on April 25, 2018:

we stopped talking and every time i see her i get nervous i hate it because i should be over her by now but i fell in love and when your in love its hard to stop.

- unknown writer

lamegirl on March 29, 2018:

I have this crush on this guy and I've had a crush on him for about 2 years but he keeps on changing like ALOT now he hangs around teenagers and I feel like he's a different person sometimes I catch him staring at me but we don't talk anymore I just wish I can change him to the person he was 2 years ago...

???? on March 24, 2018:

I'm dating a guy and I love him but I have an ex that when I'm around I become overwhelmed shortness of breath and sometimes hypoactive. I don't know what it means

Human on March 06, 2018:

(sorry if my English is bad)

I have crush but why my heart beats normal everytime I see him? I mean,why I feel like I don't know who are him?

Clerence on February 25, 2018:

There's this girl that i know during my final year in school (2013).. I had feelings for her for quite a long time ... Then during the new year of 2017 ,i decided to move on and begin a new life(i wanted to forget her) after quite a while ,i can and i did and i move on .. Then ,last week ,Sunday morning as usual i went to church.. Then i saw her .. My heart was beating fast and i couldn't stop looking at her… I did try to look away ,but somehow ,i couldn't …Then my heart says ,shes the one..For over 5 year ,eventhough i thought i have move on ,i still had feelings for her ..

jeevitha on February 01, 2018:

I too have a same problem.Crush on one guy but i didn't see her face.From Past 1 year he was talking with me but now only he is very much close.Now i am confused.

Avinashraj Asokan on January 23, 2018:

I have this same feeling on someone for almost 7.5 years.. ha ha ha..

chukwudiissagamer on December 14, 2017:

@coNfused about it

I think you are in love with him but you don’t feel nervous since he has been your best friend so you are very comfortable around him

coNfused about it on December 06, 2017:

I don't know if im in love or not but I have a guy best friend my only guy bestfriend. One day when I was talking to him my heart suddenly felt warm and like racing which was weird because I've never felt like this before ever, and I've been in a relationship before but haven't had this feeling. Im happy around him but whenever I see him I don't fell nervous or anything again today my heart felt like that today. I just wished to know what this feeling is...

Kyera on November 21, 2017:

I have a crush on this guy. I mean he isn’t that cute, but he has dimples. Looks aren’t what matter. He is really sweet. And funny. He gives me his sweater and stuff. But I can’t telk if he likes me that cause he does that to everyone. He gave me a birthday present on my birthday, and we talk like friends. Idk. It’s fifty fifty. I’m fine either way. I like our friendship the way it is but I’d be fine if we had something more.

MoGII on November 13, 2017:

I have had a crush on this girl for as long as I’ve known her but I didn’t tell her because she’s been in a relationship, out of respect of them. She broke up with him while I was over s I tried to calm her down and tell her everything was ok because she was a good friend too. After awhile she said she knew I liked her and that she liked me too but couldn’t say. She asked to kiss me and of course I said yes, I didn’t do much because I wanted this to be a good pure moment in our lives. I loved every second of it. I woke up the next morning and she texted me saying we couldn’t do anything like that anymore. I feel used honestly, I hope something good happens soon.

I have a crush on my friend Angelica on October 02, 2017:

I have a crush on my friend Angelica

Somebody on September 20, 2017:

I have a crush on this boy who is trans (he has a vigina) and bisexual and I love him, I talk about him a lot we've made eye contact more than two time I'm always writing his name on my hand or in notebooks, I even call some of my friends his name!!

LOBARIEL XIU on September 19, 2017:

So I av a crush on him.....even when I think of him I feel nervous....sweaty......and happy in da same time......OMG I vll go insane.........

Hope he feel da same...

Vinsy on August 24, 2017:

So I have a crush on him? But why my heart beating faster while even thinking about him?at my age of 28? I think I'm going insane

Brenda on June 12, 2017:

When my crush and I see each other,we seem to lock eyes and it's like no one else is in the room. Nervousness is always there,but the feeling is amazing. The attraction is undeniable ,not sure how far we'll go but it sure feels right for the time being :).

Bricks Markson on February 20, 2017:

Why I becomes so nervous around her or whenever I see her. I have never feel so... I really like her & I think that it is my true love.

Emily Kaiser on January 17, 2017:

This website proved to me that I really do have a crush on this guy I like. That you paredlife.com for helping me decide that I do have a crush on this guy!

Aurelio Tyose (Smalls) on October 18, 2016:

It is a strange moment. You find yourself in a big situation that u can not control yourself, every time u think about that particular person your heart jumps. Oh never wanted it to happen with me... but now i am in

lamisa on March 02, 2016:

how to get the love of my crush,i think i love him.

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on February 24, 2016:


Oh, and that's what I call a knight in shinning armor in disguise (yet) you can't expect when happiness strikes, so live on with it. And who knows, you might find yourself next to him.

Clair on September 19, 2015:

Thank You for clairifing (sp?) this and describing this perfectly

I´ve never really had a crush which is weird and it did worry me for a long time but when I first got to Highschool I was always getting flustered around this guy and I would freak out.This one time I went to school really sad since I had failed one of my quizzes but when I got to Science he talked to me leaving me smiling,giggling and happy the rest of the day which felt awesome.

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on January 24, 2015:

@VJoshua ahaha really? Well, everybody does that, sorry for the late response, Gosh, its been six months.

VJoshua on July 12, 2014:

paolojpm.. I agree with what you said: "Making her/his picture as a wallpaper on your phone" and also: "her/his name as the password"... Cuz i've done that

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on May 07, 2013:


- yeah. that's really a pain. I have a friend who suffers in such situation. The worse is that, the her boyfriend is also my buddy so, its been a hard time deciding what to say for advise hahaaha. But,i been angry with himsince he just use her for a short term fun and substitution. Yet, a boy code would undestand I don't know. Plus friendship was destroyed shame, really shame. I wonder what kind of stick would that be haha. Thanks Cat

Cat from New York on May 07, 2013:


That's too bad, especially when one person in the relationship has real feelings invested, but you're right... it happens, all too often! :-(

You're right, friendship is a must! Aw, you're great... you must be beating women off with a stick? :-)


John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on May 06, 2013:


- worse some only do it for fun, money, fame, and self security against social identity crisis. Relationship always been fun if only friendship in the outside and love in the inside (How I wish) haha

Cat from New York on May 06, 2013:


Aw, so sweet and yes, I think many women will work very hard to keep their relationship alive... it's sad when anyone gets to a relationship that once was filled with love and now they find it not worth it anymore :-(


John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on May 05, 2013:


- Oh its ok, I've haven't been more active for a while on HP too anyway, yeah. Most of us do that, (I used to do it myself :-) Sorry. But I have changed how I see it) probably we just want to win the rose. Couple must never stop working out for the betterment of the relationship. What I like and appreciate so much on women is that, though some men hurt their feelings yet they are still in love they would fight to the end for the succession of their relationship. ( I salute to all women for that!).

Cat from New York on May 05, 2013:


Oh my goodness, I'm sorry I took so long to get back here! :-)

Yes, I do believe you're right... both parties, but particularly the man tends to go out of their way to impress the other in the beginning and once they've one the affeciton... it seems to stop. Women could certainly try to help keep the "magic" alive, but I think men stop too much too quick!


John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on May 05, 2013:


-Yes, I actually be saving it for the summary but, I thought it would be a great ending of my creation. Thanks for reading and commenting. After this your hub is so useful too. :-)

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on May 05, 2013:

Very true and appropriate feelings. I enjoyed your last thought...before everything else, there was a crush! Thank you!

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on April 13, 2013:

I read some advise about that staff. And it goes like this "When the fun starts to fade away, don't stop doing things that kept the fun together" The way I interpret it, I think the couple or I mean the guy must do all the things that made a girl smile. In the case of crush, maybe we should continue appreciating the beauty of whatever the reason you've like that person. Relationship that was been lively as it was always been the most special one. (which I am intended to have in the future, hope so)

Cat from New York on April 13, 2013:


It is really nice when those same excited feelings that exist during the crush carry over into the relationship once it becomes love... but all too often those feelings tend to simmer down and lose their luster. I wish it could stay that way forever!

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on April 12, 2013:

well, the great thing about it is when the crush thingy turns to love. And I think it a very special love since it started from a will. Glad you like it ;- ). how I wish me and my crush turn it to real love. (wish wish) haha

Cat from New York on April 12, 2013:


This is really cute! I love the way I feel when I'm crushing on someone. It comes with such innocence and excitement! Unfortunately they usually all come to an end; either you get over your crush and move on or you get with your crush and the "crushing feelings' soon die down or turn to love.

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo (author) from Philippine on March 06, 2013:

thank you. glad you find it interesting, anyway about the pictures thank you for giving me advise. I think I should go back on and on in learning centers cause I recently noticed that some told me about it. :)

AJ Long from Pennsylvania on March 06, 2013:

PaoloJpm--interesting perspective on having a crush on someone! In the learning Center under the The Hubtool--Photo Capsule, it explains how to properly give credit for photo use. I wanted to suggest two site to get photos in the public domain. Two sites I use are wikipedia commons and morguefile. Both have great photos that are legal to use. Good luck! :o)

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