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The Dating Bait Bucket: Clarity - Clear As Mud


H. Andelsmen realized her girlfriends were asking advice, often, because she herself has been through so much, so she decided to share.


What Is Clarity and Why Is It Important to Me?

So I have discussed techniques and territories. Time to broaden our scope and learn outside or alternative elements which affect fishing (dating). Things that are beyond our control but that we can maneuver and navigate through. So this article will focus on clarity.

Clarity is the depth or distance that one is able to see an object in the water.

How does this affect fishing? Aside from temperature, the clarity of the water is a second,but often more vital, environmental affect on the fish. If it can't see, it won't bite. Why is clarity important in relationships? The exact same way. If they can't see through your crap, they won't bite. Make it clear. Be succinct, often times less IS more. There isn't a lake on this earth that is perfectly clear so we must learn how to deal with the level of clarity with which we are presented.

How Does the Level of Clarity Affect Us?

In fact, lake water can be categorized as: clear, stained and dark. I will use these same terms relative to your significant other's verbiage or behaviors. Or maybe to yours. All of this is for our own dating education and helping to understand each other by gaining insight and interpreting certain things.

First, we must understand how clarity affects feeding habits. There are two methods for fish to find food and those are: sight and sound. Pretty similar to us, right? Hey, if they are easy on the eyes and can carry a good conversation...we go feed...on a dinner date. So, the clearer the water or with higher clarity, fish use sight and when the water is stained or dark, range of sight and is lessened and hearing is keener. We start tuning in more and senses are heightened when the message is murky. We have to focus more. Why do we need to know this? Being able to identify what your dealing with, will equip you to know how to deal with it. To know which type of bait to use. Contrary to what you may believe, bright and loud lures are not best for clear water. Clearer water is easier to see through so again, less is more. If your partner is screaming and throwing things, do you join in or do you ignore and walk away? Is that the best method of communication? No.


When We See Clearly, Less Effort Is Required

Once the clarity situation is established for a specific lake or pond, lure selection and presentation becomes a simple process. Common sense tells us that noisy, bright-colored lures will be more effective in dark water. Choosing the lighter colors will make detection easier, while vibrating lures like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and rattle-type baits will make the offering easier to locate. Using the same techniques in clear water, though, can have a negative effect. Fish in clear water tend to be spooked by noisy presentations, they don't like 'drama'. For those situations anglers should tone their offerings down with less vibration and flash, they see you, they know your out there just be real and be you, they will come to you.

Side Effects

A few other differences that are worth remembering are that fish in clearer water will roam more, chase lures more readily, be more likely to school and prefer smaller lures presented with accurate life-like action. These are the lil fellers who love the game and the fun of it. They will be single (for a long time) because they can see how much is out there to be explored. They 'school' by having a large group of buddies and be out every weekend and several days during the week, without you.

They are often part of many groups: fraternity/sorority, associations, clubs, group chats. These types seek the glorification and reward of being adored by many. Even if they settle in to a courtship, it best be exciting, they need a fisherman who will fight with em, they are going to run with that line so you better be willing to reel and reel and reel again. Dig in or jump out the boat and give it up, you may want to consider using a club if you get em reeled in close enough. As for their preference of smaller lures, that means they want to put in the least amount of work possible and they don't like surprises, they want you to be life-like which equals straight forward and upfront.


Sometimes It's Better in the Dark

You can get by with sloppier presentations while fishing in dark water, but one should expect to find fish more scattered, more object-oriented, but less spooked. These guys HAVE to focus more. They want to know what they are eating. Hearing is a valuable weapon for these fish. They use it to be fine tuned into their surroundings. The minute you drop that line in, they know you are there. They will swim up and nibble just to see what happens, how you will react. They are excellent communicators, and believe me sending that hook back with no bait and no fish is a message. "Look here potna, this my pond. I do as I please." Being such fine tuned creatures they become very selective and use all their senses to get what they want. You will realize they are mellow, don't school with other fish, and can survive on their own forever. You know there's catfish as big as people in some of these lakes...catfish swim in murky water folks.

What Did We Learn?

What's the moral of this story? No one is successful without clarity. Learn clarity levels and always provide clarity.

Pick your dating territory based on the clarity of the water that you want to fish in. Do you desire excitement and eventfulness, and love to ride roller coasters, fish in clearer waters and pack a billy club. Just know they will jump off that hook if they are able and will fight like hell to do so. Think open, fishing season, when it's ON like donkey kong. That's where you will find those fish, swimming in schools, rolling in the club 3 or 4 deep and likely to be the grandpa in the club. You want to put in less physical effort and are more into battleship than battling? Hit the lake. The murkier, the better.

There will still be a struggle, they aren't gonna jump in the boat, but its more of an intellectual battle. He knows what he eats and he takes him time deciding. Think fishing permits, catch limits, and regulations. If he's even in a bar, it will be with one friend and just laying back watching and likely to leave when the hipsters start rolling in.

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