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Summer Date Ideas: 20 Things to Do With Your Date in Warm Weather

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Why waste a lovely summer day or evening inside?

Why waste a lovely summer day or evening inside?

Summer is the time to destress and finally get some much-needed sun after months spent huddled indoors. And why waste the lovely summer weather by sticking to your standard dinner and movie date night? It’s time to take advantage of the sun!

Here are some creative summer date ideas to enjoy the sunny weather together as a couple and find new ways to grow your love.

By Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons

By Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons

1. Go on a Camping Trip

If you live in the city, drive to a camping ground outside of the city and make it a weekend or overnight date. If you live in the suburbs, you can even pitch a tent in your backyard and glamp it up with a romantic dinner.

2. Roast S’mores

Who doesn’t like s’mores? Bond over roasting marshmallows on a relaxing campfire at sunset after a delicious home cooked dinner.

3. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Want to watch a movie and enjoy the outdoor weather at the same time? Keep an eye out for movie screenings at the park or find a drive-in theater for an old-fashioned movie date. Remember to bring a blanket and maybe even a cooler with some wine or beer for a cozy night at the movies.

4. Host a Couples' Grill Night

Invite your married or dating friends over for a couples; grill night. To make it more interesting, prepare a bunch of unconventional toppings and sauces to go in your burger. Then pull numbers out of a hat to determine what to put in your burger. It might turn out delicious . . . or it might not. Either way, it will be fun!

5. Set Up a BBQ for Two

If hosting group dinners aren’t your thing, you can have a more intimate, and flirty, two-person BBQ party in the privacy of your backyard.

6. Organize a Water Fight!

In the middle of summer, when all you want to do is to bathe in ice, grab your partner and have a cold water fight in the sun instead. It’ll be a great way to make the most of the sun while avoiding the heat.

By CC0 Creative Commons

By CC0 Creative Commons

7. Explore a New Place

There’s nothing wrong with frequenting your favorite date spots, but why not take advantage of the nice weather to explore new places together? Go on a road trip to the next city or town to see what new treasures you can find.

8. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to go too far from home, a little change in mindset can give you the same sense of adventure in your hometown. Look up some hidden local spots and pretend to be tourists in your own city. See your town in a new light, and you may also discover something new about each other as well.

9. Go Berry Picking

Summer is berry season so visit your local farms and go on a berry picking adventure together. Bring a case home and bond over making the berries into delicious desserts.

10. Gaze at the Stars

Warm summer nights with clear skies present the perfect opportunity for a romantic date under the stars. Head to the park with some wine, snacks, a towel, and a blanket to enjoy a night counting stars together.

11. Splash at a Water Park

Grab your swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and head to a water park for a wet day in the sun.

12. Mix Up Some Summery Soda Floats

Summer is all about ice cream and icy drinks, so combine the two, and you’ve got the perfect summer date. Buy an array of differently flavored sodas and ice cream. Then challenge each other to making the best-tasting and most creative combination.

By Nubia Navarro (nubikini). CC0 Creative Commons

By Nubia Navarro (nubikini). CC0 Creative Commons

13. Spend a Day at the Park

You don’t always need to spend money to have fun. Grab a frisbee, a ball, and your dogs (if you own any), and head out to your neighborhood park for a day of fun. Challenge your partner to a competition and play some catch with your fur babies. Remember to lather on the sunscreen and bring lots of water!

14. Go Rock Climbing

Another awesome way to bond under the sun is to go on an outdoor rock climbing date. Race each other to the top and then cool down with some ice cream afterward. You’ve earned it.

15. Go Food Truck Hopping

Food trucks have some of the best foods in the world, and there’s no better time to check them all out than in wonderful clear weather. Keep an eye out for food truck festivals or look up where your city’s most delicious food trucks are parked. Decide on which foods you want to try and make a day out of visiting as many food trucks as you can.

16. Enjoy a Boating Adventure

Head out to the sea for a day out sailing, or kayaking. Rent your own boat, or join a group to save some money. You can even sign up for a guided kayaking tour if you’re new to the boating scene.

By Ashley Elena. CC0 Creative Commons

By Ashley Elena. CC0 Creative Commons

17. Have a Romantic Picnic Dinner

Good weather always calls for a picnic. If you want to avoid the sun, or just can’t stand the heat, have a picnic in the dark or at sunset. Bring a battery powered lamp for some fire-safe romantic lighting. Of course, don’t forget the food and wine!

18. Enjoy the Sunset

Take advantage of the long summer days to catch the sunset at your leisure. Find a high vantage point and make an evening of it. Bring some food, beverages, and maybe even speakers for some background music while you enjoy each other’s company surrounded by nature.

19. Go to an Amusement Park

You are never too old for the amusement park. There are so many adult rides that will leave even those with the strongest stomachs feeling a little nauseous. Enjoy all the carnival foods, take some selfies on the ferris wheel, and go on all the rides!

20. Visit a Local Farm

Farms have the freshest produce often for a very reasonable price, and many will let you bring home whatever you pick. Honey farms are also a unique and fun experience. You may also see some farm animals on some free range farms. Do some research and get a little dirty together!

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