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How to Meet Your Footballer Crush

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It's time to meet the footballer of your dreams.

It's time to meet the footballer of your dreams.

How You Could Meet Your Footballer Crush

If there's a football team within the same area as you, the first step towards getting to know some of the players is finding a friendly way to meet them, so you're able to socialise with them with a view to getting to know them and possibly scoring yourself a date!

Here are five of the best ways you can go about meeting a footballer:

  1. Football players spend time during their week in 'Training Sessions'. They will often train at a local pool and/or gymnasium regularly. In this type of atmosphere, it may be possible to get to know the players, if you can attend the same facility that the team uses, and start some fitness training too. If you're ready to start exercising, you'll need to do some research on the team to find out where they do their training. You might be able to find out these details from newspaper articles, from the player's social network timelines, and by researching the club online. It could be a healthy and casual way to meet some of the players in passing and hopefully strike up a friendship with one of them. Once part of the sporting club, also attend the club's social events where the players may also attend.
  2. Football clubs hold charity events and functions from time to time. This is the perfect opportunity to socialise with your team. Contact the football club or check their website regularly for details about these events. They are sometimes formal lunch and dinner functions, which allows you the opportunity to dress up nice and also book a table with friends. In this atmosphere you'll be in a room full of the players for a few hours, so all you need to do is be your friendly self!
  3. Many football teams also hold 'presentations' after their home games. You can contact the football club to enquire about whether they have them, and where they're held, as they are not always publicised, however, are usually open to the general public. It's another great opportunity to socialise with the players.
  4. Professional footballers make public appearances - Follow your favourites on their social network site and visit your team's website regularly for the details, and choose an event you can attend. This gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself (And if you follow this up with a personal message on Facebook or Twitter to say it was nice to meet him, it means he may recognise you when he next sees you so you'll have the chance to talk some more".
  5. It's not so easy to meet your footballer crush at a game when they're playing and the stadium is full! But after they come out of their change room, there's often a small crowd waiting for a signature, make sure you're one of them! Introduce yourself!
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There are other ways to meet footballers if you're very eager and the opportunity is there, such as:

  • Become a member of the club, and then you can attend the Members Only functions.
  • Sponsor the team or find someone you know who does, and who's happy to let you attend the Sponsor functions.
  • Apply for an administrative position at the team's office.
  • Contact the team's administrator and ask if they need any volunteers.
  • Or you could always become a cheerleader!
  • Or the team masseuse!

Why a Footballer Makes a Great Date

  • He has muscles where you never knew men had muscles! He is super-fit and in good shape!
  • He potentially has a high income, big toys and this makes for an exciting lifestyle.
  • Although he has a strict training regimen, he has free time to relax regularly too, football isn't played all year.
  • He mixes with an exciting social group.
  • When he chooses you, you get the perks of free tickets to the game and are able to attend functions and special events not open to the general public.
  • You get to cheer on your man with all the excitement of his game.
  • There will be times when your man is on a massive high (When he's playing well, and his team is winning), which makes life very exciting.

What's the Downside of Dating a Footballer?

  • He'll be devastated if he makes a mistake on game day, and you'll need to be there for him when he's down on himself about it.
  • He faces the possibility of being injured, which can be tough on you as his partner.
  • He may get injured, and he will be very worried about his career and rehabilitation when this occurs.
  • The pressure of the game day may see him having mood swings.
  • The politics of the club he's playing for may have him moody at times too.
  • He may seem depressed or angry when his team doesn't win. You will have to suffer through these lows.
Footballers have many perks!

Footballers have many perks!

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