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Attraction in Women: Signs That She Likes You

15 signs that she's crushin' on you

15 signs that she's crushin' on you

How to Know if a Girl Has a Crush on You: 15 Signs

What are the signs that a girl likes you? Whether it's her body language, the way she talks, the way she behaves, or the way she flirts, the telltale signs of attraction in women are a lovely mix of subtle hints, shy flirting, and cute antics. Read this article and find out if a girl really has a crush on you so that you don't let your imagination get the better of you.

1. She Smiles at You Eagerly

A lot can be said about how a girl feels by the way she smiles. If you are constantly getting a stream of bubbly and cute smiles from a girl who you have been crushing on, maybe she has a crush on you too.

Don’t let this assumption create a false perception that every girl who smiles at you has a crush on you. Look out for this generic sign of attraction only when you have been flirting with a girl who seems to be reciprocating your flirty ways.

2. She Puts Her Hand on Your Thigh Way Too Often

The "hand on the thigh" move can be interpreted as a sign that a girl is trying hard to grab your attention. A one-off pat on the thigh may be dismissed as isolated, but if she keeps doing it again and again, she is probably trying to send you a sign.

Guys who are really shy may feel uncomfortable and nervous when this happens. If you can relate to this, make sure you don't flinch when she does that. Play it cool and just continue looking into her eyes.

3. She Flutters Her Eyelids Every Time You Exchange Glances

The fluttering of eyelids is one body language that signals attraction and has been immortalized in movies, literature, and all forms of popular culture. It is one of those things that might even come as a natural and involuntary reaction when a girl locks eyes with the guy whom she has a crush on.

It may be hard to tell if the fluttering is subtle. But, if you notice that she is deliberately batting her eyelids and smiling while looking at you, she might be just as smitten by you as you are with her.

4. She Flirts With You via Text

You can be pretty sure that a girl likes you when you notice that she uses a flirty tone in all of the texts she sends to you. Excessive use of winks and smileys, leaving sentences unfinished for obvious interpretations, and naughty exchanges via text are some of the telltale signs that she probably wants to go out with you.

The key to being sure about her intentions is to note a consistent pattern of flirting in her texts. Don’t mistake an isolated, flirty interaction as an indication that she wants to be more than just friends.

5. She Has Joked About Going on a Date With You

Joking around about dating and the possibility of seeing each other might be a girl’s way of getting you to ask her out. Don’t get carried away by the slightest of mention of dating, but if it happens again and again, her jokes could actually be hints in disguise.

Playful and flirty quips about how you would both be a nice couple may be her way of telling you that she is just waiting to be asked out.

6. You Have Heard a Rumor That She Likes You

A girl may have confessed to her best friend that she has a crush on you. Her friend could very well have blurted this secret out to a couple of more friends in your class, college, or workplace. The confession can slowly snowball into gossip that finally reaches your ears.

This is how a rumor about a certain girl having a crush on you may have made its way around your friend circle. So if one of your trusty friends tells you that a girl likes you, it could be true.

7. Her Behavior Suddenly Changes When She Sees You

Do you notice a sudden change in a girl’s behavior when she spots you? Here are a few signs she is trying her best to impress you:

  • She corrects her posture every time she sees you.
  • The tone of her voice changes.
  • She behaves differently than how she normally behaves when she is with her friends.
  • She tries to be excessively cheerful.
  • Her body language becomes controlled.
  • She gives her personality a flirty twist.

All of these changes to her body language are signs that she is trying to put up an attractive image when you are around.

8. She Playfully Looks Away When Your Eyes Meet, Then Looks at You Again

A classic sign of flirty behavior is when a girl smiles, looks away, looks at you again, and then bursts into a cute fit of giggles. (Such an expressive interaction may not happen if she is a shy girl.) But a nervously sweet exchange of glances will definitely be there if there is a spark of attraction between the both of you.

9. She Laughs at Your Jokes Even if They Aren't That Funny

You can almost be sure that a girl likes you if she laughs at all your jokes, even when they are not funny. She might not even be doing it deliberately. Even seemingly fake laughter might be genuine, simply because she desperately wants to impress you.

This can seem slightly irritating but don’t get annoyed. She might be, subconsciously, trying to make you feel like she is really in awe of each and every word that you say.

10. She Compliments You Way Too Often

Does she compliment you way more than you deserve? Are her compliments are a way of flattering you to a point where you feel awesome when you are with her?

The next time she calls you handsome and hot, even when you know you are looking your worst, take it as a sign that she has a crush on you.

11. She Deliberately Twirls Her Hair While Looking at You

The act of twirling hair has always been understood as a sign that a girl is trying to get a guy’s attention. If you notice a girl looking at you with those fluttery eyes while twirling her hair in cute little circles, it is highly likely that she is trying to flirt with you.

Before you jump to a conclusion, test the water by giving her a friendly smile. A few glances and a few smiles later, you will probably find yourself indulging in flirty conversations.

12. She Pulls You Away From Your Friends When She Wants to Speak to You

Does she always pull you aside from your friends when she wants to speak to you? Does she always excuse herself when she is hanging out with her friends so that she can talk to you in private? If you can relate to these situations, take it as a sign that she is trying to be alone with you.

Whether this translates directly to the fact that she is head over heels for you is something that you will have to judge for yourself while also considering some of the other stuff that has been pointed out here.

13. You Sense a Strong Vibe of Attraction When You Are Together

There are times when you can just sense attraction. Although hard to describe, these raw vibes are a mix of nervous glances, edgy conversations, and uneasiness in overall body language.

You will literally be able to feel that there is a strong pull of attraction between the both of you. If these vibes are really strong, you will both feel yourselves gravitating towards each other.

14. She Keeps Asking Why You Are Single

When a single girl keeps playfully asking you why you are still single, there may be more to her question than just curiosity. An easy way to find out if there is a deeper meaning behind her question is to avoid answering it and instead ask the same question to her.

If she replies something along the lines of, "The right guys never ask me out," or "I really wish someone would, but I'm not going to say who," then it is likely that she is trying to give you a hint.

15. When a Girl Is Shy, She Seems Fidgety and Nervous Around You

A shy girl’s behavior might come as a curveball that you can completely miss. She might not exhibit any of the common signs of attraction, and instead, she could withdraw into the shell of her shyness.

This behavior is not unusual because if she really has a crush on you, her emotional state of mind will be a volatile mix of excitement and nervousness when she sees you. Watch out for fidgety hand movements and nervous expressions when you speak to her.