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Signs He Is a Keeper: Dating a Boyfriend Who Is Marriage Material

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Here are some signs that he's marriage material!

Here are some signs that he's marriage material!

Is my boyfriend marriage material if he is a nice guy at heart? My boyfriend likes to cuddle; is it a sign that he is a keeper? Should I dream about marrying him if he treats me like a princess all the time?

Sometimes the answers to these seemingly complicated questions about love are quite simple. This article discusses the signs which say that your boyfriend may actually be the man who can be your long-term partner and eventually your husband.

1. He sends you "good night" and "good morning" texts.

A guy who sends you cute good morning and good night texts is definitely worth loving. This is the type of guy who thinks about you when he is lying in bed, watching the ceiling of his bedroom.

These mushy texts are a sign that his world literally revolves around you since you are the person he texts when he wakes up in the morning and when he goes to sleep at night.

2. Your most romantic dates haven't been the ones at expensive places.

You are mistaken if you think that the most romantic dates are all about dining out at expensive restaurants or getting the most expensive seats in the house while watching a play.

In hindsight, the most precious memories of a relationship are the ones in which you have been carefree. This can be something as simple as a midnight hunger pang which led to a late-night drive to the 24/7 McDonald's downtown.

Your boyfriend is a keeper if some of your best dates with him have been some of the quirkiest ones. These are the most unassuming of days which turned out to be a romantic memory that you will hold close to your heart for a lifetime.

3. Being naked in front of him is as good as being naked alone.

There is a lot of ground to be made in your relationship to take it to a mature level if you feel conscious when you are naked in front of each other. If you can let your guard down even when you are naked without being afraid of turning him off, you have something special going on with your guy.

This is when you have no qualms if your boyfriend sees you stooping over while shaving your legs naked in the bathroom. Only a privileged few couples enjoy this level of comfort because it speaks volumes about the foundation of a relationship.

4. Your boyfriend cuddles with you endlessly.

Not all guys like to cuddle, and those who do, are the cutest ones ever. Typically, guys don't associate cuddling with intimacy. Some men who claim to be tough guys even dismiss cuddling as a girly thing to do.

Very few men recharge their emotional batteries by cuddling with their girlfriends. The guy you are dating is certainly a keeper if he likes to cuddle endlessly on a dreamy Sunday afternoon.

5. He doesn't have a problem hanging out with your family.

The very thought of meeting a girlfriend or a boyfriend's family can make people nervous. So it is understandable if your guy gets jittery just before meeting your folks. This is normal.

But being nervous is totally different from being fundamentally averse to it. If your boyfriend ridicules the idea of meeting your family even after dating you for a long time, he may not be the keeper that you thought him to be. And if he doesn't mind catching up with your folks over dinner, apart from a little nervousness, hold on to him tightly.

6. He readily gives up his seat for women and the elderly.

If your boyfriend has a habit of giving up his seat for women and the elderly, it shows that he has a good heart. It also shows that he is polite and considerate of other people's conditions.

People who have goodness in their hearts don't need signs on busses, trains, and trams to tell them when to get up and offer their seats to others. If your guy does this voluntarily, be proud that he is yours.

7. He smiles in a cute way every time you meet.

You can really tell if a guy's heart skips a beat when he sees you by looking at the way he smiles. These are the warm, cute, and tender smiles that give a sense of comfort just by looking.

Don't confuse these genuine smiles with the ear-to-ear, blaring grins put on by men who simply want to charm their way into your bed.

8. You feel that sometimes people take advantage of him.

Nice guys are often taken advantage of by their own friends and colleagues. This may not come as a surprise if you have noticed that some of your boyfriend's narcissist friends take advantage of him.

While this may be seen as a guy's weakness, acknowledging the niceness in his heart is another way of looking at it. It shows that there is still a spark of innocence left in his personality. And don't worry, life experience will slowly teach your boyfriend how to stop being taken advantage of.

9. He is passionate about a hobby.

If your boyfriend likes to take time out from the daily humdrum of life to pursue a hobby, it shows that he has a lot of passion within. Not all guys have the heart and the inclination to do something they are passionate about, even if they have the time.

Whether it is painting, playing guitar, or taking his mountain bike out to the countryside every weekend—a guy who has immersed himself deeply into a hobby is a man who likes to live life to the fullest and not just watch it go by.

10. His is the first number you dial when you feel sad.

If your boyfriend's is the first number you dial when you are feeling low, it is probably because:

  • He patiently listens to all your rants
  • He never uses boring logic to pin you down during your emotional rants
  • He doesn't start finding faults when you are emotionally fragile, even when you are wrong
  • His voice makes you feel good from inside
  • He will never tell you, "Do you know what time it is? I have to wake up early tomorrow," even if you call him for a comforting midnight chat.

If you can relate to most of these points, your boyfriend is definitely a keeper. It shows that he is more than happy to be your emotional pillar and source of inner strength.

11. He puts you first in bed.

Good chemistry in bed is vital to a good chemistry out of it. Being selfish in bed is a one-way street to disappointment which surfaces its ugly head in other relationship problems.

It is a good sign if neither you nor your boyfriend is selfish in bed. Going one step further, your boyfriend is certainly husband material if he puts your needs before his own.

12. He can be goofy and dreamy.

Perfect life partners are not just the ones who are highly focused all the time. Good life partners are made by men who don't mind letting their guard down and being all goofy and dreamy once in a while.

If your boyfriend is a guy who is sometimes goofy, knows how to make ordinary moments seem beautiful, and zones out every now and then to daydream about what lies ahead—you have got a gem of a man. Hold on tight.

13. Your boyfriend enjoys cooking.

Little needs to be said about a man who really enjoys cooking. He is a perfect example of how men can be versatile enough to be a lot more than just the traditional image of being just bread earners. However, there is a big difference between a guy who just knows how to cook and a guy who really enjoys cooking.

If your guy likes to know more about exotic herbs, experiment with different flavors, and take pleasure in the intricate steps needed to cook something elaborate—he has the potential to be the husband who likes to take charge of the kitchen on a lovely sunny Sunday.

14. Your boyfriend is neat and tidy.

There is something mysteriously cute about guys who like to keep themselves and their stuff tidy, which makes them the sweethearts that they are. Here are some of the classic traits of such a guy:

  • Even if his room is messy and scattered, it is never dirty
  • He never has a laundry load that is long overdue
  • He uses fabric softener for his laundry
  • He likes to groom himself
  • Even if he has a beard, he styles it to his preference
  • You don't find dirty dishes lying in his sink
  • He always smells great

While these were just examples, being tidy is applicable to almost everything. Popular culture has forever portrayed guys as messy creatures. So if your boyfriend isn't, hold on tightly because he is definitely different than the others.

15. He doesn't say no when you suggest new ideas and places for dates.

Most guys will probably make faces at the thought of going to a romantic theater play for a date or spending a couple of hundred dollars to see a breathtaking Cirque du Soleil performance with their girlfriends.

Your guy is a keeper if he is always game to go to new places and do new things without any hesitation. It shows his belief in the fact that life is all about having fun, trying new things, and living it to the fullest.

16. He does cute stuff for you—handmade cards, writing songs, etc.

It takes money to be able to buy expensive gifts, but it takes a generous heart to celebrate love in all its innocence by making cards, writing songs, and doing other cute stuff. It shows that the guy really understands how to express love in its purest form.

The romance between a couple often fizzles out after marriage when this adoringly cute sense of puppy loves withers off. If your boyfriend keeps up his cute antics even after many months and years of dating, he is definitely a keeper.

17. He treats your pets like his own.

It is a sign of a man having a good heart if he treats your pets as his own. It shows that he considers them as a part of his family, as much as you consider them a part of yours.

So if you notice your guy cuddling up to your pets as if he has known them since forever, break out into a smile knowing that you are dating a good man.

18. You can completely be yourself when you are with your boyfriend.

The tipping point in a relationship from puppy love to a mature bond comes when partners find themselves totally at ease around each other. They don't feel embarrassed nor do they feel conscious in each other's company.

Whether it is ranting about your mood swings or being grumpy about the time when you are too lazy to wax—your boyfriend is a keeper if he is the person with whom you can let your true inner self shine out without a care in the world.

19. Your boyfriend is a genuinely nice guy at heart.

Gigantic mortgages, flashy cars, designer clothes, and many other things that money can buy seem superficial after a certain point. At the end of the day, marriage is all about being with someone who has a good heart. Here are some of the traits of such a guy:

  • He knows right from wrong
  • He talks nicely with waiters and other service staff
  • He has a conscience
  • He is not violent
  • He appreciates the simple pleasures of life
  • He is down to earth

Good men are hard to find, and if your boyfriend is a delightful mix of some of the things mentioned here, he is a keeper.

20. He cares about his family.

From the way he talks to his mother to the way he helps out a cousin - the amount of care and affection a man has for his own family says a lot about how he will treat his own family in the future.

Notice how your boyfriend mentions stuff about his family in casual conversations, how he talks with them on the phone, and how he behaves at family functions. Men who appreciate their family's love are definitely marriage material.