How to Tell If He Likes You: Nine Signs He's Got a Crush

Updated on August 27, 2017

Is He Into You?

He might be rude . . . or sweet! How can you tell?

Some girls are great at telling when a guy likes them. But a lot of girls have a hard time reading the signs. A boy might tease you or try to please you, but sometimes they send mixed signals.

Is the boy you like ignoring you or being arrogant and coy? Some boys are rude to disguise how they feel. Insecurity and confusion can muddy the waters and make it hard for a girl to tell where they stand.

Check out these signs. Most boys who like a girl will do at least one of these things, on purpose or unconsciously.

1. He Stares at You

. . . . and maybe looks away when you notice.


The first, most common sign that he is interested is that he looks at you and looks away when you see him. He may look awkward. You know it's a good thing when he smiles at you. Sometimes it may feel tense because you haven’t spoken to each other before.

He may also avoid making eye contact. If he glances at you to ask common questions in class like "Where do we turn this in?" or "Did you understand this question?” then he may be nervous but wants to get your attention. He's intimidated because you're attractive. If he looks at the floor while talking to you, he's just shy.

2. He's Super Shy

Does it seem like he wants to tell you something?

Maybe you've known him for a while, or maybe not, and he's suddenly super shy around you. Does it seem like he wants to tell you something? Then he probably does.

It might be the first time he's really liked a girl. If you can, help put him at ease. He may seem to avoid you, or even be a little rude, but if you can tell he's watching your every move, ask him to walk you home or to class. Keep it light.

3. He Touches You

Does he stand close or even take your hand?

Some guys just can't hide the way they feel. Even if they're shy or insecure, they might make excuses to sit next to you or just bump you by accident. Sometimes this can be something like a friendly punch on the shoulder—it's playful but still a sign that he's trying to find ways to touch you.

Does he bump shoulders with you while you're walking down the hall? Better still, does he push your hair out of your eyes? There's no way a guy would do this unless he had a crush.

4. He Looks at Your Eyes and Lips

. . . . and might keep staring at your mouth.


This is important! If he looks at your eyes and then your lips, you’ve sealed the deal: He likes you. What guy looks at a girl’s lips if he isn’t into her? If he gets close or even hugs you, he is throwing signs at you and it's up to you to catch them.

Ignoring someone is another sign of liking them. Watch carefully next time you see him: if he sees you glance or stare at him a lot and quickly looks away but with a serious, blank, or curious expression, see if he ignores you the rest of the day. If he does, then he likes you. You have really got to him and he likes you, but he doesn't know how to approach you.

5. He Uses Your Name When He Talks to You

Or maybe he changes his tone when he's talking to you.


Tone and language are big clues to whether he likes you.

Does he ever call you “dude” or “yo”? If he does, then he probably thinks of you as just a friend. But when a guy calls you by your name, it's a total sign of respect= he likes you enough to spend energy remembering details about you. Notice if her ever gives you little nicknames, as that is a total sign of attraction towards you!

6. He Looks at You From a Distance

He singles you out in a crowd.

There are many ways a guy might try to hide that they like you. An example is when you look at him first and he looks at you second and then quickly looks away. It could be the other way around, but most of the time the guy ends up looking away first. This is an obvious sign that he likes you.

Another example is when he looks at you from a distance and his face sort of freezes, maybe in a half-smile, smirk, wink, or a blank but curious look. If he stares at you and holds your gaze for a few seconds, he is interested.

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7. He Tries to Make You Laugh

He might even tease you a little.


Does he show off around you? Clowning around, trying to make you laugh—these could be signs that he likes you. Pay attention if he acts especially energetic or silly around you and whether he acts the same way in front of everyone else.

If he teases you, ask yourself whether he does this all the time or only when the two of you are alone. If he changes his way of treating you when friends are around, then he may like you a lot but doesn't want to admit it to anyone. He could also be confused about how to act.

8. He Texts You

If he's texting you frequently or commenting on or liking your Instagram or Facebook posts, then he might have a thing for you. Some guys are very friendly and are really into liking all their friends' stuff online, so see if he does the same thing for everyone else. But if he has your number, and is talking to you through out the day (especially at night), then he most probably likes you.

9. He Shows Interest in You Even If He Is Shy


Is he the athletic and confident type? The bubbly, always humble type of guy? Or maybe he is just shy? Many types of guys are keepers. Most are down-to-earth and interesting. The bubbly, humble type of guy can be really confident and can make you smile and laugh. The shy guy may have a secret side to him like hobbies, talents, and interests that intrigue you.

If they like you, they'll listen to you when you talk and remember the things you say. They might bring up details from a conversation you had a while ago. They'll also notice differences in your appearance, like if you get a haircut or have a new shirt.

What Do You Do Now?

That depends on your situation. If it's someone you see regularly but don't really know, try to befriend them with a conversation about an upcoming school event, class, or club.

Don't be afraid to try a simple, "Hi, my name is _____." If they like you, they'll be so happy you made the first move. If not, then at least you'll know and you can find someone who does.

You could also find him on Instagram or Facebook and friend him. That might be enough for him to feel encouraged to talk to you.

Once you know what your crush is like, it will be easier to figure him out. When you come across a guy with the right characteristics, then chase him. Or make him chase you!

Let me know what you think!

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    • profile image

      verybadlikelife 8 days ago

      i used to sit next to a guy iin my health class, he had long hair back then, and he was totally NOT MY TYPE. i didnt even care about him. soon, me and him started to pass notes, and we would tell jokes, and we would reference vines and memes, that only me and him would get. I realised that i started to slowly fall for him. MY FRIENDS SHIPPED US 10000005 and they told the whole schhool, soon every one in our grade knew about me and him. he wouldnt care whenever someone put us together, and he would even smile! I WAS SO SUPID TO OVERTHINK STUFF THAT I IGNORED HIM. i coulnt bare the fact that i was paired up with a geek! then, we kept on talking i guess, but i would look pissed, and act rude, and he kinda gave up, his texts stopped too. sooon, later he cut his hair, and GODAMN HE IS HELLA CUTE. i couldnt even, and now my BEST FRIEND LIKES HIM AND I HAVENT TOLD A SOUL THAT I LIKE HIM. people still ship us, even his best buds, but i think he is kinda over me. i dont know what to do. ii am super awkward and cant start convo, we still talk, but only when someone else is there. he is practically my soulmate, and i think he once thought that too, just not anymore? HE STARES AND SMILE ALL THE TIME, AND HE SILL SENDS ME MEMES, but i just ....i dont deserve him. my friend only likes him because i introduced them, and he texted her and he doesnt seem to like her, but he may! i dont deserve him because i pushed him away.

      thanks im sorry you had too read this crap

    • profile image

      10 days ago

      He looks at me quite often and th an he looks away

    • profile image

      Kenlea 12 days ago

      There is this boy at my school that I like. I told him my personal business and he made me feel different. RIght now, I think he still has a girlfriend, but If they break up I will be waiting for him. He told me he liked me though. The thing is there is something that's keeping us apart, my parents. My dad doesn't want me with a white boy but my mom thinks it's ok. I'm afraid if I bring him around my family everything will go wrong. I need some help... Anyone willing to help?

    • profile image

      Thinker 12 days ago

      There is this guy who stares at me and always follows me with his squad but he is really rude in real life and doesn’t even talk to me

    • profile image

      Amy 12 days ago

      There is this guy in my class and we use to be friends but then he just stopped talking to me but that happened about 3 years ago but since he completly agnors me but I see him staring at me but asoon as I look at him he looks away. ps hated him since he just stopped taking to me

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      JIMIN!!!!!! YES!!!!! ARMY FORVER!!!!!

    • profile image

      Charlotte 2 weeks ago

      Ok so at school there's this boy and he always looks at me like every time I look at him his bound to be staring at me and sometimes she he looks at me and i stare back he smiles..but I asked his friend if he likes this girl and he said yes and I felt a bit sad that he liked another girl..and the girl he likes is already dateing someone but he dosnt know that..but last night when I was on the phone to his friend his friend invited him onto the call and his friend said i was on and as soon as I started talking he said he had to go and for him to call him back later...i felt like shit im worried he dosnt like me but confused why he keeps looking at me in class and smiling can anyone help me with this at all?

    • profile image

      Talia 2 weeks ago

      I have been crushing on a guy from school. He stares at me a lot and I like that but does he stare because he thinks I'm weird or he likes me?

    • profile image

      Evie 2 weeks ago

      Well I have this crush on a boy and his name is Angel he has to brothers named Jesus which is his twin and the oldest which his name is Duka I think that's how you spell it anyways I'm in 6th grade and so is he and his twin the oldest is probably in 7th or 8th but him and his two brothers seem to stare at me a lot but I also feel like I like them and stuff whenever they look at me my heart pounds I blush and get nervous maybe they like me but who knows thanks for the tip best of luck.

    • profile image

      RandomHelpfulGuy 2 weeks ago

      I like a girl right now and did not even notice but I do most of these things... Terrifyingly true.

    • profile image

      oof 2 weeks ago

      So this guy stared at me from a different table at lunch and whenever my friend grabs my phone and runs off he always gives it back to me next blushes. Whenever i walk by his friends laugh do i think he might’ve like me :\

    • profile image

      HelpMe 2 weeks ago

      So My So-Called "Ex" Boyfriend Keeps Looking At Me. He Has A Girlfriend To. Like Today The Teacher Told Him To Hand Out Our Test Papers And He Hands Me Mine, Smiles And Looks At Me... And I Have To Sit By One Of His Best Friends. I Just Don't Know Does He Like Me Or Am I Just Dreaming it? He Stares At Me Every Day. He Just Started The Smiling Though. We Still Talk To Each Other. And I Still Like Him. If You Know A Jacob Hollon That's Him!

    • profile image

      Makhiyah Brown 3 weeks ago

      Well he always looks at me but when I turn around he looks away so fast

    • profile image

      Lily 3 weeks ago

      I have a crush on this guy from my school whenever I'm around him he looks at me like he just fell in love and when I see him I have weaknesses in my knees my friend is going to tell him about me what if he doesn't like me

    • profile image

      Vanessa 3 weeks ago

      Please help!!! My friend told the guy i like and he Hates me!!!!UGH PLEASE HELP i dont wanna ask him out-I MEAN I DO -But nvm....Idk i get akward around him my heart beats and i hum i get CRAZY thoughts in my mind about our lives...GUESS WHAT My BEST friend likes him to Idk WHAT TO DOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      forever bangtan 3 weeks ago

      are u a army? i just saw jimin's pic

    • profile image

      Savannah 3 weeks ago

      I'm getting mixed signals and i need help to figure them out. So I've been talking to this guy everyday for about a month now and we've been having deep and personal conversations. When we hang out i catch him staring at me a couple of times and if he's walking by me he sometimes puts his hand on my back and just finds little ways to touch me but they might be by accident but i feel like it happens a little to frequent. Now this is why I'm confused. when we're texting he sometimes calls me dude. not all the time but he does seem like he's not calling that as much but still is. so i don't know what to think and would love some feedback

    • profile image

      Evette cooperEvette 3 weeks ago

      This guy always stare at me the only thing is he hugs EVERYONE else but ME.. one time our eyes connected.. why won't HE say something to me???

    • profile image

      CuteCoolGirl 4 weeks ago

      So I like this one guy and he's in my Unified Art's and my win. When we weren't pick to be on the same team for battles ships we both said aw b/c we were sad. Then we would only go for each others ships. We always smile at each other every time we see each other even when he is with his friends. We also so sit close together in band. We hang out at my house during the summer. We play baseball and street hockey. I don't know if he likes me or not tho. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      iluvwyatt 4 weeks ago

      he is so cute i love him but my friend tells me he likes someone else but he acts flirty around me what do i do?

    • profile image

      Kaleye 5 weeks ago

      Uh. I need help!! I have a crush on this guy and have for a while, My friends told him. He "Doesn't" like me back? But, Everyday he talks to me and stares at me then "ACCIDENTALLY" runs into me. When he got hurt the other he cried, When he noticed I watched him he acted all fine. poor guy.

    • profile image

      Ashanti Lafaye 5 weeks ago

      I have a boy in my class his name is Anthony Chatmon.Every day he stares at me across the room at school.He also never hardly speak to me he is always talking to people but never talks sometimes to me.he even makes me laugh when he does something in front of me my opinion I know he likes me because it's in his mind and heart.I think he is afraid to say "I like you" or "I love You".So what do you guys think what this means does he love me a lot or just likes me as a friend.

    • profile image

      Billie2k8 6 weeks ago

      THere this boy in my class he stares at me when I am drawing his name is shelond

    • profile image

      Girl 6 weeks ago

      so I have a crush we liked each other in 3rd grade but we didn't know we like each other in the fourth grade I confessed my love for him but he did not like me back so now I still like him but he looks at me 24/7 I think he likes me so does my friends cause in my school me and him are the cooooollllll kids so please help I need advice!!

    • profile image

      A bit confused girl 6 weeks ago

      My crush first stated out on the bold side, then over the summer he became a shy guy. I was so confused because we were just friends that had crushes on each other. Then his friends started watching me in classes that I wasn't in, and he stares at me like he saw an angel, and sometimes it seems like he just ignores me.

    • profile image

      7 weeks ago

      So there is this guy that keeps looking me when ever he has the chance. I really like him and it kinda bugs me that he treats me different. I am scared to make the first move i am afraid that if he doesnt like me what would happen..

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 weeks ago

      I wonder what it would be like if we knew we liked each other? THEN WE COULD BE FRIENDS :O that would be awesome!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 weeks ago

      he actually always calls me by name, too. When I started crying once he comforted me, made me feel better. But I also have something to say. One of my classmates apparently caught his pants down, ____did. ____ told me there was something very special in that direction, and I fell for that. I will never forget the say I saw my crushes butt. And I don't think I was pleased. At all. I'm pretty sure I blushed for the first time too. Anyways, it happens we have been in the same class for three straight years. One time in science, My teacher wanted everyone to partner up. I got left with no one, and it happened the group I went to was right there. I GOT STUCK SITTING BACK TO BACK WITH MY CRUSH. I remember the time that my teacher forced partners upon me and him. We kept saying no, acting all awkward. LOL. Well it happened. I think that we were either reading buddies or doing math. Reading buddies was something I HATED. you would have to sit next to someone, LIKE REALLY CLOSE, and read one paragraph, and your reading buddy would read the next one. I think I have got stuck sitting next to my crush more than usual. Me and him have been partners more times than 3 times. Post a comment back and reply funny times like that. also I have no idea if he really likes me.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 weeks ago

      I don't know, I have liked the same guy for three years. And every year someone who knows spills the beans. Not until this year has he ever started staring at me, he has always been shy-ish. Does not talk to me often. He just started staring this year, and he started with the teams. In math class first he decides to pick me over his friend for math. Anyone, and of course me. I saw him putting my chair down too, and at recess I remember this one time where I sat at this pole, and after a minute or two, I hear people talking, and when I look to see who it is, its him. I ran for my life, LOL. Also, I talk to his best friend. He is also so shy, while the whole class gave me thank you cards for me bringing in Ice-cream for the second time, he did not. He made a card, but he left it behind. I wonder why. He knows that I like him, but I don't think he likes me back. Though it might seem like it, after I asked him last year if he had liked me back, he had said know. Made me feel relieved. respond back if you have an answer and or think he likes me.

    • profile image

      Unknown 7 weeks ago

      I would not like my name to be known but you know... theres this boy who is everything that I have been looking for but when I told him how I felt he rejected me. I seriously have a hard time trying to talk to him because his smiles just kills me inside and I really really wish we were together. He said he would still like to be friends with me but I still want to be more. In the beginning I asked him how he felt and he wouldn't tell me exactly how he felt... He would tell me that he thinks middle school relationships are stupid and I totally get it... he confuses me though. Even after all of this and the whole rejection thing, whenever I talk to him he can't stop smiling at me. I'm don't know if I am getting mixed signals. My friend really believes that he actually likes me but I'm having such a hard time seeing if he does. I don't know what to do!

    • profile image

      Mysterygirl 7 weeks ago

      I can relate to every number accept #2

    • profile image

      Rose 8 weeks ago

      So their is this guy he stares at me sometimes when i walk past him. I have loved him ever since i first saw him and he has never talked to me but he hangouts with other boys. I don't have him in any of my classes. One time i was with my friend walking to school and he was behind us and he kept looking at me which made me really nervous. I'M super shy around him so i don't know if i should talk to him or not. He is super funny and it makes me smile alot and i love him. What should i do please help me i dont know what. to do.

    • profile image

      Annie Shaban 8 weeks ago

      Hey, well I have a crush on this cool guy called Swarray. Well he's super cute and every minute I look at him. But then one day I caught sight of him. We looked at each other until he smiled. His brother told me that he talks a lot about me

    • profile image

      Random nab 8 weeks ago


      So..this one guy named K. Kept giving me his attention like A LOT.K. Says that he like me but idk if he is serious or just joking.and whenever im not around,he always told the whole class that he miss me and that his wife is not in the class JOKINGLY..i dont really mind that bcoz i thought he is joking.But yesterday,he gotta go to a camp and he announced to the whole class to take care of me when he is not around..and whenever people like tease me or bully me,he always told them off.idk whether he really do like me or he is just being playful.Sometimes he stares at me.and hella confused,someone pls help

    • profile image

      Someone 8 weeks ago

      i have a crush and he always shows off around me. I barely know him and whenever he thinks im not looking, he just stares at me. also whenver im going to the gym, i look behind me to s ee him just watching me through a group of friends. SOMEONE HELP ME MAKE HIM ASK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      shygirl 2 months ago

      i like him but he doesnt talk to me he stares and looks away help me plz

    • profile image

      chicken nugget 2 months ago

      i have a crush on a guy but he is a grade above me and we've never talked.In the halls he always stares at me(and even smiled one time).

      Is this a sign or am i just being over dramatic?

    • profile image

      cassy 2 months ago

      my crush blushes around me and acts really nervous around me

      but i also like his cousin.

    • profile image

      Sylveon Ashglow 2 months ago

      So there this guy. I love him. I would die for him. But i don't know if he likes me back. Like i followed ALL of the steps. I'm smart, actually he told me this to my face that i was smarter that him. Im good at sports like soccer and ice skating. I he stares at me in all the classes we have together. He makes me laugh 24/7 and im always smiling and laughing and blushing. I watch what i wear. I try my best to make him like me but i dont know how!! i dont have him number so i cant text him because we just met this year and i dont know if i feel comfy telling him my number. He NEVER called me "dude" "person" "yo" he ALWAYS calls me by my name. EVEN to others. He ALWAYS makes eye contact but sometimes get like SUUUPPPERR shy. We sometimes touch but im makes me queezy and i start shaking so i pull away. Some times he teases me and is rude but in the friendly way. But he's mainly nice and sweet. Soo i HATE LIKE HATE his friends and they HATE LIKE HATE me back because we had some sort of rivalry and stuff so he is mean to me around his friend that dont like me but some of his friends are my friends and one of his freinds likes me so idk what to do i alrady rejected this one guyy who asked me out yesterday so i really hope this works out because i love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

    • profile image

      Sasha 2 months ago

      I have a crush and I was with him since 5th grade(now in 8th), we almost have every class together and we look at each other all the time but don't talk AT ALL!!!!

    • profile image

      Harambe 2 months ago

      I don’t have a “crush” but I do have a boyfriend. I stumbled upon this and my boyfriend does literally all these things but stare at my lips and get really close to me. We r both a little shy when it comes to holding hands or kissing.

    • profile image

      To girl who loves KRISH 2 months ago

      I liked a Krish once too lol

      Maybe we're talking about the same one...

    • profile image

      hellopeople 2 months ago

      hey. i have this crush on this guy and he occasionally glances at me when im around him. im considered a nerd and he is considered ''cool'' but im not sure. i get the vibe he sorta thinks im cute? i have no idea. thanks. PLEASE reply. i need advice ASAP. and help. ahem. well thanks peeps.

    • profile image

      Karthika 2 months ago

      Thers is a tutor in my coaching centre.He always stares at me when iam writing my notes or listening to his classes.what does that mean???he stares at me by taking deep breath and when ever i looks at him by the time of staring he instanyly looks away.thera was a sent off party in my coaching institute.There was all teachers.He looked at me when ever i passes near to him and he stared at me on that day too.what does this staring means ?? Is this love???

    • profile image

      b.t 2 months ago

      okay 1, other girls flirting- hey, your cute u wanna hang sometime?

      2, me flirting- um uh hey, so uh do you know do you like bread- bye

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 months ago

      I'm in love with this guy, his name is Krish, and I really love him! And now I think that he loves me back :)

    • profile image

      AB :D 2 months ago

      so he really likes me

    • profile image

      nzm 2 months ago

      I usually don't trust these (because of cheesy advise), but I guess I will now. This dude that I like, he's great. We're both considered 'cool'or whatever in our school. Whenever he sits near me, he purposely taps his foot on my chair, near my chair, or stretches his arms so that his hand is literally hitting my pencil. I try not to notice, but he consistently stares at me. Not complaining, though! In health, he legitimately turned himself in his chair and faced his body towards me and stared, and when I looked back at him, first from the corner of my eye, then completely, I caught him mid-action glancing towards the floor. I'd sometimes start up a convo with the girl next to me, and he'd listen in. We've had 3. total conversations when he's said something and I've answered back

      This kid has me hooked. He is my freaking high. I know this sounds nooby, and I seem pathetic, but this kid is just flippin' phenomenal. Praying this works out.

    • profile image

      Weird, clumsy girl. 2 months ago

      Like I have a crush on this guy, and I saw him in Drama staring at me from the other side of the room directly at me. In Spanish I said he's bag is open then he asked me from the other people write next to him. He's always being loud and funny around me. Does this mean something??

    • profile image

      TypicalGirl101 2 months ago

      So i had this crush on this boy on my 5th period class i think he likes me because when he sees me he gets happy all of a sudden then smiles a lot then he always finds ways to sit next to me in class and finds a way to see me when im far from him!

    • profile image

      amanda 3 months ago

      I will try to see this because I really love this two boys mateo and petrik

    • profile image

      kp 3 months ago

      my crush is any francis

    • profile image

      mary 3 months ago

      omg 5/9

    • profile image

      Vivianne 3 months ago

      I have a crush and It seems like we meet eachother every single hour at school its just crazy!!!! Well whats confusing me is that today we past REALLY close by and He looked at me and Said his friends name 2 times, does it mean he's friends might like me???

    • profile image

      Random Girl 3 months ago

      I like a boy but he's like my best friend. But I always catch him in 6th period looking at me. He also talks to me differently than with other girls/my friends. Does this mean he has a crush?

    • profile image

      AnonymousUnkown 3 months ago

      In the end where you said, "If it's someone you see regularly but don't really know, try to befriend them with a conversation about an upcoming school event, class, or club." What do I do if I'm shy? I could never go up to him in person and be so blunt!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 months ago

      So, me and my crush are only in one class together, but every time we are in that class he always stares at me, and we sit at computers and he sits one computer down and across from me and the computers block his view from me but he looks through the little gap at em sometimes, but when I look back he doesn't look away, but he never talks to me either, and every break he always stares at me when we pass by each other. I'm really confused can someone please help me?! I'm literally dying over here.

    • profile image

      justarandomperson 3 months ago

      There's this guy in one of my classes, and he always stares in my direction. But whenever I look, he turns his head away and looks at the teacher.

      The things is, we aren't friends and we barely talk because we are in different friendship groups.

      He's part of the so-called populars, when i'm part of a group that no-one really notices.

      I'm confused. Please help me out!

    • profile image

      Eveylyn 3 months ago

      I went to the park today and i saw a three guys i know from school and one of them kept on staring at me and i noticed that he was staring at me and he looked away fast and blushed and when one of his friend said hi to me i said hi back but the guy i was talking about was to shy to talk to me.

    • profile image

      Summer 3 months ago

      why does he say ew to you around his friends but still looks at you in class

    • profile image

      sonia 3 months ago

      like it a lot

    • profile image

      Elizabeth 3 months ago

      So, there's this really cute, shy, nerdy guy I like. So, one day, we were waiting in the Science room at school to be released to go to our lockers and get our stuff to start our day. And, just as were about to leave, he locked eyes with me from across the room. It felt like he stared at me for 3 seconds!! I'm not sure what this means, any advice or idea guys?

    • profile image

      Bts 3 months ago

      JIMIN!!! I was shook when I saw him

    • profile image

      lainey 4 months ago

      Hi I'm lainey, There is this guy at my school Ryan(middleschool) and I will catch him staring at me or finding someone behind me to come up to say hi but he walks my way. We don't have any classes together and he never touches me except that one time when I borrowed something from him and our hands held for 2 seconds. I will find myself in a blank stare at him for a while and I can't stop thinking about him. He went to my brother's party to go camping but I wasn't there. I keep having dreams about him 2. Whats wrong with me! Also, he hangs out with the cool girls BTW he is a grade younger but he was held back so he should be in my grade. Supposedly he has a girlfriend but it isn't very clear. He has shown pictures but it looks like a random girl. He will be going to the same HS as me so far. HELP! thank you

    • profile image

      rosa 4 months ago

      my crush is kaydyn

    • profile image

      Jiminieswifeuu 4 months ago

      Jimin is not shy

    • profile image

      Mistmoon12 4 months ago

      I've been friends with my crush for 6 years now,and I've recently developed a crush on him. We're both in marching band and we recently had a performance. He was sitting in my column (at least 3 ppl behind me), I was directly behind the drum major.

      There's one part of the show where the pep band needs to walk down the isles to the front of the band to perform.

      The first performance I glance at him as he passes me, and he gives me this rye smile, while I'm giving him a grin. On the way back to his seat we look at each other, and we both sort of smirk.

      For the next performance he determinedly looked straight ahead (heading to the front) and down (back to his seat), seeming to try not to smile as he passes me.

      For the third I tried to side glance him again as he passed but, he saw determinedly looking down, most likely because the drum major's baton was accidentally kicked out of the isle and out into front and he nearly tripped on it during the 2nd show. On the way back, me make eye contact and we both smile and he raises his eyebrows at me.

      I'm not sure if it was a conscious or subconscious move, but I've notice he's been doing it quiet a but during the marching season when we have eye contact. I say I'm not sure, because I consciously move my eyebrows (sometimes it's subconscious) when I have eye contact with him as a "what's up?" from far away, if I can't go over and talk with him.

    • profile image

      Mistmoon12 4 months ago

      There's a picture of Jimin and I can't concentrate on this's Jiminie Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    • profile image

      Fanyashia Hickson 4 months ago

      my crush is name Adrian Appricco - Diaz when he see me he always stare at me and smile at me and he talks to me and touch my legs and hips and hold my hands today January 1, 2018 I told someone to tell my crush i love him ask me do we go out I said no then he said why did you say tell him you love him I said just do it then he did it then he said my crush said he love me to

    • profile image

      no jams 4 months ago

      Omg why Jimini in second picture..ah I only saw him and yeah he is also shy..wink wink

    • profile image

      Shane 4 months ago

      Umm.. There is a guy in our classroom that keeps on staring at me and he usually go near me and ask like if I have a bottle, paper or such. It weird for me because why does he stare and why he go to me instead to his friends or other girl classmates. Were not close either and we never talk much, I don’t like him and I think he doesn’t like me and its getting creepier each day. Please give me advice. What should I do about it?

    • profile image

      Lilly 4 months ago

      So, My I have a crush on someone that I think like me back but he already has a girlfriend or used to but recently got in a breakup At school He stares at me from a distance and plays with his hair at the same time,I have no idea what that means

    • profile image

      aryaija 5 months ago

      i know someone who likes me then

    • profile image

      Mae 5 months ago

      When I saw jimin I screamed HAHA any ARMYs here ?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 months ago

      omg this guy at school is in most of my classes and we always look at eachother and whenever our eyes meet we look away and try to act cool. hes super cute and i actually want to get to know him more. he came near me the other day to talk to someone else but he kept looking at me while shyly smiling at me. what should i do???

    • profile image

      Gabriella 5 months ago

      My crush looked at me then smiled and was Raising his eyebrows what does that mean?

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 months ago

      Well, there is this guy I kinda like and he is a year older than me. Before, whenever I saw him, he would smile and say hi. Then one time when we were talking, his friends started teasing him about 'flirting' with a younger girl. They were joking, but after that, he became kinda distant and tries to cover up if he looks at me. I don't know if this means he likes me or hates me or what and I don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      Akaisha 5 months ago

      My crush said to me "Why do you always look at me when you laugh?" I was so embarrassed so I said "no I don't!" Then I quickly whispered to my bff that was sitting next to me "after I laugh I always look in that direction its just natural!" It was so awkward, what I wanted to know is what does that mean????

    • profile image

      Leiloni Ontiveros 5 months ago

      it helped me kinda with this guy at school :-)

    • profile image

      KrandKy 5 months ago

      There is this guy, when I go in the hall to go to my bus 8th graders come down the hall he would be the first one, and he would look at me and I would look back and I'd get so damn nervous one time he came down the hall and his brown eyes where glimmering :O

    • profile image

      Iulia 5 months ago

      At first it seems so normal to see that picture with Jimin, than I was like: Jimin!!!They are really popular.

    • profile image

      jasiree 5 months ago

      My crush always stares at me blankly and jokes around with me a lot.Thank you this really helped me understand why he acts the way he does around me.

    • profile image

      Yura 6 months ago

      I think he knows I like him back. The question is, I'm still unsure of whether or not he likes ME or my best friend. We do almost everything together and we're always around each other so I don't see why he wouldn't like her either.

      However, just today he showed yet another sign. He constantly watched the two of us from a distance, looking straight at us with a sly smile. That's his usual smile and usually he's quite neutral, like when we're sitting next to each other (seating arrangements lol) he'll try to act cool and hide his expression.

      I'm just as shy as he is so I hide my face behind a book. I fear that sometimes I'm mistaking him looking at me for something else, like him looking at the board. Because I don't always give him eye-to-eye, I'm toooo damn nervous, I can never tell if he's watching me or not.

    • profile image

      Jade 6 months ago

      I still don't know if he likes me, he's very kept to him self about it I just want to know. He does stare at me a lot at least I think, i'm confused with him because he has all these signs, but he says no.

    • profile image

      Tevan 6 months ago

      So, I love this person so so much, he is sooo cute. He always looks at me and stares at me. I always catch him staring and he smiles and looks away when I realise him looking. Sometimes, he even makes a face when I stare back too long. Today, I was mad at some girls in my class and he was involved in the drama. He kept on looking at me trying to get my attention but I was really annoyed so I ignored him. Later, I texted him to say sorry for being all mad, and he said it was all good. I wonder if he likes me?

    • profile image

      Kylie 6 months ago

      So i was walking in the hallway at school and we look each other in the eye and as he and i depart he says "hey''

    • profile image

      ARMY 6 months ago

      Why is Jimin here? what the heck hahahahahaha

    • profile image

      Jazmin 6 months ago

      so i like this kid and he likes me back and he had a crush on me in 1st grade and he had the guts to tell me like in the middle of class in 5th grade and now he only like me but as a friend but i dont know if he still has a crush on me still and he looks at me like alot.

    • profile image

      lillie 7 months ago

      so the guy i like he's dating somebody else but he does all of these things with me and not his girlfriend it's kind of weird becuse me and his girlfriend are like best friends and we've all known ech other forever

    • profile image

      Kim 7 months ago

      So I Actually Have A Crush On This Guy, We've Had A Little Fight Before On Chat, It Included Him And His Friends This Happened Last Year, We've Never Talked To Each Other Before, But At Sometimes We Make Eye Contact, And His Face Seems Frozen Or Sometimes With A Half Smile, I Wasn't So Sure If He Was Looking At Me Though, And I Would Usually Look Away After We Stared At Each Other I Guess, Please Help I Really Hope He Likes Me Back And We Get Along, His A Capricorn And I'm A Sagittarius.

    • profile image

      rachelle 7 months ago

      this really help me thank you

    • profile image

      Patty cake. 7 months ago

      There is this boy. And he just glances at me. It sometimes is from the corner of his eye and other times he look at me directly. One time, I overheared his friends tell him that he should ask me for homecoming but he said no. One time when he was talking with his friends, and he and his friends were laughing and he looked at me with a big smile. He looks at me a lot when I am asking the teacher a question and he is also by the teachers desk. But the problem is that I used to follow him on Snapchat but he blocked me. I luckily, still follow him on Instagram and he follows me but that's all. We never talked unless its an assignment we work on together. So I can't really tell if he likes me or not. So, does he like me or does he not?

    • profile image

      Jamie Scholler 7 months ago

      How to get a guy to fall for me?? How to become his girlfriend?

    • profile image

      Diana 7 months ago

      what happens when a boy mess with you but the next day he messes with a girl but then stares at you alot?

    • profile image

      lilo 7 months ago

      i don't understand him. sometimes he's pretty rude and wont talk to me but sometime he talks .. and sometime when there's something he wants to buy he asks me which one would i prefer . i'm confused ... does that make sense? he sometimes touch me and it was shocking it has been years bcs we've been friend like my whole life since we were 1 y/o. and sometimes i wonder if he knows i like him cuz i don't want him to know

    • profile image

      Alex 7 months ago

      In the past three days i’ve seen him stare at me three times... once on Friday during lunch, once yesterday (Monday) during health, and once today (Tuesday) while we were in the gym this morning before we went to our lockers. But i think he has a girlfriend. what does this mean?

    • profile image

      Fatima 8 months ago

      What happened if a boy look at a girl

    • profile image

      Sara 8 months ago

      There is a guy in my class. He is naughty,smart but a bit nerdy. He was staring at me since last year. I can understand that he likes me. I do like him. But I don't know whether he has a crush on me. Though we never spoke with each other. We were in a good relationship. I know that one day he we'll come to meet me or else I'll die without seeing him...he keeps on seeing me like for

    • profile image

      animallover17 8 months ago

      There is this boy in my class who is super social and funny. All the sudden he started acting really shy around me, and I caught him staring at me across the room multiple times. I'm just really confused about why he's doing this. That's when I found this website. Please help me!

    • profile image

      OMG JIMIn 8 months ago

      LMAO I didnt Expect Jimin


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