70 Signs That He Is Interested in You

Updated on June 14, 2019
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

It can get confusing as to whether someone likes you as just a friend or if they would like more. If you notice some of these signs, it's highly likely that you've grabbed their attention. Remember, sometimes someone likes you, but things just are not in synch whether they have too much going on with work or if they haven't gotten over someone yet. You deserve only the best!

  1. He buys you flowers. (Why would a guy buy a girl flowers for any other reason?) Guys will do this without asking, if they attach a pretty girl to a pretty flower. They've seen enough movies and had a mom or sister to know this is a smart move.
  2. He finds ways to touch you in a non-creepy ways, such as your shoulder, arm, maybe even hair. (Hair is a dead giveaway. Not a pat on the head, but literally strokes your hair, maybe even tries to put it in a ponytail.)
  3. He compliments you often whether for your looks, brains, or personality. He also enjoys complimenting you, and it's natural for him to do so. He makes a genuine effort.
  4. He misses you when you've been gone too long. He asks for you to come back home. It literally eats him up inside if he hasn't seen you for awhile.
  5. All his guy friends act strange around you because they know how much he likes you.
  6. He asks you to coffee, lunch, or something in the daylight. Time of day speaks volumes. If he wants to see you in the busy portion of the day, this is more positive than at night.
  7. He gives you as many hugs as possible. You may find that during one outing he hugs you about eight times for no reason... at all. Except you're cute.
  8. He has an odd interest to want to meet your family. He'd like to know what your parents are like and what dirt your siblings have on you.
  9. His eyes sparkle like a thousand fireflies going off in them.
  10. He laughs when you laugh and it feels natural. You guys share a similar sense of humor.
  11. The two of you mimic each others actions from the way you sit, the little verbal phrases you say, to when you both grab for a drink of water. Mimicry is a sign of affection.
  12. He goes nuts if he ever sees you cry. It messes with him. He may grab a tissue box, he may sniffle himself, or he'll grab you in a hug. It will definitely mess with him, especially if you are not a frequent cryer.
  13. He places his head in your lap.
  14. He draws you pictures; once I had a guy draw odd alien creatures of ourselves. I still have it.
  15. He writes a lovely song about you.
  16. He gives you random gifts whether homemade, something that's in arms reach of him, or something more intentional.
  17. He really wants you to meet his mom... he might not even know why, but his mom might be able to give advice about you.
  18. The two of you text often and it's mostly enjoyable.
  19. His face turns a little red, and he gets nervous. Or his neck turns red. Him turning red is most likely not tied to embarrassment.
  20. He gets upset when others in the room make fun of you.
  21. If another guy is hitting on you, he may get jealous and may do something about it in a humorous manner.
  22. He occasionally makes an innuendo. Men are somewhat transparent with their words more so than women who tend to be discrete. In comparison, men suck at being discrete.
  23. He often will sit right next to you.
  24. He mentions that you remind him of his mom or sister.
  25. He only has one picture of a woman in all of his Instagram, and it's you.
  26. He asks for your opinion on the most trivial of matters before making a decision.
  27. He makes requests for you to be in the same group as him whether for school or playing games.
  28. He has a specific nickname that he uses for you, and says it with a smile. Or says it tenderly. Or jokingly. ;)
  29. He doesn't mind watching terrible romantic comedies with you. He might mind a little, but he'll suffer through a bad movie or two.
  30. He asks what you like in guys and tries to see if he has those qualities.
  31. He comforts you when you are sick. He might bring over soup or just will hangout with you... or will be overly concerned.
  32. He holds your hand and helps you cross the street when you're in heels, are walking through a slick area, or something of the sort.
  33. He ends up randomly wearing the same colors as you, almost as though the two of you have ESP.
  34. He tries to find you on every social media outlet imaginable.
  35. He prefers your company over all of the other ladies. AND IT'S OBVIOUS.
  36. He wears cologne or smells good for no apparent reason.
  37. He stares at you randomly and blushes when caught. When drunk, his staring and smiling get even more uncontrollable.
  38. He has an affinity for saying you're actual name. He loves it.
  39. He tries to uphold good manners when around you such as refraining from burping and farting, saying nasty things about women, cursing, etc.
  40. He may suddenly change something about himself if you say you don't like it, such as he stops smoking or gets a haircut.
  41. He tries to find ways of going to the same events as you so it feels natural and like you belong with each other.
  42. He tells you he has a dream about you / thinks of you first thing in the morning / texts you frequently in the morning.
  43. He wants you to know his family and friends. You know all of them.
  44. He fidgets and gets randomly nervous around you and has trouble speaking. He may rip up paper while sitting by you.
  45. He teases too much and tries too hard with you.
  46. He accidentally calls you.
  47. He buys your favorite foods and makes sure to have them in stock at his place.
  48. He wants to know what you like about him and will try to get you to compliment him.
  49. He'll want to cheer you up when you are sad, lonely, depressed, miserable, etc.
  50. He'll want to know more about you and will even say such.
  51. He'll buy you jewelry.
  52. He'll innocently help you if you have lint, cat hair, or something like this on your clothes.
  53. He'll dance with you at formal events like weddings and such.
  54. If you click on friends on Facebook, or have someone else do it from their profile, you'll be one of the top occurring names.
  55. He'll try to figure out what your interests are and what you have in common so you can spend time together.
  56. He invites you to parties, other occasions, and makes a point to speak to you.
  57. He has a specific nickname for you.
  58. He suddenly adjust his sock. This is a weird tick that goes do when they are overwhelmed by you.
  59. He has trouble leaving or is lingering around you in hopes of something, anything happening.
  60. He keeps the conversation going as long as possible, but may stop short if he starts to think it's awkward and doesn't want to overstay.
  61. He'll do favors for you, anything from helping you move, washing your car, changing your oil, etc.
  62. He'll keep things that you give him.
  63. He'll remember something amazing you cooked or baked and bring it up in conversation, and in hopes that you'll make it again.
  64. He'll avoid saying hurtful things about your pet when he doesn't like cats or dogs.
  65. He'll get too comfortable with you and see you like a bro.
  66. He'll be concerned about where you go, with who, and for how long.
  67. He'll look at your lips often.
  68. He'll drive you around, especially if you don't have a car.
  69. He'll make excuses to find you just to say hello.
  70. He'll remember what are some of his favorite outfits on you and may discuss that with you.

What is the reason you are having a hard time telling if this guy likes you?

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    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      4 years ago from Chicago


      Good question! There isn't really a time frame. Sometimes guys are smitten at first sight, other times they wait a year or so before showing interest.

    • Evane profile image


      4 years ago from Philippines

      So what is the time frame for all these signs to occur?

    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      4 years ago from Chicago

      @pearl sepuya

      If you ever see the sock thing, just smile to yourself. You'll know it when you see it.

    • profile image

      Pearl Sepuya 

      4 years ago

      Ah...the age old question that girls have been asking for centuries. I think you really just have to trust your intuition, especially as a woman. # 58 is a tad bit random though, but will have to take your word for it


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