Signs He Doesn't Like You Through Body Language

Updated on June 12, 2017
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So you want to know if the guy you have your eye on also likes you — well, one of the best ways to tell if someone likes you is by the body language that they give you. From the head down to the toes, everyone is gesturing right and left whether or not they like you or they just think you are nothing but milquetoast.

In this article, we will discuss the body language that proves he ain't into you one bit, honey.

Sometimes it can be tricky to read whether a guy likes you or not. He may just see you as a friend. Sometimes the signs are all there, but you just don't want to accept it. Well, a reality check won't hurt you! Plus, if you need to move on and find somebody else, the best time to figure it out is right now. So sit back, relax, and try not to take yourself too seriously. Drink some wine or eat some chocolate if you need to tend to the wounds of your unrequited sorrows. We're all here for you, literally, figuratively, and sarcastically. ;)

Body Language Clues That He Isn't Interested in What You Got

When a man likes you, his body language will be open, but when he is uninterested . . . he isn't going to be showing off as much. It should be fairly easy to tell if he is interested. He'll keep the dialogue going and he'll make sure that you get the drift. A lot of guys will take charge and pursue you.

There are some shy guys who would rather not put themselves out there, but honestly most guys will come to you first and ask you out. If it seems like it is taking forever, ask him what's up and do it in a way that would make you two would feel comfortable. Ask him if he sees you as a friend, more than, or even less than. Don't be afraid to ask.

If he seems interested, keep hanging out and see where it goes. But if you're not sure straight up from the beginning, you should watch his body language. Consider how much time he spends with you at a party, or at school, or at work. Does he make a point to come over and talk to you or could the whole evening go by without him saying a word? A guy who is interested wouldn't pass up an opportunity at a party to talk to you, especially if he already knows you. When they can, guys like to put moves on to impress a girl. You can't impress girl if you don't interact with her.

Here are some more signs to watch out for:

  1. If he isn't engaged in conversation, but seems like he is focused elsewhere, this could mean he just isn't that interested. When guys are trying to impress you, they'll make sure to hang onto what you're saying, especially in the early stages. He might check out mentally if he is really nervous and your presence intimidates him. Look for conversational cues — does he look at your lips and eyes, or does he look more at his wrist watch? Does he seem distracted?
  2. His eyes are on another lady or man. If he was trying to impress you he wouldn't be checking someone else out constantly in front of you and not giving you attention. Talking about the other person or saying out loud that he has feelings for someone else means he doesn't care about your romantic feelings. That's just plain stupid to do to a gal. He isn't trying to make you jealous. He is interested in someone else.
  3. His gestures will reveal that he is bored. He yawns, stretches to relax beyond what is romantic, and he blatantly scratches his butt. None of these moves scream that he is trying to romance you.
  4. He doesn't pay the bill. If you go out to eat on a first date or hang out, usually the guy tries to signal something by buying your meal. He might be keeping it platonic by splitting the check . . . or he is a cheapskate and you don't want to spend time with him anyway. Guys reach for the bill when interested.
  5. He'll cross his arms, legs, and anything there is to cross. This should be paired with other signals, but this doesn't convey open body language. Open, attentive, and engaged body language shows more interest.
  6. When you are sitting on the couch together, there is a noticeable amount of space between the two of you. In fact, a river could be pushing the two of you away. A guy who is interested will do what he can to close the gap. And touch you. He will find a way to touch you.
  7. If he never, ever finds an excuse to touch you — not even for a high five — then most likely he isn't interested. Guys will touch what they think is pretty. They will find a creative way to interact with you. If not, they are a waste of your time.
  8. You notice that he has more open body language and is more comfortable with other women. This should be a sign that he isn't interested. Clearly, he can have open body language, so if he is shutting down around you, I wouldn't take that as being shy. He may be socially awkward, but he does seem to be able to open up to others.
  9. He doesn't walk in step with you. When guys are interested and caught up in what you have to say, they walk at the same pace. They don't fall behind or walk too fast. If this is out of sync, it's more than him just having a busy mind one day.
  10. He never sits by you or near you. He never picks to be in the same group. Guys who like someone want to sit by them.
  11. The most romantic gesture he has ever made is shaking your hand. Clearly, there isn't a lot here to say for a romance. You're more likely friends or acquaintances.
  12. He doesn't seem to think you're pretty. Guys will have big, crazy eyes for girls they find attractive, and they can't help but talk or interact with them. He'll be drawn to you like a magnet. If you're not getting that magnet feeling, he probably isn't attracted or he is oblivious.
  13. He doesn't stop by to say hello but just carries on with his day. You are nothing on his radar.
  14. If he used to give you hugs, and that has now stopped and he goes from A to B without talking or touching you, he has lost interest.
  15. When he talks to you, he never lingers. Knowing when to linger gives you the chance to build a romance. If he doesn't linger, then it is all business.
  16. His face contorts when you are around him and you get the sense he is disgusted.
  17. He never approaches you. He always walks the other direction. Consider the proximity he has with you.
  18. He doesn't dress to impress. Instead he wears whatever he wore to bed, smelling of last year's old laundry. If he wanted to impress you he would dress nicer.
  19. He doesn't open any doors for you and he never opens car doors for you.
  20. He never makes a move on you. He doesn't try to hold your hand or kiss you. He doesn't try to give you a hug.
  21. He doesn't sit next to you, but he sits next to your friend. You see him interact a lot with one of your friends. He is smitten with your friend.
  22. He never calls or texts.
  23. He doesn't know or remember your name.
  24. He often looks dumbfounded.
  25. When you enter a room, he gets out as quickly as possible.
  26. He doesn't laugh at your jokes. He actually says your jokes are terrible and would like for you to never use them again.
  27. You have no affect on him. You could say anything and his facial expression doesn't change at all.
  28. His body doesn't face your direction when you talk together.
  29. If you come into his personal bubble, he steps away to readjust the parameters.
  30. He feels comfortable burping, farting, and saying crude things around you. And you haven't been dating forever to where these things are more acceptable.
  31. He seems distracted. You talk, he is on his phone. You smile, he is clearly daydreaming. You ask about his plans, he says he doesn't know.
  32. He doesn't do anything to make you feel special.
  33. His feet are oriented away from you. Our feet point in the direction of what we desire.
  34. He shifts around in his seat too much. He is uncomfortable and overly fidgety.
  35. His gestures come off as stiff and lazily done.
  36. He is way, way more into his cellphone than the date. In fact, you shouldn't bring out a cellphone during a date. It's rude.
  37. He keeps looking for the clock. He asks about time frequently. He stares at his watch. He keeps talking about time constraints.
  38. His gaze is on everything but you.
  39. He's always preparing to leave, such as legs uncrossing, picking up bags, straightening clothing.
  40. He has blank or neutral facial expressions. He should smile and his eyes should show emotion if he likes you.
  41. He interrupts you. He doesn't let you speak. He is more concentrated on his own thoughts. He looks mad. He looks perturbed.
  42. He separates from you for hours at a time with no explanation. You go to a party and several hours later you leave separately.
  43. When he kisses you, it is short, brief, and lacks passion.
  44. He doesn't take care of his breath. He eats garlic.
  45. He never cuddles with you. Men do, in fact, like to cuddle. Instead he pushes you away. He says you are clingy.
  46. When you touch him, he asks you to stop. He is disgusted by the presence of your hands on his body.
  47. He keeps looking at his feet and only his feet. This could be a really bad sign that he is hiding something or is feeling beyond insecure.
  48. He cuts people off and tries to prevent them from telling details about himself. He makes gestures for people to keep quiet. He could be cheating or up to no good.
  49. He doesn't like it when you are in his space. He always readjusts when you are too much in his space bubble.
  50. He has no capacity for staying more than 30 minutes around you.

Don't Panic!

Some guys are shy, so it may be easier to get to know them in a more private environment.

Try talking and see if you have any common interests. Guys can get more excited and interested if they know what they can talk about with you. Sometimes they're interested in a pretty face but need more conversation to make it go anywhere.

Most guys are looking for someone they can really enjoy. That's when they're wanting a long-term relationship. You can't force love, so don't try too hard. Just be yourself. Love will find a way. There are lots of people you'll get to meet in this lifetime, so don't settle on someone who isn't interested in you.

If he doesn't know you yet, try striking up a conversation. Ask questions about what he did in school, his job, if he has a big family, his hobbies, his favorite foods, etc. One of those questions should trigger a full on conversation. Try to be fun, engaging, and someone he would like to talk to and not just ignore. Don't be afraid to start a random conversation, because those often lead to better connections. And we all need better connections with our fellow friends. Good luck!


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    • SerenityHalo profile image

      Andrea Lawrence 14 months ago from Chicago

      If he is still talking to you after finding out you like him.... this is probably a good sign. I can understand being shy, but I think if you keep being around him and positive, it'll probably open up on its own. If he stopped talking to you, and his behavior changed a lot -- then you'd have a problem. He's probably trying to be sensitive to you and test the waters. Keep it positive! Stay friendly and flirty. If you feel in your heart you need to ask him about his intentions, then do. Make sure you are comfortable with how things go. Sounds like a nice guy.

    • profile image

      Anne 14 months ago

      I forgot to mention that he was still talking to me after he found out that i like him. He didn't act any different.

    • profile image

      Anne 14 months ago

      The problem is guys don't go for me so it's hard for me to tell when they like me or don't. There is this guy that i like and when someone told him my feelings, his reaction was kind of confusing. Apparently, he initially just smiled and said that she was lying. He didn't laugh though. When another friend of mine asked how he felt about what that person said, he again just smiled and walked away. Sometimes i'll catch him looking in my direction as if he wants to say something, but whenever we are talking, he doesn't really give off the body language in a negative or positive way. He goes out of his way to make me laugh, but we don't really touch. We do flirt a lot. My question is, should I wait for him to confront me? I am really shy and afraid that i'll ruin our friendship.

    • SerenityHalo profile image

      Andrea Lawrence 17 months ago from Chicago


      It is true! I went for a wide set of examples; focusing on one part of the relationship cycle was making my content too short.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 17 months ago from The Caribbean

      The article seems to speak for different stages of relationships--sometimes casual, sometimes more involved. Anyway, if we can figure out where we are, we will find your observations most helpful. Thanks.