Romantic Conversation Starters for Couples

Updated on January 22, 2017
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Sadie Holloway is a workshop facilitator who teaches interpersonal communication skills to help people strengthen their relationships.

These creative date night conversation starters can help the two of you unwind from your hectic day-to-day routines so that you can focus on the best parts of your relationship. No matter how long you have been together or how well you think you know each other, there's always something new to learn about the one you love!


25 Things to Talk About on Date Night

If you and your spouse are like most modern couples, sometimes it takes awhile to turn off your endless ‘must remember to talk about’ task lists: “There’s a PTA meeting we need to go to on Tuesday”...”Can you come home early on Wednesday and let the electrician in to fix the dryer?”...”The insurance agent called. It’s time to renew our homeowner’s policy.” And on and on the list goes.

We’re all crunched for time these days and so when we have a few minutes of one-on-one time with our spouses, it’s tempting to try and cover all the household business. But date night isn’t a business meeting. It’s supposed to be a romantic interlude from your busy lives. It's a chance to connect on a quieter, more intimate level.

1. One of the first things I noticed about you when we first met was...

2. I laugh every time I think about that time when we...

3. What do you think our home will look like when we're in our 70s?

4. If I didn’t have you in my life, I think the one thing that I’d be most afraid of is...

5. Where was your favorite hiding spot when you were a kid?

6. When we get to our 50th wedding anniversary, we should...

7. The thing I love most about your Mom (or Dad, or sister) is...

8. I never would have learned how to...if I hadn’t met you.

9. If we were a musical group, what would we call ourselves?

10. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in life?

11. If you had to come up with a name for a designer paint color in the same shade as my eyes, what would you call it?


10. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in life?

11. If you had to come up with a name for a designer paint color in the same shade as my eyes, what would you call it?

12. If we inspired a rom-com movie, what would the title of the film be and who would play us on the big screen?

13. What do you think is the one thing that we have in our home that says, “We were made for each other!”?

14. What do you think is the best piece of music ever written?

15. What event or activity in the next 6 months are you looking forward to more than anything else?

16. If you could be the spokesperson for any product on the market, what product would you choose and why?


17. If you could have any book instantly memorized from cover to cover, which book would you choose and why?

18. If we were to sell our home when we retire and go live on a farm, what is the one chore that you would definitely NOT want to do?

19. What, in your opinion is your most endearing quality? What is mine?

20. What was your favorite thing to pretend when you were a child?

21. If you were making a list of the five things (not people) that make you happiest in life, what would you write down?

22. If we would travel forward together in time 25 years from now and meet our older selves, what should we ask them?

23. If you could change the ending of any movie you’ve seen or book you’ve read, what would you choose and how would you change the ending?

24. If we had to evacuate our home because of an emergency, once our kids, pets and essential supplies were safely packed up, what object of mine would you run back into the house to retrieve because you know how much that thing means to me?

25. What is the best $100.00 you’ve ever spent on yourself?

Chat Pack: Original
Chat Pack: Original
A few of the questions featured above were adapted from one of my favorite conversation-starting tools, The Chat Pack. It's a deck of pocket-sized cards with fun and playful questions and conversations starters. Slip a few of these cards into your purse on date night and you'll have endless things to talk about over a candle-light dinner in that romantic little place you've been wanting to try!

Gentle reminders about these conversation starters for couples:

  • Adapt them to suit your situation or use them as inspiration for your own set of date night conversation prompts.
  • There are no wrong answers. These questions are a way to get the two of you talking about fun, playful topics that you might
  • Respect your partner’s answer to each question. If you don’t agree with the way your partner answers a question, don’t take it personally. For instance, if you aren’t the focal point of some of his answers, that’s OK. You are two unique individuals who have chosen to spend your lives together. That doesn’t mean that you have to interpret all of your shared life events in exactly the same way.
  • Listen. Listen. Listen. When your partner is answering a question, devote your full attention to his or her answer. Be fully present. Don’t spend your time while your spouse is talking thinking of your own answer to the question.
  • Remember that the purpose of these questions is to have fun and spark your creativity. The questions shouldn't be treated as an interrogation or used to one-up each others answers.
  • Be open to where the conversation takes you. Don;t feel like you have to answer a certain number of questions or cover a variety of topics on your date night. If one question leads to a conversation that last all night, go for it!

Everyone needs fresh ideas from time to time, even when it comes to talking to our true love. That’s just how our brains work. Even the most successful authors turn to writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing. Advertising and marketing pros hold group brainstorming sessions to generate fresh ideas. Musicians listen to other musicians to get inspired and uncover new songs waiting to be heard. Not knowing what to talk about on date night doesn’t mean the love is lost or that things are drying up between you two. There’s nothing wrong with needing a few new ideas for what to talk about on date night.

© 2017 Sadie Holloway


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