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350+ Never Have I Ever Dating Questions

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

How well do you know your partner? Never Have I Ever questions can help break the ice and teach you something you didn't know about your partner

How well do you know your partner? Never Have I Ever questions can help break the ice and teach you something you didn't know about your partner

Introduction to Game

Never Have I Ever is a popular drinking game. It is also called Ten Fingers. Players take turns announcing things they've never done. Those who have done the thing in question must put one finger down or take a shot. The player who wins either still has some drink left or has fingers still standing.

The drinking version is played by adults. Ten Fingers is played by adolescents and children.

The game is two-fold. You want to get people out of the game before you. It's also a way to get to know others. The following list is for romantic situations. It may also give your partner an idea or two about what they can plan for the future.


Players generally form a circle. The first player starts by making a simple statement about something they've never done.

Some people employ another rule—if no one takes a drink or puts a finger down, then the person asking the question has to do so. This pushes people to strategize more and ask fewer random questions.

No details have to be shared. In a sense, Never Have I Ever is a yes or no questionnaire.

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At any point, people can forfeit the game and stop answering questions. This game can get sour and put a strain on friendships, so be careful what you ask.

Romantic Questions

The following questions are romantic in nature. There is a range of questions for different levels of romantic interaction from simply having a crush on someone to being married. Some of the questions are meant to make you laugh others might take you back to a pleasant memory. These questions are great if you need to kill time or get to know someone better. They might work well during a candlelight dinner or a weeklong vacation.

Never Have I Ever is intended to break the ice, not make your relationship super awkward.

Never Have I Ever is intended to break the ice, not make your relationship super awkward.

Never Have I Ever. . .

  1. Been in a relationship
  2. Danced with someone in the rain
  3. Kissed someone's elbow
  4. Kissed someone's feet
  5. Been on a romantic vacation in Europe
  6. Skipped work to make out with someone
  7. Worn makeup to attract someone
  8. Thrown out all the gifts someone gave me
  9. Made a playlist for someone I liked
  10. Made a fancy meal for someone I liked
  11. Kissed someone for more than a minute
  12. Kissed someone for more than an hour
  13. Planned a dance number with someone
  14. Worn scandalous red or black clothes
  15. Had a Valentine
  16. Had a date for a wedding
  17. Been married
  18. Eloped
  19. Held someone's hand while on a roller coaster
  20. Cheated on someone
  21. Been in a relationship for two weeks
  22. Been in a relationship for two months
  23. Been in a relationship for two years
  24. Texted someone all night long
  25. Bought chocolates for someone
  26. Wrote a love letter
  27. Brought someone I liked soup when they were sick
  28. Asked someone at a bar for their number
  29. Borrowed a car to impress someone
  30. Crushed on a celebrity
  31. Dyed my hair to impress someone
  32. Erased all the pictures of my ex from my phone
  33. Bought new shoes for a date
  34. Saved voicemails from a crush
  35. Paid a professional photographer for a dating profile pic
  36. Given someone candy hearts
  37. Flirted with a mall Santa
  38. Called someone gorgeous to their face
  39. Printed off emails from someone I liked and saved them in a folder
  40. Dreamed about someone and then fell in love with them
  41. Dated someone just so I could hang out with their pets
  42. Kissed a frog and hoped it would turn into a prince
  43. Gotten into a horse-drawn carriage with a prince
  44. Rescued a prince out of a shipwreck
  45. Gotten a job just so I could impress a crush
  46. Pretended I was royal to impress someone
  47. Sang into a well and hoped Prince Charming would appear
  48. Fought a dragon to save a princess
  49. Touched a spindle people told me not to touch. . . then slept until someone kissed me
  50. Built a snowman with my crush
  51. Pretended to be a different gender to save my family, I mean impress someone
  52. Dated a furry
  53. Rehearsed a scene from Romeo and Juliet
  54. Given someone a daisy chain
  55. Sniffed a pillow that reminds me of my love
  56. Dated someone I met online
  57. Accidentally fell asleep on someone
  58. Wandered into the woods with my crush
  59. Memorized lines from a movie to impress someone
  60. Stayed home to watch romantic comedies
  61. Watched a K-drama
  62. Memorized the lyrics to a love ballad
  63. Memorized a love poem
  64. Licked someone’s hand
  65. Pinched myself to see if things were real while on a date
  66. Believed in soul mates
  67. Played 7 Minutes in Heaven
  68. Had a crush on a video game character
  69. Wrote a fanfiction romance
  70. Added alluring scents to my home for when a handsome guest visits
  71. Intentionally watched a scary movie to get someone to be close to me
  72. Bought a romantic vacation package
  73. Shared accounts with someone (bank, social media, etc.)
  74. Held onto someone tightly and begged them not to go
  75. Worn fishnet leggings
  76. Played a thumb war to hold someone‘s hand
  77. Arm wrestled someone to hold their hand
  78. Smelled someone’s hair intently
  79. Left something at someone’s house intentionally so I had an excuse to see them again
  80. Ordered room service with my partner
  81. Worn ribbons in my hair to impress someone
  82. Taken professional pictures with my sweetheart
  83. Made someone a three-course dinner
  84. Played footsie
  85. Gotten a puppy with someone
  86. Gotten a kitten with someone
  87. Used shaving cream or whipping cream seductively
  88. Drawn pictures of someone I like
  89. Asked someone to prom
  90. Kissed the same person twice
  91. Had to sneak around my significant other’s parents
  92. Drunk texted someone
  93. Gone on a date with the wrong person
  94. Gone speed dating
  95. Kissed someone with soda in my mouth
  96. Held a rose in my mouth
  97. Taken an etiquette class to impress someone
  98. Read books on dating
  99. Dreamt I was a princess in a castle
  100. Made a wish on a star to be in a relationship
  101. Used birthday cake wishes for someone to fall in love with me
  102. Read the love letters my parents wrote
  103. Cried while kissing someone
  104. Missed someone so bad that I drove hours just to see them
  105. Told someone “I love you”
  106. Told someone “I want to marry you”
  107. Dated someone just because they reminded me of my ex
  108. Dressed like my crush for Halloween
  109. Improved my hygiene because I liked someone
  110. Kissed someone while in braces
  111. Sent someone a romantic TikTok
  112. Ghosted someone
  113. Catfished someone
  114. Made up a fake Facebook account to stalk someone
  115. Called dibs on someone
  116. Had sweaty palms because I was so nervous about someone
  117. Mailed someone chocolates
  118. Mailed someone Valentine’s Day cards
  119. Been on a honeymoon
  120. Been a newlywed
  121. Kissed someone
  122. Shared a smoothie with a crush
  123. Serenaded someone
  124. Braided someone's hair
  125. Shared chocolate covered strawberries with someone
  126. Given someone a foot massage
  127. Played spin the bottle
  128. Cuddled with someone on a couch
  129. Attended an office party with a date
  130. Gone on a museum date
  131. Kissed someone with a blindfold over my eyes
  132. Bought someone flowers
  133. Stalked someone on social media
  134. Bought someone an anniversary gift
  135. Wrote someone's name over and over again and drew little hearts
  136. Shared lipstick with a crush
  137. Kissed underneath a table
  138. Walked with a date on a beach holding hands
  139. Had a date at a winery
  140. Bought a custom-made Etsy gift for a romantic occasion
  141. Went apple picking with a date
  142. Helped someone put on sunscreen
  143. Worn perfume/cologne to attract someone
  144. Asked someone out on a date
  145. Learned something to impress another person
  146. Baked someone a cake
  147. Frenched kissed someone
  148. Kissed someone on the cheek
  149. Got a makeover to impress someone
  150. Chased after someone who was already in a relationship
  151. Pretended to like something to impress my crush
  152. Looked up someone's sun sign
  153. Broke up with someone
  154. Left someone for someone else
  155. Wrote someone a gushy love poem
  156. Picked someone up for a date
  157. Bought a dress to impress someone
  158. Had really bad butterflies (anxiety) over a crush
  159. Blushed around someone I liked
  160. Been in an unrequited romance
  161. Kissed someone's eyebrow
  162. Danced the tango
  163. Stared into someone's eyes romantically for more than a minute
  164. Planned a wedding
  165. Confessed my true feelings
  166. Confessed my attraction
  167. Been engaged
  168. Bought a house with someone
  169. Gotten knocked up
  170. Worn red lipstick
  171. Groomed my beard for a date
  172. Bought someone dinner
  173. Bought someone a drink
  174. Bought someone a one-way plane ticket
  175. Bought someone a train ticket
  176. Bought someone a whole vacation
  177. Bought someone a car
  178. Introduced my partner to my family
  179. Taken someone to Paris
  180. Watched a foreign language movie with my partner
  181. Shared a pet with a significant other
  182. Kissed a woman
  183. Kissed a man
  184. Played with handcuffs
  185. Played with romantic dice
  186. Turned off the lights during a kiss
  187. Worn deodorant on a date
  188. Hid with someone under a gazebo during a rainstorm
  189. Gone ice skating with someone I like
  190. Celebrated my crush's birthday with them
  191. Shaved my legs for a date
  192. Slept in someone's arms
  193. Kissed under the mistletoe
  194. Bought someone jewelry
  195. Worn an engagement ring
  196. Made my relationship Facebook official
  197. Shared pictures of my significant other on Instagram
  198. Missed someone so bad I cried myself to sleep
  199. Listened to Taylor Swift songs to get over the pain of losing someone
  200. Bought a puppy to impress someone
  201. Got stood up on a date
  202. Picked someone else's nose
  203. Read a romance novel
  204. Had breakfast in bed with someone
  205. Stayed at a hospital overnight to be with my sweetheart
  206. Matched my outfit with my partner
  207. Kept a journal of funny things my partner says
  208. Worn my partner's clothes
  209. Erased all my messages from an ex
  210. Rolled down a hill with someone
  211. Talked to someone on the phone all night
  212. Quoted lines from Shakespeare to seduce someone
  213. Had a couple's massage
  214. Received plastic surgery to come off more attractive
  215. Yodeled to get someone's attention
  216. Hid under someone's bed as a surprise
  217. Given someone an Eskimo kiss
  218. Cuddled up with someone in the ocean
  219. Cuddled up in an igloo
  220. Bought ice cream for my sweetheart
  221. Asked someone to stay with me because I was scared after watching a movie
  222. Sat in my partner's lap
  223. Been picked up and hugged
  224. Kissed someone until my lips were chapped
  225. Told someone about my feelings while under the influence of alcohol
  226. Walked out of a date
  227. Got into a fight with my partner
  228. Licked someone's earlobe
  229. Dressed in a sleazy Halloween costume
  230. Put perfume on my neck
  231. Put rose petals on a bed
  232. Explored a castle with my love
  233. Held hands with my partner in a church
  234. Caught the bouquet at a wedding
  235. Been a bridesmaid/groomsmen/attendant
  236. Did something fancy to my hair to impress someone
  237. Sent someone a letter with heart stickers
  238. Sent someone pictures of cute animals to flirt with them
  239. Lied about something to get someone to talk to me
  240. Been with someone in a hot tub
  241. Played Twister with my crush
  242. Given someone a kiss after putting ice in my mouth
  243. Given someone a static electricity kiss
  244. Made out at a bonfire
  245. Been skinny dipping
  246. Used witchcraft to try and bring someone close to me
  247. Cast a love spell
  248. Wrote a love song
  249. Got a love tarot reading
  250. Did an astrology compatibility report
  251. Read someone love poetry
  252. Read someone Song of Songs
  253. Got a tattoo with my partner
  254. Experimented with my sexuality
  255. Covered up a hickey
  256. Slept on someone's shoulder
  257. Accidentally farted when close to my crush
  258. Had my partner hold my hair while I vomited
  259. Snuck out of the house to see someone
  260. Had my palm read
  261. Prayed to be with someone
  262. Wrote a really long novel-like journal about someone I like
  263. Massaged someone's shoulders
  264. Worn clothing to make myself look smaller or bigger
  265. Used a photo filter for my photo for my dating profile
  266. Used a dating app
  267. Used a dating website
  268. Plucked nose hairs before a date
  269. Had a picnic for two
  270. Worn a wedding dress
  271. Been in a long-distance relationship
  272. Got matching jewelry with someone
  273. Sent someone secret messages
  274. Ran off with someone else's partner
  275. Crashed my significant other's car
  276. Been kissed on the forehead
  277. Been called honey
  278. Been someone's girlfriend
  279. Been someone's boyfriend
  280. Been on the phone with my crush for more than two hours
  281. Dated a coworker
  282. Dated a friend
  283. Dated a classmate
  284. Gone on a blind date
  285. Been cheated on
  286. Had steamy dreams about someone
  287. Given someone gold
  288. Given someone a diamond
  289. Given someone my favorite jacket
  290. Given someone my hand in marriage
  291. Rode a bicycle built for two
  292. Bought someone tickets for a symphony, play, opera, or ballet
  293. Cried when someone rejected me
  294. Been to a dance
  295. Ran my fingers through someone's hair
  296. Cheated off my crush's answers
  297. Borrowed money from my partner
  298. Asked my partner to wear my clothes
  299. Received flowers
  300. Received chocolates
  301. Received a stuffed animal
  302. Used lipstick to write a note
  303. Took a picture of my elbow and sent it to someone
  304. Put someone in my phone as my significant other
  305. Kissed someone while fireworks were in the sky
  306. Held someone's hand during a movie
  307. Spent more than $100 on someone
  308. Made someone blush with my compliments
  309. Found out about someone's ex and tried to look like them
  310. Found out someone's sun sign and broke up with them
  311. Waited on my sweetheart's porch for them to get home
  312. Kissed someone before they got on a plane
  313. Held someone's hand while they were sick
  314. Slept on someone else's couch
  315. Set up a scavenger hunt for my partner
  316. Made my partner something cool like a necklace, a leather bag, pottery
  317. Painted something for my love
  318. Called someone lover
  319. Danced in the dark with someone
  320. Hid in a closet with my crush
  321. Been in a secret relationship
  322. Had a hideout with my crush
  323. Collected seashells with someone
  324. Ordered a romantic subscription box
  325. Touched someone's eyebrows romantically
  326. Lifted weights to impress someone
  327. Did squats to impress someone
  328. Ran a few miles to impress someone
  329. Waited until someone was in a relationship and then rushed to them to tell them my feelings
  330. Dated multiple people at once
  331. Asked a psychic for help on love matters
  332. Wrote a romance novel
  333. Cut out paper hearts for someone
  334. Bought someone a snowglobe
  335. Went on a romantic getaway
  336. Kissed someone deeply when I was sad
  337. Had a candlelit dinner with someone
  338. Been on a romantic gondola ride
  339. Worn glitter on a date
  340. Played my crush a song on a guitar
  341. Saved notes from someone who liked me
  342. Saved pictures off social media to my phone of someone I liked
  343. Kissed a picture of someone I liked
  344. Had a recurring dream about a crush
  345. Bought someone I liked candy
  346. Took someone on a cruise
  347. Put a love lock on a bridge
  348. Been someone's wife
  349. Been someone's husband
  350. Had a crush on someone who was ten years older than me
  351. Kissed someone upside down
  352. Gone to a salon for someone
  353. Put my feet in someone's lap
  354. Kissed a letter someone gave me
  355. Planned a surprise party for my partner
Never Have I Ever games should last as long as people like. If your partner starts to get bored of the questions then you should end the game.

Never Have I Ever games should last as long as people like. If your partner starts to get bored of the questions then you should end the game.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

Never Have I Ever games shouldn't last forever. A good host knows when to pull the plug. If people aren't feeling it anymore then wind down the game. You probably don't need to ask hundreds of questions.

Adding a time limit can help keep things on track and not feel endless. I suggest playing the game for about 30 minutes at most. If people feel uncomfortable then don't force it. A good game has flow, laughs, and smiles.

A bad game accelerates jealously and ends with hurt feelings. You don't want to put people on the spot or make them feel like you're prying. It's okay to ask goofball questions. It's okay if people want to keep certain things private.

© 2021 Andrea Lawrence

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