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My Review of the OkCupid Dating App

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Matt is a painter and freelance writer. He writes about various topics, including relationships and online dating.


Is OkCupid a Good Dating App?

The OkCupid dating app, now owned by the corporation Match Group, was originally one of the oldest dating websites on the Internet before it became available as a smartphone app. In fact, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish were the first dating sites I used before apps and smart phones became the norm.

The app has gone through a lot of changes over the years, some good and some bad, but it still remains free and worth trying at least once if you're single and looking to meet people in your area.

In this review, I go over what the OkCupid app offers and the changes it's gone through so you can decide whether or not it's worth adding to your arsenal of free dating apps.


Who Viewed Your Profile?

Since the beginning, the original website version of OkCupid always allowed you to see who viewed your profile for free, but the site removed that feature in 2017 and replaced it with a "Likes" tab. When someone "likes" your profile it shows up there, but you can't see who likes you unless of course you pay for a premium membership. Plenty of Fish uses the same strategy in an attempt to get premium signups.

Now you have the option to pay for a "boost" to get more exposure and likes on your profile, but I don't recommend doing this. Just use the app and send messages free of charge. You don't need any of the premium features to meet people. The first thing you should do after signing up is turn off notifications for "new likes" otherwise you will be bombarded by them and it's really annoying. The only push notifications I leave turned on is for new messages, that's it.

The removal of the "who viewed me" feature was unfortunate. Being able to see who viewed your profile made it easier to meet people without having to search through as many profiles, and allowing other people to see that you viewed their profile too increased the chances of them messaging you. On more than one occasion someone saw me view their profile and messaged me first.

Your Real Name Is Now Required

Gone are the days of creating a unique username on OkCupid for some additional privacy. Now everyone is required to use their first name in their profile like the other dating apps. This change caused a lot of people to cancel their account. I remember when these changes happened, active users in my area plummeted and I stopped using the app shortly after.

Now using your name in your profile is the only option with newer dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but for anyone who remembers creating a username on OKC, it was kind of a bummer when that option was removed. With it being so easy to search and find people online using their first name and location, not having your real name shown publicly was preferred by many for safety reasons.

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Questions and Answers

One of the positives of OkCupid that has always made it unique among the free dating apps is the questions and answers feature. In fact, I don't know of any other dating site that has a Q&A feature with literally hundreds upon hundreds of questions you can answer totally free of charge.

When filling out your profile you'll be prompted to answer questions on various topics ranging from sex to religion. Some of the questions are bizarre and very personal though, and probably should go unanswered. But reading answers to questions people answered in their profile is a great way to learn a lot about someones interests, beliefs, dislikes, and quirks.

Uploading Pictures

The photo uploading tool on OKC functions well. On the Plenty of Fish app I had problems with pictures uploading blurry in the past, but pictures on this app have always uploaded fine for me without any issues. They removed the photo album feature, but you're allowed to upload up to ten pictures for free.

In 2017, the app added the ability to leave a comment on a photo, but that has since been removed. To view pictures in a profile you simply tap and it goes to the next photo.


Is OkCupid Worth It?

When OKC made several changes back in 2017 and removed useful features, like forcing members to use their real name instead of a username, there was a huge drop in women using the app in my area. However, after revisiting the app again years later, there are noticeably more women in my area using it again.

Even though this app has gone through changes, one thing that's remained the same is it being free to meet and interact with people. While the app does try to funnel you into a premium membership via "likes" and "new matches" notifications, it is truly free to look at profiles, swipe and send messages. However, like the dating app Hinge, you are now limited to 10 "likes" per day unless you upgrade to their A-list membership. Ten swipes to the right is ten likes.

Similar to Facebook Dating, the person is notified when you "like" their profile and can choose to like you back or not. You can also send the person a message too when you like one of their pictures or another section of their profile. I get more responses doing that than just swiping right.

Although OkCupid probably doesn't have the same popularity and user-base as giants like Tinder, Bumble, or Facebook Dating, it's worth checking out since it's still free. The profile set up is a bit more complex and time consuming than other dating apps I've used. You can spend hours answering questions, but doing so makes it a lot easier to find compatible matches. It is also interesting reading through answered questions in profiles.

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