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My Review of the Facebook Dating App

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Matt is a painter and freelance writer. He writes about various topics, including relationships and online dating.


The Facebook Dating App (From A Guy's Perspective)

Things are constantly evolving in the world of online dating apps. At one time Plenty of Fish and Bumble were my go-to apps, but now Facebook Dating has become my favorite with Hinge coming in second. When I first joined there wasn't a lot of people on the app yet, but now the user-base has grown significantly. There are features of this app that make it more effective than other free dating apps I've used. I will cover that in my review.

The biggest concern for many new users is privacy and potential crossover into their regular Facebook profile. I was hesitant to use the app for that very reason, but your're activity there is automatically separate from your Facebook profile and friends.

The only way to mix the two is using the "Secret Crush" feature, or by interacting with someone with mutual friends (this is indicated in the profile), but you have the option to turn that off in the privacy settings.

The first time you use the Facebook dating app, you'll notice a few differences compared to apps like Bumble and Tinder. I'll explain the features and what I think about them.


Previously, you could only tap the symbols instead of swiping, which was a little annoying, but now you can do both. This is a nice improvement that makes it easier to zip through profiles. To like someone, either swipe right or tap the heart symbol. Tap the "x" or swipe left on the profiles you don't like. When you swipe right, you're sending the person a "like", similar to Hinge, and this is what makes the app so effective.

Direct Notification for Likes

Every time you "like" a profile the person on the other end is directly notified, unlike Bumble and Tinder where you hope they swipe right on you too, unless of course you use a free "Super Like", but you're limited to only one per day, so choose wisely.

Bumble occasionally sends a "someone likes you" notification, but it's totally random and it doesn't tell you who it is, so you have to swipe right on several profiles to maybe get a match. The direct notification from Facebook dating likes makes it a lot easier to get matches. Sometimes I'll get multiple matches in one day, but on Tinder and Bumble I'm lucky to get one or two. In fact, I almost use Facebook dating exclusively now as it outperforms those two apps more times than not.


Facebook dating activity is separate from your regular profile. As I mentioned in the beginning, you will see profiles in the dating app that show you both have "mutual friends", unless you turn that feature off in the privacy settings, but your communication with anyone you message stays within the app.

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You can't screenshot profile pics too, or send personal images from your phone using the messaging feature. You can delete conversations at any time, or block someone if necessary.

Profile Details

You can add a short description about yourself with some basic details including your height, education, what you're looking for, location and more. The location field in your profile does not automatically sync up with your phone's GPS when you head out of town like it does on other apps. You have to manually update your location.

Similar to other dating apps, you can add eight photos to your profile from your phone, but you can also add Instagram pics too. Uploading profile images on this app has improved. Now you can drag pictures and reorder them how you want them to appear, but you can't add captions.

Second Look

In the general settings area, there's an option called "Second Look", which allows you to go back and look at an unlimited number of profiles you swiped left on. This is a cool feature that Tinder doesn't allow without paying for it. Bumble once allowed you to shake your phone aggressively to see the last profile you swiped left on, but that feature was removed.

My one complaint with the Second Look feature is that it rarely returns to the last profile you swiped left on. The trick is to swipe through several profiles first before going to the Second Look feature. It is a cool feature that lets you see profiles you might have swiped left on accidentally.

Getting Matches

You get matches when you swipe right to "like" someone and they do the same in return. When someone likes you back, you're instantly notified and you can initiate a conversation with the person. As I explained earlier, it is a lot easier to get matches on this app because of the direct notification. Matches appear in the "new matches" section and move into the "conversations" area after the first message is sent.

Is Facebook Dating Worth Your Time?

If you're a single guy in the dating game you should definitely try the Facebook dating app, it's free and it works. With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, the dating app will continue growing as time goes on. The app has improved since it first went public, now allowing you to swipe profiles instead of tapping the symbols.

My experience has been positive so far. I've matched with multiple girls in my area and gone on successful dates. Getting matches on this app is easier because people are directly notified of your "like" instead of having to endlessly swipe right and hope those people do the same for you. My main complaint is that profiles you swipe left on more than once reappear in the "Liked You" section repeatedly. This is an annoying glitch that should be fixed.

I've noticed far less fake profiles too on Facebook than on Tinder. Any guy who's used that app enough knows it's loaded with scammers and annoying ads. You spend more time swiping left than you do swiping right.

There isn't a separate Facebook dating app that you can install on your phone. Access is gained through the regular Facebook app, but the dating feature is only available on the mobile version.

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