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My Review of the Facebook Dating App


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The Facebook Dating App (From A Guy's Perspective)

With privacy concerns, I was hesitant to use the Facebook dating app at first, but the app is completely separate from your Facebook profile. Your social network can't see your activity on the dating app.

The only way to mix the two is using the "Secret Crush" feature, or by interacting with someone with mutual friends (this is indicated in the profile), but you have the option to turn that off in the privacy settings.

The first time you use the Facebook dating app, you'll notice a few differences compared to popular apps like Bumble and Tinder. I'll explain the features and what I think about them.

No Swiping

You can't currently swipe left or right. You have the choice to tap either the "x" or heart symbol instead. When you tap the "x" symbol the screen flashes "no thanks" as the profiles moves off the screen to the left.

Facebook should definitely remove the "no thanks" pop up. It's not a huge deal, but it does get a little annoying after surfing through hundreds of profiles. They should integrate swiping into the app. Swiping is a lot easier than having to tap small symbols at the bottom of the screen.

Direct Notification for Likes

One thing I like about this dating app is when you tap the heart symbol to "like" a profile, the person is directly notified, instead of your "like" going into a mixed pool of other interested people.

With Bumble and Tinder, your potential match on the other end isn't directly notified when you swipe right on them, unless of course you're using Tinder and you initiate a free "Super Like", but you're limited to only one per day.

Bumble occasionally sends a "someone likes you" notification upon swiping right, but it's totally random and it doesn't tell you who it is. The direct notification makes it easier to get matches.


Facebook dating is separate from your regular profile. Your activity on the app doesn't post to your wall. As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, you'll notice some profiles will indicate you have "mutual friends", unless you turn that feature off in the privacy settings, but your communication with anyone you talk to stays within the app.

You can't screenshot profile pics, or send personal images from your device, using the messaging feature. You can delete conversations at any time, or block someone if necessary.

Profile Details

The profile details shown are pretty much the same as every other dating app. You write a short description about yourself and fill out basic details including your height, education, and location. The location in your profile does not automatically update through GPS if you head out of town. You have to manually update your location.

You can add up to eight photos from your phone, but you can also add your Instagram pics too. Uploading profile images is an annoying task. You can't organize your pictures how you want them, add captions, or change any one of your pictures to your main profile pic. Basically the last picture you upload becomes your main profile pic. My biggest complaint about this app is uploading pictures.

Second Look

In the general settings area, there's an option called "Second Look", which allows you to go back and look for a second time at an unlimited number of profiles you tapped the "x" on. This is a cool feature that Tinder doesn't have for free. On Bumble, you can go back on a profile you swiped right on, but I believe there's a limit of four per day.

Getting Matches

As I explained earlier, there's no swiping. When you tap the heart symbol, the person is directly notified of your "Like" and they have the choice to either like you back, or tap the "x" button. When someone likes you back, you're instantly notified and you can initiate a conversation with the person.

Is Facebook Dating Worth Your Time?

If you're a single guy in the dating game, you should definitely try the Facebook dating app, it's free. With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, the dating app will definitely grow as time goes on.

My experience using this app has been positive so far. I've matched with multiple girls in my area. I find it easier to get matches on this app because people are directly notified of your "like", unlike Bumble and Tinder. You're basically messaging the person directly that you like them.

Your success with meeting people on this app largely depends on the quality of your pictures. You have to post good pictures and a profile description to get matches and dates, regardless of the app you're using.

Fake profiles are there, but they're on all of the dating apps. I see less obviously fake profiles on Facebook than Tinder. Tinder is loaded with them.

There isn't a separate Facebook dating app yet, as of this writing, that you can install on your phone. The dating feature is currently a profile menu option built into the Facebook itself. The primary concern is privacy, but your dating activity stays private within the dating app and doesn't mix with your social network when you get matches, or send messages.

Facebook dating definitely need some improvements like integrating swiping and providing more user friendly options for uploading profile pictures.

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