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26 Ways to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Updated on February 07, 2017
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Are you hoping a special girl likes you, but don’t know how to tell if she is really interested in you? Are you looking for hints to tell you what she's thinking? What does it mean when she keeps touching her hair? This article provides 26 things to look for to help you decide if a girl likes you.


26 Ways to Know If a Girl Likes You

The Sign
1. She likes talking to you.
She's eager to have a conversation and stays engaged with you once she's comfortable.
2. She laughs at what you say.
Belly laughs are better than giggles, and it's even better when you're both laughing together.
3. She's afraid to meet your eyes.
Some girls are afraid to be caught looking at you if they like you. (Others might confidently meet your gaze—watch to see if her pupils are dilated.
4. She notices you.
This might take different forms depending on the girl and the situation.
5. She licks her lips.
This is, of course, especially significant if it's not hot out.
6. She smiles at you.
It should be one of those real smiles — the one that makes her eyes crinkle up.
7. She doesn't like you flirting with other girls.
She may react openly, or she might just slip away so she doesn't have to watch.
8. She hugs you.
This could take many forms, but just notice if she's trying to get close to you.
9. She touches you.
Maybe she lightly hits you or touches your clothing.
10. Her friends give you clues that she like you.
Watch for their reactions like giggling or sudden silence if you approach, or notice if they ask you what you think about their friend.
11. She seeks you out to talk to.
Maybe she lingers around you when other people are leaving.
12. She develops interests in your interests.
Has she started listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite sports teams?
13. She blushes around you.
This happens not once, but many times.
14. She plays with her hair around you.
This could be an unconscious sign that she's imagining you playing with her hair.
15. She bumps into you frequently.
This could be a sign that she wants you to start a conversation with her.
16. She shows off her body.
Does her posture or clothing seem to indicate that she's looking for your attention?
17. Her arms are relaxed or wide when she's talking to you.
Crossed arms is a sign of being closed off.
18. She breaks away from conversations with her friends to talk to you.
This is a great sign that she's into you.
19. She compliments you when you're looking good.
If she notices how you're dressed or changes in your clothing, it's a good bet she likes you.
20. She hints that she's single.
Or she might ask you if you are single.
21. She's down to hang out.
She says yes quickly if you suggest plans and might even suggest plans of her own.
22. She opens up to you.
If she's telling you about problems she doesn't usually talk about, that shows she trusts you a lot.
23. She talks about doing something in the future with you.
Maybe she mentions seeing a movie or a show in a month or so. You're on her mind!
24. She follows you online and likes your posts.
If she's posting stuff and tagging you in it, that's definitely a good sign.
25. She puts away her phone when she's with you.
This shows she's trying to give you her full attention.
26. You text frequently.
If you're texting regularly, and she's initiating too, then she probably likes you. Especially if you're texting at night.

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1. She Likes to Talk to You

Start a conversation with her. If she is happy to chat with you, that's a good sign. Some couples just click from the time they start talking and can talk for hours.

If she's nervous, she might have trouble speaking up. Give her a chance to become comfortable with you. Ask her questions and wait for her to answer. She might need some time to collect her thoughts.

The danger signs are if she looks bored or simply answers your questions with a shrug. Or, even worse, if she grabs hold of a passing friend and allows herself to be dragged away.

2. She Laughs at What You Say

If a girl likes you, she'll laugh in all the right places.

  • Hopefully she genuinely finds you amusing and isn't just working hard to encourage you. But even if she is trying a little too hard, that's okay. She obviously believes you are worth the effort.
  • Some girls get the giggles when they are nervous.

But here's the kind of laughter you definitely want to look for . . .

  • The full belly laugh you both share.

You know the kind. You're both laughing so hard you are almost crying. You feel as though you're about to split in half. The two of you share moments that are simply irresistibly funny.

Others around you think you're both crazy, but the hearty chuckles make perfectly good sense to the two of you.

3. Something Interesting Happens When Your Eyes Meet

A girl who likes you may shy away from looking at you directly. If your gaze meets, she blinks and turns her eyes away. She is not comfortable being caught looking at you. This kind of girl won't want to be seen as 'chasing' you. She waits for you to make the first move and approach her.

But some women speak through their eyes. Lucky you if your gaze connects with a woman whose eyes sparkle and invite you to come and say hello. A confident girl will directly hold your attention for longer than you'd expect before looking away.

If you're making extended eye contact with a woman, that is definitely a positive signal.

4. She Notices You

A girl who really likes you will at least acknowledge that you exist. Even if she's extremely shy, she'll find a way to let you know that she knows you're there.

If a girl completely ignores you, she has no interest in you. But is she really ignoring you, or is she sending you a quiet message that's she's noticed you but doesn't know how to react?

Here's some examples of how a girl who likes you might behave if she's really shy:

  • She's with a group who engage you in conversation, but she stays quiet.
  • She nods, or smiles. Just quickly, but it is a definite nod or smile in your direction.
  • There's a sudden interruption (or end) to her activity as soon as she sees you. Perhaps she stops singing, or dancing, or talking.

Yes, she's noticed you. She's definitely not ignoring you, or she'd just carry on whatever she was doing without missing a beat.

Watch her body language to tell if a girl likes you. Touching her neck or hair could be an unconscious sign that she likes you.
Watch her body language to tell if a girl likes you. Touching her neck or hair could be an unconscious sign that she likes you.

5. She Licks Her Lips

I'm sure you'd like to think that licking her lips is an action that should be interpreted to mean she'd love to kiss you. And yes, she might be dreaming about you kissing her. But don't get too excited just yet.

Licking her lips could simply be a sign of a dry mouth. But you have to wonder—why is her mouth so dry? If it is not an incredibly hot day and she's not just finished running a marathon, I'm guessing she's nervous.

So there's a good chance she likes you.

6. She Smiles at You

A girl who smiles at you, likes you. There's occasionally exceptions to this rule, like the girl who hopes to win some kind of popularity contest and smiles at everyone. But most girls don't bother smiling at someone they don't like.

A shy girl might not grin widely. Her smiles may be brief, but she certainly looks pleased to see you. Sometimes her smile is more in her eyes, rather than plastered on her face.

7. She Doesn't Like You Flirting With Other Girls

A girl who likes you will be uncomfortable if you flirt with other girls. Nobody likes competition. She might react openly, or may just slip away so she doesn't have to watch you giving another girl attention.

Be warned before you flirt with other girls that it might backfire. If you seem to fancy yourself as a ladies' man, she might lose interest in you. How can she trust a boyfriend who is quick to flirt with other girls?

8. She Hugs You

Does she hug you at every opportunity? We only hug people we like. Hugging you could be an excuse to get closer to you and experience the feel of your body.

Perhaps she likes you but can't tell you with words. It may be easier for her to use other strategies like hugging you and making herself very close to you.

Hugs come in different forms. Some girls just wrap themselves around boys they like. It can be a welcoming hug when you cross paths in the street or at the mall. But other girls are more likely to wrap a soothing arm around your shoulder. For instance, if you are seated and struggling with a problem on your computer. She may lean over and give you a shoulder hug, reassuring you that you can solve the problem.

9. She Finds Ways or Excuses to Touch You

She will always find many excuses to touch you or feel your body. Does she touch you when she is sitting next to you? That's a clear hint she's attracted to you. She wants to come closer to you and there is no better way or method for her than touching you on the arms or the hair.

She may pretend to remove an imaginary thing from your arm or hair. Perhaps she brushes crumbs from your chest.

Some girls give light-hearted slaps. Others grab your arm with excitement. If she's touching you, she likes you.

10. Her Friends Give Clues That She Likes You

Her best friends will know if she likes you. Look to them for clues. What do her friends do when you are around? How does she react with her friends?

  • Do her friends glance at you as you approach?
  • Do they smile when you approach them?
  • Are her friends seeming to tease her?
  • Does she look cross, as though she's afraid one of them might tell you she likes you?
  • Have any of her friends asked you if you like her?

Best friends can give lots of subtle clues she likes you.

Does she like you? Look for clues. How she responds to you will tell you if she likes you or not.
Does she like you? Look for clues. How she responds to you will tell you if she likes you or not.

16 More Hints a Girl Likes You

  1. You will learn from her body language if she likes you or not. If she's mirroring your movements, sitting closely to you, finding reasons to touch you, or fidgeting a lot, then she probably likes you.
  2. She will get interested in things you do or like. For instance if you are a fan of Manchester United, she will also develop an interest in that team
  3. You will see her blushing in your presence. This happens not once but many times
  4. Does she play with her hair when you are around her? If yes, that is an unconscious sign that shows her interest in you. She may be imagining you caressing or playing with her hair.
  5. When you are sitting or having a rest somewhere, you will find that she will walk past you a couple of times. Maybe she is trying to get your attention. She wants you to be attracted to her and is probably waiting for you to take the first step and start a conversation with her.
  6. She may lean back in a chair or sofa in order to protrude or display her chest area. She will show you 'what you are missing'. That is a sure sign that she likes you and she wants you to fall for her. She is just waiting for you to approach her.
  7. Her arms are open wide when she is talking to you and that could be interpreted to mean 'I’m open for you.' In other words it’s a sort of unconscious way to encourage you to approach her.
  8. When she is having a conversation with friends and she sees you approaching or in a nearby place, she will break from her friends and come to where you are. She wants to be closer to you at all times and that is a sure sign that you impress her.
  9. She compliments you whenever you are dressed nicely or she sees you in designer clothing. She always likes to see you looking good.
  10. Does she talk about a relationship she had in the past, making it clear that it ended and she is feeling lonely now? If yes, she is probably attracted to you. Don't assume that she's still obsessed with her ex-boyfriend. Consider it an invitation to take his place.
  11. She suggests hanging out with you or doesn't hesitate to say yes when you suggest that you two hang out. If she's down to hang out when you suggest something and doesn't even check to see if she's busy, that's definitely a good sign that she's into you.
  12. She's opened up to you, maybe telling you about something personal in her life or a problem she's dealing with. Being vulnerable often creates a feeling of intimacy, and girls won't do it with someone they don't really trust.
  13. She talks about going to something in the future with you — maybe she mentions that you should go see a movie or a concert together in a month or so. This is a really good sign!
  14. She's followed you on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat — and she likes your posts frequently, or posts stuff on your wall that reminds her of you. If you're sending each other Snapchats frequently or posting back and forth, there's definitely something going on.
  15. She puts away her phone when she's with you. When a girl gives you her full attention and focuses solely on you, that's a good signal that she's really interested in making a good impression on you.
  16. You text frequently (and she initiates too). Regular texting is a sign of friendship and interest. This is especially true if she texts you out of the blue just to find out how you're doing.

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    • profile image

      Michael M 10 days ago

      I already has girls i don't need these tips

    • profile image

      Trenton 2 weeks ago

      I like this I can't really help me so thank you

    • kenyaentrepreneur profile image

      kenyaentrepreneur 2 weeks ago from All Over

      If girls are asking you out, that should give you confidence, Obviously there's something about you they find attractive. So take a chance and ask a girl out. She'll either say yes or she'll say no. Even if she says no it is not the end of the world. Don't make it into a big drama in your mind. Ask a girl if she wants to come to a movie with you. Best way if you are nervous is to just say "I'm going to see (movie name) this weekend. Do you want to come with me?" That's easy. Gives her a chance to come along and spend time with you without it sounding like a big deal and a formal date. Go to the movie. Hang out. You don't have to make a move on her during the movie. Wait and see what happens after it. Good luck Makelele.

    • profile image

      Makelele 2 weeks ago

      This may sound out of topic but, I have this one weakness.

      All the girls I have dated asked me out. It has made me weak and I have forgotten how to even ask a girl out.

      Any advice??

    • kenyaentrepreneur profile image

      kenyaentrepreneur 2 weeks ago from All Over

      Thanks, HM. Good luck as you enter the excitement of dating. 18 is a great age to get started.

    • kenyaentrepreneur profile image

      kenyaentrepreneur 2 weeks ago from All Over

      If the girl you like is actively involved in a relationship with someone else, you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Keep enjoying each other's company because you still want to be a contender if she breaks up with the other guy.

    • profile image

      jimq 2 weeks ago

      All of the things mentioned above are checked with the girl whom I like but she is already committed with someone, what should I do?

    • Haider Mama profile image

      Haider 2 weeks ago from Melbourne

      To me, girls are difficult to understand. Though I know that the things you have mentioned are correct. But, I still cannot figure out if a girl likes me if she talks, laughs and shares her interests with me. Perhaps that is why I am single, but hey I am just 18!

      It was fun to read your hub. Good work mate!

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