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The Best Ways to Ask a Girl to a School Dance

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It's an Art

High school is hard enough without the potential for rejection that comes with asking a girl to a school dance, unless if you're dating her (although even that may not be a safeguard).

You can't guarantee that the girl is going to say "yes." There are too many factors... she may have a previous engagement, she may be going with someone else, or she may just plain not like you.

For that reason, you can go ahead and get creative in asking a girl. What do you have to lose? There are other girls too, after all. So you might as well have a little fun in the process.

Below are some ideas that I've come up with. There are also ideas I've heard were used in the past that I am offering based on my preferences as a girl asked to dances.

Just make sure no matter what the answer is that you don't get discouraged. I'd suggest if you're really crazy about this girl... don't use these!

1st Method: The Puzzle

This involves artistic skill and time.

1. Make a really pretty invitation/plea

Get construction paper, make shapes, and use glue, glitter, and other pretty things (but don't make it too girly or anything, unless that's what you think she'd like). Make it look really nice and use nice messages; use her name and be generic otherwise. Don't forget to sign your name too or she won't know who you are!

2. Cut it up into puzzle pieces

End up with as many pieces as you have locations for them. Which brings me to step 3.

3. Put each in an envelope with her name on it and with a clue inside each

Make the first envelope easy for her to find, like have someone else give it to her. In that first one, put a clue as to where the next one will be, and so on.

4. Hide each piece

Somewhere she goes often and/or somewhere new. Eventually she'll end up with all the pieces, hopefully, and you'll get your answer in no time.

PS: You can be even sweeter and put yourself in the location of the last piece and hand it to her.

2nd Method: The String

This one is adorable, fun, and I would so fall for it.

1. Get a long long string

Easy enough.

2. Write messages

Write things like, "Just stringing you along" and "You're almost there" to tape along the string. Or you can write out a long message and the question of asking her to the dance and cut out each word to tape along the string.

3. Set up the string

Start at her house or her work or wherever and make it lead to where you think she needs to be next, such as from home to work or to school. Or you can make it lead to you and you can ask her yourself.

3rd Method: The Shirt

I really like this one! It's so creative! And I didn't come up with it.

1. Get the shirt and write on the front

Write in permanent marker, "Will you go to the dance with me?" Also write, "Wash this shirt and look on the back to find out who asked you to the dance."

2. Now write on the back

Write a bunch of random girls' names (try not those of anyone you think might like your girl or whom your girl might like...) in washable marker.

Then put your name in permanent marker!

She'll wash the shirt and your name will be the only one left.

Other Ways to Ask a Girl to a Dance

  • Dress up in a gorilla suit, get a bunch of bananas, and go find her somewhere public and say, "I'll go bananas if you don't go to the dance with me!"
  • Get a bunch of keys and put them in a bucket. Take one and colour it and stick it in the middle. Put a note with it saying "Find the key to my heart" and with your address on it. She'll go to your house and you can ask her there.
  • Be cheesy and take chocolate Kisses and make a trail from one place to another where she usually goes. At the beginning leave a note telling her to follow it, and at the end leave a note saying, "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to the dance with me?"
  • Have someone trace the outline of your body on the sidewalk in front of her house and leave a note looking like a police report that somehow asks if she will go to the dance with you.
  • Get a fishbowl with a bunch of fish in it; the little guppie fish are good because you can get a lot of those without them eating each other. Then leave it at her house or her desk or something with a note saying, "Of all the fish in the sea, I choose you to go to the dance with me."