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How to Tell if a Woman Loves You

Don't leave love to chance, find out for sure if she loves you!

Don't leave love to chance, find out for sure if she loves you!

How Do You Know if a Woman Loves You?

To men, the female mind seems very complex and often hard to understand. With all the mixed emotions women have, it's hard for some men to really know when a women is truly in love with them.

People say that women fall in love quickly, but this is not always true. Even so, men and women fall in love differently, and show their affection in different ways.

So how do you know if she's in love or if she is just playing around? I will outline the signs women show when they're in love. These signs are important to notice, more important than what she says, because even she may not have fully realized that she is love. Actions don't lie because they are generated from within.

Sign #1: She Wants to Know Everything About You

If a woman loves you, she will probe you for information about everything in your life, including little things that don't seem important to you.

This may be super annoying to you, since men often don't want to advertise their feelings. But for women, sharing details about your life, hopes, and fears is an indication of love. When she wants to know everything about you it's because she wants to fit into your world. Even the little things, because she wants you to feel like she knows you deeply, and that she'll stand by your side. Her ears are always open for you and you have her support.

You might think talking on the phone is boring, but for her, telling you about her day makes her feel closer to you.

You might think talking on the phone is boring, but for her, telling you about her day makes her feel closer to you.

Sign #2: She Gets Insecure Around You

Do you ever wonder where the sexy confident women disappeared to, or why a woman you're interested in acts weird around you? When they are falling in love, women get very self-conscious about how they look and how they appear to you. They worry that you may not be attracted to them because they don't look a supermodel. When she's acting insecure, she may need to hear that you find her attractive.

The sexiest women are often the hardest on themselves. Showing her insecurities may be a sign of love because it exposes her vulnerable side and the hope that you will be there for her.

Sign #3: She Wants to be with You all the Time

A woman in love will want to fill her calendar with just one thing: you!

A woman in love will want to fill her calendar with just one thing: you!

As crazy as this may sound, it's true. Her heart, mind, and body wants to be as close as she can to you. It is impossible for anyone to be around all the time, but she will try to be with you as much as possible in any way she can.

Did you know? When a woman experiences sexual pleasure or has an orgasm, her body releases oxytocin. This is the same hormone that surges during childbirth and breastfeeding that encourages immediate and powerful emotional bonding. Males produce oxytocin also, though its effect on pair bonding seems to be more intense in females.

Sign #4: She Wants to Go Public with the Relationship

She may want to go public with your love by changing her relationship status on Facebook.

She may want to go public with your love by changing her relationship status on Facebook.

For a woman, going public about your relationship is not something to be taken lightly, especially if her friends and family are the types to gossip and look for problems. So when she wants the relationship to be known to everyone, this means she is willing to accept the good and the bad people close to her will say.

Sign #5: She Tells You How She Feels

This is the most obvious sign. Not only does she tell you her emotions and lay out her feelings, but she wants to have frequent talks about about the relationship. You may ask yourself: What purpose does this serve? She is looking for validation that you're feeling the same way as she is, or at least getting close to it.

It's not as easy as you may think for a woman to share that she has strong feelings, and it makes her feel vulnerable. Sharing her feelings is a way of checking in with yours.

A Final Word: Does She Know She's in Love?

Let me give you a final bit of advice, from a woman. While it's true women tend to fall in love more quickly than men, sometimes women may not even realize they are in love. Or that the man in front of them may be the one. Or, if she knows her feelings, a woman may push it out of her head out of fear of rejection.

If she hasn't told you she loves you, and seems to be flip flopping in her emotions, then her actions may reveal her true feelings. Any of these signs mean the chances are good that she loves you. It doesn't matter if she shows just one or all: love is in the air. So if you love her, then give her some validation that you love her too. Just give her the words she needs. Ciao!


Allos on January 24, 2015:

@angelthatfell, I want to correct you about what you said that Even Jesus can't save her if she's doing a mistake and she should listen to herself. That statement is not true, its a lie. It is only Jesus who can save her in an issue like John 3:16 - 17. After u have read it, find a dictionary and look out for the word PERISH AND CONDERM then you will know that ur statement is false. Only JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE HER IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS. So if you want to help her then you should get JESUS FIRST, THEN YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO HELP HER BECAUSE JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY, LIGHT, SOLUTION AND TRUTH TO ALL THIS PROBLEMS. THANK YOU (Get JESUS and be SAVED. Amen.

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daniel on August 01, 2014:

Eya I m so inlove I can't even look at otnher women

mister 001 on May 09, 2014:

That was great but to insure your selves just ask your girls cause sometimes girls does those signs without any intention of love so get the courage and ask them and thanks for the signs that was really helpful thanks.

bright on October 28, 2013:

awesome and very educative

Kenneth Claude from Ohio on April 01, 2013:

nice work !! after reading it, I am positive that my girlfriend loves me. LOL

angelthatfell on November 25, 2012:

what is the woman i been in relationship broke up from her ex 7 years ago and i was a choice of default she was older then me by 7 years and i ended up broken hearted and got into a lot of problems , i don't regret of being part of this short relationship im just really sorry about how it happened , but this woman has lost a lot and she begin to hurt her self, and i think one of her close friends is hurting her and causing her to do foolish things and make her to think nothing about parties and alcohol and also betray her she is not a true friend and she is a abuser

i did all i could to show her the right way she have to go and to do and the thing that was ruin her life its her stupid friend that controls her.

she admited to me that im the most sweetest guy she met and she loves me has a person , but does real love don't exist at all , even not enough to show her that she ruin her life , not by spending time with me and breaking up or doing crazy things with her friend or fantsiez about young guys and big boobs that she want to get for her self because guys like big boobs

i didn't cared about her boobs or what her friend says and i never confronted her friend i always been nice

but i do want her life to be on the right track and so she can get good guy she deserve a man who will treat her with respect and she have to understand that even jesus can't save her when she doing a mistake and she should listen to her self ...

so does it mean she never loved me ? after all 7 years rebound is not easy i didn't expect nothing serious even if it looks to good to be true and she said she wants a serious relationship after i nagged about it , she said from the start she don't know if she is ready , but we been together for 5 months and i did find a butterfly a beautiful woman and a sensitive person who being used and controlled by bull shit

i don't love her anymore but i care for her more then any woman i ever been in love with , she is special she is someone i want to meet again in the future but the problem is she should know to grow out of her problem with substance abuse and probably realize that she is not getting younger , any answers here ? could it been love ?

Mistressoflove (author) from Rhode Island on April 05, 2012:

Indazone, have you tried talking to her to tell her directly how you feel? If you have and she hasn't made no effort on her part to curb her behavior and focus more on the relationship, then I say she really isn't their with you. She maybe feeling like everything is fine if you haven't told her but if so then its time to take a stand. Tell her that your not going to put up with her behavior. Typically when a man tells a woman he is out the door if she can't change if she cares she will make the effort to change. If she makes it about her or blames you for her behavior. I suggest that you walk away because it very well could be your just more mature and ready for more and she isn't. Good luck and be strong. :)

Indazone on April 03, 2012:

Dear Mistressoflove, you are right. and totally agree with you when, you said " Both have grown apart..."

In my case I, still grave for her but her mind is somewhere else. she likes to party hard, out with friends out of town, lazy at home and in bed.

Mistressoflove (author) from Rhode Island on April 03, 2012:

Indazone the love doesn't go away but it can fade away over time. It may still be their but it's a bit like if you leave something up on the shelve for a long time. It gathers dust and starts to smell old if left unkept. Love needs constant attention. Especially for females or it starts to take a back seat. So if this happening you should try spending more time together but if that doesn't work for some reason it could be that you both have grown apart from each other.

Indazone on April 02, 2012:

Mistress it is a very informative subject. What about is the girl use to do that and no longer doing those thing ? Does it go away because of the length of the relationship ? Lets say 5 after 4 year. What's your though in that ?

Mistressoflove (author) from Rhode Island on March 18, 2012:

I totally agree with you Billy! It was so many things i could have gone on and on about it but i wanted to bring it to its simplest elements. (so to speak lol) Thank you for commenting on the hub though Billy! :)

Dr Billy Kidd from Sydney, Australia on March 18, 2012:

This is a great topic and some great information. What I like about the question, "Does she love me?" is that no one really defines or know what love is. Is is being crazy about each other? Is it being friends? Is it feeling sexual? Is it feeling like family? Is it wanting to help each other? If you break it down, you gotta answer all those questions. If not, the simple question answer to your question is: If you have to ask, she's not in love with you! But ... she'll do all those things you mention if she is! Cool post.

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