How to Pick Up a Straight Man at the Gym

Updated on June 20, 2016
Hot Gym Guy
Hot Gym Guy | Source

Straight Man at Your Gym

Is there a hot straight man at your gym that you have been keeping your eye on? Does he seem to work out around the same time that you do everyday? When you glance at him, does your heart skip a beat, causing you to get all worked up?

If so, you have a major man-crush on the straight guy at your gym!

But what can you do about it? And how do you handle things if you sense he might be a little curious about you. Is there anyway you can make a straight man from your gym fantasy come true?

This brief article will examine how to pick up straight dude at the gym the right way and help you maximize your chances for a realistic connection, regardless if he straight or bi-cruious.

There are a few steps that you will need to do in advance if you want to really make your fantasy to come true.

I'll let you in on a little secret right now - the advice I am about to give has worked for me and a for a few friends of mine with results that were amazing. Are you ready to learn more?

Let’s jump right in!

Hot Gym Guy
Hot Gym Guy | Source

Step #1: Find out who the guy’s name

This simple step will give you the ability to do a background check on the dude before you start making any moves.

Finding out his name will then let you do a Google search and potentially a social media search, using Facebook, Twitter and the like. Doing your homework in advance will save you a bunch of time later.

Getting his name

There are a number of ways you can discover the guy’s name you are cruising. Some are on the up and up while others are a bit sneaky.

Here are three choices:

A) Ask someone at the front desk or talk to other gym members in a discreet way.

B) Wait until the dude checks into at the front desk and closely watch his personal information as he swipes in.

C) The easiest way however is to eavesdrop on his conversations at the gym and listen for a name.

If he is the quiet type however and keeps to himself, you will need to follow choice A or B.

Search the Internet
Search the Internet | Source

Step #2: Search the Internet and Social Media

This particular step is all based on step #1. Assuming you have his name, you can now go about doing an Internet search. Here, you are going to snoop around and see if the guy appears to be gay or straight.

If he is straight, you will pretty much need to end your efforts unless you have reason to believe that the guy might be curious.

If he is gay or you suspect he might be down with meeting, move on to step #3.

Get Him to Spot You!
Get Him to Spot You! | Source

Step #3: Get all muscled up and ask for a spot

Pick the day you are going to make your move. Dress somewhat sexy but keep it tamed down. When you get to your gym, make sure you are working on equipment that will be near his location. Because you have been watching this guy for a while now, you should pretty much know his entire workout routine.

In a friendly way, make eye contact with your target and later on, walk over to him and ask for a spot.

Avoid the temptation to strike up major conversations at this point – just ask for the spot. If you want to introduce yourself at some point, that is fine. You will need to act like you do not know his name when he offers his however – remember, you already know it from step #1.

The idea here is to gauge his response and to confirm any potential interest. My suggestion here is to pick something fairly simple while avoiding anything embarrassing.

For example, asking him to spot you while doing a military press would probably be OK. Asking him to spot you while you lay flat on the bench press while he stand behind you (and maybe even elevated depending upon bench) is a bad idea! Think about this for a minute and it will make sense.

Step #4: Say thanks and walk away for that day

Now that you have made verbal and perhaps quasi-physical contact, you should have a basic understanding of what you are dealing with.

You will be tempted to want to ask him for another spot a bit later but I suggest you not do it. The goal here was to establish contact. Your next contact will happen during a future gym visit – so keep reading.

Gym Pickup

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Step #5: Make sure you say hello next time and gym

During this step, you now have a permission slip to make say hello and even make small-talk. The boundary was established from step #3, which loosened up the ground a bit for conversation.

Keep these conversations simple and easy.

Maybe ask a few questions that relate to something you know he is interested in, based off your social media snooping activities from step #2. And it goes without saying, make sure you talk about the gym and working out. The reason being is that you both already have that much in common.

Step #6: Repeat step 5 several times with a twist

There is an old saying – slow and steady wins the race. Allow a few “bump ins” at the gym to occur before you start going for the gold. Remember, you goal is a hook up with your fantasy gym guy, not some random hookup off a phone app.

Each and every time you see this guy, keep it upbeat and positive. Hopefully, he is now offering to spot you or you are offering to spot him.

Now that you two have been talking and sharing, you should have a good sense of what is possible. On one of these random visits, make sure he notices you checking him out. I suggest being somewhat obvious but not ridiculous.

Step #7: Make your move

This is the critical step and the one you have been building up to on your quest to pick up a hot guy at the gym.

The best advice I can give you is to simply ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. If the dude is gay, he will know exactly what you mean.

If the guy is straight but curious, you will likely have your work cut out for you. It might help if you go out to a local straight bar to tie one on. If he hasn't picked up your vibe at this point, the dude is either clueless or is likely waiting for you to make a move. If he is not interested, he would have communicated this to you by now.

Regardless,I would suggest that get it over with fairly quickly and not wimp out. Otherwise, you are just going to be holding on to fantasies forever.

Final Thoughts

Many readers here will say it is a bad idea to hook up with someone from the gym they workout in.

I can’t lie – there is a lot of truth in this advice.

All I can say is that if you really want to do it anyway, the approach I have laid out here can work. I am not saying it works 100% of the time but I am saying that I have had success with it and more than once.

FYI: The "straight" guys I have connected with have turned out to be a lot more experienced than I thought. Some of the married ones really shocked me.

Remember to use caution. If you play your cards right something fun could happen with the straight guy at your gym you have been wanting.


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    • profile image

      Sir Farty Fartsalot 5 weeks ago

      This is so creepy & only perpetuates homophobia. You can't just magically turn on a straight dude. Rejection is inevitable. Just get a Grindr profile or go to a gay bar instead.

    • profile image

      Phoenix butterfly 6 months ago

      Hello my name is....having issues in actually talking with a at the gym. At times I feel like their insecure about actually talking to a guy. That they have some sort of issue even steering at another male while working out. I've checked guys out constantly while I am there. Yet some of them just give a quick stear then turn away. I have mad confidence in myself while approaching at the gym. Especially while in the showers. There is alway that inually tread in my minds eye. Asking myself is this guy gonna freak out on me if I stear too Long or just go up and start talking to them. I sound a little feminine. Instantly you know that this men loves cock. Yet...just conversing and trying to get over those thoughts is what makes me go home mad at myself or the other guy. Even just at the gym asking for a spot is nerve racking enough. How do I get the attractive guy without having them freak out.

    • profile image

      Ricardo 15 months ago

      Step 1: Stalk the shit out of him - coz that's not creepy as fuck

      Who wrote this????

      I think you're missing the point of the whole fantasy for one thing: the idea is the fantasy of turning a straight guy, not knowing already that he's gay. Duh.

    • profile image

      Zayne Austin 17 months ago

      Talk about a step by step on being a stalker! so creepy!

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 20 months ago from Northern Michigan

      I used to belong to a health club, and there was one guy that I would see on a regular basis. He was in his mid thirties, really handsome, and hairy with a great stache. (I love facial hair)

      He mostly jogged the track around the pool, swam, or sat in the hot tub.

      Other gay guys at the gym said that they had talked to him, and he was totally straight, and not to waste my time. I was nervous to talk to him, but one day I had the chance.

      He was sitting in the hot tub, and I thought a good conversation would be about being new at the club, and what we each thought of it. he told me about himself, said he was married with 3 kids, and he ran because he liked to run in the local marathon for charity. He also told me he was a divorce lawyer, and worked out every day after work.

      I commented on how muscular he looked, and how I wished I had great hair like his. he was flattered, and said thanks. We started talking about other people at the club, like the muscle dude that did the spotting for the muscle boys in the gym. He said, he wasn't impressed by that, and warned me that some of those guys were snobs. But, he kind of threw me a loop when he said, but they are not as bad as the guys who hang out in the steam room. Bunch of old fags in there.

      I told him I didn't know that. (But, I did) he pointed out guys to watch out for. he said a young guy like me would have been fresh meat for them.

      I told him, he was pretty good looking, they would want him more. he said. Oh they do, that' why I stay away from them.

      Anyways, I started saying hello to him when I saw him there. And, I was there one day when he walked in his suit and tie, and my god he looked so hot, my jaw about dropped to the floor. I was surprised how easy he undressed in front of me, and when he was just in white briefs, I let a little "Woof." And, I just had to tell him how hot he looked.

      He looked puzzled for bit, and commented that he wasn't sure if he liked how I was looking at him. And, I told him I thought he was beautiful. He just looked at me, and gathered up his clothes and went into one of the changing rooms, and told me he thought he needed some privacy. But, when into the room he didn't close the door.

      Then he said if you need to undress or something, we can share. Then he motioned with his head for me to follow him. I will tell you, that going into that little room was the best sex I had ever had. We were both covered with sweat, and, I was in heaven the rest of the day.

      We spent a few hot sessions in that dressing room, but, a few months later my membership ended, and that health club chain went out of business. So, I was never able to see that guy again. But, If I had, I would have fallen totally in love with him.