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Does She Like Me? Top 8 Signs She's Interested


I am a relationship counselor that loves giving advice to others.

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

How do you know when a girl likes you? What kind of hints or signs do they give? While some guys will analyze a girl's text message or offhand remark to death, in reality girls are not that hard to figure out if you stay calm and just remember to be yourself. All you have to do is see how she acts and watch her behavior when she's around you. When she shows you any of the following signs she most likely wants you to ask her out.

Top 8 Signs a Girl Likes You

Be careful! Many of these things can simply be signs of friendliness or friendship—when in doubt, just ask her how she feels.

1. She sneaks looks at you, smiles a lot, and seems overly excited to see you.

2. She enjoys speaking to you, listens attentively, and asks lots of questions.

3. She suddenly starts wearing makeup, dressing differently, or wearing her hair differently around you.

4. She teases you and/or touches you.

5. She hangs out with you more than her friends, likes the things you like, and keeps bumping into you.

6. She sticks up for you.

7. She finds excuses to touch you.

8. She finds excuses to talk to you.

1. She Sneaks Looks at You, Smiles a Lot, and Seems Overly Excited to See You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

One sign a girl is interested in you is when she keeps sneaking looks at you. She wants to look at you, but doesn't want you to know it. Do you catch her looking at you? Does she sometimes look away when caught? Those are pretty good indications that she wants you to notice her. Constantly looking at you is a way of telling you she's attracted to—or at least interested in—you.

Also, If she is quick to say "Hi" and "How are you?" when you first see her, then there's a strong chance she likes you. Remember her actions and body language will communicate more than her words. Girls will do many things to be noticed by you even if they're too shy to speak to you, so be sure to keep an eye out.

2. She Enjoys Speaking to You, Listens Attentively, and Asks Lots of Questions

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

If she seems to enjoy talking to you, there is a good chance she likes you. This is especially true if she asks you lots of questions about your personal life such as what you like, what you do in your free time, and if you are going out anywhere over the weekend.

A girl who is interested will show interest in your personal life simply because she wants you to know she finds your life interesting and would like to be a part of it. If a girl is shy, she may not approach you very often and, when she does, she may react by going red in the face or hiding her face. Sometimes shy girls will go a whole day without speaking to you.

3. She Suddenly Starts Wearing Makeup, Dressing Differently, or Wearing Her Hair Differently Around You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

If you notice a girl suddenly starts dressing up, or wearing more makeup or lip gloss, or doing her hair to make it looks straight and shiny, then there's a good chance she wants you to notice her. Of course, some girls may just want to look good.

But you should consider whether she's dressing up to impress you. If she plays with her hair a lot around you, then you could be the reason for these sudden changes. Girls will often unconsciously play with their hair when they're around a guy they like. If she does feel something for you, she'll want to look her best in front of you.

4. She Teases You and/or Touches You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

A girl may tease you by calling you names or playfully hitting you. If she does this in a playful manner, that's a good sign she likes you, since it's common for girls to banter with and get into the personal space of guys they like.

You might think that a girl who teases you or is mean to you doesn't like you. But I can tell you from personal experience it's often the opposite! She may just be trying to get attention because she feels rejected by you or because she wants to hide her true feelings.

5. She Hangs Out With You More Than Her Friends, Likes the Things You Like, and Keeps Bumping Into You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

It is likely a girl will try to hang out in places she knows you'll be so that she'll have the opportunity to run into you and speak with you. She may pretend that she just happened to be there for some unrelated reason.

If she spends a lot of her time with you over her friends, that is another big sign. Girls consider their friends a big part of their life, so if she breaks away from to spend more time with you, then she must like you a lot. She may also ask if you want to go get coffee or do homework together. That doesn't happen often but it's a big clue that she wants be spend time alone with you which is her best chance to get your attention and show you what she's got.

6. She Sticks Up for You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

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A girl who likes you will will stick up for you when others put you down and will give you special treatment, such as giving you lots of compliments and gifts, taking care of you, or doing something she doesn't do for her other guy friends. So if she treats you differently than her other male friends, then it's likely you're the one she wants most out of the pack.

7. She Finds Excuses to Touch You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

She might "accidentally" bump into you more often as a way of gauging how you respond, or simply because she wants physical contact with you. She might also give you lots of random hugs, which is a non-sexual and thus non-threatening way to get closer to you.

Or she might put her hand on your arm or shoulder when you're talking. If she does any of these more often than seems normal, then that's a strong sign she's into you.

8. She Finds Excuses to Talk to You

Flickr CC BY 2.0

Flickr CC BY 2.0

If you're the head of a club she belongs to, it makes sense she'd ask you questions about that club. But if she asks you questions about things she could easily find the answer for herself or by asking someone else, then it's likely she's only asking you because she wants a reason to talk with you.

Final Thoughts

These are the signs she will give you when she likes you. If she gives you many of the above signs, it's likely she wants to be asked out for a date. Think about the girl you like and whether she's given any of the signs I mentioned above. If you're still not sure don't hesitate to ask me for some advice. I am happy to help.

Also, don't make the mistake of rushing in and professing your feelings for her or asking if she's into you. Patience is everything. Eventually things come your way. Don't rush her, and she will let you know when she's ready.

On the other hand, if she treats you like a friend then you are likely just a friend. Be careful you're not looking for something that isn't there. If she gives you mixed signals then there may be something there.

If you want any dating and relationship questions answered, feel free to drop me a comment. Best wishes!

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J on June 22, 2020:


The people posting comments thinking they’re gonna get responses:

Release the Kraken! on March 22, 2020:

Hello and well done Jay! Now, I'm conflicted since theres a chance multiple girls like me. If anyone may understand each one's feelings in a comment that would be greatly appreciated. So, first there's a shy girl named Grace and she, since the day we met, has constantly been staring at me. Grace also mimicked me a few times, as well, and this all started about 3 months ago or so.

Now I'm no detective, but I definitely think there's a rumor about me amongst a group of girls. The gossip began after a party I didnt attend, and I heard only "Who? Him" as I walked by. Three of them, Ashley, "Creampuff" and "Marmalade Sandwich", merely give me an occasional glance so I'm not so worried by them. But the fourth member, a red-head named "Mel", glances straight into my eyes more connsistantly and shows off her acrobatic moves in front of me. I'm hoping to defuse Mel by getting her together with my friend, whom I believe is into her, instead.

Anyways, then theirs our final figure, a dark-skinned girl named Gazelle. I momentarily think Gazelle was the seed of gossip, and she revealed her feelings for me at the party while I was gone. She probably matches my dream woman the most accurately then any person I've ever met, so she has that swinging for her. SIgns Include: Glancing (and looking away when I catch her), standing up for me against her own brother, and sitting next to me.

Again, I am grateful for whoever can decode these women and suggest my best option. Thank you, in advance.

Patience on February 25, 2020:

Am out of school but there's this guy am dating and he's still in school and plans to get done next year! How do I know after school he will marry me or how can I ask him if he's planning to marry me?

sam on May 20, 2019:

i don't have a girl help me to find one but there is my neighbour i like her but she dont respond me ...

BJ on April 24, 2019:

So, why would a female, "say have a nice day," using my first name? Note: I never told her my name, she saw my name on my work badge and used it, that has never happened to me before? I was never good at reading women; I've missed many flits, noting only after the fact!

gluebottle778 on February 22, 2019:

if the girl i like always gets super excited when i see her after school, do you think she likes me? She also says goodbye to me, but only me.

J on February 22, 2019:

I meet a girl i like but am not sure

She like me too, bc she try to tolk to me a lot

When I am talking to her she will try to get close to me she will face me

Help me if she like me or not

Anonymous on February 04, 2019:

I’m in 7th grade and this girl who used to sit behind me in math starts talking to me one day. She is shorter than me and kinda cute when I think about it though, I am the youngest kid in the grade. She’s asking me about homework and such. Later she ends up going to this “activity dance”( you go to the school and go swim and play basketball for a few hours) because she is friends with my friends gf. During that she breaks up with her bf and my friend jioks by making us put are hands together. After she storms of for like 30 minuets then comes back and my friends gf and her wander around without us. The following week ( the dance was on a Friday) she starts to talk to me at gym. We where choosing flag football teams and she asks me if she can be on my team And I say yes. She keeps talking to me then she starts to come over to sit at my lunch table after the rest of the kids go out for recess and she asks me about me, my family and such. Two weeks later she happens to be at skate town when I am and we skate around and she steals my things eventually giveing them back and telling me about herself. Will I was getting dinner she coms with me and stands practically leaning on me then says “ it’s killing me” “what” I say “ you, me” “ how is that killing you?” I start “you won’t shut up” she interrupts “what?” “Never mind” the next week I ask her to skate town as a friend and she says she can’t. I was going to ask her to be my gf their. The next week her friends start to come sit at my table too. Trying to ship us. She keeps denying liking me but I don’t belive her. then her friend tells her that she likes me and she said she said “backoff he’s mine” then they start asking me questions like. Who I like better. Then her best friend tells me that she thinks I’m mad at her and that I don’t talk to her enough. At this point this has been going for about 4 months. The other day she was in the hall alone with me and I ask her why she thinks I’m mad at her. She ignores me and keeps walking I say or you can ignore me she goes I am. I repeat the question then she stops and waves me over and says your being kind of an a*s and starts to walk away again I ask her how and apologize but she keeps walking into her class.

So in the end I want to know what I did wrong and how I can fix it. I have a crush on her but her friends say she doesn’t like me anymore but she keeps talking to me when she can I’m relly confused and need some help

J on October 31, 2018:

Hey, I'll start by saying this is not anything I would ever do mostly because nothing like this has ever happened in my life. No one has ever made me feel this way in my life. So we met fairly recently and we only had two weeks to get to know eachother before she moved to the other side of the country. We were only able to hang out four times in that two weeks but we connected very quickly. There were a lot of moments. I was just overwhelmed by how fast I fell for this girl that it scared me so I didn't make a move. I was able to tell her how I was feeling before she left and the topic was never revisited after being inturrupted mid conversation. The missing links to this whole equation that make me feel like she likes me but may jsut be a little scared as well are. Item one she shared her reaction to a passive agressive admission of feelings from someone else which was to avoid it. Item two before she left we almost kissed a few times there were a few intimate moments and it seemed like we could spend days at a time together. We have kept in contact. She initiated contact and we spent entire days messagibg back and forth and then all of a sudden she will just stop replying for a while. Then we'll start back up again. We have made plans for me to visit her around new years so I still feel like I have a chance. She is just so hard to read sometimes and all the rest of the time is amazing. I don't know what I should do.

ESP1138 on October 14, 2018:

I wish I knew a woman who exhibited these traits.

Hazel Hill on July 15, 2018:

I am reading this to see if my crush on this boy is obvious. Everyone at my school knows I hate soccer and the boy likes soccer and out of the blue I start playing it with him and I suck at it but he helps me learn any way. What a nice boy. My friends joke that we need to get married. I keep telling them it’s annoying but I kinda like it. I got my teacher to change my place in class to sit next to him. I think it’s obvious and I’m really clumsy near him. I was carrying my books and I panicked and spilled them all over him. He helped me pick them up. So sweet. He’s also really cute and nice and sincere and short.

Luke Cooper on May 10, 2018:

Hello my name is luke im in 8th grade and i was wondering if this girl likes me she keeps aking me how old are you when is yur birthday when she already knows it and in 3rd period in school yesterday she runs to me and hugs me for no arrarent reason so im asking you to tell me if i should ask her out. Thanks Luke

Dean on April 30, 2018:

Hey Jay so there is this girl at work I've met and I think we have a good vibe like she always comes to talk to me and she just makes eye contact with but now she doesn't respond to my texts I'm confused

Al on April 20, 2018:

Ok so what if she asks u buncha questions then backs off? Ok I was at restaurant last night and she was my waitress right? She came up to me kinda smiling then like said how are you then from there I was like making a reason to talk to her. I asked if you guys have free WiFi? She said no but I didn't want the conversation to end there. So I kept it go I g it lead from there to her asking me where i lived what restaraunts I liked to telling me what restaraunt she liked what food she liked to what phone she had and where she was from she said her dad was an alcoholic so she didn't drink because I asked her if she drank she said no she asked if I do. But yea all I kinda got was her asking me questions then later like 10 minutes later she was kinda in a funny way being nosy like asking what was I texting over there to someone else . so I figured ya know? I wanted to ask her number right away and I smiled at her she kinda smiled back. But how to know whether she's into me or not? And every time I thought she was done talking she brought up another topic so how do I know whether she's into me or not? Sorry long story here

lucifer on April 05, 2018:

What does it mean if she purposely treats me to birthday dinner which she doesn't do for other guys and she always tries to find me for lunch or dinner? But at the same time she keeps mentioning she already has someone in her mind that she is interested in. She does occasionally randomly touch me.

trends on April 03, 2018:


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i have very nice and easy idea for you OMG must trying

Josh on March 15, 2018:

There is this girl I know,she always looks happy to see me and she waves to me all the time and we barely ever talk to each other.then on two occasions we talked she held my hand and was mimicking my movements.then another time she held my hand and pulled to the outside of our school auditorium then she asked me to take her somewhere. Then there was another time when she rested her head on my shoulder and she was excited when holdimg an item of mine. I just want toknow if this means she likes me or not

Sam on January 03, 2018:

Idk who the fuck she is, but she finds excuses to be near me and to touch me, she seems a little weird around me too. Like one day she touched me in the lunch line for no reason and said "hey". I like her a bit, but today she asked me how old i was i skipped kindergarten so im younger than every1 so that ruined my chances probobaly. :(

Jorge on December 18, 2017:

I am a guy and I have a girl best friend. We’ve only been friends for a few months and things have progressed nicely. Recently the tone of our conversations have changed. We talk everyday all day from the time we wake up til the time we fall asleep. We hangout all the time from going get lunch to seeing a movie, you name it we’ve done it. Every time we hangout I noticed that she’s changed something that I said I liked. For instance, I said I liked her hair in a ponytail, everytime we hangout she puts her hair in a ponytail. For Christmas she is buying me a keychain and pillowcase with a selfie of her on it. Whenever we talk we both talk about other people that we’d date but it seems as if she’s only trying make me jealous by telling me about the other guys. She gets a little upset when I hangout with other girls. We call each other bestie and pal. Do you think this girl likes me?

Idk on December 03, 2017:

I met her last year, she is a year older than me and we spent a few days talking a lot and her friends talked to my friends and apparently she made any excuse to talk and be with me. We hug a bit and she teases me. Recently she has ignored me when talking online but at school she acts like we still talk a lot. I’m confused and I need an opinion other than my friends’ opinion what do you think?

mooshut on December 01, 2017:

I met her yesterday but i collected her number today and i called her she pick and started asking me questions. She even ask when will i come. Does she want me as her future husband or boyfriend?

scott on November 12, 2017:

i have found the one i want as my wife for the rest of my days she is so beautiful she make me weak just to look at her she being so cute is almost more than my 50 yr old self can handle but i want to get this right the first time out because i dont want her to get away from me i have been looking for a girl for a long time now but this is the one i want i live in ky and she lives in tenn just about an hour from me so its not like we must travel long distances to visit family heres the problem she does not know i love her i want to go to her house and tell her how i feel but i think that would be to much to soon so now what i at least want to get my foot in the door before she closes it beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i believe every body can see how beautiful she is her name is sarah she lives in a tiny town where witch and ghost stories have been the norm there for many many yrs i live in a small town in ky not very far from her town but we have a historian here and he knows all the tried and true tales of the witch the dragon and all the ghost from hundreds of yrs that have gone by but now that i am 7 yrs past my divorce i am ready to get back on the trail and locate my one and only this girl that i am talking about has no idea that i have fallen for her head over heels she is so cute i cant believe that no body has not picked her up by now and made some sort of attempt to get her to go home with me but i guess if i am going to get her i am going to have to put my best foot forward and just go for it i am scared of rejection but still if you dont try you will never know for sure here in my little town i am as lonely as i can be but i cant let her know that i am desperate i will do what is required of me to win her hand and heart but i think i should move on this fairly quickly because i need her for my life so when i find her if she does like me then what do i say or what do i do next i am going to try and find her when i leave here so i just try and keep my chin up and march on

Bob on October 30, 2017:

I have a friend who's a girl and I've noticed she kept having sneaky looks at me when we're both with our friends and she also holds my hand when we are in a nightclub. What does this mean?

Couldn’t tell ya on September 22, 2017:

Hi there is a girl I like. I’m not attractive and many attractive guy like her cause she is BEAUTIFUL. She is a kind person and treats everyone nice. I’ve only known her for around 2 months. For Thebes first week of highschool I saw her walk back and forth through the halls in between a few of my classes and at lunch I sat across the lunch room from her. Well I decided to sit by my friends one day and she was sitting right across from me. She was so nice and talked to me and said she had to know me from somewhere but of course I didn’t know who she was. The next day she decided to sit next to me and she talked to me for a while she kept bumping her leg agaisnt mine and asked if she could use my leg to tie her shoe and was so kind and sadly we only have like 1 class together other than lunch. We have last class together. But lately she has started ignoring me and barely says a word to me and still sits either across from me or right next to me she has a choice to sit somewhere else because she is the second person to enter the lunchroom at our table. Everyday since the first day in English she has sat 1 seat in front of me and 3 seats to the left. I catch her looking at me in the corner of my eye and everyone and then I’m looking st her and she is turning to look at me, I think shes looking st me I’m in a group of boys in that class. I know she’s not looking at two of them because they are on the same row as her and when she looks at me she has to turn her body a lot to even look in my direction and I don’t think she looking st the other guy cause if I don’t look back she keeps looking but if I turn my head her direction she quickly turns her head around to look forward. And about a week ago one of my friends since fourth grade, were in 9th, is her brother in law and he caught her staring at me in lunch and said,” you realize you’re staring right?” And she looked at him and said that she should date me and that I was a good guy and after that I didn’t see her reaction cause I freaked out and started reading a book, he has no idea I like her but idk. And I wanted to see her reaction when I said bad things about myself. I am an okay height of like 5 foot 8 at the moment and when we had nothing to do in last period and we had nothing to do we all started some conversation about something and it let to one of my friends being like 4 foot 11 I laughed and said something about me only being 5 football 4 and a dude next to me said that I was the same height ad him and he was right then I said i said he was wrong and she walked up to me and said I was not short and said she was 5 foot 5 and walked up to me so close it scared me and said to stand up and I did and she stood a little to close and said she things like see? And I said she was right and stuff. And she gets into last period before me and everyday she’s talking to this guy that looks like he should be in 6th grade and she talks and laughs with him while I walk in but as soon as I sit down and get ready for class she’ll turn her body more my direction and look at me as soon as she finishes talking to the “ boy “ I’m so sorry if this comment is too long but If you skip and only read some of this thing I have three questions. 1 do you think she likes me? 2 do you think she’s flirting with me for fun if she likes me at all. 3 what do I do if she asks me if I like her and if I tell her, how do I tell her I like her without making it wierd?

Ps: every now and then I text her or she texts me and I put one or two sentences or emojis. And I hate pictures of myself and I’ve told her that at lunch and one day she hacks my phone and it’s nothing funny she actually looks serious and is looking up at the ceiling with a sorta smile and the Snapchat filter with the flowers on her head. And well a few time she sent selfies of her neck down. And one day I decide to send a picture of myself, I’ve never even sent my friends from before kindergarden one a picture of me for streaks, and she sends a message that says that I sent a picture. And I said yup I guessed that I did. Now for the past months she hasn’t sent any pictures or anything of her and I haven’t tried. She hasn’t sent s real message In a while they are all dry texts. But as soon as I we get to school she play hits me and stuff. She says that she likes someone but can’t say who but idk.

Jr on September 15, 2017:

Recently I've noticed her looking at me. I've seen her walk out side a few minutes after I do for something tiny. Later she would continue seeing me but turning around the minute I catch her and she wouldn't turn around for maybe 10 minutes. She would act like her conversation made her look my way.

A few day's ago I started looking to see if she was out side across the street looking at me. She works directly across the street.

2 day's ago she looked at me as I got In my car as I made a U turn she looked thinking I wasn't looking, I slowed down to get a very good look at her face and sure enough she was looking but knew I caught her and turned around. Yesterday my dad said she looked at him looking for me.

Even my dad wants to go talk to her because he knows she's interested he's talked to her and that's how I met her.

We had a conversation in February I knew for a fact she was into me. Smiling every second asking many questions blushing way too much. She even offered to help me with something and went through alot or trouble to help.

She wasn't hanging around me as much that 1 day but before I left she told me to come and see her whenever I had time and to hang out where she worked. She made me feel comfortable.

That day I agreed with my dad and said yes she's very beautiful I told her you are very beautiful. She blushed and didn't know what to say.

I had the feeling she was showing me interest. I didn't just walk in to see her I haven't seen her since that day. I wanted to find the right time to see her. If she's giving me signs and doesn't talk to me online does she want me to go see her?

My dad really likes her and I like her. Why else would I think about her this much?

If it were anyone else looking the way they look I wouldn't care. But when she looks at me I know deep down I get butterflies I even blush too.

She Was leaning in the way I Was Talking To Her She Couldn't Look me In The Eyes Longer Than 3 OR 4 Seconds.

Idk why I make a huge deal about her..I feel she's interested and need more than a 2nd opinion.

She was interested in everything about me that day. I feel she only shows herself the days she dresses so beautiful I'd probably have to walk over.

I could be wrong or I could be doing harm.

The way we see each other is either knowing we're both outside waiting for each other to make the 1st move or she stays quiet with other people around and watches me cautiously.

I like her I feel I do. What would you suggest I do? My dad's spoken to her and has told me alot that she's said. Id like to know what some one thinks so I can put 2 &2 together and finally ask her out and get her number. Thank you

Skilletsteve on August 15, 2017:

30 yrs of being friends...

Why is she afraid of dateing me.

Chris on July 23, 2017:

A girl I like wont admit or say she likes me but a long time ago she told me she sees me as a friend but now (yesterday) we were talking and she was staring me straight in eyes and smiling and caught her staring at me then looked away. She wanted me to pinky promise her something and drew a smiley face on my pinky... what do you think about that now?

Chris on July 18, 2017:


She kept staring at me behind my back while I was typing on my keyboard. I have rear view mirror. I don't know if she is interested in me? it been over 3 months. also she looked at my body.

Daivd on July 18, 2017:

Almost very time this girl seems so happy when she comes to me to talk

Can't say on June 02, 2017:

So there's a girl who I have a huge crush and she forgets to line up at school and and all I say is hi I must admit every other sign doesn't show she likes me i but we are great friends though

Th only other sign I know that shows is coindently getting to talk to me what do you think on

This pls put it on the list if this is one or not

Dave on May 11, 2017:

A woman works in a bookmakers she is nice and I have caught her stairing at me a few times and she has started to ask me were I work I sense that she likes me a lot or at least is interested in me she is very nice so how do I no for shore she fancies me I do fancy her a lot

Wanderer on April 24, 2017:

She even told me :''You're bad?No you're good.''

Wanderer on April 24, 2017:

She text me back and sometimes she initiates and uses smile's emoji :) many times,but in the very moment I tell her I like her she doesn't respond anything,is there any hope for me that she may like me?

Anonymous 2 on April 24, 2017:

She text me back and sometimes she initiates and uses smile's emoji :) many times,but in the very moment I tell her I like her she doesn't respond anything,is there any hope for me that she may like me?

Anonymous on April 19, 2017:

She does everything on this list except find excuses to touch me. Do you think she likes me?

tyler on March 23, 2017:

i met this girl and she said she liked me and then i asked her out and she said idk, then she asked me out to the movies for her birthday . im going to be the only boy there does that mean she likes me?

shaun on March 21, 2017:

i have a crush that sticks up for me and this only seemed to happen after her party btw im 13 and in the same most of he same classes any advice

romolo mazzoni on March 18, 2017:

i like a girl and i reckon she likes me to, not sure about the next step, for now we are friends.

Bob on March 06, 2017:

I will never fall in love anymore never

Wiekin on March 03, 2017:

There is a girl who will show all sign she loves me if I don't give her attention but the moment I tell her I love her she starts behaving as if she doesn't loves me

Justin T. on March 03, 2017:


There is a woman that I work with that stares at me...a lot. When I catch her she looks away. When I say "Hi" to her she smiles pretty big. The problem is when I talk to her she seems fidgety, nervous and when I talk about things she has said she tends to simply say, " I don't remember that. "

Is the not remembering thing a blow off, like " our talks aren't important enough to remember " or is it some strange response because she is nervous. I really can't move past this to ask her out because of the "not remembering" our conversations.

guddu kr on February 21, 2017:

I am a private teacher and first time I fall in love. But the problem is that the girl is my student. That's why I am not able to ask her. So how to know that she too likes me or not. Please help.

stevey on February 04, 2017:

Hi Jay, great work,

I started working as agency staff at this work place, there was a woman there who seemed interested in me. She took my number from the works phone book and sent me a few text messeges. I was told by this guy at the work place that she talks about me alot and even said "stevie is a bit of an alright" she would touch my arm or shoulder from time to time. I never made a move due to being shy. She got a new boyfriend who looked alot like me. Months later a new guy started, the woman there and a gay guy seemed to like him, the girl I am talking about didn't seem interested in him maybe due to the fact that he started dating her best friend who also works there, she however recently seems to look him up and down alot, looking at his crouch often. I have heard lately that she slept with him, even tho he is with her best friend friend, there friendship doesn't seem good anymore. She takes ages to respond to my texts doesn't seem chattey to me as much. She has recently moved into a shared house with her exbest freind and her boyfriend she slept with. What do you think is going on? And have it got chance? And what can I do?

stevey on February 04, 2017:

Hi Jay, great work.

When I started my job as agency a woman at my work seemed really into me, she found my number from the work book and texted me asking if I wanted shifts with a :). I heard from a guy work colleague

stennet on February 02, 2017:

Why do women asked "do you love me" after having sex?Why did she asked after sex,she could asked before having sex,can any1 tell me what is she thinking????

Greg on February 02, 2017:

Patrick, I think when you told her you loved her that caught her off guard and scared. It sounds like she wants to have a relationship with you and she seems to show all the signs she is interested in her, but you got to show her the fun and being mysterious in the relationship will keep her. Just tell her you love her as nice girl. That will confuse her and she will ask questions. Keep your real feelings hidden.

Patrick on February 01, 2017:

She would playfully touch me when chatting. She would send me lots of selfies by text. She would look at me all the time. She would flirt.

And I fell in love with her.

When I told her she said that she was happy that I love her.

She kissed me.

But now she has distanced herself from me.

But.. I still catch her looking at me.

What's going on?

Dakota on February 01, 2017:

Hey my name is Dakota, I really like a women but we both work a lot I have to jobs and one I work with her at this is not how we meet granted it is the same place we meet but she has two kids and is younger then me and a lil over a year ago she went threw a Divorce and I have wanted patiently on her for her to be ready she has shown all the signs that she likes me even jealousy over other women I talk to, & even went as far as telling me I'm her crush , also recently she asked me to help her find a car, and started having me get coffee with and lunch and taking her back in forth to work. But she has also been sending me mix signals I believe it's her trying to see what I would do , but to be straight up with this I've always pursued her with did you want intentions , but I have been hurt by my daughters mother sometime ago and I have never fully healed from that, idk if I can and then last night I went to see a army brother for a game of pool and a beer and she just happened to be bar tending & she had some songs playing she had picked and said if I got engaged to be married I would want the man who does it to use this song which was a song by Justin beiber which who I don't listen to , dressed just like he is in the music video & and I said not me I don't even listen to him let alone like him and she immediately stop talking about after I had told her why , and went to the register, after being ill with me and went on and as a man I didn't hear half of it bc of my two friends and she went on then I stupidly said I don't give a shit I'm use to you.. and she said what I said I didn't stutter, and back and forth anyway I repeated myself three time bc lately I feel like she doesn't care and I want to push her a lil then she got mad and wouldn't talk to me even though I caught her looking at me a few times what should I do !?

confused on January 31, 2017:

There is this woman that teaches a class I'm taking,I find myself constantly thinking of her.Im 49 and think she's close to my age.She has a smile that is so beautiful, I can't help but smile even when I'm not in class. Ive seen most of these signs but she hast to be this way to the class, right? I want to be the reason she smiles.

Mugund on January 27, 2017:

Hi I have a doubt can u ping me personally

Jason on January 17, 2017:

Alright, so I'm so confused at this point. I've known this girl for about a couple months now, and she shows me signs that you mentioned above somedays, but other days she completely blows me off. Let me give an example:

We were at a basketball game together, and this little girl came over and started talking to us. When this girl would say something cute that made her laugh, she would lean into me and look at me in the eyes.

This girl is always asking me to do things for her, and when she asks me to do them she gets this higher tone in her voice. She watches me a lot, but I like her too so I try to have her catch her staring at me as well. She teases me a lot, and she snapchats me first quite a bit. But then, there's other days when she doesn't look at me whatsoever, I have to be the one to initiate conversation, and she blows me off.

I'm just asking for some guidance on what to do here, because I'm honestly lost. Help would be extremely much appreciated.

Darius on January 14, 2017:

Hi so I like this girl recently and I'm not too sure if she likes me or not,her friend said out loud or at least loud enough for me to hear that she liked someone in our Nutrition class which I happened to be in while I was standing right there putting my chair up but she ended up denying that remark,she invited me to her birthday party and noticed my dance moves and even said I had some great dance moves there. Then whenever we watch a video in Nutrition,she sits next to me most of the time when she really could've gone closer to the video and sit in the seat in front of me which has no one sitting in it, me and her talked about our siblings and how annoying some of them were and I made her laugh a lot when she was doing her math homework bc she kept on coming up with silly answers that even I knew weren't true,she gave me her Snapchat without me asking but it was only for me to get info for the party but we don't talk as much on there anymore,I was going to ask her to hang out at my house some time next week and I was wondering if she accepted my request,does she like me or is it that she's just kind enough to come over and hang out

mava hamza on January 13, 2017:

@Marlon johnson. Hi there. So you told her your interested right? And you feel something is lacking right.. how did she respond to your interest? You say she acts different around you to other people? This includes other males right? Usually that is a good sign.. but only if it was *prior* to you showing your interest in her.. or before she knew you were into her. Either she is into you somewhat or is not into you and is uncomfortable with your feelings.. a woman's nervousness is not always a sign of interest, it can just be she feels uneasy around guys.

However looking out the corner of her eye at you is a good sign as well as the quick looking away, I'd say 90% of the time that is certain interest however shy people or people who have a lot of fear/anxiety are intimidated easily. I can't put my thumb on it but there is something about your situation that makes me think you may be showing too much interest in her and she is simply more wary of your interest in her which makes her feel on edge (that isn't necessarily a good thing)..

The fact she has not replied back to you does unfortunately show shes NOT that interested in being with you.. either that or she is not ready for a relationship (not sure of your ages). I think you are simply too focused on this gal and need to take your attention away from her, for whatever reason shes either not ready to date or doesn't like you enough, i think part of that reason is that your too available and she senses it.. her interest level may change with time.

SO my advice is that.. Rather than keep questioning why she doesn't like you just accept she does NOT like you (especially for now) and get on with your life.. trust me if she changes her mind about you she knows where to find you, if she liked you she would have made it easier for you, her not replying to you made it clear. Thinking about her and this all the time is part of an obsession that might be holding you back, i believe that is where you are lacking.. go on living your life, women love what they cannot have. Good luck.

POTATO on January 10, 2017:

There's this girl I like and she keeps literally bumping in to me in the hallway or in class. What do you think it means?

Jose on January 09, 2017:

I like a girl. She speaks to me very rarely. I am shy to speak to girls. When I talk to her she will not speak to me as friendly as to other boys. She rarely looks into my eyes while she speaks to me. I caught her staring at me frequently.

Mixed signals 555 on January 08, 2017:

She said "I drink expensive champagne & I'm not going to wait for u to get it together, then she stared at me" I never hit on her or asked her out...why would she say something like that?

Hector on December 28, 2016:

There's this asian I'm in love with or very attracted to every time i see her come in to the bowling alley her eyes open wide and she has a great smile and says hello before me, and when she's bowling i can be 4 to 7 lanes away and she looks at me and waves at me and smiles i might be slow in this but our age difference is at least 20 yrs. It seems like she wants to say something to me when she looks straight into my and i catch myself from saying the obvious that i want to be with her. We both bowl in the alley twice a week in different leagues and when she finishes her first game i ask how it went and we start talking, and if she sees me from afar she waves at me all the time it drives me insane that i might not be giving her a chance to know her well. Please advise.

westly on December 25, 2016:

So there is this woman who today meaning yesterday sent me a cartoon picture of herself and was asking me if I watched a certain show then during the day I hugged her she didn't reject me hugged me again when I left,she text me if will talk tomorrow but idk,I sent her a wink she replied your welcome lol she was teasing me all night ,.

Gul on December 23, 2016:

I praise about her black dress and after that she started wearing black dress minimum twice a week. Before this she wear black dress just once in 10 days.

Michael on December 23, 2016:

There is this girl that I like. I've known her for 3 months now and quickly became, what I could say close friends. I would say this because very quickly we started speaking almost every day on text and having, sometimes very long conversations, which could be on a range of things, and we easily open up to each other. From the beginning, I only thought of her as a friend whom I really enjoyed talking to and who made me happy. But gradually I began to realize how much I enjoyed her company and her as a person and how much I admired her and how I can miss her, and so I realized eventually that I liked her.

I wonder whether she likes me, and there are several signs which could show that she might:

1. She is normally the one who starts conversations on text and tends to write a whole lot more than me, what could be considered essays sometimes.

2. She can sometimes frequently tease me a lot, on a joke that no longer is said among our friends but she still carries it on.

3. Every time we met in person she would always hug me, and will sometimes randomly hug me again or a few times while in each others company. And the type of hug can be a lingering hug, where you hug for the normal time, but our arms are still holding each other one each other's backs.

4. She opens up to me a lot about her personal life a lot, her feelings and opinions and experiences. And I in turn do the same.

5. She only does all of this with me it seems, in comparison to other males in her life and the males in our group of friends. e.g. I am the only male she hugs and texts, but that could just be due to us being close friends.

6. Our whole group of friends suspects that she likes me. This is because on our facebook group chat it can be that it's just us two talking, and the way we can talk and the topics that were spoken about makes it seem so, and we are then told why we aren't just private messaging. Also because she always hugs me.

7. When there is a party she asks to meet me and to go there together.

8. She has asked if I wanted to join her in playing Badminton a few times and I did.

9. At times she's drunk alcohol she's hugged me a lot and was in my arms for a long time and holds my hand, and stays hugging me for even longer than normal, and is even more affectionate. And of course, I reciprocate.

10. And lastly, one time when she was a bit drunk she basically guided my hand to where she wanted it on her body sexually, and I did things to her, but that was it. - After this event, she was awkward and distant with me and asked me to forget about it, saying she was just drunk and horny and she was sorry.

To summarize: she texts me a lot, is very open with me, hugs me a lot, teases me a lot and can be even more affectionate after drinking.

What confuses me is that at times she has spoken to me about two of her crushes and I gave her advice, as well as me at the time doing the same. Although now I don't do this, and I tend to steer away from the topic of her crush. She kind of seems like she sees me as a friend but, including the above factors makes there be mixed signals.

Mr Khan on December 23, 2016:

I dnt understand I knw am a girl she is an fitness gym manager she is friendly but I dnt understand if she fancy me I approached her I told her another manager told me tht u like me is it true said I am an lesbian I am comfused

Guy001 on December 22, 2016:

There's this girl i like & she initiates the text conversations at times to ask about homework assignments and stuff, she can ask from anyone else in those classes. Plus we talk in person too when we meet in class. She usually says "Hi". The text conversations we've been having are pretty long too. But im wondering whether she's just friendly or that she likes me. Any thoughts?

Drake on December 15, 2016:

So, She wanted me to go with the game wirh

Jay Rando (author) from England on December 15, 2016:

@subrata nandan khaund.

IF she does not do/show ANY of the above then the likelihood that she is not interested is almost certain, that however does not mean she is repulsed by you, you may be able to build some interest with her. There are two ways you can go about this:

1) get to know her and flirt with her, see how that goes

2) accept that she probably doesn't like you and get on with your life

Perhaps you can try 1 first and see how that goes? Perhaps its just a thing of she does not notice you, introduce yourself and see how she responds to flirting. On the other hand my feeling is that if shes not at least noticed you already then the chances of her being into you are slim at best, however she may be one of those types who just isn't looking for a relationship. Good luck

Jay Rando (author) from England on December 15, 2016:

@Jason. Hi Jason, firstly my advice to you is that you are coming across as needy and that wont help with attracting the ladies, the reason why? Telling her that if she ever is interested that you will be interested basically communicates you are always there and free to date her, you became too available to her and probably revealed you wanted to be with her too early, her response was indicative of low interest otherwise she would have jumped for joy and said yes.

Unfortunately if she is avoiding you like the plague that would signify that she is not interested romantically. I know thats probably not the answer you wanted to hear but learning from this situation and moving forward is the best course of action for you. To me it sounds like once she found you you liked her she didn't want to give you the wrong idea and disappeared. Her kindness was probably just her being friendly. Good luck

Al on December 14, 2016: email me if you could

Ricky on November 22, 2016:

The playing with her hair is BS . I k ow gym girls that just love to look in the mirror and play with their hair .. every mirror they have a chance to look it their hand starts playing with their hair . So this can be a yes or a no ... but go on to the next sign . This one is confusing .

satyavan on November 09, 2016:

When I will try to speak with her then she

She try to showing that she neglecting me.

And when take decision to stop speaking with her then she will try to speak with me.

subrata nandan khaund on November 09, 2016:

She does not do any of the above what to do

Jason on November 04, 2016:

I told a female facebook friend that if in her future she was ever interested in a relationship that I would be interested as well! I got the answere im not wanting/ ready for that right now! She has offered to decorate my house, she has come helped me in the woods, she wants to meet my mom, now I have done some kind things for her too! I dont know what to gather from this now she avoids me like the plague

jack on October 30, 2016:

their is a i have seen in my school but question is that she likes me and also gives some signs if interest like twriling hair like that but one i want to ask she has already a boyfriend then also why she likes me i have no idea about it

RogerFace on October 23, 2016:


I am a student trying to get some love... But I already have a crush.... My crush knows that I love her.. First time when I asked out she didn't give a pleasing reply but the second time she didn't speak anything.... By the way She and Me myself are new to this school.... She does show care for me, asks questions to me, my opinions and all compliments. Day before yesterday, we had a parents and teachers meeting... After finalizing my report.. Me along with my mom were going out from school.. when I met her from her stairs she said my name to her sister... I got shocked... What does this Signify?

Red on October 16, 2016:

There's this girl in my class that I like but she is very shy and I have a small suspicion that she likes me but I don't want to jump to conclusions. So we find each other having awkward stares and smiles. This happens often, do keep in mind it is very easy to make her laugh (even she admits it). She laughs to some of my jokes and one time this teacher wanted to write down a report for me and her because I tried to help her out to upload something to Google Drive (btw she's new) at the time we are supposed to leave school (the delivery was due the time we leave) she stood up for me and I didn't get a report but she did. Idk maybe I'm over reacting.

joshorbillo on October 15, 2016:

Hi . i dont assume that the girl i want likes me. Sorry for the grammar. Hehehe sometimes i txt her she is not text me back, i dont know why. Maybe she is busy or have a strategy to me to do an effort to txt her. Same in facebook messenger . sometimes she not looking in my message . not seen but only delivered. But the last time we met. She is the first to ask me where i am. Then i answer that i am in work and i said why? She said that she want me to eat ice cream with her. And then we met. But theres no ice cream because the store is close. We decided to buy other food. Then she treat me. :) an then while we eat we talk about the place she go last week. She said that she never had a opportunity to buy me something food or a thing that the provinve she visit have. Sorry for the grammar . :) by this details , do you feel that the girl likes me?

Dave on October 10, 2016:

I went out for my cousin's birthday and met this really hot girl, who's a friend of his. This girl was with someone, but was finding excuses to talk to me, and touch me all night. Ironically enough, I ended up getting into an argument with the girl before the night was over.

Whatever the case, she gave me a hug before we parted ways, I guess to make amends.

Should I ask her out, or is she just looking for attention?

TKeller on October 03, 2016:

While signs like these can sign interest, common sense still needs to rule the process. I worked with an intelligent, gorgeous young lady for a period of time. Every sign mentioned fit her actions toward me without exception. Always available to have dinner with me. Always met and departed with a hug. Came to my office every day and stayed for a while to discuss my life and her life. Laughed at my sense of humor, had me meet her family when they visited her at work, always fussed with her appearance around me, her desk was within sight of mine and she use to stare at me, would always make sure she paid special interest to my work needs. No matter which web site listing Top 10, 15, 18 etc. signs she likes you, she hit them all. But! We have 30 years difference in age, I am marrief with kids her age and we are friends. That's all it is and will ever be. Friendship is great. I never asked her or hinted to anything more because I do not want to disrespect a friend nor do I want to mess up my martiage. My wife has met her and they are friendly to each other. My situation is extreme but always be aware of the truths around the situation and not just the signs.

Dylan on September 30, 2016:

Okay so there is this girl that I've known as far as i can remember, but in the past few months I started to get feelings for her. Shes been acting really differently lately, she always says "hi dylaann" in this really dreamy voice, and she never does it to anybody else. She also texts me asking me what the homework is, even though she could just check online. When another girl talks to me, she gets a jealous look on her face. I really want to ask her out but im afraid because i have known her for so long and i dont want to make it awkward between us.

PMichael07 on September 24, 2016:


I have been talking to a girl on Match for just over three months now and we have meet three times over the last two months. I recently ask her out on date, she said yes she'd love too but then things came up last minute and she had to cancel unfortunately but we meet the following day for lunch instead. Every time we have met she has said she had a fab time.

I am just wondering with these type of response that I am getting from her after every time we have meet up, does she like me or is she playing the lets see how things ball? I feel like asking her would she like to be my girlfriend but I am thinking she might say not yet because we have only meet up three times so far.

Thanks in advance,


Max on September 20, 2016:

There is this girl in my class that sits right in front of me, when you read this keep in mind that she is a very talkative person. Well she is normally sitting like sideways instead of forward, she turns around to ask questions at least like 10 times, and she asks if she is being annoying a lot. Then she also touches my stuff a lot like to check out a pencil or something etc., as well as she normally says hi in other classes that we share but she does not sit in front of me. My friend says she does like me but idk maybe it's cause I kind of like her and might not notice if she blushes cause I'm blushing or something like that but I just want to ask, do you think she likes me?

Avdrovazoski on September 19, 2016:

help me out, this girl keeps on teasing me, she always want me to accompany her, and frankly speaking I have have been to busy to attend her, and the very time I tried accompany her for a walk she then tells me I am not her type before I could propose, whats her implication

Stephen Jackson on September 16, 2016:

Okay if a women is ignoring my text's and, calls for days ,and then I tell her if i am going to be the only one communicating i will not waste my time trying with her anymore. then she starts replying more than she did originally what does that mean, or what is the knowledgeable explanation for my sichuation?

Darren on September 16, 2016:

G'day, I recently have been chatting with a woman over the internet, we met today for coffee. When we met she put her hand out as she introduced herself I took her hand introducing myself. At this point she pulled me close and gave me a half hug and kissed me on the cheek. We then sat down and proceeded to talk. We had a good conversation with what seemed to be reciprocated from both sides very pleasant and interested. After about two hours we concluded the meeting again she leant in and gave me a half hug and a kiss on the cheek, which I reciprocated. We both stated we enjoyed the meeting and both said we would like to do it again. I kind of feel that she is interested however it is possible she may just be an affectionate person. I really like her and feel very comfortable when with her. I am hoping there is something between us but don't want to scare her off. Some advice and your take on how the date appeared to go from the information provided. Thanks

Tomas on September 14, 2016:

I attent college with one girl and in the first few months she seemed to say hi and smile a lot and that made me fall for her. When I confronted her and say I saw her instagram, she accused me of being stalker, but the same day she texted me on facebook she wanted to appologize, but she wasn't able to find me ( I was avoiding her with shame )So I appologized back and said I only liked her thoughts about religion and philosophy ( she is strong catholic believer just like me) Than she seemed to never remember that 'incident' and talked to me, but only when her friends weren't nearby. She was very nice to everyone and takes extra care not to hurt anyone so I started to thing that's just the way she was treating me. She talks to me about personal stuff a lot ( about her younger sister living with a man and she never had anyone, but she doesn't care cause she things it is not moraly clean before the wedding and for the question if she wants to move out as well she said not by herself nor with a guy before wedding. Then she told she lost her phone and wanted me to text her, but when she started dictating her numbe rI found out my phone was turned off ( I am such an idiot) so she came back to library when we were together before to get it. She speaks about her three younger sisters a lot ( she is 21 and I am 20) When I failed at doing a once she was first come to me and cheer me up by saying 'He is not emphathical, don't be sad.' ( I am melancholic introvert with slight problems with speaking in public, and so is she, but not so lonely as I am) She speaks about herself a lot while asking me to speak about myself as well. I was talking to her before the summer break about my course to get better in next term, she said she will be working because she needs to pay stuff by herself ( her family is big ) Durring the break she never wrote me and I was affraid to write her on facebook because I didn't want to be accused of stalking again, but two months, when my 'pain and depression' went down I texted to see how it was going. She seemed very pleased ( although she didn't write first) we were talking about day and a half and than I was the one to interrupt it when there was no other point in conversation ( We even finished school stuff). When I went back to college the first day she didn't seem to look for me and she talked to friends instead and when I finished my signing to the next grade she was no longer present. I wrote a long and personal things about my experience, my question is does she like me or not? I am asking you to be totally sure, because I am not mentally strong enough for a rejection. Does she want me to take a step or am I only imagining thet she likes me Is it even possible to like a guy like me?

Fondo on September 13, 2016:

I dunno... I really like this girl but she confuses me a lot. I do catch her sometimes looking at me which she'll quickly avert her gaze. Only until recently she'll look at me and smile for a split second then force it back. And when I make her laugh (usually when I do it involuntarily) she'll turn and hide her face but her shoulders are shaking so I know she's laughing and I'll usually play it off like I didn't notice. Hhhhhhh.

wisal khan... on September 06, 2016:

It is really a good way to knw alll about love and their be brave and propose her/him now by this thecniques...

wisal khan... on September 06, 2016:

It is really a good way to knw alll about love and their be brave and propose her/him now by this thecniques...

Erick Holmes on July 20, 2016:

I recently got hired by a restaurant as a dishwasher. for two weekends in a row, both encounters with this lady were on a Saturday. First time she apparently didn't know where to throw something away, so I took the trash from her and took care of I myself. Second time, this Saturday, I had to take care of trash. I was standing, kneeling over a trash can getting ready to put a liner in, when I looked up and saw her. I didn't say anything to her; she said she was just following me. is she taking an interest in me, or could it just be pure coincidence?

kair on May 24, 2016:

hi i used to go gym almost more than year one girl was there and before month ago she looks at me and when i look at her she move away and last night we suddenly see each other and she looks down with smile then i move for gym and she run fast and leave me behind.

Daniel Klein on April 08, 2016:

Hello Jay. I have a girl in my class who I had a inkling likes me. She laughs at almost everything I say. Then recently she dressed up and sat next to me, which is unusual cuz she usually sits by her male friend in class. She also gives me low eyed looks, kind of joyful yet seductive. However, when i talk to her shes very quiet, more so then around her other friends.Do you think she likes me?

D3an on February 27, 2016:

Hi Jay I'm back agian look get back to me when you can but within like a few weeks would I just left the whole relationship scene just made friends matured got my head around life so yeah but so I'm in second year varsity (last year) so there is this first year we became quite close fast I mean I feel it's like I'm her big brother or something she always sits close to as possible touches me a bit and last night she told me she HAD a crush on me so I then asked what happened and she said we became friends I'm trying not fall deeper but it's hard she is really awesome i mean I kinda feel sick when she is not near and such and I really want her in my life what should I do ? Cause after this year I will barely see her and that will kill me so any suggestion leave it as friends make it stronger then try later down the line or what ? I mean there are a lot of signs like she hugs me close rubs her hands across my body when we release

And yesterday she just went through something I comforted her with it and all she was in tears and I felt bad for her ? Thanks

steven on October 29, 2015:

There is this girl i seen for the first time at my job and we made eye contact and smiled at each other, but now she comes to my job every other day and when she comes we still make eye contact and smile at each other and she now dresses up nice and does her hair nice but when she walks next to me she just looks down. So i want to know what she thinks and if she is interested in me or not?

john on October 20, 2015:

Please help me

I am really confused about this girl I like who flirted with me a and I also got some signs that she wants me to ask her out (not very definite signs but still some good signs ) and it came as a surprise to me at that time so I couldn't respond or make a move at that time and after that whenever I met her she gave me kinda mixed signals like she used to give me at the start also when I first met her

Btw We meet Only once in 2 MONTHS she lives far away from my house but comes to visit her cousins once in 2 months (the place where I live)

but yesterday she asked me for a Favour which I denied and she said in reply that " pls help me you can't even do this much for your SISTER ( referring herself as my sister) I was in shock after this .She used to give me mixed signals (used to act cold and aloof many times) right from the start but this was too much to bear

I don't know whether it was a test ( to know my response to being treated like her brother to know my intentions because throughout even I gave her mixed signals to not appear needy and tried to keep a balance )

OR am I really been friendzoned?

Throughout (from the start ) more than often she used to give me mixed signs apart from one time / instance where I felt she wanted me to ask her out

And I also wanted to ask you about a few signs I was confused about

Why a girl sets you up with your Best friend's Ex knowing herself from inside that somewhere the relationship wouldn't be possible

^ She did it once while flirting

and also used to ask about my relationship status like who is my gf and all

Ma'am I really need your advice please help me because I really like her but things aren't looking great at the moment


Tom on October 10, 2015:

Help me please. I'm getting crazy as I'm super confused with this girl. I met this Asian girl through language exchange hub.

At first everything was alright. However,in the past few sessions she started touching me for reason, texting every couple of hours and finding an excuse to ask personal questions!

This is not all the story yet. Yesterday she asked me to hang out with her in the Park. We went for the longest walk of my life! And right after that she bought me a coffee and asked me to watch this Asian movie that was about a couple loving each other (but it could be because she want me to learn the language better and I'd already let her know that I liked her country's series.

I'm getting crazy for these reasons:

1- she might be just nice

2- I'm in my early forties and she is 29

3- I don't know her culture. She might be just nice because of her culture maybe?

What should I do? How do you interpret his? Thx

Jay Rando (author) from England on August 25, 2015:

@Marian Basescu. Hi again Marian! I would not worry too much about it, if she is that into you i dont think some other guy will have swooped her up that quickly, in the end it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you are progressing toward something so next time you do see her just speak to her a bit more, small steps then bigger steps.

There is a lot of truth in women wanting what they cant have, however there does come a time when we must make some effort as they may give up. I am not a believer in the idea that women lose attraction because of not making a move so if she was into you before then she probably still is even if she gave up on you.

Always remember that these women are just as afraid as we are when we approach and talk to them, when you speak to her she is probably scared and uncomfortable on the inside, women are good at hiding it :) I have always found that once you get the conversation going you forget your talking to an attractive female, it has never failed me.

Am sure the de angelos stuff will help, his programes are expensive but you can find a lot of his stuff free on the web, the guy has it down for sure. It is no hassle at all, hopefully your situation will go well once you are back in her presence again, thanks mate, enjoy the rest of your summer too. Let me know how things are going. Good luck

Daniel on August 16, 2015:

@Jay Rando

I know what i did was stupid, i guess i was afraid id lose her. But as to the reason why i ran off is because i thought she didnt show as much intrest in me as usual and when i stopped talking to her she didnt message me at all so i thought all together that she just didnt like me anymore. I did tell her i thought i was annoying her and she replied by thinking i was crazy and she full on changed lyrics to a song to say that i wasnt annoying her haha. All was well and good until she friendzoned me.... By saying we were like batman and robin together.

Jay Rando (author) from England on August 16, 2015:

@Daniel. Hey there mate, Ive been off hub pages for a while so i am behind but from what i have read it does sound like she is or was into you and a lot. All the talking to you (especially if she initiates a lot) and touching you are good signs. Slenderman is definitely a scary game for sure so i would say her holding your hand is a good sign as well. What made you think you were annoying her?

Having said that it sounds like she was confused as to why you went AWOL. The fact she did chase you up to see where you had gone is a good sign. Its hard to say what happened. Obviously something made you back off from her? What was it? I always advise guys here to avoid being needy or coming off as too eager but i would need to know more i think about your situation.

Now i dont advise swooping in and saying sorry or asking her out.. just feel her out again. Be honest about why you stopped talking to her, if you stopped because you felt you annoyed her again just tell her that. But i would advise to stop going missing otherwise you may blow this altogether. Running away from your problems is not the correct solution, if you run away because you feel your showing too much interest then stop showing as much interest.

I cannot say she is certainly into you but i think there is a good she is (or was). Her lack of interest may be two things: 1) she moved on completely 2) she thinks your playing games and pretends not to like you i.e when people feel messed around they often do this. Your best bet is to stop running off and slowly ease back in and see if she starts to seem excited to talk to you again.. Be patient, if she starts to like you over time again then there is still a chance.

The first issue is to tell me why the heck you keep running away and disappearing? until you answer that question i cannot help you further. If you are still around feel free to update me on this situation i will be glad to help. Good luck

Jay Rando (author) from England on August 13, 2015:

Ooh argh.. i wasn't sure where i was up to..

@tar144. Sorry it did not work out for you mate, if you need a bit of direction or guidance in the future feel free to drop me a line, there are plenty of fish in the sea right? You are welcome. Good luck

john on August 01, 2015:

There is this women that I work with and she always pouts ice down my shirt throws water on me kicks talks about my kids with me and always smile at me all the time is she flirting with me

Alex8711 on July 14, 2015:

We are both 14 Jay. I am not exactly sure what I am or could be leaving out, but we have been together a couple of times, properly. She is in Italy at the moment, and it's killing me to be away from her for so long. But we have already agreed that we DEFINETLY should see each other much more after the vacation

Jay Rando (author) from England on July 14, 2015:

@Alex8711. Hi again Alex, i am not sure what you meant in your 2nd to last comment so i read your most recent comment as well just to get a better idea. I think that if she isn't committing to you and she can right now then i would wonder why that is, i feel like I'm missing a part of the story that your not telling me. I am not sure how old the two of you are and why she is not able to give you more of her time? This is what confuses me most.

Why is it taking so long for her to be with you properly? This is what i dont understand.. You say it kills her not to have time with you, well in i would trust that she will be ready at some point, dont think about it too much and keep living your life, avoid becoming needy during this point. I think getting one of your shirts is a good thing if its her way of remembering you. Shes making time for you and makes the few hours she sees you worth your effort, thats always a good sign.

I really hope though that she is not leading you on or anything, like i said i feel like there is something here your maybe not telling me and my concern is just why it is taking her so long to be with you fully?.. As a heads up always remain realistic, our minds often trick us into believing things are better than they actually are, i hope that is not the case and that things are going really well.

Thanks for the kudos, i am glad to help as always :) please come back if things change or things develop, if things aren't getting or going anywhere be sure to post back here asap as i can probably determine what is not going right, a bit of patience will hopefully lead to a full relationship, if you feel like you are being kept on a string then its imperative you dont become an option. Good luck

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