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Tips for Guys to Attract Women at the Beach

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Learn how you can attract women at the beach!

Learn how you can attract women at the beach!

How to Approach a Girl at the Beach and Attract Her Interest

How do you attract girls on the beach? Forget the six-packs and bulging biceps; read on for real-life tips meant for regular guys looking to impress bikini-clad women on the beach.

Before you strip down to your swimwear and make your way to the hot and sunny shores expecting to be the eye candy for every girl on the beach, remember these do's and don'ts—from what to wear to how to behave.

1. Always go shirtless—never cover up.

Covering your body on the beach can be seen as a sign of insecurity. Whether you are a skinny guy, muscular hunk, big, fat, or slightly on the chubby side, never cover your torso when you are on the beach.

Don't wear a t-shirt or any other kind of top. The beach is all about wearing swimwear and nothing else. If you are afraid of the sun, put on heaps of sunblock with adequate SPF protection.

2. Pick swimwear that suits your body and personality.

Just like how you wouldn't expect an extremely chubby woman to parade her assets in a thong, don't get carried away and avoid making the same faux pas yourself.

Looking attractive on the beach is a result of picking the right type of swimwear and being comfortable in it. Wear those tight Speedos only if you have a muscular, lean, and super-fit body.

Trunks and surf shorts are generally considered as no-nonsense and blunder-proof swimwear. For guys who have skinny body frames or find themselves on the chubbier side, trunks may be the best pick. Jammers and wetsuits should be avoided unless you are going surfing or going to be doing other water sports.

The color of your swimwear is a personal choice, but if you want to attract girls on the beach, play it safe and avoid pink and other bright neon colors. Light and dark shades of blue, red, grey, and black are a safe bet.

3. Play it safe by trimming your body hair.

Girls have different preferences when it comes to body hair on men. Some like their guys hairy, some like them hairless, while some like just light patches of hair at all the right places.

While there is nothing wrong with a hairy body or with one which has been completely stripped smooth of hair, trimming your body hair is a safe and attractive bet.

Buy a decent grooming set and trim your body hair at least a few days before you are going to go to the beach. Use the spacing tool to leave just the right amount of chest hair. Stay away from extremes and balance out the hair on your chest, arms and legs.

4. Accessorize to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to be different from the hundreds of other topless men on the beach, use accessories to make yourself stand out.

Stylish sunglasses, hats, manly anklets, temporary tattoos, and watches are some fashion accessories you could try on. Product links to super cool beach accessories and swimwear for men have been given at the end of this post.

Ramps have seen models carry off neckpieces and bracelets in style. But unless you are a fashion guru yourself, avoid accessorizing your beach look with a neckpiece or a bracelet. The wrong choice could look girly and out of place.

5. Don't be self-conscious about your body.

Attracting a girl towards you is more about carrying a likable personality than about buffed biceps and washboard abs. The slightest bit of nervousness will be evident through your behavior, including the way you walk and talk.

Media and popular culture demand women to be curvy and slim at the same time. Remember that the girl you are trying to attract is possibly more conscious of her looks and body than you are.

Relax, feel comfortable, and walk around without clenching your biceps or pushing your chest out in a bid to appear bulkier.

6. Don't walk or sit with a hunched back.

Whether you walk, sit, stand, or play a game on the beach, make sure that you are standing straight with your head held high. A hunched back is never a good sight on men or women. A straight back, on the other hand, is a sign of confidence and sex appeal.

Hold your head high, and don't keep staring at the sand. Besides the psychological impact, a head held high will also allow you to make eye contact.

7. Don't sit in a corner—be approachable.

There is nothing wrong with going to the beach alone. The key to appearing friendly and easy to approach is to sit in the middle of all the action. Don't find for yourself a secluded corner of the beach, hoping that the mystery behind your loneliness will attract women.

Find yourself a spot near a bustling beachside cafe or the area where everyone is sunbathing to let girls know that you are an approachable guy with no hang-ups.

8. Stare into women's eyes, not at their bodies.

As you walk around the beach, making eye contact with girls is a given if you want to establish a base for a conversation. In your attempts to look a girl in the eye, make sure that your gaze remains fixed at her eyes. Avoid gazing at her body, no matter how tiny a bikini she is wearing.

Staring at a girl's breasts while talking to her, hypnotically gazing at a woman's body from a far distance, and scouting for 'hot bodies' with inappropriate looks could make you look like a weirdo with a repulsive personality.

If you want to attract girls on the beach, you will have to make yourself seem like an absolutely normal guy who is comfortable being in the midst of bikini-clad girls.

9. Smile—your best asset in flirting.

A smile is where it all starts from – This is possibly the ground rule for flirting, whether on or off the beach. Flash a smile if you make eye contact with a girl you are attracted to in particular. She will never know about your attraction unless you make it evident and a smile is the first thing to look out for.

10. Don't just sit around—swim or play a game.

Going to the beach on a Sunday is all about taking a break from the concrete jungle and having fun. Look fit, energized and attractive by hit the surf, playing catch or even a game of volleyball.

The idea is to look as if you are someone who is fun and active. Girls like guys who are fun to hang out with, and if you are going to sit like a blob on your beach towel all day long, you could be putting off girls from noticing you on the beach.

11. Don't be a sports freak—limit your games and take a break.

Don't get carried away in your game of catch or volleyball. You are at the beach to have fun, not play competitively. As you feel the sweat building up, take a break and hit the surf. Come out of the water and head straight to the beachside cafe or bar where you can get some refreshments.

Sweating it out vigorously for hours together or pedantically keeping scores in a game of beach volleyball and acting like a pro could make you look weird and obsessed. Have your bit of fun and then walk away. Grab your favorite drink and relax on a lounger.

A really bold move would be to grab two drinks instead of one for the girl who has caught your eye. Instead and like a true gentleman, you could politely ask her if she wants to join you for a drink while you are on your way to the cafe.

12. Don't be afraid to start a conversation—everyone comes to the beach to have fun.

Everyone goes to the beach to have fun and meet new people. Don't shy away to be the first to start a conversation with a girl or even group of girls on the beach. A harmless conversation whether it is in the form of a joke, introduction or a gentlemanly request for a date is likely to be greeted with a smile.

Many people also come to the beach to relax, read a book or a women's magazine and to be left alone. But if you spot a couple of single girls giggling away, arm yourself with witty conversation starters and approach them. Take along a few of your friends with you so all of you can socialize and have fun.

13. Play it cool—wear nice clothes and sit at a beachside cafe.

How do you attract girls on the beach if you don't like getting sand on your feet or having fun in the water? The answer lies in playing it cool. Wear your best summer shirt and team it up with baggy shorts or nice beige pants.

Put on your sunglasses and sit at a beachside cafe on a spot where you can sip on your cold Corona or a glass of wine while watching all the action. Be sure to choose a spot where everyone on the beach can notice you too.

When the girls on the beach get tired and come to the cafe for refreshments, you should be armed with a charming smile and the mannerism of a true gentleman. Try striking a conversation, and if that does not lead anywhere, you can always go back to sipping your lime-infused Corona.

14. Indulge in a hobby-based activity.

Introverts and socially reserved guys may not feel the need to be active, play games, or indulge in impromptu conversations with girls on the beach. The downside of sitting alone is that it reduces the chances of starting a conversation with someone.

If you are the kind of guy who likes to go solo, you could consider taking along a hobby-based activity to the beach. Whether it is playing the guitar, walking your dog, reading a niche and recognizable book, or rollerblading on the sidewalk, a hobby will help you find common ground with strangers.

The whole idea of being able to attract girls on the beach is to be armed with the ability to strike a conversation. Bumping into like-minded women with whom you share common interests and hobbies will leave you with something to talk about.

15. Start working out to be in shape for next summer.

It is never too late to start working out. Be in shape for next summer by signing up for a gym membership right away. A fit and toned body will be an added advantage when you go to the beach and flaunt your likable personality.

Watch workout videos, read books, talk to health freaks in your class/workplace and do whatever it takes to find the motivation to exercise and build a delicious beach body.