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How to Tell if He's Digging You (For Girls Who Don't Have a Clue)

Ty is a relationship blogger and single mom from Southern California.

Does he really like you? Here are eight signs that he's really interested!

Does he really like you? Here are eight signs that he's really interested!

Are His Actions Saying "I Dig You"?

The world seems to be filled with thirsty women lately. Women that are paying men to be with them . . . buying him gifts, giving him money, and allowing him to live with them while paying little to no money for rent and bills. They are taking care of his kids (some go as far as paying his child support for him), he is driving their car, and they are supplying the gas money.

They are clothing men, giving them spending money and taking care of them as they would their own children. There are even some women who are begging men to marry them, i.e., Kenya Moore, former Miss USA, damn near begging her "boyfriend" to marry her. Can you say "thirsty"?

These thirsty women are so busy trying to take care of a man that they don't even realize that the men are not even into them.

Clue #1, any man worth salt would not allow you to do the aforementioned things. Let me say that again . . . any man worth his salt would not allow a woman that he was interested in take care of him. Period!

So for the sake of all you thirsty chicks out there and those of you who are undercover thirsty chicks who are fronting (lying) to all of your girlfriends (but you aren't fooling us, girl), let me give you some pointers on how men act when they are really digging you.

1. He Calls You

Please note that I emphasized you! A man who is into you will call you. You won’t have to call him (all the time) like most insecure, thirsty women do. A man who is digging you will call you to see how your day is going, to just hear your voice, etc.

He will put forth the effort to talk to you. A man who is not digging you won’t call . . . he barely calls or calls only when he wants to have sex with you. He also will not return your calls or texts for days at a time, if ever.

2. His Friends Know About You

Like women, men talk to their friends, and a man who is into you will tell his friends about you. I’m not saying that he is sharing pillow talk but his friends know who you are, that he is digging you, and he takes you around them. A man who is not digging you, won’t tell his friends about you, and you will never meet them.

3. He Listens

When you talk, he is into what you are saying. He pays attention, and the conversation is not one-sided. He asks your views on topics and seeks out your opinion on different situations. If you later ask him about something that you mentioned in a previous conversation, he can recall what you said.

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He listens to what you have to say because he is getting to know you. A man who is not digging you doesn't listen to what you have to say, couldn't care less, and isn't really trying to talk to you very long in the first place.

4. He Wants to Spend Time With You

He wants to be around you, and he has no problem letting you know, and he makes plans to spend time with you. He asks you out, not the other way around. When you do go out, he doesn't allow you to pay for anything.

Even if the two of you don't actually go out but just decide to spend an evening at home and watching a movie is fine with him as long as he is with you. He genuinely puts forth an effort to spend time with you.

Also, he will make plans with you in advance, not call and want to "hang out" because he doesn't have anything better to do. A man who is NOT digging you only wants to see you with your legs open, or if it is to his advantage, i.e., you're giving him money, buying him something, etc.

Now, be clear, if it is still early in the relationship (I use that term loosely for you thirsty women who think that you're in a "relationship" with every man that you have sex with), he may still be feeling you out. But, if after the first or second month or so, he isn't trying to put forth the time and effort . . . he isn't digging you.

5. He Wants to Meet Your Family and Friends

He asks about your family and friends, listens when you talk about them, and sincerely wants to meet them. A man who is not digging you does not want to meet your family and friends and doesn't ask questions about them because he is not planning on being around.

6. When You Need Him, He's There

He doesn't run when things get bad. When you are having a bad day or life gets tough, he is there to help or just listen. A man that is not digging you doesn't care if you had a bad day and isn't available if you need help. He is about what you can do for him, not the other way around.

7. He Shares Things With You

He shares with you what is going on in his life. He doesn’t keep things from you. He is honest and real, and he tells you just about everything. A guy who is not digging you won’t tell you anything. He is secretive and very evasive. He doesn’t share information with you, and he will keep you guessing if he is really who he says he is.

8. He Is Affectionate

He holds your hand, rubs your back, kisses you, and if you are watching television, he has his arm around you or pulls you close to him. He doesn’t touch you in a sexual way. If a man is not digging you, he is touching you in a sexual manner. He doesn’t hold your hand; he isn’t trying to be romantic—it is all about sex, and that is all.

This is not an all-inclusive list but it does pretty much sum up how a man will act if he is digging you. If the man that you are “seeing” is showing the signs of “not” digging you, yet you are still trying to hold on by buying him, then your being thirsty, and you need to knock it off immediately.

There is nothing cute about being a thirsty chick, and at the end of the day, all you end up with are hurt feelings and empty pockets. Wake up, girl!

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