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The Art of Seducing Men

10 tips for seducing the man of your dreams

10 tips for seducing the man of your dreams

The Art of Seduction: 10 Tips to Get Him Where You Want Him

Are you tired of junkyard advice on men and seduction? Do you want to know the truth about men and how to get your man enraptured by your very presence?

I don't waste time mincing words, so hold on tight, and you'll get all the goods.

1. What you really need to know is not what you really want to hear.

You're probably used to the fast food cosmo mag sex tips with how to get yourself into a twisted slinky to make your man want you more and end up still trying to figure him out. This is because when you're used to fast food, it's hard to sit and digest healthy snacks. Today you're going to want to lay low and sit down for a minute on your nice tush and finally get to know how to really seduce your man.

2. Men are easy. But when you make them hard, they can be very hard . . . and I'm not talking about down there!

What do I mean here? What I mean is, when a man has a certain idea in his mind about you, you have a hidden advantage over him IF the idea he has in mind is a woman who is totally freaking control of her emotions. BUT...

If you give a man the idea that you're an unpredictable electrical switch that will send high voltage currents of emotional drama up his spine, it is very, and I repeat, very hard to make him change his mind about you.

3. You've been wanting his commitment, but are you committed to you?

Here's the biggest secret of all . . . it is the pursuit of ultimate and raging self-love where he'll feel so completely crazy because he'll think you're in love with another person altogether.

What does this have to do with seduction? You can't seduce a man if you haven't seduced yourself. If you want to make him fall down and drip with buckets of desire for you, you've got to get him to SEE, learn, and KNOW that you're a first class woman who wants your best interest first.

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4. Learn how to get inside his head.

I know this is a far cry from those little tantalizing tidbits you read in those mags because they want to sugar-coat you with sneaky lies by taking the back route. You can sex a man for hours on end, and he'll just thank you for it, but this won't bring his heart to escape with you IF you don't know how to get inside his mind.

5. Don't be anything for a man!

Don't be his safe harbor, his love siren, his little red pill, his sex pillow . . . NOTHING! The less you are for a man, the more he'll be for you.

6. Be satisfied with yourself first.

When you read advice that tempts you to BE something or DO something for a man to want you more, approve of you, or give you a commitment, throw it out if it doesn't have anything to do with helping you create an inner shift within your soul.

7. Your soul builds your relationships.

Period. You can follow empty rules, or you can go above the rules. If you don't want to change, forget about seducing a man to change his behavior to suit you.

8. Know what seduction is . . . and what it isn't.

Getting all giddy and batting your eye just won't do it. You have to show up. You have to drop a bomb. In order to do this, you have to FEEL powerful. If you are acting like a little school girl high on sugar, well, forget it. Don't even bother trying to seduce a man or try to change your man IF you don't feel powerful inside. No power = no results.

9. Men respond to action, not words.

All of the "communication skills" you've been learning all of these years are a waste of your time IF you don't know one important rule about men. They don't care how much you talk; they stand to attention when you take action. Become your own action hero, and he'll love you for you.

10. Stop acting.

You noticed that I spend most of the time telling you about how you need to BE? This is because most of what you read tells you how you need to ACT. Being and Acting are two different things. Stop acting. When you start to BE you command presence, respect, trust and you start to build intimacy.

Learn how to seduce men and make your man feel as if he's with a woman he'll never want to leave.

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