How to Land a British Man

Updated on January 4, 2017
James Bond is a good example of a unique Brit that ladies love
James Bond is a good example of a unique Brit that ladies love

The Brilliant Brit

What drives us wild about the Brits is the cleverness of their humor, their politeness, sense of propriety and pride in their cultural traditions, according to focus groups led by the MORI Social Research Institute. British men are very much seen as independent individuals, a trait considered attractive by the Americans who were polled.

Where To Meet A British Bloke

Your chances of landing a hot British lover are highest in a bar or club. According to a poll from YouGov, most British men still rely on meeting a potential match on a night out. A high proportion of lonely Brits also look for love in the workplace, so if you work with a single British man, there is no harm in flirting over the photocopier. Check your networks to find out if any of your friends knows an eligible British bachelor, as many British blokes are open to finding a date through friends.

Bag Your Brit Online

Internet dating has now become the third most popular way to find a date in Britain, according to YouGov, so going online is a good option if you want to bag a Brit. British men also dedicate nearly six hours per month to social networking -- almost as much time as Americans, research by The Nielsen Company found. Chatting on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter could be the way to find the Brit of your dreams.

Show Him You're Into Him

British men are sometimes too polite to approach women and don't even notice when someone is flirting with them, according to social anthropologist Jean Smith. A bashful 30 percent of British men would never approach anyone flirtatiously, Smith revealed in "The Flirt-Interpreter: Flirting Signs from Around the World." Only 35 percent of British men can tell when a woman is giving them the eye, so you must make it obvious that you are interested if you want to land a British man.

How To Hook Him

Once you have found a good British specimen, you need to know what to do and say to get him interested. British people regard certain sports as a large part of their culture. Talking about soccer, cricket or rugby are great ways to make conversation with a British man. Food is also an important part of the British identity. You could cook your way into a British man's heart if you can rustle up a decent English breakfast or a plate of fish and chips.


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