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How to Keep a Rich Man Interested

The Classic Look Wealthy Men Love

The Classic Look Wealthy Men Love

Why Choose a Rich Man?

Many woman seek out wealthy men. The reasons for this are simply the fact that women want a husband and a family, modern attitudes may frown on this reality but the fact remains, women want a husband and a family, and the ideal picture of a husband and family is not one of a guy making minimum wage while his wife works two jobs and dumps her children on the cheapest day care centers available. The image is one of happily having children with the luxury of watching them grow due to a powerful man who can provide such a lifestyle.

These are innate desires that modern liberalism simply cannot change and to achieve a genuinely happy life it is wise to embrace ones true womanhood and desires and then make the moves to achieve that dream. Assuming you already read about where to find rich men, the next step of course is to determine how to keep him interested. Remember that rich men are sought after and if one loses interest in you there are thousands of women he can easily move on with. You must stand out and the best of the bunch for he to want to commit to you. Good looks always help but it will take a lot more than that to lead a man of means to want you for life.

Dress and Speak Like a Lady


Rich Men Prefer Ladies

You are in luck. The reason I say this is that most women are not savvy at all when it comes to men and that leaves you with an advantage. You can easily stand out in the crowd by being so completely different than 90% of the women he is used to dating. Presenting yourself as cool and sophisticated is important to make a rich man even consider you.

Don't use foul language or speak negatively about others. Remember that men are masculine and roughness is a trait of toughness. Alpha males want their opposites; an ultra feminine woman. If you are at all confused about what a feminine woman is you should stop watching reality television shows and in your spare time watch TCM. There you will see movies from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, these are the women who appeal to men. If you watch I Love Lucy on youtube you may be shocked to see Lucille Ball dressed in her full skirt and heels get together win her women's club with all of her friends wearing white gloves and hats, speaking with impeccable grammar and the comments coming from young men stating, " I sure wish women had this much class these days." True femininity is timeless. A woman who talks like a trucker and dresses in sweats will likely find herself being treated like a worthless slob. Just look at the way the 1940s women in the movies carry themselves and then look at your friends. Ask yourself if you think she is intriguing, or if she is someone you would be proud of next time you look at a group of women. Rule number 1 is, look and act like a lady.

Be Sporty and Goal Oriented

Be Sporty and Goal Oriented

Have Your Own Interests to Interest Him

Be elusive. Don't call your guy to have a long conversation. Your alpha male must believe that he is slowly winning you with his charm and by how interesting he is. Let him be the fist to call and you should be the first one to end the conversation. I can't tell you how many times I have seen women ruin their chances with a rich man by hounding him with texts and phone calls. If you are pursuing him he will automatically put you in the category of a desperate woman. Be busy doing your own thing; this will give your man competition and at the same time he will see that you are not a clinging vine who needs him for entertainment and can actually do just fine without him. Many women want to be taken care of, and that's fine, as long as you don't tell your guy that straight from the beginning. If you are just sitting there like a heap waiting for someone to take care of you then I can guarantee that no one will ever take care of you. Pursue your hobbies and/or get your education. If you are so dedicated to a hobby or to having an education you will appear to all around you as a levelheaded person with interests. People always like to talk to those who have passion for life. Rule number 2 is have something that keeps you busy.

Just Say No to Sex

Just Say No to Sex

Don't Seduce a Rich Man Sexually

Do not have sex with your man. I know that all you feminists are ready to argue on this but let me tell you that my conclusion here has developed from decades of research. It is not anti-female to say that sex should be withheld. Think of it this way, what has become of women since the "free sex" movement in the 1960s? Are they happier? The answer to that is, absolutely not! There may be more female doctors and more female judges but what has happened to the average woman? There are more women living in poverty as single mothers than ever before and the circumstances for the average female has progressively become worse. The reason is that women are no longer taught to refrain from having sex with men, and therefore they have no reservations about jumping in the sack right away.

I can't tell you how many young women I talk to who have been dating a guy for five years or more and they are heartbroken because their live-in love will not marry them. Some of these women have a child or two with their guy and he still won't marry her. The number of these desperate young women is climbing with each decade. In the 90s there were a fair number and now they are the majority. Had these women told their guy that they will not move in with them, and that they would not be intimate with him until marriage they would not be experiencing the heartache they have today. Women who refrain from sex before marriage find themselves married rather quickly, and before we go into the belief that living together is the same thing as marriage I will tell you this, marriage is a commitment, and living together is not. The reason he is not marrying you is because he knows that he can leave you at any time and say, "but we were never married."

If for some reason you think that holding out before marriage is too extreme, then at least hold out for five months. Holding out will put you on a much higher level than giving in within the first month. When you place a high value on your body and the affections that you give, your man will also. If you give it away, don't be surprised if he has no problem throwing it away. Rule number 3 is don't be easy with the sex; hold out!

A Spontaneous Partner is Always Interesting

A Spontaneous Partner is Always Interesting

Be Hard to Predict

Get into new things. Don't be so predictable. If your hobby was building a business in esthetics then start playing tennis and make an effort to be good at it. If you have been dating this man for almost a year and you suddenly start talking about your new interest it will keep him on his toes and revive your relationship. If you spring new hobbies and interests on your man every so often it will keep him wondering what you will be up to next. He will be never completely feel that he has you figured out. Rule number 4 is keep it interesting.

The Closeness of Ballroom Dancing

The Closeness of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing with Bring You Together

Reel him in with ballroom dancing. Unfortunately, ballroom dancing is no longer practiced in nightclubs but it is a wonderful thing for couples to do. If you have been with your rich man for over one year and you are in a position to take it to the next level then start taking classes and bring him along as your partner. Many men of wealth don't have enough light and fun things that they do and would love to have a challenging and stress relieving hobby.

If you introduce him to this hobby it would be a great way for the two of you to bond and let off steam. Generally, mature men are not comfortable doing what is considered to be dancing in night clubs. They feel silly and don't find it enjoyable, but ballroom dancing presents a challenge because it is not just wiggling around to music, and most men of achievement like to constantly make efforts to improve themselves. It's a great way for couple to bond towards the next level. Rule number 5 is, bond with him in a mutual hobby, preferable, ballroom dancing.

In a Nutshell:

1) Look & act like a lady.

2) Have things to do besides see him.

3) Don't have sex with him for as long as possible.

4) Try new things, and don't be too predictable.

5) Do something with him to bond. Ideally, ballroom dancing.


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