How to Get a Sugar Daddy - Getting Tuition Paid and Being Spoiled

Updated on January 15, 2019
How to Get a Sugar Daddy: Getting Tuition Paid and Being Spoiled
How to Get a Sugar Daddy: Getting Tuition Paid and Being Spoiled

This hub will tell you how to get a sugar daddy of your own. What could be better than getting tuition paid and being spoiled? We also give advice on how to navigate the world of sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Men taking attractive women under their wing and financially supporting them is nothing new. Economic difficulties and rising college tuition prices have made this option even more popular for women.

When you have a sugar daddy, he will take you out to nice restaurants, buy you clothes and jewelry, give you an allowance, pay your tuition, or even give you a car and a place to live -- all fully paid.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy

Present yourself with class.

Be someone a man would be proud to carry on his arm. A man who is going to spend a lot of money on you wants you to be pleasant to be around and suitable to present to other people.

  • Keep yourself impeccably groomed at all times. Keep your hair nicely styled, your breath fresh, wear light makeup, and wear a pleasant signature scent (an appealing perfume you are fond of).

  • Maintain a slender or athletic build. An attractive figure is just as important as a pretty face.

  • Speak proper English. Whether you are American-born or foreign, do your best to speak correct English without slang.

  • Don't curse, be difficult to get along with, or talk too much. Talk and act like a lady, not like someone off the street. Have the ability to have a pleasant conversation and leave a good impression.

  • Have control over your presence. Don't obsessively chew or snap your gum. Don't roll your eyes. Don't move your neck and your hands too much when you speak. Keep good posture. Have a feminine, but not exaggerated walk.

Seek out Your Sugar Daddy

  • These days you do not have to do much more than go to a website that specializes in connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies. Websites such as do just that. Create a profile that you feel will attract a quality catch. (Use the pointers in "Present yourself with class" above as a guide to do this.)

  • You could also strike up conversations with older gentlemen you meet every day. Perhaps men that you know are professors or businessmen. This can be a little tricky. You want to be able to establish the natural conclusion that you wish to be taken care of. That isn't always easy to do, but with a little finesse and the right man, you could have the perfect match!

Getting Tuition Paid and Being Spoiled

The fun and the reward of being a sugar baby is being spoiled -- getting jewelry, dinners, a car, spending money, shopping trips, a condo, vacations, and even getting your college tuition paid.

  • Establish in your profile the monthly stipend that you want. It is not uncommon to see $3,000 to $5,000 a month for sugar baby stipends. Even if this is all you get, it will pay your rent, give you money for a car and insurance, and shopping trips.

  • If you want your tuition to be paid for, discuss this in your profile online as well. College is so expensive these days that isn't uncommon for young women to seek an alternative way to pay for it without getting buried in debt. Why struggle if you don't have to?

  • It is likely part of your shopping trips will involve buying cute clothes to wear around your sugar daddy. Always tune in when he notes that something will look nice on you. Afterall, he is your benefactor.

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How to Navigate the World of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

  • Judge whether you feel comfortable with someone in person before you allow them to be your sugar daddy. Your vibes will tell you a lot.

  • Never do anything that you feel jeapordizes your health or safety. Walk away if you must.

  • No one is young forever, so if you want to live off of your looks, do so while you can. Realize that if your sugar daddy doesn't marry you, at some point you will be on your own again. Keep adding money into an account of your own while you have a benefactor. Don't just shop all day. You will thank yourself later. You could be a sugar baby for many years or for a short time. But always look out for your own well-being and your own goals first. If you are just being a sugar baby until you graduate college, then you still have plenty of years to do as you wish afterwards.

Questions & Answers

  • I'm new to the sugar daddy community. Do I just come out and ask for things? How long do you wait before asking for things?

    You can ask him for help after you know he really likes you.


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