How to Get Your Crush to Notice You (For Girls)

Updated on August 23, 2016

1. Be Smart

As they say, intelligence is sexy. A lot of guys, when asked what the type of girl they’re looking for usually includes “smart” so if you’re a straight A student, or just passing your class, you’re on the right track. He’ll notice you because you’re not struggling in your classes. It’ll make him say, “Who’s that girl? She’s so smart.” You can even tutor him when the two of you become friends. So, keep on studying!


2. Start Exercising

I’m not saying that you have to slim down to get your crush to like you. I’m saying that you should start working out, go on a healthy lifestyle, and/or join a sports program.

Guys are into sports, especially basketball. If you’re up to date with basketball season or any sport he is into, then the two of you definitely have something to talk about.

When you exercise and get results (get abs, toned muscles, etc.), he’s going to notice the change or progress that you made by working out. Plus, lets him know that you’re a determined and disciplined person because you achieved your goal in the gym. Remember, thick is the new thin. Don’t starve yourself trying to look good.

3. Look Simple

A simple shirt, jeans, and sneakers combo are safe, sure fire ways to get him to notice you. Since you’ve started working out, you curves will show. You know why keeping it simple works? It shows that you have a simple personality, and you’re very chill to be with. He’ll notice you for your charm, your brains (because you’re smart), and that you’re disciplined (gym).

4. Be Confident

Walk like a model, not like a diva. A diva makes a guy want less of you. Some people say that it challenges them but soon enough, they’ll get tired of you. Know your limits, girls. Be confident by being yourself in front of him. Don’t be someone else. Be you.

5. Be Kind

Be genuine, not fake. There is really a difference. Treat everyone as an equal. Be kind, not just in front of him. He will know soon enough that you're a kind-hearted person, if he's going to ask about you.

Do charity work, volunteer at a shelter. Who knows, you'll also influence him in doing something good too.

The most important, be kind to your family. Also, know if he loves his family too. If he treats his family the right way, you'll know he's going to treat you the right way.

Having a crush on someone isn't just based on his looks, it's possible that you like him because he is talented or charming. Or he's the bad boy in school. Get to know him first.

Don't lower down your standards because of a guy. The right guy will come along and reach those standards of yours.

Good luck, girls!


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