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How to Get Romantic at the Movies

Isabella shares dating tips and advice from the perspective of an American woman.

I realize that this is the age of streaming services and the like, but if you're not taking your date to the movies, you are missing out on serious romance potential. Granted, I don't recommend the theater for first dates, given how little communication tends to take place between people who don't really know each other yet—but if you've been on a few dates and there's a bit of chemistry going, the movie theater is where it's at, y'all.

The following tips can be used by anyone, but they will probably go over better when initiated by a man, as the reverse tends to be interpreted as overtly naughty if you know what I mean. (Unless that's your only goal, in which case, please yourself.) Keep in mind, this is more or less a guide for those who haven't been more intimate yet; if you've already thoroughly sucked face, this may not be all that tantalizing.

Bring a little romance into your relationship by taking your date to the movies.

Bring a little romance into your relationship by taking your date to the movies.

Choose the Right Genre

There are certainly opportunities for romance during chick flicks and comedies, but I say make it easy on yourself and go for Horror or Thriller—the latter being my favorite, as the more on the edge of her seat she is, the more likely she is to latch onto your arm at some point. And yes, many women will do precisely that if the movie is good.

Choose Seats in the Back

Your odds of getting some loving in the movie theater aren't so good if you're sat in highly visible seats. Sit in the back and off to the side for maximum privacy, as few women enjoy being pawed at with an audience on hand. That, and people paid to watch the movie, not y'all—most will not enjoy an overt distraction.

Hold the Popcorn in Your Lap

Let me just be clear here—I mean hold it there while it's still in the bucket, mmmkay? No need to get naughty (yet!) If you're sharing something and you're the one holding onto it, you're making her come into your personal space for it. On a subconscious level, this is less threatening than you sticking your hand in her lap for it. You want her to feel good about sharing space, and this is a good way to start.

Sit Shoulder to Shoulder

That whole putting your arm around her at the movie theater thing? Nuh-uh—not if you're in the last row with the wall directly behind you. It's uncomfortable as all hell. The last time a guy tried that on me, my neck did not appreciate it.

Instead, share the armrest. There's only one, after all, and she can't just expect you to fold your hands nicely in your lap the entire time. No need to shove her about, but do let your arms touch from shoulder to elbow.

Work Your Way Down

Once you get vibes going shoulder-to-shoulder, the next step is either hand-holding or letting your legs touch. Note that this may feel too intimate to some women if they've only just met you, and you may want to just try resting your hand on her knee. I know this sounds old-fashioned, but it's quite nice—just ask Barack and Michelle Obama!

Extra Tips

  • Do remember you're not there specifically to make out; she may actually be annoyed if you try to kiss her repeatedly and cause her to miss most of the film.
  • Be mindful of what you get from the concession stand—no onions and things of that nature before you get close!
  • Please do not put your arm around us, as it really isn't all that comfy.
  • Follow her lead—she may not let you get close until the last quarter of the film. The key is to go slowly and let her decide when it's ok to move forward, if at all.