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5 Ways to Become His Dream Girl

Learn 5 simple things you can implement in your life relationship to become the girl of his dreams.

Learn 5 simple things you can implement in your life relationship to become the girl of his dreams.

Why It's So Difficult to Fall in Love

Oh, to be in love. It feels like we all have a love/hate relationship with love at some point in our lives, but it only seems to get harder as we get older. When we are young, everyone is at our fingertips and everyone is anxious to find "the one" at a young age. However, know we all know that puppy love is not real love and we are all antsy to find the one who is able to make our hearts flutter and to make us feel at home.

The dating game is tough. Both men and women have a hard time connecting with people and even just maintaining basic conversations has become more and more difficult. We are in the age of social media and technological dominance. We can't even have face-to-face conversations anymore, so it is no wonder why we are nervous when we meet someone we like. We have no idea how to talk to them!

This is why falling in love is so difficult. We have an incredibly hard time connecting with someone on a deeper level to truly find out what they are all about. Not to mention, because of technology, we all have barriers and walls put up, so feelings of vulnerability are completely foreign to us.

When you don't know how to act with someone, how are you expected to become everything they have ever wanted and more? When you finally muster up the courage to talk to that cute guy, how are you supposed to lock him down and seal the deal?

You can get the guy of your dreams and not only that, you can be his dream girl too. You just need a little advice and a little assistance! This article covers the following 5 ways to become his dream girl:

  1. Play the game
  2. Be mysterious
  3. Be cool with his friends
  4. Take interest in his interests
  5. Be a girl
How to Understand Him

How to Understand Him

Understanding the Male Brain and How it Works

While men think that we are the difficult ones to read and to understand, it is actually they who are the most difficult gender to try and dissect. Why is this?

This is because men are notorious for being afraid to open up to people. Men are supposed to be the strong ones and the ones who are never affected by anything, even love. Men are supposed to spread their seed, have multiple partners, and just live life like it is a party every day. So how are you supposed to make him yours?

You need to understand the male brain and how it works if you expect to lock him down and make him yours forever. When you are able to dissect his brain, that is when you can throw yourself into the mix and make him realize that you are the one and that he shouldn't let you go!

The biggest thing to remember about the male brain is that men love competition, so if you want to be his dream girl, then you need to make him chase after you.

Men don't want women who give it up too easily. The chase is half of the fun and half of the battle! If you can make him want you so bad that he can barely stand it, he will come after you and he will want to hang onto you.

You have to have an air of mystery about you as well. Men love mystery. Make it hard for him to understand you, but not too difficult, because that is when it becomes a turn-off. We all know that men are not good with reading people or subtly, so if you do want to become a seductive goddess, you have to give a little more and then take some back.

How to Be His Dream Girl

How to Be His Dream Girl

5 Ways to Instantly Become His Dream Girl

Even though all men are different, all men are still the same and some things are universal between them. Whether he is rough and tumble or a soft sweetie at heart, these 5 tips can be used to become any man's dream girl.

Instead of wishing that he would notice you and love you, it's time that you made him. With these tips, he is going to find it nearly impossible not to want to have you in his life!

1. Play the Game

As we touched upon briefly earlier, men love the chase, so you need to make him chase after you. Make sure that you are sexless until monogamy. You can't give it up right away, no matter how intense the attraction is. You can't give him what he wants until you get what you want. Play the game and make it hard for him to get to you. Make yourself available at one moment and then busy the next. That way, he knows that you still have things going on in your life, which will make him feel good that he is not the only thing you think about. Don't be a stage 5 clinger!

2. Be Mysterious

Again, you want to create a sense of mystery about yourself and leave something to the imagination. As women, we know how much we fantasize throughout the day, and did you know that men do the same? Create mystery around yourself and this will give him something to think about and something to fantasize about. You want to be his dream girl but you also want to be in his dreams, so make sure you do this to achieve that!

3. Be Cool With His Friends

As ridiculous as it may sound, some men put women through friend tests to see if they will get along well with their buds. Yes, it is childish and yes, it is juvenile, but male camaraderie is not going anywhere so we may as well get used to it! Yes, his friends can be obnoxious, but if you can play along with it, take the teasing and dish it right back, you set yourself apart from the rest of the girls. Better yet, if you can chug beer along with the boys, you might even have the whole room salivating over you!

4. Take Interest in His Interests

One of the biggest assets of a dream girl is someone who can be one of the boys, in regards to sports. If you can spew off some football stats or who won the Super Bowl last year, you'll easily become so attractive to him, you'll make him forget to watch the game. Men love women who are into sports, so taking an interest in sports is one of the top attributes of a dream girl. Who knows? You might actually start to like it!

5. Be a Girl

Yes, it's fun to get down and dirty with the boys and to bro it out, but at the end of the day, he wants someone who can talk about football and still rock a pair of stilettos. Yes, sweatpants and a ponytail are cozy, but they are not sexy all of the time. Show him that you can rock a little black dress and bust out the big curls every once in a while. Remember that men are very visual, so give him something to drool over.

Make Him Love You Forever

At the end of the day, the real key to everlasting love is just to be yourself. He is attracted to you for a reason and you need to remember that. Trying to be too showy or trying too hard to impress him, will just make you seem awkward.

Men love confidence but what men love more, are women who are confident with who they are and themselves. He wants to see you love yourself and to love him. He wants to see you let loose, try new things, sometimes make a fool of yourself but most of all, he wants to see you have fun.

Love is supposed to be fun and the ride of your life. Make him love you forever and to always be his dream girl by the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.