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How to Avoid Falling in Love With Your Crush and Getting Into a Relationship

Is your friendship turning into a relationship? Do you want to stop falling in love with your crush with whom you hang out every day?

Is your friendship turning into a relationship? Do you want to stop falling in love with your crush with whom you hang out every day?

How not to fall in love? It is difficult to dodge cupid's arrow but it is possible. You can avoid falling in love with your crush by dealing with the situation in a certain way. Whether you are in the phase of life where you don't have time for love or you simply don't want to be in a relationship with someone right now, take tips and learn how you can avoid falling in love with the cute guy in your school class or the beautiful girl in your office.

1) Remind yourself of previous bitter relationships: Feel naturally repelled from falling in love

One of the easiest ways to feel repulsed from falling in love with someone is to think about the bitter experiences from your previous relationships. Don't start worrying about your past again but give the nasty memories a quick glimpse.

Whether it is about inane fights about not answering phone calls, nightmare of working with an ex, horror of cheating or silly arguments over white lies, you can reminisce about the bad times of your previous experiences of love. Ask yourself if you would want to go through all of this again.

2) Stop looking at your crush's Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest

Constantly going through your crush's Facebook profile to check if he or she has posted anything new or spying to see who your crush is interacting with online will only get you deeper in the quicksand of love.

If you can't get your mind off your crush's activities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, cut yourself off from online social media for a while. A constant feed of online information about your crush will make it more difficult for you to get him or her out of your mind.

3) Wait for someone better: Don't fall into a relationship in a hurry

Getting butterflies in your stomach may not be a good enough reason to jump into a relationship with someone. You could be falling for a person for many baseless reasons including being bored, being out of a relationship since a long time or coping with peer pressure.

To avoid falling in love with someone, rethink your reasons for biting cupid's bait. Are you really in love with a person or are situational and circumstantial elements causing a flutter in your heart? Does the guy or girl have the qualities you look for in a partner or are you compromising in a hurry? Ask yourself these questions to not fall in love.

4) Spend less time with your crush

It is common sense to cut down on the time you spend with someone who you are getting attached to. Spending more time with your crush may make it tough for you to detach yourself and stop thinking about him or her even when you are alone.

Nip it in the bud and let go of your crush's constant companionship. More time spent with your crush will mean more opportunities to start conversations, hang out together and flirt.

5) Think about the advantages of being single and disadvantages of being in a relationship

Being able to do what you want, mingle with other people, have more time for yourself and living a carefree life are some of the advantages of being single.

Having your heart broken by a cheating partner, being bogged down by responsibilities, getting into petty arguments, succumbing to the wishes of a partner and inviting complications in life are some of the disadvantages of being in a relationship.

Not falling in love is as simple as reminding yourself of how lucky you are to be single and how complicated your life can become once you are in a relationship.

6) Focus on your career or studies: Set your priorities right

It is a natural feeling to get carried away when you are in love. You may feel like daydreaming or talking to your crush on the phone late into the night. This can distract you from your goals and ambitions whether they are related to your studies or career.

Start thinking about your career or study related priorities if you get the feeling that you are falling in love with your crush. Keep reminding yourself that love may keep you away from achieving your goals.

7) Find out more about your crush's dark side: Know the flaws and the past

You can deter yourself from falling in love with your crush by knowing about his or her bad qualities. Notice poor behavioral traits, bad habits, past mistakes, previous relationships and all the other things that could potentially ruin a relationship, if you were to be in one with him or her.

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Whenever you think about your crush you are likely to conjure up a perfect picture of him or her in your mind. Remind yourself that your crush is not even close to your image of an ideal lover by reiterating all his or her bad qualities in your mind.

8) Keep yourself constantly occupied: Allow yourself very little free time

You may become unable to avoid falling in love with your crush if you give yourself the time to think about that guy or girl all the time. Keeping yourself busy is known to be a common technique to stop thinking about something or forget someone temporarily or permanently.

Pursue a hobby, take up a part-time job, babysit your neighbor's kid, help your parents clean out the garage, get involved in community services or do whatever it takes to keep yourself busy. The more you keep your mind occupied, lesser are your chances of thinking about your crush.

9) Go to sleep when you feel tired: Don't allow yourself to daydream

Daydreaming and fantasizing about your crush in bed at night can be one of the worst culprits that make you fall in love. This is dangerous because it makes your mind think between the lines and draw up a rosy picture that may be diametrically opposite to reality.

To combat this, read until your eyes are heavy, watch TV until you hear yourself snoozing or exercise in the evening so that your body feels compelled to go to bed. The idea is to have a sound sleep and not let your mind wander.

Seemingly unassuming body language can further intensity your feelings for your friend who also happens to be your crush. Avoid this by setting your boundaries when it comes to physical interactions.

Seemingly unassuming body language can further intensity your feelings for your friend who also happens to be your crush. Avoid this by setting your boundaries when it comes to physical interactions.

10) Set clear boundaries and limits on your behavior around your crush

It is easy for friends to fall in love with each other when they spend a lot of time with each other and confide about their feelings to one another. If you have begun to develop feelings for your friend and want to avoid falling in love with him or her, you should set clear boundaries.

Avoid seemingly platonic actions such as holding hands, long hugging or other playful antics that have the potential of intensifying your feelings for your crush. One thing can easily lead to another and the situation can go out of control in an instant.

11) Invest time in making new friends: Let a buzzing social life help you not fall in love

Making new friends or meeting new people is often the most common advice given as a remedy to get over a break up, stop feeling lonely, get out of depression or to avoid feeling low. This tip may also work well in preventing yourself from falling in love as you split your attention among other people.

You may be able to naturally distract yourself by having an active social life instead of forcing yourself to stop thinking about your crush. Get out of the house and get introduced to people.

12) Tell your crush that you are already committed: Warding him or her off

If your crush is also throwing signs of liking you, it may become impossible for you to hold yourself back and not return the flirtatious advances. You can ward off your crush by putting a stone on your heart and telling him or her that you are already seeing someone else.

Your crush is likely to back off on hearing about your relationship status. Saying this white lie can seem like a hurtful thing to do but it may help you not fall in love.

13) Stop watching romantic movies or listening to mushy music: Don't get swayed away

You can help yourself to not fall in love by avoiding any external factors that may inspire you to do the exact opposite. You are likely to be vulnerable when you are crushing over someone and romantic movies or songs can influence you to get carried away with your feelings.

Rom-coms and romantic songs can be the perfect inspiration to send your heart in a tizzy. They will make it difficult for you to hold your own and say no to your heart which desperately wants to bask in the comfortable feeling of love.

14) Distance yourself from your crush temporarily

To test whether you are really falling in love with your crush or are you being infatuated, distance yourself from him or her for a short while.

It is likely that you will become engrossed in other things and other people. This natural reality check will easily prevent you from falling in love in a hurry. Time and distance are known to be healers in most situations, and this one is not an exception.

15) Don't be emotionally attached to people

If a colleague stayed back without overtime to help you with your presentation, would you be in awe of his generosity or would you simply see him as a means to get work done? If a girl in class helped you with your homework, would you see it as a sign of attraction or would you look at her as a potential homework buddy?

These were classic examples of how you can either get emotionally attached with people or you can see them as elements that can be beneficial for you to achieve your own goals. The idea is not to be cold hearted, but to be practical in most situations in school, college or office.

16) Don't try too hard to not fall in love

As silly as this seems, you may easily succumb to something or someone when you try too hard to avoid it. When too much effort is put in avoidance, the mind is likely to think about it all the time. This will defeat the whole purpose of avoiding it.

Don't forcefully restrict or ban your crush from your life because this is likely to create an artificial or tense situation. Treat your crush as just another friend or ordinary person. Stop over complicating the whole situation.


Slartybartfast on November 04, 2019:

When I first started to read pairedlife I was looking for advice. I had married my HS gf and was divorced with no knowledge on how to "date" .

After trying online dating for a while (I must have sent out a dozen messages with no replies) I paid for three months, spent a lot of time writing a honest profile that it seems wasn't read by anyone.

I finally realized that I was simply undatable, Obviously, I'm not the kind of guy women are interested in so I gave up on the idea of romance, relationships and marriage. Yes I'm a bit sad at never having the family I wanted, but that's life.

Knowing this makes it a lot easier to interact and become friends with women.

If I developed attraction to them I stop hanging out with them, better for both of us.

At least I'll never worry about STIs lol.

Telma on July 30, 2019:

Hi tnx 4 d post. i currently like someone who isnt available. I've liked him way before he got hooked. I've never acted on it. Never wanted to. I just wanted it to pass. But it seems like it hasn't. I want to get past it & like oda ppl. Is telling him ok? I feel like telling hom will help me heal but i also dont want to sway him. on August 04, 2018:

how can i stop thinking about him as i m so used to it give a best way to avoid this plz

koko barbie on April 08, 2018:

Love this site. Who else does???

gerald on February 17, 2018:

Really great tips thanks

Ashu on January 11, 2018:

These are very good solutions and it's really working .

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