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How Women Can Create an Aura of Beauty to Attract Men

savvydating's mission is to help women attract positive relationships by establishing personal parameters and greater self-worth.

Aura: The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person.

Attracting men has everything to do with our 'aura' which is the quality we emanate. In fact, whenever you come across a man whose attention you want to attract, you may be surprised to discover that you don’t have to do all that much when you're around him. It’s all about how you do whatever you're doing in that moment when an interesting man is nearby.

As the French say, it is all about your ‘je ne sais quoi', which is that indefinable, intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. The truth is, most men are going to sum you up in a few short seconds, before you even have a chance to say, ‘Hello, how are you.’

Consequently, it is important that you maintain an awareness of the image you are projecting in any given moment.

This article will break down a seven-step process for crafting that aura of beauty to attract men.

7 Tips for Creating an Aura of Feminine Beauty to Attract Men

  1. Change Your Undesirable Habits
  2. Have Great Posture
  3. Walk With a Relaxed Stride
  4. Practice Quietly Confident and Warm Body Language
  5. Own Your Space
  6. Preen (Just a Little Bit)
  7. Always Look Polished and Put Together

The First Rule of Thumb

More often than we know, some of our habits encourage his indifference rather than his interest. So, before we begin, first know that we all do certain things unconsciously. Sometimes our mannerisms or habitual 'ways of being' act against us. So, we must ask ourselves, 'What might I be doing unknowingly to keep men at bay?'

For example, when dining, some people have a habit of pointing their forks at the person they're sitting across from whenever they're trying to make a point. They do this out of habit. However, this unfortunate 'pointing thing" is really distracting, not to mention 'annoying-as-all-get-out.' No one wants a fork pointed at their face. Fork pointing, finger pointing, any kind of pointing at anybody's face is obnoxious. It grates on people's nerves. Bringing up this habit may seem like a nitpicky, tiny thing, but it really does matters how you eat, how you talk, and even when, where, and when you point.

We will soon go into further detail, but first know that the most important factor to keep in mind when we wish to attract a man's attention is to create an 'aura of intrigue' in a way that leaves a positive and subtle impression on him. Subtlety is the key. Always. You never want to seem desperate for attention in any way shape or form.

You can begin by changing your undesirable habits.

You can begin by changing your undesirable habits.

1. Change Our Undesirable Habits

The first step is to change our undesirable habits. We do this by reminding ourselves that we are being noticed by others, even if only for a split second. Thus, it matters that we strive to emanate positive and interesting vibes. By developing an aura of natural confidence, we are also more likely to weed out undesirable men.

Insecure men who do not respect women will not engage with a woman who likes herself and has firm parameters. This is a good thing. You will not have to bother with such men because your confidence will threaten him. Thus, he will fade away into the background where he belongs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some self-tweaking and fine tuning by noticing our habits, whether bad or good, so that we only create impressions that work in our favor. The vibes we give out are crucial if we are to pique the interest of a quality man.

Tweaking our habits is simply another step in developing a positive aura. Furthermore, there will come a time when you will not have to think about how you are being perceived by others. In time, your improved habits will have become second nature and you will easily carry yourself with poise. You will have developed a natural and understated sensuality which, in turn, will generate a glow of attractiveness around you.

The following qualities will allow any woman to catch a man's attention in a powerful way.

Perfect posture.

Perfect posture.

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2. Have Great Posture

When your back is straight and your chin is up, you automatically radiate an air of self-assurance. We all know that confidence is an exceptionally appealing trait. So, even when you don’t feel particularly pretty or sure of yourself, keep that spine straight! Long story short, great posture makes everyone look better and more self-assured. If you are not used to holding your head high, do it anyway! Poise and posture are two traits men say they notice most about a woman who is desirable.

Whenever a man sees a woman whose body language seems to indicate that she doesn't care about herself, he is quickly turned off, usually within seconds. Quality man have little interest in a woman who slouches or somehow seems lazy. If there is one thing men hate, it's a lazy woman.

So, keep those shoulders back and hold your head high. He is noticing more about you than you may realize. Let those first few seconds count in your favor.

She's in a bit of a hurry, but she is walking in style.

She's in a bit of a hurry, but she is walking in style.

3. Walk With a Relaxed Stride

I've heard men say, 'It seemed as if she floated across the room, and I couldn't take my eyes off her.' That is the kind of attention you must aim for. Wherever you happen to be, when you are walking, if you're not owning that space, something is wrong. Walking with presence gives you a certain charisma. A quality man is attracted to a woman who knows how to walk.

Your aim is to practice a relaxed stride. You do not want to walk too slowly, or too fast . . . just a good even stride. He will notice something different about you, and he'll like what he sees.

Another tip is to learn the art of pausing or pivoting a bit . . . as if something unusual has caught your attention, or perhaps you must check the time, or adjust your bracelets. In other words, you are providing your admirers with a quick snapshot . . . a moment in time for them to savor. You are giving him with a small mini-movie and leaving him with a memory he will not quickly forget. And rest assured, the next time he sees you, he will remember you.

Having piqued his interest, he will want to know more about you. He will be eager to introduce himself.

Warm and lovely body language.

Warm and lovely body language.

4. Practice Quietly Confident and Warm Body Language

Your attitude shows up on your face and in your body language. Do you seem like someone who finds life interesting? Do you smile? Are your eyes inquisitive?

People who find life remarkable and enjoyable tend to smile as if they’re in on a wonderful secret. Their eyes are quick to crinkle in laughter or mischief. The Mona Lisa always looks as though she finds life rather amusing. Furthermore, she is infinitely calm, yet mysterious at the same time. She is famous because of her juxtaposition of humor and mystery. For this reason, she is loved the world over. Let her be your muse.

After all, no man wants to be around a woman who is bored, agitated or unfriendly. Depressed or angry women drive men away in droves.

Another way to practice excellent body language is to have awareness of your hands. Are they relaxed, or are they clenched? Tense hands indicate a closed, stubborn, or unhappy personality. Women who seem inflexible make men crazy, and not in a good way.

However, when your palms are open and your wrists exposed, you project a more welcoming impression. This tranquil quality will draw men toward you. Women are also attracted to men who are relaxed and have who an easy way about them. In fact, everyone is drawn to people whose body language is quietly confident, reassuring and warm.

Owning her space

Owning her space

5. Own Your Space

Whether you are walking, standing, or sitting, it is essential that you become comfortable in making the space you occupy all your own, whether you are alone or with others. To do this, you must not give any impression of discomfort, i.e., downcast eyes or self-hugging. Instead, be 'in the moment' and enjoy your surroundings right now. That is what it means to own your space.

It is all about stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. In other words, practice being at ease in choosing to make yourself the queen of your space. Frankly, in any given moment, the area you occupy really does belong to you, so use it generously. You are much more likely to attract the right man if you are someone who feels comfortable in any given the space you inhabit.

Initially, you might not feel confident with the thought of taking up any extra space, but it doesn't matter . . . just act like you do anyway! Eventually your discomfort will disappear. Just keep your chin up, and most people will not suspect your anxiety. In any event, it is natural to feel a bit of shyness in owning your space when you first begin practicing this important art of attraction. However, your nervousness will soon fade.

So, begin now. I encourage you to first learn to appreciate any small, but pleasurable detail about your surroundings, such as the crispness in the air, the smell of fresh herbs in your food, the beauty of a clear, blue sky. Furthermore, you must practice this art of joy whether you are surrounded by a plethora of people or none..

A specific and very useful example of owning your own space is choosing to dine alone and feel perfectly relaxed doing so. Many individuals will never eat alone, if they can help it, but what better way to make yourself available to an interesting admirer than for you to enjoy a perfectly comfortable, leisurely lunch alone. I saw a man do this once when I was dining with my brother and other family members.

Both my brother and I, who were teenagers at the time, were awestruck by this unique man who dined as if he had all the time in the world. He was a master at owning his space. He never checked his watch, nor was he devouring a novel between bites of food. Rather, he ate slowly. He savored his wine and sat back to better appreciate the quiet hubbub of the servers and guests on the patio. He was incredibly relaxed. His ease made him impressive, charming, and fascinating.

I have never forgotten the impact this stranger made upon me. I was just out of high school, yet this stranger changed me forever.

The dress makes the woman . . .

The dress makes the woman . . .

6. Preen (Just a Little Bit)

Preen: to dress or smooth oneself. (Merriam Webster)

Preening goes back to taking up your space, sort of, but it’s a highly female thing to do. Men truly love seeing a woman preen a little, but not in an obvious or vulgar way. Good preening requires subtlety. No need to overdo it. You're simply 'smoothing your feathers.' Preening is at the heart of flirting and in creating an aura of mystique.

For example, suppose you’re at a cocktail party and plenty of interesting men are milling about. Now is your time to preen. You decide to smooth your skirt by running your hand from thigh to knee (while he’s watching, of course), or you might adjust the strap of your high heel ever so slightly, and then gently splay your fingers softly from ankle to mid-calf. Just checking, you know . . . making sure everything is in place as any natural woman would want to do. You’re preening a little.

After all, you really do have to smooth that skirt or adjust the strap of your high heel. Now, can you picture him peering at you out of the corner of his eye, his eyebrow raised in awareness, curiosity and desire? Of course, you can. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Whatever preening you do, do not rush, and do not look around to see who’s watching. Simply own your space, mind your own business, and smooth away. This is an excellent way to draw men toward you. You are creating anticipation 'in the air' and magnetically pulling him toward you.

Use Your Imagination

Preening is great fun. Use your imagination. There are a million ways to preen 'a bit.' So, whenever the opportunity presents itself, take advantage of this newly acquired attraction skill. A word of warning. Never be overtly sexual. You want a man to realize that you have a mind, not just a body. Furthermore, you. never want to attract the wrong kind of men. Be a class-act. Always.

Another tip has to do with cosmetics. Applying make-up, of any kind, is best left for the powder room. Lining your lips in public is not sexy; it’s somewhat tacky. However, there is one exception: On occasion, after dinner and just before the nightcap, it is fine to apply a bit of lipstick in front of him, especially if the color is red or bright pink, and if you have (admittedly) kissable lips. This technique should be used sparingly, however.

Just know, if you preen well, you will pique his interest and desire in a lasting and positive way. At the end of the day, he will have many, many thoughts of your poise, as well as your sex appeal . . . which, of course, is the goal you're after.

'Accoutrements'—don't leave home without them.

'Accoutrements'—don't leave home without them.

7. Always Look Polished and Put Together

This is part of preening, except that it is what you do on your own, before you go out into the world where you’ll likely run into that special man.

First, you must have a good haircut, even if it means having to spend more money on a stylist who knows what they are doing. A good hair style will do wonders for your self-esteem by bringing out the symmetry of your lovely face. Once we've done all we can to take care of our outward appearance, we become more confident having achieved an inner spark which, in turn, makes us more approachable.

Secondly, always try to wear clothes that are somewhat form fitting, but not too tight and never baggy; you never want to look as if you are revealing too much or hiding too much. In other words, give the gym clothes and the shapeless dress a break. Wear something pretty and flattering more often. As an aside, try not to worry if you are worried about carrying some extra weight. You can still use your curves to your advantage.

Finally, always look polished. Wear that gorgeous nail polish on your fingers and toes—maybe a luminous hot pink, a pretty yellow, or a bright turquoise. Wear beautiful bracelets that give off a pleasant sound when you gesture with your hands. You'd be surprised at how men ache for all those touches of femininity, even if he does not quite know what they are or how they are achieved.

It's all about developing 'savoir-faire' which literally means, knowing how to do. And once you do, you will have no difficulty in getting the attention of desirable men. You never have to bend over backwards or flutter your eyelashes to attract him. Rather, you simply create a tiny bit of mystique to draw him in.

Our Femininity and Ways of Being

Meeting worthwhile men is not so complicated after all. Catching the attention of men has everything to do with our way of being, our mannerisms, our enjoyment of life, and our femininity. That is what it means to create an "aura of beauty."

Today, you can begin attracting men in a natural, easy way. No need to wait another day. Begin exploring your natural charm today. Be a quality woman.

Trust me when I say that he is dying to know how beguiling you are. He would love nothing better than to be drawn in by your loveliness which is as natural and fascinating as the space you so graciously inhabit.

And by the way, once he approaches you, look him straight in the eyes . . . and smile.

Happy Knowing,


Questions & Answers

Question: How do l keep a man's interest?

Answer: Different men like different things. In general, most men are intrigued by femininity. Men also appreciate women who have a certain amount of spirit or "fire" but who also have decent manners, which entails being sexy in a way that is intelligent and which does not undermine your womanhood. Men also want to be acknowledged and appreciated for the nice things they do.

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