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How to Tell if She's Interested in You

The author is a relationship guru and student at the University of Washington here to share tips for deciphering women's behavior.

Here are a few ways to tell if she's interested in you!

Here are a few ways to tell if she's interested in you!

What Does It Mean When a Girl Giggles at You?

Let's face it; how many times have you spent countless nights contemplating in your confusion as to whether or not that one gal really digs you? You feel as if she does when she giggles at all your jokes. Then, you completely doubt your belief system the next moment.

You spend the night going over the texts she's sent you, analyzing every word, remembering the moments you spent with her, determining whether or not that hug she gave you really meant something.

Attraction Is All About Body Language

If you're one of these guys, about three billion other males feel your confusion, and you're not alone. Today, I will help you decipher the body language of women to an easier level so you will have an easier time cracking the signals she's been sending at you all along.


Body Position

The first obvious indicator is the way the woman sits or stands around you. Now, obviously, if she doesn't personally know you, chances are this clue won't be of much help; because if she is interested in you, she might be too shy to even come up to you. In the case to which you do know the woman personally, she will likely always be somehow facing you.

The important clue to realize, though, is that her position is constantly towards you, regardless of whether you're in an engaging conversation or not. When a woman feels attracted to you, naturally, when she sits or stands around you, she will face in your direction. This shows that she wants to continue interacting with you because she enjoys your presence.


Giggle Syndrome

The next indicator is displayed during a conversation. Regardless of whether or not you're quite the comedian or just downright not trying to be funny during the conversation with her, she will always laugh no matter what you say. Even if it didn't end up being funny, women laugh spontaneously around the men they're attracted to due to the fact she is nervous.

Now you might be thinking, "Well, if she's nervous around me, why the heck is she laughing?" In truth, women cope with nervousness by laughing. If you ever remember being around a really pretty girl, she probably made you really nervous if you liked her.

Well, the feeling is mutual with women, but they have to end up coping with it because they're emotional creatures. So watch out for those giggles during the conversation; they're definitely a big hint.

Physical Contact (No, Not That Kind)

You might be noticing an interesting pattern here; one of the only ways to know if she likes you is if you TALK to her. That's right, so start yapping; it can be about anything. I bring this point up for a couple of reasons.

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First, the only way you can get her to start sending her signals to you is if you engage with her in something. Guys, don't wait around and wait for her to tell you she likes you because that isn't just going to happen, unfortunately.

Back on topic, any chance you get to talk to her, she'll most likely touch you. By that, I mean a simple touch on the shoulder, a light grab on the forearm, or even a playful slap. All these are indications that she is extremely comfortable with you to the point she'll give you that physical contact.

Women, when they are around men they're attracted to, feel the need to show them they're genuinely interested and enjoying their time by engaging in that physical contact. If she's constantly giving you that playful touch, bear that in mind.

Little Behaviors

If she's nervous, she's going to find ways to cope with it. Women do that no matter what; this is a secret you should always know before you enter the battlefield of love. Here's a couple to name off the list:

  • Flipping the hair
  • Biting her lip
  • Twiddling her fingers
  • Giggling

Those are the four behaviors that she will always use during the conversation with you. It's a brainer if she's doing all of these; at that point, you should just probably ask her for her number. But remember the secret rule: women will always find ways to cope with their nervousness.

Now, if you were a straight human being, and you were talking with the opposite sex, and you were nervous, what could that possibly mean about how you feel about that person? Exactly.

Behind the Screens

We're not always going to be able to talk to the women we're interested in, face to face. But not to worry, there are ways to tell behind the screen of a computer or phone if she's interested.

Note: Although the use of Facebook, texting, Twitter, Skype, and other online communications is a great way to enhance friendships, be careful to not make it artificial, or else it might get awkward in real life. When you're chatting online or through the phone, watch for these indicators in the conversation:

  1. Length
  2. Conversation carrying (explained later)
  3. The classic winky face ;)
  4. Desire to continue it another time

We need to think about how much she's interested in actually getting to know you. If she's not even attracted to you, she won't spend the time to bother talking to you.

Now, be careful not to get confused with girls who are good friends with you, to girls who are interested in you. The similarities to how they interact with you on the phone and the computer are extremely similar, so know who you're dealing with first and don't end up getting awkwardly confused.

Whether it's chat or a text, the most important fact about how to tell if she's interested in you is the way she carries the momentum of the conversation. if you're the only one attempting to talk and asking questions, to try to lengthen the duration of the time you talk with her, she's definitely not interested.

You can tell by the way she replies in how she "opens the doors" so that the conversation continues to carry on. Oh, and if she uses the winky face at an appropriate time, like when if she says "you're cute ;)" ; I mean come on, that's obvious. But concluding this section, if she leaves it open and she wants to chat with you again, she'll most likely say "Hey text me I gotta go" or, "I'll talk to ya tomorrow!"

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