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30 Pro Tips to Make a Guy Like You

Daniel writes about love and life, including opinions of friends in North America, Australia and African nations. Love issues are global!

Can't figure out how to get that special guy to notice you? Here are 30 tips to help boost your appeal.

Can't figure out how to get that special guy to notice you? Here are 30 tips to help boost your appeal.

You want to know how to make a guy like you? I've compiled 30 top tips from my friends around the world. Whether you're in America, Australia, the UK, Thailand, or Senegal, I've got you covered. But I'm not going to try and protect your ego, so be ready for the cold, hard truth. These are the tips you need to know if you want to make a guy like you.

30 Tips to Make You More Appealing to Men

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Accept your height and ignore your acne. Like yourself if you want to make him like you.
  2. Don't talk yourself down. If you speak badly about yourself, you make it hard for him to like you.
  3. Don't be a cry baby. Only cry when you have a really good reason.
  4. Don't be self-obsessed or arrogant. Selfishness is never attractive.
  5. Don't complain about everything. You can't make a guy like you if he thinks you're too hard to please.
  6. Let him be a man. Let him have a role in your life.
  7. Give him room to be himself. Be supportive.
  8. Gossip is a really bad habit. If you gossip about other people, perhaps you'll gossip about him.
  9. So is smoking. It wastes money and it makes you smell bad.
  10. Avoid using too much makeup. Why do you wear it? Is it some kind of barrier between the real you and the world?
  11. Be clean and smell nice.
  12. You can't make a guy like you if you're loud and swear too much. Sure, you might be able to bully him into spending time with you, but that's not the same as making him like you!
  13. Don't be texting or talking to others 24/7. Suggest you both turn your phones off (or put them on silent) when you ate spending time together
  14. Get along with his family and friends. Arrange barbecues or picnics and suggest he invite some of his friends and family along.
  15. Don't tweet or post about him constantly. Leave him some space and privacy.
  16. Tweet and post about him sometimes. You won't make a guy like you if he thinks you ignore him all the time.
  17. Don't flirt with his friends. Be nice to them but much nicer to him!
  18. Have an opinion. You don't have to be passionate about absolutely everything, but it helps if you can express an opinion about interesting topics.
  19. Share decisions. Some decisions you can make alone, but share the responsibility for really important decisions that influence you both.
  20. Share quirky smiles and private jokes.
  21. Try to keep your space clean. Messy girls can be difficult to live with, but if you're creative, it is easier to accept.
  22. Maintain your hygiene. Dirty girls are never attractive.
  23. Get rid of that mustache (and the mono-brow if you have one).
  24. Don't nag. If you want to make a guy like you, talk to him, but don't nag him.
  25. Have a life. You need interesting things to talk about when he asks, "How was your day?"
  26. Don't be too easy. Men like a challenge.
  27. Lean in when you're talking. Touch his leg occasionally.
  28. Move your hands close, almost touching his (this makes him want to grab your hand).
  29. Hold his gaze. Look deep into his eyes and see how he responds.
  30. Every time you part company, leave him wanting more!

Stressed About How to Make a Guy Like You?

Don't stress. You're not the only person wondering how to make a guy like you. It may feel as though everyone else has a partner, but that is far from the truth. Relax and feel confident. Your time will come.

Being stressed and nervous affects how you look, speak, and move. If you want to make a guy like you, step out with confidence. Walk tall. Speak clearly.

Adopt our helpful tips into your life, but don't work too hard attempting to be perfect. You don't need to be perfect. You just need to be you. Present yourself as an attractive package of likeable traits that come naturally, not forced. That's how to make a guy like you!

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Questions & Answers

Question: What can I do if my crush likes my friend, but my friend has a crush on someone else?

Answer: The world is filled with millions of people who have had exactly the same experience. Welcome to a very big ‘club’.

My advice is to let it play out. I’m guessing you’re a school student. Instead of putting yourself forward as some kind of consolation prize, just keep being friendly with them both. Don’t bother encouraging her to like your crush. And don’t let him bellyache to you about how much he likes her.

Instead of becoming the middle person in other relationships, I suggest you keep out of those conversations. The day may come when you are confident enough to say to your crush, ‘If a boy likes me and wants to ask me out, I want him to talk to me directly.’ But I don’t think you should use a line like that until you are old enough to actually date. Don’t waste it on a schoolyard romance because whether we like it or not, a romance in a schoolyard rarely lasts for long.

Better to be the kid who waits until early adult years to play the dating game. That way you don’t have an awkward history with someone who interests you when you’re older.

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