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How to Challenge Women to Build Attraction

Michael is a self-taught expert in human behavior. He enjoys writing and sharing his insights on the human condition.

Women want a man who is a challenge

Women want a man who is a challenge

How Women Test Men They Are Dating

Women have been testing men since woman and man existed. It's been proven that women (people, really) are genetically predisposed to weed out weak genetic mates. It used to be that the biggest cavemen with the biggest clubs were the talk of the tribe. But, lucky for most of us, times change. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, there won't be any test you can't anticipate and pass.

When a woman first meets a man, what’s developing is that their outer persona, or external behaviors, are interacting and the woman only gets a small glimpse into what the man could actually be like. Women are evolved enough to cut through this defensive outer persona shell to get a better look at a man's true self, through subtle testing.

Women are more or less, trying to ascertain a man's level of self-confidence and self-assurance. What's great about women is that although they can be as visual creatures as men can be, they are easily able to bypass this and feel attraction for men beyond the physical. This just so happens to be the luckiest factor for men who aren't chiseled out of granite or born with the face of Brad Pitt.

How to Challenge Women

For the most part, women will test men to see how far they can push them, how much it would take for men to lose their cool. Women have a knack for digging and discovering the buttons that trigger the emotional part of our brains. When women can easily manipulate you, the odds are astronomical that she would be or stay romantically attracted to you.

Women want a little challenge, without an integral factor such as a "challenge", the chemistry will get thrown off. She will become bored and complacent in your association. Every healthy relationship, with a woman or not, needs some room for growth. We can all admit it here guys, we all hate being in stagnant relationships too, is it so hard to believe that women feel exactly the same way? Here are a few things we can do to pass these tests:

  • Beyond everything else, never lose your temper when you're discussing something with a women. A heated argument is okay, just don't lose your composure, don't shout, and stay in control.
  • Learn to laugh about yourself, this gem doesn't just apply to attracting women, it applies to retaining a mental balance and better communication with everyone in your life.
  • When a woman teases you, tease her back a little. In a respectful and tactful way of course. Once you overly disrespect a woman or offend her, it's all an uphill battle from there. Women like men with a playful nature.
  • Be attentive, not just to her words, but also to her mood and body language. Study her, women build a lasting interest with men who are genuinely interested in their opinions and feelings.
How to get the most beautiful women

How to get the most beautiful women

Sick of Attention

What Attractive Women Go Through

On average, an attractive woman will be approached and hit on at least one to three times a day, which would equate to 10-30 times a week, 40-120 times a month, and so on and so forth. Keep in mind that this is on the average. Super beautiful women will be approached or hit on twice as much. Women have to test men, because it's all a matter of time-management.

Worthwhile women simply just do not have time to deal with men at such a slow pace. Women test men because it's a lot quicker than going out on an inordinate amount of dates. Women do not expect men to just be honest about who they are, and what they're about. It's obvious to women that men lie, we tend to lie a great deal. Even when we're trying to be honest, we're actually lying in a way we might not even realize.

Do you act differently in front of a woman you're attracted to, compared to some woman you're not? Of course you do, all of us at some point act so differently as to seek the approval of a woman. When you're not entirely being yourself because of an attraction, you're in essence being dishonest.

How to Keep a Woman Interested

Here’s my personal insight into how women test men, and why. I believe women have been instilled biologically with the drive to test men, even if they are not aware. Women often test men for various reasons. Women do not just, out of the blue, intend to test men. It is apart of their psychological programming to test men.

Women, their whole lives have been testing men, conditioned by their world, to test men. Tests can range anywhere from just asking a simple question, or full blown challenge to your manhood. Do not lose your self-control, temper, or get too emotional. To clarify, women do not want a guy who can easily be influenced to anger, or lose himself.

Women ultimately will not stay with a guy she does not respect, and respect will not be given to someone who can so easily be manipulated. Respect is paramount on the list of things you want to establish between a female you’re interested in. So above all things, earn their respect. You have to realize that women test men for a purpose, they don't just do it for fun.

Well, not most of the time anyway. Let's put this concept in a way every man will easily comprehend: Women get attention, they get a lot of attention. Especially if the woman is above decent in the looks department. They get this attention at their work, around their home, at the market, at the mall, even on the road in their cars. Pretty much anywhere men are present.

Traits in Men That Women Don't Want

I have polled a few female friends to supplement my opinions. Women collectively aren't into these personality traits:

  • Men with no confidence
  • Men that are intimidated by her beauty
  • Men that are not interesting in some way (boring)
  • Men who do not make her laugh
  • Men who lose their control easily
  • Men with too much emotion to express

Women desire men with character, class, and an overall mentality that he does not need them. Who wants to be with a person that depends on them for everything? Right, no one. Most tests will go by so swiftly and without notice that it will be as if there were no test to begin with. Ultimately, challenging each other will improve your relationship with one another.

If a woman proceeds to ask you something that might challenge your dominance, it is usually a clear signal of a test. Whatever questions that may arise, never lose control. It is the most single sought way for a woman to, directly and indirectly, test you. If you did lose control, women could easily write you off as an insecure, needy guy. Women test so often that soon enough, they do it on a subconscious level.

Think of it as an automated defense system. We've been objectifying, emotionally abusing, and mistreating women since our existence. I do not blame them for developing methods to defend themselves. Maybe it's because I've seen a lot of men mistreat my mother and sisters, and I'm far from innocent. I've played my share of harmful mind games, with a lot of women.

How You Treat Women

As I've matured, I've matured for the better. Once I started treating the women in my life better, every connection with any new female in my life, ultimately led to a more in-depth, genuine connection. I hope this has given one person some insight. What's your opinion on the subject? Feel free to include your two cents.