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Gay Men: Are You a Jock, Otter, Bear or Wolf?

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This body type: Gym rat, muscular and built

This body type: Gym rat, muscular and built

Gay men often use descriptive terms to identify and label other men within the wider gay community. No doubt you’ve heard of some of these labels, like jock, otter, bear, cub, wolf, and so forth. But many gay men often wonder what these terms actually mean.

How many times have you approached your friends and asked them, “What am I? Which group do I fall into? And what the heck is a wolf?”

Maybe you’ve even sent them a bathroom mirror selfie wanting some answers.

After conducting extensive research on gay body types, collecting survey opinions from gay blogs, and plugging the data into high-grade statistical analysis software, the typologies of gay male body types can now be revealed. Much of the analysis draws upon search phrases via Google’s algorithms. Nothing was left to chance.

To simplify the process (and for giggles), I've used popular film and television celebrity photos as a point of reference. At the end of this article, there’s a link to a gay census website where you can punch in your information to find out your potential category.

Please note that I have not included all of the groups here and the ones that are here may have a subgroup. It is entirely possible that your group is not listed. Finally, some may disagree with these labels as there continues to be ongoing friction regarding what they mean. This is simply an attempt to offer clarity.

Can you identify your gay body type? Let's jump right in!

Gay Body Types

TypeBuildHairAgeExample CelebrityNotes


Thin or athletic


Any age

Scott Caan

Part of the extended bear community


Lean, muscular


Any age

Joe Manganiello

Sexually aggressive; Silver or grey wolf is an older wolf


Big, often with a belly



John Travolta

Very masculine




Young or younger-looking

Jack Black

Sugar cubs and muscle cubs are sub-types


Real big



John Goodman

Distinct from bears





Joe Jonas

Energetic, cute, and naive





Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson






Justin Beiber

Self-centered, usually between 18 and the mid-20’s


Muscular but slender



The muscular version of Beiber

A more muscular Twink

Gym Bunny



Under 50

Shemar Moore

Fitness associated with gym, not sports


Muscular and athletic



David Beckham

Fitness is associated with sports

Gym Rat

Very lean and well-built




Addicted to working out

The Frolicking Otter! (CC BY 2.0)

The Frolicking Otter! (CC BY 2.0)

The Otter

BuildHairMore Info

Thin to athletic

Lots of hair

Part of bear community, but smaller than both bears and cubs

In the gay world, an otter is considered a thin gay male that is hairy and may or may not use a trimmer to shorten body hair. Some otters have beards, and some do not.

Otters usually have smaller frames when compared to the heavier cub or bear and look a lot like what you would see in a picture of an otter, hairy. This might surprise some people who typically think of otters as smooth.

Athletic but not super built, a person can be an otter regardless of age, and they are considered to be part of the larger bear community. Think of otters being somewhere between cubs and bears. They’re not as massive as bears and are certainly smaller than cubs.

Celebrity Otter: Scott Caan

Scott Caan Has Otter-Like Features

Scott Caan Has Otter-Like Features

Read More From Pairedlife

Scott Caan might be a good example of an otter. Notice in the photograph how he is slightly hairy and might even trim to reduce the hair on his chest and torso. You might remember Scott from a number of movies and TV shows, including films like Into the Blue and Hawaii Five-0. He is 5’5’’ and was born in Los Angeles.

CC BY 2.0

CC BY 2.0

The Wolf

BuildHairMore Info

Lean, muscular, and attractive

Semi-hairy, often have facial hair

Considered sexually aggressive and part of the larger bear community

Semi-hairy, muscular, lean, attractive, and sexually aggressive, wolves are sometimes considered as part of the larger bear community or on the bear spectrum. They can be any age and normally have facial hair.

Some might also describe wolves as slimmer bears, but there is a lot of disagreement on this. Subgroups of wolves can be found in aging wolves, which are gay men with wolf-like features that are starting to turn a bit gray.

And then there are full-on silver or gray wolves, terms that describe an older wolf with gray or white facial and body hair.

Celebrity Wolf: Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello Makes a Good Wolf

Joe Manganiello Makes a Good Wolf

Joe Manganiello would be a celebrity example of a younger wolf, since he’s lean, hairy, and attractive. Interestingly enough, Manganiello played the part of a wolf in the HBO hit series, True Blood.

Hugh Jackman might be a good example of an older or aging wolf. He’s the mid-40s hottie who you saw in the X-Men series and The Wolverine.

The Bear

BuildHairMore Info

Big, usually heavy or muscular

Lots of hair

Fairly large, protruding belly is typical characteristic; very masculine

Characteristically, a bear is a large, possibly heavy gay man that could also be muscular. A fairly large protruding belly is a defining characteristic of a bear.

Masculinity is also a key feature of bears, and some bears are so caught up in projecting a masculine image that they shun other would-be bears who appear to be too effeminate. That said, many bears consider themselves to be harmless and even playful.

There are several subtypes of bear, which include:

  • Muscle Bears: Bears whose size comes from muscle and not from fat
  • Polar Bears: Older bears with gray or white facial and body hair
  • Sugar Bears: Effeminate bears that are shunned by more masculine bears

Celebrity Bear: John Travolta

John Travolta: Gym Bunny Turned Bear

John Travolta: Gym Bunny Turned Bear

John Travolta (born in 1954) is a good example of a bear. At one time, Travolta was considered to be a gym bunny or even a wolf, but as he’s grown older, he’s developed key bear body traits (especially a belly).

Other celebrity bear body types include the now-deceased James Gandolfini (best known for his role as Tony Soprano) and actor and comedian Robin Williams (also deceased).

The Cub

BuildHairMore Info


Hairy but may or may not have beard

A younger male that is not quite bear size

For gay men, the term cub is used to describe a younger (or younger-looking) male that is usually husky or heavier in body type and is almost always hairy. While many cubs have a beard, it is not a requirement to fit this category since body hair and huskiness are the dominant features for this gay descriptor.

Cubs are sometimes partnered with bears in passive relationships or with other cubs, and they can sometimes be considered an apprentice to a bear.

Here are a few subtypes of cubs:

  • Muscle Cubs: Body size is attributable to muscular composition as opposed to body fat
  • Sugar Cubs: Effeminate cubs

Celebrity Cub: Jack Black

Jack Black

Jack Black

Jack Black might be a good example of a cub. Born in Santa Monica, California you might recognize Jack Black from movies like School of Rock and High Fidelity.

We don't have a lot of male celebrity examples of cubs. Almost all cubs aspire to become bears within the larger bear community.

The Chub

BuildHairMore Info

Overweight or obese


Distinct from bears; chub-chasers are men who prefer chubs

In the gay world, chubs are a distinct subgroup within the gay male population and are often confused with bears. Many bears reject extremely large or obese chubs and do not consider them as part of their subgroup. Chubs even have their own events, such as Mr. Chub International. According to my research, an extremely large chub is referred to as a superchub.

Along with chubs, I should note a group of people called chasers. These individuals are attracted romantically and physically to chubs and are typically much smaller than chubs.

Chub Celebrity: John Goodman

John Goodman is a good example of a chub or superchub. You have seen him in a number of films and TV shows, most notably Roseanne. John Candy (deceased), actor from films like Planes, Train & Automobiles, is another example of a chub.


The Pup

BuildHairMore Info



Body-type similar to twink, but are new to gay world

A pup is a gay male who is fairly young—we’re talking late teens to early 20s more or less. Pups are known for their lack of experience in the gay world, as well as for being naïve, energetic, and cute. They may have similar body types to twinks (see the end of the article) however, pups usually are super new to the gay world whereas twinks are not.

Though they share some similarities to cubs, pups are not involved in the bear community and likely do not even know this community exists.

You often hear seasoned gay men tell very young gay men who are just coming out things like, "You are just a young pup—you have a lot to learn." or "You are just a pup—you’re just a baby!"

Celebrity Pup: Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas Has Pup Characteristics

Joe Jonas Has Pup Characteristics

Early 20-something Joe Jonas is a good example of a pup body type. Joe and his brother Nick starred in their own Disney Channel Original Series, Jonas.

Taylor Lautner (Twilight series) and Sterling Beaumon (Astro Boy) are other pup body type examples.


The Bull

BuildHairMore Info

Super massive body-builders


Often found in herds

In the gay community, bulls are body builders that weigh between 215 and 300 pounds. They are not necessarily part of the bear community and usually herd together as a bull might in its natural environment.

Celebrity Bull: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Good Bull Example

Dwayne Johnson Good Bull Example

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the 40-something California-born movie star and wrestler, is a good example of a bull body type. He used to be a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

30-something, Australian-born actor Chris Hemsworth, based on his appearance in the movie Thor, is another good example of a potential bull body type. Hemsworth stands at a whopping 6'4, and his weight has varied between 195 and 215 pounds according to recent interviews.

The Twink and the Twunk

 BuildHairMore Info






Lean but muscular


Same as above


In gay terms, twinks are younger, slim men with minimal body hair and no hair on the face. They’re usually between 18 and the mid-20’s, give or take a few years. A wrap on the twink is that many think the world revolves around them.


Twunks are a more muscular version of twinks, and some have assigned feminine and masculine characteristics to twunks. For example, sugar twunk describes an affectionate twunk.

Some make the mistake of confusing twinks and twunks with tweakers when they’re actually not related. Tweakers are younger gay men that use party drugs, like E and crystal meth and are very thin as a result of not eating enough. However, one does not need to be a tweaker to tweak.

Celebrity Twink or Twunk: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Could be Twink or Twunk

Justin Bieber Could be Twink or Twunk

Justin Bieber has at times exhibited both a twink and a twunk body type, depending on what photograph you’re looking at of him and when the photo was taken.

CC BY 2.0

CC BY 2.0

The Gym Bunny

BuildHairMore Info



Usually under 50, related to gym rats; often considered pretty

Gym bunnies are native to both straight and gay worlds. They can be any age but are usually younger than 50. Gym bunnies spend an obsessive amount of time working on their physique and are muscular and sculpted as a result.

Bunnies are similar to jocks except that their fitness is not usually connected to sports. They work out to create a physique others will notice and look at. You will often find gym bunnies at the beach, and they are typically considered pretty.

Celebrity Gym Bunny: Shemar Moore


Shemar Moore might be a good example of a gym bunny body. You might recall him from the soap opera Young and the Restless and he now appears on CBS's Criminal Minds.

The Jock

BuildHairMore Info



Physique associated with sports

For gay men, jocks are almost always considered attractive, muscular males with low body fat. A jock can be of any age, but they are generally considered to be younger because of their athletic abilities, and they are usually linked to playing sports and being active.

Years ago, the term "jock" used to have a negative connotation in the straight world. However, for gays, being called a jock is a compliment.

Celebrity Jock: David Beckham

David Beckham is a Jock

David Beckham is a Jock

David Beckham, the English-born footballer (soccer player) is a good example of a jock body type.

The Gym Rat

BuildHairMore Info



Men addicted to working out

Gym rats are somewhat similar to gym bunnies but are distinguished by their addiction to working out. While they may enjoy attention from others in public, that is not their motivation for being fit. Their primary motive for long, daily lifting sessions relates more to an obsessive need to get bigger. They are typically lean and very well-built. Like a rat lives in the basement, gym rats live at the gym and are always there. The straight equivalent would be a muscle head.

Gym bunnies and gym rats are closely related. Again, the primary difference is that gym bunnies care most about sculpting their bodies, whereas gym rats are typically concerned with adding muscle size in hopes of becoming a bull.

Some Final Thoughts

There has always been disagreement within the gay community around descriptive terms for body types and their associated characteristics. It is possible that some readers could feel they don’t fall into any of the above categories.

If this is the case, there is always the "average" category, which is an area that many gay men fall into and simply means that the person is average in most areas, including body weight, height, and hairiness.

Note that the term "daddy" not used here. This is because a "daddy" is not connected to a specific body type. Wolves, bears, chubs, and otters can all technically be daddies.

A great video to stream or download is The Adonis Factor, a documentary that goes into fairly deep detail on gay body types.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am young. Most of my body hair is on my legs, my upper body barely has any hair, and I have a bit of a belly. What am I?

Answer: You are an otter mixed with a wolf.

Question: I'm slim, no muscle build, and I have a few hairs on my stomach and mustache. What am I?

Answer: A wolf

Question: I am slim and flexible, not too much hair and 62. In which category do I fit best?

Answer: Sounds like you are a silver fox.

Question: I am slim with a small tummy bulge and hairy chest. Am 56 years. What am I called?

Answer: A bear

Question: What does it mean when someone says they have a buzzed body?

Answer: It means they take a clipper to their body hair and trim it.

Question: I am slim, not too much hair, and 45. In which category do I fit best?

Answer: Still in the bear family.

© 2014 John Hollywood


W.D. on July 23, 2020:

I assume I'm a bear? I'm 5'9 with a belly, lots of hair, but I also exercise so have some muscle. I'm too old to be a cub and too young to be a polar bear.

Max on May 23, 2020:

I am gay male cub i want to be with a otter are bear guys it been my dream hairy beared a re scuffle

Alexmartin on May 04, 2020:

Yeah, I'm an otter working my way towards wolfhood as I enter my 30ies.

AnotherOne on April 14, 2020:

Anyone got info on what all of this means? Also, where could I find the terminology for our behavior and what we like

VNK on February 28, 2020:

Typical, especially in the USA, everyone is defined by how they look, or how much money they make instead of being judged by the kind of person they are.

GamerFurry on February 02, 2020:

Is there a way to switch from different ones? Like from otter to wolf etc. I am happy with mine (Wolf) but I am still wondering.

ryan on January 28, 2020:

i have a little belly, but not very large overall. im rather hairy and im young. what am i?

Ace on January 16, 2020:

I am slim to average, no muscles, hair on armpits and stomache. What am i?

Matt on December 01, 2019:

I am 20 y. o. I have a belly and I am kinda hairy (legs, arms, chest + I have beard) but I dont have masculine side I cub or otter?

Thank you for answer :33

Daniel on November 30, 2019:

I'm in my early 20s, I have a bit of hair on my arms and legs but I shave the rest off, and I have a bit of a belly. which tribe do I fit into?

LittleCryptid on November 14, 2019:

Ok so I've always called myself a twink, but I'm not skinny, I'm regularly described as "thicc" and have minimal body hair (arms, legs and a little on my tummy) I'd like to know if there's a better lable I could use?

Oblivious boy on August 29, 2019:

Hello I’m turning 19 next month I’m 5’1”, slim, hairy but mostly on my legs little on my arms and very little on my chest, I can grow a beard if I want to. I like running but I’m not particularly fond of lifting weights. Does anybody know what I am

Dave abc on August 19, 2019:

Here is the deal

Im gonna turn 23, i do a lot of sports. Im kinda chunky. I dont have haire on my torso neither am i able to grow a beard (which im dying for bur here goes nothing)

And im having some troubles to fit any trib... im mostly into bears and also into otter sometimes, more into muscle bear gotta say. But the people i have a real connection with are not part of the lgbt community...

Anyway hope someone can tell me what some kind of hairless cub lr anytjing i am

Thanks in advance


007 on August 18, 2019:

If i am young, slim, with some athletic build, charismatic, and masculine, what am I?

Gabriel_eduardo_macias on August 15, 2019:

I have some of hair in my legs and stomach, i am slim and 19 yd, my face have no hair

Slurpee Jim on August 11, 2019:

Muscular, not lean.

Most of hair is on chest and a little on lower body.

Full beard, very athletic & kinda young.

Examples would be: Matt Frasier (the CrossFit champion), young Vin Diesel with hair.

What I am??

Shmoop Master 69 on August 11, 2019:


I'm muscular, lean but not ripped.

I have some chest hair, but mostly hairless (except for a decent beard)

I'm 26, athletic.

Examples would be : Jack Gyllenhaal, Zach Efron.

What Am I?

Piergiorgio Sau from Oristano on July 07, 2019:

I'm 26, 5'6 in feet and inches and 182 pounds with a chubby frame, some hairs on chest and belly, yet develop easily a soft beard and a lot of legs hairs.

Where do I fit ?

funguypen on July 06, 2019:

I am 38, 5'10" tall, Asian, with facial hair, belly and hairy body. I guess I am supposed to be a cub?

Zee on July 03, 2019:

Where would you place a guy in his late 20's maybe early 30's who is tall (188cm ~6' 2) VERY well built (somewhere between lean and ripped, without being bulky) and no body or facial hair (very long head hair though).

Sexually dominant, high libido, protective.

HicChie on July 01, 2019:

:v um...... I heard there are pandas now

Tony on June 22, 2019:

I'm Chub very smooth body hairy where it counts. Love all kind of Men.

Adi on May 27, 2019:

I am 21 and I have hair at legs but not at body and I'm slim, which category do I fall?

Scooter on May 18, 2019:

I'm kind of masculine, the only hair I have is on my head, and I have a small belly.

What does that make me???

Yuri on May 07, 2019:

I'm teenager have a lot of hair in my legs but don't have on my chest and have long

LB on May 02, 2019:

Jack Black is bad enough but John Travolta and John Goodman? So gross, guys without muscular or super slim bodies will see this and and destroy their confidence comparing themselves to these terrible examples.

al on April 29, 2019:

i’m 5’6”. Not very hairy. 150 pounds. Slightly muscular. Am I a twunk? I hope to be an otter some day.

vinnie on April 22, 2019:

im 5’2, slender with a small bit of chub in the tummy/thigh, and no hair. im also a bottom switch, what am i?

Mike on April 13, 2019:

I am 6'6" and 290lbs. I am moderately hairy and 55. Do bears have to have a beard or other facial hair? I can't take that due to sensitive skin. Also, I have a large stomach. Am I a chub or a bear?

Hellamax on March 27, 2019:

Idk what i am. I dont care much about labels but i am curious to know. I am 22 yo 6ft tall. I have a small goatee with some hair on my chest like very little. I have a small belly so i am not an otter but i am way smaller compared to a cub. Am i just a mix?

Nader Abed on March 21, 2019:

I guess I'd consider myself an otter. Usually I'm not too picky with types unless you're too skinny or obese and completely hairless.

Jared on March 15, 2019:

I’m young, like under 18, and am very scrawny with legit no muscle and barely any body hair and no facial hair. Like legit no muscle you can count my ribs. No fat or muscle. What am I???

Michael on March 05, 2019:

I'm young, as in below 20, with nearly zero facial and body hair, but my head hair is very long and reaches past my shoudlers. However, I am also very big being 6 foot and 250-300 lbs with not much muscle.

aaron on February 23, 2019:

ok. here we go, so im like really thin, super tall tho like 5'11. i have a light brown skin color but what does that matter, I have those skinny guy abs but have never been to a gym in my life nor do i watch what i eat. like im so thin. I HATE IT. legit lol

b on February 18, 2019:

Joe Manganiello is not hairy at all, never has been. A poor example of a wolf.

rence like on December 12, 2018:

i am filipino slim 5'7 bear help me to find partner a tall pretty boy daddy gay man sexy sporty look nature lover business minded serious and kind below 40 years old

FRED SMITH on December 10, 2018:


KingAmbigous on November 30, 2018:

Awesome profile picture, Ritt. I am so glad that you are proud to be a gay wolf.

ritt on November 29, 2018:

I am a#gaywolf and proud of it. So much variety of men, how lucky can a guy be.

Bassy on October 23, 2018:

I'm slim with a little bit of belly most of my hair is on my legs. I have some chest and belly hair but not a lot. And a large body massage mostly being untoned muscle. What am I?

Njpump on September 25, 2018:

Bill S. Have you considered examining your ability to properly use the english language?

Fuck labels on September 16, 2018:

Our obsession with categories and labels has taken a disgusting turn. This is why gay men have so many issues, aspects like this is what makes me hate the gay community.

Jake41 on July 20, 2018:

Lol at the people freaking out over the 'labels.'. These are just ways of describing physical attributes and many or most people have their preferences in terms physical attraction. These aren't judgements of character. Sure, it's what's on the inside that matters most but if it's a hook-up, I find twinks unnattractive and older beefy bearded guys very attractive. I can't help what my body is and isn't aroused by.

oldensick on July 01, 2018:

What about the Walrus??

bbinsfnm on May 13, 2018:

Confusing says otters are thin cubs are chunky but otters are nit smaller than cubs

Nick C on April 14, 2018:

This kind of article is very annoying! People are people stop labeling! Hot is when someone is confident in what they have and is based on another person's perspective. If they don't want you move on, oh well, their loss! Be your own gay make a new style for yourself! Set a new trend

Michael Farmer on March 04, 2018:

I'm not sure what I'm classified as.57 hairy , 188 pounds , my body hair I'd Brown turning white, bald on top of head the rest is silver/white

Bill S. on February 23, 2018:

To many fat guys try to be called Bears. They are Chubs and Super Chubs and get pissed when guys that spend time in the gym won't have sex with them. They cry discrimination rather than they lack the will power to make themselves attractive to the group they desire. Put down the fudge pop and hit the gym!

KingAmbigous on January 27, 2018:

A perfect celebrity example of a Gym Rat would be Terry Crews

How2b on January 23, 2018:


Yes. Otters!!! Didn't have a scoobie so Googledand read your brilliant article.

I will read it again and again.

Now...... I know


Steven K Smith on January 19, 2018:

I had no clue to what a Otter referred to. Reading your article in lightened me about several categories of men. Thanks

KDOG on December 22, 2017:


Guys so need to get lives

Neither my two best friends nor I fit neatly into any type

I'll settle for wolf in training

We're not going lose any sleep over this or write a diatribe

HJR on November 28, 2017:

great info. After reading it, I could easily describe myself as an otter :) but I'll try to be a cub hehe

UnSureCub? on November 19, 2017:

im not sure where I fit in. I have a cub build but im not the least bit hairy. I really trying to find where I belong.

TheApothic on October 12, 2017:

New Category: Doggo


No Hair


Not ripped but not thin

EliasBro17 on September 16, 2017:

I am on the rare poll: wolf. I am lean and muscular.

Crimson on July 24, 2017:

hmm hard for me to put myself in. I am thin/ lean, and have medium body hair, not enough to be otter, but I am not masculine enough to be a wolf. where would you put

lean or thin, medium body hair person?

Devon on July 17, 2017:

I know this is an old article but I will actually get to use this for a scientific article im writing. So thanks for this and the super helpful charts!

Ruth Snape on July 13, 2017:

I'm not gay or male, but wanted to add the point that your description of Jack Black as young or youngish in your list of descriptors is (unfortunately for him) a laugh!

Alldrin on June 08, 2017:

Well, I am nothing, thank god

Billy on February 04, 2017:

Um I am none of those and find the entire idea of being pigeonholed by looks or any other way just so shallow and superficial. It's part of the reason I completely reject the gay community these days even though I am of homosexual orientation. To be judged scrutinised and categorised in this way is repugnant. It's all about other gay men figuring out how fuckable you are.

Bruno on January 25, 2017:

Why all the cathergories above revolve around a body type and why 90% of them include a worked out body? Then, if you don't have a ripped body and you have a belly then you're most likely a bear or if you're lanky and slim then you're a twink. But why isn't there anything in between? I find all this very reductive.

bradchad on January 23, 2017:

Very enlightening.

Alfredo on November 10, 2016:

What if I dont fit any of the above?

Im 34 yrs old , 6 feet tall , 190 pounds ,naturally smooth except for my legs .

Im not muscular or lean or skinny or fat.

No surprise no one is into me.

Im not a fetish object apparently.

How sad...

Jonah on November 04, 2016:

You need to add the lion... a little less fit but not heavy, a little hairy, compared to Lucian Paine, they prefer to be top

david on July 12, 2016:

In which category would you put Ray Stevenson ?

Panda's say what? on June 07, 2016:

Don't forget about the panda bears...these are my favorite :-) these are the Asian bears, while usually less hairy, they typically have facial hair and are a little heavier.

Elie Hirschfeld from New York on May 06, 2016:

Loved reading this!

Brian from Northern Michigan Reed City on May 02, 2016:

I used to think of myself as follows:

The dreaded Ginger otter cub.

But after reading this I may be a hybrid.

Dreaded Ginger Otter Wolf Bear.

Tommy UK on February 02, 2016:

I don't fit into any of these:

I'm 6.1 ft.

193 lbs

Very masculine

Rugby player build/average

Dense beard

None hairy chest

Broad shoulders

Irish descent


Dark Hair/eyes/beard

So what am I ?

Otterthenthat on January 29, 2016:

Thank you for posting this. I had no idea there We're so many types. And it helped me figure out that I seem to fit into the otter spectrum so according to the definitions I'd most Likely day I'm a Potter. Add I'm also quite new to the gay scene. Thanks again.

Billy on January 22, 2016:

None of these describe me. I can't be pigeon holed.

Scott Griswold on January 01, 2016:

What about dolphins?

GenderqueerCub on December 13, 2015:

Great article! I enjoyed reading through all you had to say. I guess I would technically be a "Sugar Cub" but i'm alright with that. Great job.

LordViolet on October 04, 2015:

I don't see any problem in assuming i'm wicked and bitter. That's typical of underestimated minorities.

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on September 26, 2015:

Sounds like you have anger management issues to work on.

LordViolet on September 14, 2015:

Lol, as if people can enter into case. But if you speak of people or community in term of animal totems, wath you write can be really frustrating. The world offer so much more diversity.

I'm a very tall, skinny dandy with facial hair and cynical attitude, so what I am? A fucked-up twunk?

Okey, I gonna make my own subcategory, I'm a greyhound. I'm just so proud beeing the leader of a group which I'm the only member, I c'an't stop enjoying it darling ;)

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on August 30, 2015:

Oh Wah! Get a life. Really.

name on August 30, 2015:

So like I'm a pup I suppose. But my partner is a grease monkey kinda guy. You know. He is always fixing (well breaking) the cars. And and loves to over gel his hair. So I dont know wjat category he falls under.

David on August 25, 2015:

You people need to grow up and stop trying to define who you are based on your sexuality, weight, age, body type, hair, and gender. They're traits. .. not definitions of self. So over the gays that abandon their real selves to be one of these labels. Then scream its just me! This is who I am!

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on June 15, 2015:

Glad you liked- thanks so much for the visit!!

Summer LaSalle from USA on June 14, 2015:

This was totally worth the read just to look at True Blood Boy's picture. Haaawt!! I effing love gay men- they make the best girlfriends- they shoot it straight which I love.

God- John Goodman looks terrible... wow.

-Wendi :)

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on June 01, 2015:

Thanks so much Peachpurple!

peachy from Home Sweet Home on June 01, 2015:

these guys with the nicknames suited them very well

hereforit on May 29, 2015:

My body type = gummy bear. cute, small, soft, squishy and hairless.

Also- why all straight dudes as examples?

Yalul from Philippines on May 26, 2015:

I had a great time laughing at this one! I go for the jock type of course, especially David Beckham :)

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on May 17, 2015:

You did not offend at all and I am glad you posted. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Mr-DJ on May 15, 2015:

I agree with commentors about Pups. They are not usually new and naïve. They are related more to the leather community, and are easily in their 20's - 30's, sometimes even more. And are MORE away if the community than twins, not less.

And I see an age contradiction when you called an "older / aging wolf" as someone in his mid-40's, and then later gave Jack Black as an example of a young cub. Jack is 45. Same as that 'aging wolf'.

Lastly - you gave 'masculinity' as an important and key feature of being a bear. That's almost laughable. And this is not to put down bears, but a large percentage of bears are so NOT masculine. You could claim it's a key feature of wolves, and some other categories. But not a "key" feature of bears.

Now, I know you iterated that these are generalities, and that there will always be disagreements, but I felt compelled to comment that even as generalities, I disagree with those 3 aspects - as I have been around all of the above during my 40 years of being 'out'.

BTW - I would have described 'twunk' as a twink who already has qualities of a hunk. I think that's what you were getting at anyway but missed using the actually word 'hunk' - thus the name TWUNK.

Sorry, Didn't mean to be so critical. A lot of good info there. Thanks.

pecanfanni on May 02, 2015:

I'm a bear

ArtieZip on April 30, 2015:

Fun article and more accurate than lots on this subject I think. It's maybe a sign of the ageism in our culture that there's no category for average guys. I've always wondered what does a Twink become when they grow up? For example, what would Joseph Gordon-Levitt be?

Jacqui from New Zealand on April 24, 2015:

Well, there you go! As a gay woman, I was aware of some of these, but not all. I guess we do like to label ourselves occasionally, and these make sense of some of the terms I hear in the community, but didn't get. I do now

John Godwin from Athens, Georgia USA on April 23, 2015:

Yeah, thanks I will take it !!

Colin Garrow from Inverbervie, Scotland on April 23, 2015:

Have to say I'm not a great fan of labels, but I suppose it's natural for some folk to want to hang a 'type' badge onto particular people. Whatever churns your cheese.

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 21, 2015:

Thanks Dre!

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 21, 2015:

I don't run that survey - and "bear in mind" it's humor:)

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 21, 2015:

Obviously humor through exaggeration escapes you

Dre on April 21, 2015:

This was a fun read through and majority of it is fact safe to say..

Steven Hooper on April 21, 2015:

Interesting...However, on your gay cliques survey, if I put in my stats but only change my age, I get everything from bull to muscle bear to daddy as age increases. You state that, in terms of density, bulls are mostly muscle, muscle bears are muscly and daddies are soft body. This assumes increasing percentage of body fat in terms of body composition with age. This is not true for everyone. I agree with the daddy part as I am 58 except that I am anything but soft body. Most people looking at me would say I am extremely muscular, being a very solid 230 lbs. at 6 feet tall. I know a number of older guys that are very similar. So your conclusion of soft body for all daddies is just plainly wrong or you need another category of daddy such as muscle daddy or? Truthfully I have never considered myself a muscle bear as I consider muscle bears carry a significant amount of body fat more than I do even when I'm "off season"...By your description in the article, I feel that I would be more in the bull category as I have a bodybuilder build, definitely not soft body. So how do you reconcile this problem in the gay cliques survey?

HappyThug on April 20, 2015:

You got it so wrong... Ugh John Travolta is no iconic bear... maybe Rustle Crowe, especially these days. Maybe Nick Frost, he's widely considered a bear, but it could be argued he's a chub.

Wolves haven't been a thing for 10 years... I've never even heard of "bulls" pups are not "younger" just smaller and submissive and playful fuzzy types. Like otters, but subs.

Also, you didn't have to use the worst picture ever as john goodman as a chub geezuz, though the category is at least accurate for him.

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 20, 2015:


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