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Are You Ready for Love? Try This Fun, Free Quiz!

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.


Multiple Choice Questions for Lovers

Ladies and gentlemen, are you looking for love? Nervous about that first date? This fun and free quiz will guide you down the mysterious and twisting path to romance!

Simply answer each question as honestly as possible, and make a note of which multiple-choice answer is the most accurate for you.

Use the Scores list to learn how high you scored, then check your answers.

This purely-for-fun quiz will raise a chuckle or two - and can easily be done during a coffee break.

First Flush of Romance!

1) Your eyes meet across a crowded bar. You're interested, but how do you show this? Do you:

a) ignore them totally - if they're interested they'll come to you;

b) smile, raise a questioning eyebrow, then look away;

c) sashay to their side and say yours is a vodka and tonic;

d) ask the bar staff to hand across your business card.

2) You start chatting, but their awful friend joins in. Do you:

a) tell the third wheel to clear off;

b) accept that their choice of friends is none of your business;

c) judge them by the company they keep;

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d) offer a polite excuse and move on.

3) He or she says they'll phone you during the week. Do you:

a) insist on a call at a prescribed time as your schedule is so busy;

b) cancel all prior appointments so you won't miss the call;

c) set up recording equipment to preserve their voice for all time;

d) carry on with your life as usual.

Romantic First Date!

4) You've been invited to dinner at a prohibitively expensive restaurant. Do you:

a) dance with joy because your date's loaded;

b) suggest somewhere less formal (meaning more economical);

c) insist on sharing the bill;

d) pretend not to be hungry.

5) Making arrangements to meet, do you:

a) ask to be collected you in his car from your front door;

b) meet your date at the restaurant;

c) ask if it's ok for your flatmate to tag along;

d) warn your date you may be late as business comes first.

6) What do you wear for this first date?

a) old jeans and a past-its-best jumper;;

b) a smart suit so you don't have to change outfits after finishing work;

c) a stylish and elegant cocktail dress;

d) a skimpy nightclub number.

Getting to Know You

7) You arrived at the restaurant on time but your date's already fifteen minutes late. Do you:

a) weep into a linen napkin;

b) order a drink and give it another 15 minutes before leaving;

c) send your date a text;

d) start eyeing the cute wine waiter.

8) Your date rushes in, breathless with apologies, saying their car refused to start. Do you:

a) sob about how people always let you down;

b) hand over a copy of your car mechanic's business card;

c) launch into a lecture about how you hate unreliable people;

d) accept this excuse unhesitatingly.

9) The conversation begins. Do you:

a) hang on your date's every word;

b) talk at length about yourself;

c) keep topics light-weight and general;

d) ask him how much your date earns.

A Romantic Dinner for Two!

10) The two of you seem to be getting along well. Do you:

a) enthusiastically point this out;

b) ask more questions about how your date uses their time productively;

c) mention a weekend breaks advert in the travel agent's window;

d) whip out the questionnaire you prepared earlier.

11) Your date asks about your mother. Do you:

a) happily describe how you've gone back to living in her house because life's easier that way;

b) rattle-off a long list of her failings as a worthwhile human being;

c) mention three or four qualities of hers which you admire;

d) tell your date their own mother hasn't any hope of matching up to yours.

12) Your date says they're working his way towards a seat on the board of directors. Do you:

a) be happy that they're going to go far;

b) ask which university they attended;

c) say money isn't everything;

d) ask about their current career status, and what they're doing to improve this.

Give Me the Moonlight!

13) The dinner has gone well. You are asked if you'd like to visit the bathroom while they order more drinks. Do you:

a) accept the offer;

b) accept the offer but insist that drinks are not served until after you return;

c) pounce on the chance to sneak a quick pint at the bar;

d) pounce on the chance to slip that cute wine waiter your phone number.

14) You'd like another date. Do you:

a) grip your date's hand and declare undying love;

b) suggest you both attend a forthcoming lecture on a work-related topic;

c) mention a forthcoming arts event which you're considering attending;

d) say nothing, and just hope your date asks you out again.

15) The evening is over and it's time to say goodbye. Do you:

a) ask your date to walk you home to save paying for a taxi;

b) before leaving the restaurant, you book a taxi to take yourself home;

c) order another dessert or round of drinks;

d) phone your best friend to tell her all about it while your date's waiting by the exit and listening.

Check Your Score!

  1. a=0; b=5; c=2; d=1
  2. a=0; b=1; c=5; d=4
  3. a=2; b=1; c=0; d=5
  4. a=3; b=5; c=4; d=0
  5. a=0; b=5; c=1; d=3
  6. a=1; b=2; c=5; d=0
  7. a=0; b=5; c=1. d=4
  8. a=1; b=3; c=0; d=5
  9. a=0; b=2; c=5; d=1
  10. a=2; b=5; c=0; d=0
  11. a=1; b=0; c=5; d=1
  12. a=1; b=3; c=2; d=5
  13. a=0; b=5; c=2; d=3
  14. a=0; b=2; c=5; d=4
  15. a=0; b=5; c=1; d=1

Are You Ready for Love? Discover your Results!

  • Score 0 to 15: Ooops. Do not despair, as practise makes perfect. With work you can easily improve your chances of finding a well-matched partner. In the meantime, just remember that many single people have totally fulfilling lives, especially these days. In fact, many adults now choose to remain single as they prefer life this way.
  • Score 16 to 24: Lighten up and have fun! If this guy's not to your taste, life will continue on its planetary route regardless of your grumbling. Join a club, take up a new hobby, enrol in a class - become more interesting, for goodness sakes! And while you're busy doing all this, you might meet someone worthwhile.
  • Score 25 to 49: You know what you want but have you found it yet? If you're merely in love with love, there will be no room for a real person in your life. Maybe your list of desirable qualities is set too high - or just set too high for the partner you're considering. Compromise can be good but it can also go too far, and only you can decide which things lie for you.
  • Score 50 to 69: You're doing well, but there's room for a little improvement yet. Maybe you could brush up on your social skills or give your appearance an overhaul, or cut loose some emotional baggage which is weighing you down. Learn to live in the moment, and you'll be racing away.
  • Score 70 to 75: Well done! You are ready to embark on a meaningful relationship. This is no guarantee of success, however. Not to worry - there's no rush. Love will find a way in the end.

© 2013 Adele Cosgrove-Bray

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