Fun Date Ideas to Keep Things Happening

Updated on December 16, 2016

When you date a new person and if everything goes good in that date, life all of a sudden becomes an interesting affair for you. Everything starts looking better to you and obviously you start enjoying your life more. As it is said, everything new is exciting, but, things can get a bit boring with time. Do you think your date nights have hit the boredom and you don't see yourself excited with the idea of spending some extra time with your beloved one? Well, here are some ideas that can easily revamp the dating game for you:

Try a long drive

No matter whether you like to travel or not, long drives are always amazing. Try to start early in the morning and spend the entire day driving to a place where you or your partner have never been to. If you plan to be within your state, try to take a look at your state as if you are a tourist and try some of the weirdest road trips available.

Go for a live show

Unless the host is too boring, you are most likely to love a live show alongside your better half. A comedy show is always a good idea. Otherwise depending on you and your partner's preferences, you can try out a magic show or musical as well.

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Do something wild

The definition of wild varies from one person to another, but, the point is to try something that you have never done before. You can go skinny dipping, hiking or participate in fancy dress competition - there can be plenty of options and your actual activity will only depend on the level of weirdness you want to achieve. On the other hand, if you are not really a fan of crazy activities, you can still try to engage into something that keeps you active. Maybe some couple swimming, going to the gym together, playing tennis together - do something that cheers you both up.

Socialize and Date

It's actually a good idea to bring more people when you date. It may sound weird at the beginning, but sometimes when you two are all by yourselves, you may run out of things to discuss pretty first - this is a major cause behind boredom. When you are out with others (You can invite good friends to your home as well), there are lots to talk about. You not only socialize with your old friends, but while doing so, you end up spending some quality time with your beloved as well.

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Compete with each other

There is nothing better than a healthy competition. Challenge your partner for ideas of a fun date ad see if you two can outdo each other. You and your partner, if are engaged properly, will try to plan a date that's funnier than what the other had planned and thus, you both will end up having some extra fun.

Some date ideas will work for you, some may not as choices always are individualistic. Try to create as many special moments as you can with your loved one. Remember that your love for each other is special and fun times spent together will ensure that it doesn't fizzle over time.


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    • profile image

      Chioma nwafor 

      3 years ago from Aba

      Yeah I did and came up with this: 1 always smell good and look neat 2dress to impress and attract 3 both party should learn to surprise each other 4 sex should always be on the menu 5 romantic words and gestures works 6 both party should be spontaneous 7 have other engagements apart from your partner(like work) so u don't bore ur partner with total availability. 8 always show appreciation for even little things 9 do things that are outside your comfort zone 10 first make sure u pick a partner to interest you so you have someone to discover.


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