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150+ Flirty Text Messages for Her

Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping infinite information, and reveling in entertainment and fun.

In this guide, you'll find ideas for everything from sweet messages to dirty ones.

In this guide, you'll find ideas for everything from sweet messages to dirty ones.

Flirty Messages

You’ve got a girl you really like, eh? Something tells me that you don’t know what to do with your blossoming feelings of love and attraction. Well, why not start by texting her? There’s no need to worry because this collection will guide you all the way!

This collection has over a hundred and fifty text message ideas you can use on any girl you’re crushing on. Many messages in this collection can be used to have some fun with girlfriends, lady friends, and female partners, too.

Just remember to practice discretion when flirting at all times. After all, no one likes an ill-mannered flirt! Always be prudent, fun, and respectful!

Flirtatious Messages to Text Her

  • I can’t get you out of my mind.
  • God was definitely showing off when he created you.
  • Do you miss me? Type “Y” for Yes.
  • I woke up thinking about you.
  • I can’t wait to see you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue—baby, I love you.
  • Sweet dreams! I hope I’m in them tonight.
  • I’m still wearing the smile you gave me.
  • I can’t wait for you to be in my arms again.
  • My “dream come true” would be waking up beside you every morning.
  • I tried to stop myself from thinking about you too much. I failed.
  • Do you like my shirt? It’s made of boyfriend material.
  • Seeing your name on my phone makes me smile like an idiot.
  • I’ve wanted you from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you.
  • I used to be a terrible flirt. I’m much better now.
  • I’m not flirting. I’m just being extra friendly to someone who is extra attractive.
  • You are turning me into an insomniac.
Let her know you're thinking about her.

Let her know you're thinking about her.

Flirty Questions to Ask Her Over Text

  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • I like you. What are you going to do about it?
  • Are you free for the rest of your life?
  • How do you like your eggs? Fried, over-easy, sunny-side up, or fertilized?
  • Would you rather be eaten by a dinosaur or hang out with me this Saturday?
  • If Einstein was such a genius, why didn’t he invent a time machine so that he could travel to the future and come see you?
  • They say nothing lasts forever. So, will you be my nothing?
  • Are you ready to be swept off your feet anytime soon?
  • If you knew that my answer was a "yes," what would you ask me?
  • It’s Sunday, and I’m really bored at home. Care to join me for a Sunday Fun-day?
  • I think we should be friends with benefits. Would you like that?
  • Have I told you today how cute you are?
  • How many flirty text messages do I need to send to you in order to make you mine?
  • I'm so distracted by you, even in my thoughts. Could you stop being so hot for a second?
  • Quick, what's something I can text you right now to make you fall in love with me?
  • What flirting tips can you suggest to a guy like me?
  • How do you manage to look so stunning every day?
  • What turns you on?
  • If I was there with you, would you hold my hand?
  • I'm single. Are you single?
  • Dinner on me tonight?
  • Have you ever sent anyone a naughty picture of yours?
  • Would you want me to send you a naughty picture of mine?
  • I'm getting hungry. Do you want to hit snack corner later?
  • Did you smile when you just saw my name pop on your phone just now?
  • I love how naughty you are. Do you have any more surprises for me?
  • So you talked to me first and then also texted me first. Does this mean you’re stalking me?
  • Which emoji makes you think of me?
  • Have you ever wondered what heaven feels like? Want to experience what it’s like with me?
  • What three things do you think we have in common?
  • What do you think of me?
  • I think I like you. What are you going to do about it?
  • I always return what I borrow tenfold, so can I borrow a kiss from you?
  • Would you let me be your genie for an evening?
  • How do you manage to stay so cute?
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Cute and Sweet Messages for Her

  • Hello, cutie pie!
  • Where are you, princess? I’m coming to save you!
  • Sweet dreams, darling.
  • Please tell your parents that I’m sending them my sincerest gratitude for raising such a wonderful daughter.
  • I wish I was your teddy bear.
  • I feel comfortable being myself when I’m around you.
  • The only thing that has a chance to improve my already beautiful day is you by my side.
  • You’re one of God’s finest creations on Earth.
  • Your most attractive feature is your kindness. You make me a better person.
  • I may run out of flirty text messages to send to you, but my heart will never run out of space for you.
  • I like our friendship, but I think it’s time for us to become more than just friends.
  • If I ate a potato chip for every moment that I thought of you, I would be super fat by now.
  • If I ate a candy bar for every moment that I thought of you, I would have lost all my teeth by now.
  • It’s not my fault that I fell for you. You tripped me!
  • I wanted to ask you out, but I figured out that I should start by sending you a text.
  • I hope your day is as beautiful as you.
  • My favorite place is inside your hug.
  • My heart does a somersault every time my brain thinks of you.
Give her a compliment.

Give her a compliment.

Seductive Text Messages for Her

  • Even if I can’t see you right now, I know you’re looking hot.
  • The only thing that I couldn’t ever hope to resist in this life is your lips.
  • I want to touch you.
  • I’d walk a thousand miles just to touch you tonight.
  • I really like our friendship, especially when we make out.
  • I really want to kiss you right now.
  • You’re in my 3 a.m. thoughts.
  • I’ll admit that you’re on my mind more than just sometimes.
  • It’s always fun to flirt with you over texts. But alas, it makes it difficult for me to lean in and kiss you.
  • Your body is a wonderland.
  • Don’t work too hard, baby. I want you to have plenty of energy for me later.
  • I was just listening to a really raunchy song, and it reminded me of you.
  • I have to admit that I really love your lips. I wish I was feeling them all over my body right now.
  • Want to sleepover? There's extra room in my bed for you.

Dirty Text Messages for Her

  • I want to check you off my to-do list.
  • You’re like a tornado. You just blow me away!
  • When I woke up this morning, I knew that my dream was about you because there was proof of it under the covers.
  • You see, I’m like a Rubik’s Cube. The more you play with me, the harder I get.
  • You were amazing last night! Now imagine what it would be like if it wasn’t just a dream.
  • Let’s try something new in the kitchen tonight. And no, I don’t mean food!
  • I think you need some testosterone in your system.
  • I keep having these NSFW thoughts about you. I think I need help...from you.
  • Guess what I’m thinking of right now? (Hint: It involves my tongue and your body.)
  • I heard there was a party in your mouth tonight. Can I come?
  • I want to tie your arms behind your back and make you scream in pleasure.
  • Do you like math? If so, then add a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs, and let’s multiply!
  • Send nudes, ASAP!
  • I just want you to know that I’ll be licking your body later.
  • You’re like a space rocket. You make me want to come inside you and fly you to heaven and back.
  • I’m pretty good at bad decisions. Do you want to make a bad decision with me right now?
  • I just got out of the shower. Do you want to come over to help me dry off?
  • Talk dirty to me.
  • Have you ever taken a raunchy selfie?
  • My magic wand is aching to show you a trick.
  • Have you ever tried to picture me naked?
  • I’ve had so many dirty thoughts about you today. Would you like to hear some of them?
  • Can I have you for my midnight snack?
  • I like your style and your class. But most of all, I like your arse!
  • If I correctly guess the color of your underwear, will you take them off for me?
  • Let's skip the flirty small talk and head straight to some actual action.
Try something a little seductive.

Try something a little seductive.

What to Say to Flirt With Her via Text Messaging

  • I’m so bored at work—come and save me.
  • Hey, stop thinking about me so much.
  • I’ll dream about you if you dream about me. Do we have a deal?
  • Hey, sweet cheeks!
  • Hey, sexy!
  • It’s been a while. I thought I’d say hello.
  • Aren’t you tired? You’ve been running in my thoughts the whole day.
  • How are you still single?
  • I crave your attention.
  • My heart skips a beat every time you reply to my text messages.
  • I just woke up, and you’re already on my mind.
  • Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite.
  • I hope you find my willingness to text first attractive.
  • Hi, I’m Mr. Right. They said you were looking for me?
  • Cuddling with you would be perfect right about now.
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but the world is flat, right?
  • You wanna know who’s the most beautiful girl in the world? Read the first word again.
  • I have a serious mental issue. I can’t stop thinking of you!
  • I am sending you to an island full of kisses on a sea of love!
  • Come live in my heart. The rent is free.
  • I think about you a little more than I should.
  • If you're reading this, it's too late. You're mine!
  • What a coincidence! You look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  • You are the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep.
  • I melt whenever I see you smile.

Captivating Text Messages to Send to Girls

  • Send me a picture of yourself, so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.
  • If kisses were raindrops, I would send you a flood.
  • I wish you were here so I could hug and kiss you lots.
  • Just say the word, and I'll instantly teleport to your side.
  • I can't wait to see you again.
  • I miss you.
  • You are my heart's epic adventure!
  • Congratulations, you've won a ticket to my heart!
  • The stars in the sky are nothing compared to those in your eyes.
  • At night, I dream about you. During the day, I daydream about you.
  • Ever since I met you, all the love songs suddenly turned to be about you.
  • They say you looked hot today. I guess I missed out.
  • When can I see you again? I admit that I enjoy you more visually.
  • I do not think much. I do not think often. But when I do think, I think of you.
  • Even though we are apart, my love for you will never part.
  • You’re my favorite distraction.
  • A day without you is a day without sunshine.
  • You look great today! How do I know? Because you look great every day.
  • You can fall from a ladder. Heck, you can even fall from a tree. But the best way to fall is to fall in love with me.
  • Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.
  • That smile of yours—it kills me every single time.
Captivate her with your texts!

Captivate her with your texts!

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